Gholson Cemetery

Noxubee County, Mississippi

Gholson Cemetery

The following survey of the Gholson Cemetery was taken on Dec. 29, 2004 by Catherine Williams Cooper.
The cemetery grounds have been maintained, but some of the tombstones are broken or lost or damaged by erosion, and many are in need of cleaning. At least one tombstone base was seen in the woods outside the cemetery fence - apparently thrown there.

The Gholson Cemetery is located in Township 13N, Range 15E, and Section 35 in Gholson on a dirt road off of Highway 21.

Some tombstones in this survey were not included in the 1975 survey done by historian E.Q. Richards and included in the book "Tombstone Inscriptions of Noxubee County, Mississippi" published by the Noxubee County Historical Society in 1975.

Catherine has listed the tombstones in the same order as they were included in the above book. There are some minor differences between the present survey and the one included in the 1975 book - such as spellings of names, dates, etc. Where a discrepancy occurred, she re-checked the tombstones to ensure accuracy. Included are some notes related to individuals resting in this cemetery.

Finally, some tombstones included in the 1975 survey could not be located. Likewise, a partial survey done by the late Annie Calmes McGraw Thomas of Gholson in the 1950s included some tombstones that could not be located in 2004. These "missing" tombstones are included at the bottom of this survey.

* Indicates double tombstone

Laura Thompson Combs
Wife of J.W. Combs
Dec. 8, 1875.
Jan. 6, 1903
27Ys. & 29Ds.

John T. Combs
Co B
11 Miss Cav
Oct 3 1889
[Obituary says he died of cancer.]

Mable R.
Wife of J.W. Combs
Born Sep. 5, 1880
[Tombstone buried in ground. Bottom of tombstone broken. This is Mable Rosser. She married J.W. Combs on Oct. 31, 1882 in Noxubee Co.]

Jennie Haynes
Sept. 8, 1902
Mar. 23, 1973

Prince M.
Aug. 13, 1895
Nov. 6, 1965

Pearl Hairston Haynes
Oct. 8, 1882
May 28, 1965
Asleep in Jesus
[Pearl Hairston married Thomas Edward Haynes on Nov. 14, 1901 in Noxubee Co.]

Thomas Edward Haynes
Jan. 8, 1878
June 23, 1934
Asleep in Jesus

Prince M. Watkins
Sgt Co K 329 Infantry
Word War I
Aug 13 1893 Nov 6 1965
[Tombstone was under the ground.]

Thomas Edward Haynes Jr.
Dec. 12, 1907
May 4, 1942
At Home With God

*Laura Ann
Apr. 20, 1854
Mar. 18, 1941
[This is Laura Ann Edwards, daughter of Matt Edwards of Kemper and Noxubee Co. and wife of Henry Greer Haynes. The late Laura Mae Edwards Davenport, daughter of Laura Ann and Henry Greer Haynes had been maintaining the Gholson cemetery until her death in 2004.]

Henry Greer
Jan. 26, 1850
Oct. 24, 1888
[Son of George L. & Elizabeth A. Greer Haynes.]

Mary E. Haynes
July 7, 1874
Feb. 14, 1938
Asleep in Jesus

*Annie E.
1881 - 1961
[Annie E. Haynes married J.W. Hailey on Feb. 8, 1899 in Noxubee Co.]

John W.

Mary E.
Wife of
Wm. Cook,
May 4, 1827
Jan. 21, 1904
Jesus has come and
borne thee home,
Beyond the [can't read word] blast.

Mary E.
Wife of G.L. Haynes Jr.
May 4, 1854
May 13, 1904
In Thee Oh Lord,
Have I Put My Trust
[This is Mary Edwards, daughter of Elisha Edwards and Jane (Ann) Neeley of Kemper Co. The tombstone is in an iron fence enclosure with Geo. L. Haynes. Crepe Myrtle trees have pushed the tombstones over.]

My Husband
Geo. L. Haynes.
Aug. 9, 1853
Oct. 23, 1895
42 Yrs. 2 Mos. &
14 Dys.
[Could not read inscription at bottom of tombstone. Obituary says he died in Meridian.]

George L. Haynes
Jan. 22, 1815,
Aug. 25, 1896
He has gone to the
mansions of rest.

E. A.
Wife of
G. L. Haynes,
Dec. 31, 1818,
Apr. 6, 1881.
O, if there be a thought within our breast,
One pure deep feeling holier than another,
One spot in memory dearer than the rest,
'Tis where thy name is treasured O our mother.
[This is Elizabeth A. Greer. Her daughter, Jennie M. Haynes, married Dr. John R. Prince.]

Our Mother
Ann R.
Wife of
J. E. Burrage,
Born Oct. 4, 1843
Died Mar. 29, 1884
O if there be a thought within our breast
One pure deep feeling holier than another
One spot in memory dearer than the rest
'Tis where thy name is treasured O our
[Ann Haynes married John E. Burrage on Jan. 26, 1864 in Noxubee Co. Obituary says she was the daughter of George Haynes. Her sister, Martha "Jennie," married Dr. John R. Prince.]

Charles Toal
Pvt Co A 19 Miss Inf
Confederate States Army
1822 Nov 16 1863
[This is a newer tombstone erected recently by descendents. Descendent Linda Jenkins provided the following data: Charles Toal was born about 1822 in South Carolina to Henry and Polly Wilson Shands Toal. He married Mary Ann Lovorn, daughter of Thomas and Nancy Brown Lovorn, on February 22, 1846 in Winston Co. MS.died in Summerville, Noxubee Co. MS. His children were Charles Jefferson, Henry Robert, Mary Roseann, Martha Ida, Thomas, Joseph Allmarine and Willie Toal. Mary Ann Lovorn Toal died in 1916 in Frost, Navarro Co. TX. She is buried in Prairie Grove Cemetery, Emmett, TX.]

Henry H.
Jan. 15, 1894,
Oct. 26, 1918
Pvt. Co. E
329th Inf.

Nannie A.
Wife of
T.W. Peden,
Jan. 30, 1858,
Sept. 1, 1890
[Appeared to be an inscription at bottom but is buried in ground. Nannie Cook married T.W. Peden on July 20, 1882 in Noxubee Co.]

G. S.
March 5, 1853
Aug. 23, 1924
He is not dead,
but sleepeth.

M. E.
Dec. 10, 1858
Oct. 25, 1905
A tender mother
and a faithful
[Martha Emmeline Rawls. Marriage license issued to her and G.S. Neester on Oct. 17, 1873 in Noxubee Co.]

W. E. Nester
Jan 8, 1900
Asleep in Jesus
blessed sleep
from which
none ever wake
we weep

Mattie T. Nester
Oct. 1, 1874
Jan. 7, 1965
Gone But Not Forgotten
[Mattie Thornell married J.C. Nester on Jan. 12, 1898 in Noxubee Co.]

J.C. Nester
Dec. 12, 1875
Aug. 22, 1941
Gone But Not Forgotten

Mrs. Sarah A.
Sept 14, 1855
Nov 19, 1931
Tender Mother And
A Faithful Friend
[Tombstone is broken on right side.]

My Husband
B.E. Flora,
In 1820,
Oct. 25, 1895
[Can't read inscription at bottom.]

Wife of
B.E. Flora
Born Oct. 12, 1825,
Died Mar. 12, 1885.
She was a kind and affectionate wife
a fond mother, and friend to all.
[Amanda Daniel married Benjamin E. Flora on Jan. 9, 1846 in Noxubee Co.]

the memory of
Mary Josephine Flora
born July 26th 1853,
died July 29th,

Our Little Son
Oct. 24, 1889.
Dec. 9, 1889.

My Mother
S.A. Nester,
Aug. 18, 1816,
Feb. 1, 1896.
Mother thou art now at home
Mona anar[_]s fair above
But yet below the child [can't read] room
Till summond by His love.

Oliver A
Oct. 5, 1865,
Aged 6 Yrs, [_] Ms. 3 Ds.

Son of
C.B. & W.J. Dorroh
Nov. 19, 1883.

Bessie N. Wilson
June 3, 1898
Aug. 12, 1975

Thomas C. Floore
Oct. 29, 1887
Oct. 8, 1942
May he rest in peace

Thomas Clinton
Floore, Jr.
Jan. 1, 1909
Feb. 22, 1974
May he rest in peace

Jackie Shepherd
Aug. 12, 1891
Nov. 12, 1981
Asleep in Jesus

J. Nunn
Aug. 7, 1873,
76 Yrs. 7 ms. 7 ds.
[Inscription at bottom - could not read. In fenced enclosure with Jane Nunn.]

Sacred to the Memory
Mrs. Jane Nunn,
May 9, 1801,
Nov. 7, 1874
"Blessed are the pure in heart
For they shall see God."
[This is a daughter of George Tubb Jr. and Elizabeth Jane Floyd. Jane Tubb married John Nunn on Nov. 11, 1821 in Perry Co., AL.]

F. W. Nunn
Sep. 13, 1841,
Sep. 13, 1867
A good name is better than
precious ointment, and the
day of death than the day of
one's birth
[This is Floyd W. Nunn, son of John and Jane Tubb Nunn. He was a sergeant and lieutenant in the 14th Mississippi Infantry in Co. F. He married Ann Eliza Hudson and was later murdered in a store.]

Ann Eliza
Wife of
F. W. Nunn,
Sep. 12, 1842
June 29, 1865
Then shall the dust return
to the earth as it was, and
the spirit shall return unto God
who gave it.

Edwin Pace
Born Mch. 22, 1808 [or 1803?],
Feb. 2, 1890.
[Can't read inscription at bottom. This is Edwin Lafayette Pace, a well-known and respected Baptist minister in the area. Obituary says he died after a long illness resulting from a fall.]

Mary J.
Wife of G.D.C. Reed
May 5, 1835
Feb. 10, 1886
[This is Mary Jane Pace, daughter of Rev. Edwin Pace and Sarah Baldwin. She married George David Caleb Reed on Mar. 6, 1857. He was a son of Caleb Reed and Evelina Darden.]

L. Mahala.
Daughter of Eld. E. Pace,
Sept 19, 1839,
Sept. 30, 1887.
Jesus said unto her, I am the
resurrection and the life, he that
believeth in me though he were dead
yet shall he live. - John XI.25
[Daughter of Rev. Edwin Pace. Never married.]

Edwin A.
Son of
E. A. & F. A. Pace,
Born June 1, 1875
Died June 8, 1875
God blesses in an early death,
but takes the infant to himself.
[This is a son of Edwin Augustus Pace and Frances Alice Coolidge.]

Alice C.
Daughter of
E. A. & F. A. Pace.
Born Oct. 18, 1871.
Died Ap. 19, 1874.
Suffer little children to come
unto me,
For of such is the kingdom of
[This is a daughter of Edwin Augustus Pace and Frances Alice Coolidge.]

Miss E. Eugenie Pace
Born May 28, 1844.
Died Dec. 19, 1876.
Harp strings touched by angel fingers
Murmer in my raptured ear
Evermore their sweet tone lingers
Shall know each other there.
[This is a daughter of Rev. Edwin Pace and was called "Dena" or "Denie" by friends. She never married.]

Sacred to the memory of
Augusta Pace,
Born Oct. 18, 1878,
Died Aug. 1, 1882.
The Lord hath given
The Lord hath taken away
blessed be the name
of the Lord.

Alfred Petty
1795 - 1843
Son of James & Kiziah Petty
Husband of Mary Tubb
[This is a newer tombstone. Alfred Petty married Mary Tubb in 1815 in Franklin Co., TN. She was a daughter of George Tubb Jr. and Elizabeth Jane Floyd.]

Fannie Buck
Wife of
Dr. Jno. R.
May 10, 1857
March 30,
As a wife devoted
as a mother affectionate
as a friend ever kind
and true.
[Daughter of Joseph Buck. She married John R. Prince on Sept. 6, 1894 in Noxubee Co.]

William M.
Son of
J. R. & Fannie B.
Sept. 14, 1901,
June 28, 1905
[This is William Montgomery Prince.]

Dr. John R.
July 28, 1837,
June 4, 1910.
No pains no griefs
no anxious fears,
Can reach our
loved one sleeping

Daughter of
J. R. & M. J. Prince
Born Nov. 3, 1868.
Died Nov. 3, 1868.

Daughter of
J. R. & M. J. Prince
Born March 7, 1874,
Died Oct. 14, 1874.
The fairest bud that [can't read] nature know Oft never unfolds but
withers ere it [can't read]

Willie L
Dec. 2, 1868
Feb. 3, 1943
[This is Willie Love Thomas, daughter of Daniel Holcomb Thomas and Elizabeth Jane Hunter. She married Wilson G. Rosser on Dec. 19, 1889 in Noxubee Co.]

May They
In Peace

Wilson G.
Sept. 5, 1861,
Jan. 1, 1916

[The following tombstone for Moses Rosser was broken in two. I located the two halves in different locations lying on the cemetery grounds. A third piece containing the birth date is missing. Only the footstone remains in the ground.]

Moses Rosser
Died Mar. 23, 1888
[Inscription at bottom is nearly eroded.]
M. R. [footstone]
[The Tombstone Inscriptions book gives his birth date as Dec. 12, 1821. Annie Calmes McGraw Thomas gives his birthdate as Dec. 13, 1821. Moses Rosser was a brother-in-law of Thomas G. Gathright.]

Willie A.
Son of
J. [_]. & N. [_]. Slaughter
[month gone] 30, 1880
Dec. 13, 1881
Sleep [word gone] babe, and
[words gone] rest,
God called thee home He
thought it best.
[The Tombstone Inscriptions book gives the initials of the above as J.C. & M.A. However, this tombstone is nearly eroded and could not be read during this survey.]

C. C. Slaughter
Son of O. P. & N. E.
Born Nov 30
Died Nov 11

John C. Carr
born June 29th 1829,
died October 27th 1857,
while a student at the
Summerville Institute

The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away
Blessed by the name of the Lord
Katie S.
Dau. of.
T. S. & S. A. Gathright
Born Sept. 8, [can't read year]
Died Oct. 4, 1875
[Tombstone is overgrown and difficult to read. The Tombstone Inscription book gives the birth year as 1870.]

the memory of
Susan Rebecca
daughter of
T. S. and S. A. Gathright
born June 3rd , and died
Sept. 20th,
"And he laid his hand upon them,
And blessed them."
[The above two girls were daughters of Thomas S. Gathright and Sophronia Prince, a sister of Dr. John R. Prince.]

Susan R. Prince
January 31 1876
Aged about 66 years
[This is Susan R. Jackson who married Richard Prince. They were the parents of Dr. John R. Prince and Sophronia Prince.]

Dr. James J.
June 22, 1861
Oct. 16, 1921
[Dr. Whittle was a dentist and owned a store in Gholson.]

*Mamie E. McGraw
July 7, 1875
Dec. 15, 1958
They Are Not Dead But Sleepeth.
[This is Mamie Ella McGraw, daughter of Dewitt Clinton McGraw and Bethenia Elizabeth Yoe. Mamie was postmistress of Gholson. She married Dr. James J. Whittle on June 26, 1919.]

Danial Webster Kelly
Sept. 15, 1922
Nov. 18, 1923
[Name is written Danial - not Daniel - on tombstone.]

Eula Mae Kelly
April 22, 1908
July 30, 1932

Susan Elizabeth Kelly
Nov. 16, 1849
Aug. 10, 1926

Marion Fletcher Kelly
Mar. 12, 1876
Oct. 23, 1940

Lulla Susanna
Sep. 16, 1888
Mar. 17, 1936
[can't read] by J.D. White Family

Lula Susanna Kelly
Sept. 16, 1888
Mar. 17, 1936
[There are two tombstones for this person in the cemetery.]

Edmund Crook,
Son of
L. E. and Mary Crook,
born August 9th, 1840,
died March 2nd, 1859,
while a student of Summerville
aged 18 years 6 months
and 24 days.

William Harrison Stubbs,
Son of
T. and J. Stubbs,
born July 29th, 1842,
died March 8th, 1859,
while a student of Summerville
aged 16 years 7 months
and 10 days.

In memory of
Henry M. Axum,
Born March 21, 1839,
Died March 13, 1859.
Aged 19 yrs. 11 mos.
& 22 days
[Bottom is buried in ground, so there may be an inscription. Per survey of Annie Calmes McGraw, he died while a student at Summerville Institute.]

William Hardy
Born May 31, 1860,
Aug. 4, 1906.
How many hopes lie
buried here.
[Tombstone is broken. Obituary says he was born in Raleigh, MS and was a son of Henry W. Evans and Margaret Elizabeth Hardy. He married Jessie Cook on Dec. 30, 1886 in Noxubee Co.]

Sarah A. Evans,
Born Sept. 26, 1830,
Jan. 10, 1905.
Blessed are the dead
who die in the Lord.
[Tombstone is broken with pieces lying on top and leaning against the bottom. Another piece is in nearby ground.]

Jehu Reagan
Jan 25, 1827
May 19, 1902
There is rest in heaven
[Tombstone is broken with piece lying on the top. Obituary says he had a brother Henry W. Evans, a sister Mrs. William Dorroh, and a sister Mrs. Combs.]

Departed this life
on the 29th of Nov. 1859,
Nancy D. Hall,
wife of Jordan Hall,
in the 25th year of her age
Behold stranger in passing by,
As you are now so once was I;
As I am now so you must be,
Prepare for death and follow me.
[This is the only tombstone in the back of the cemetery though it appears there are probably unmarked graves there.]

N. D. H. [broken footstone on ground - probably of Nancy D. Hall]

Our Baby
Cleveland Harold Floore
Aug. 24, 1916
Jan. 16, 1918

Annie Bell Pierce
Dec. 31, 1913
May 21, 2004
Rest In Peace

M. E. C. [broken footstone? lying on ground. Could this belong to grave of Mary E. Cook?]

Benjamin Cleveland
Oct. 9, 1889
May 12, 1934

*Cora S. Nester
July 10, 1893
June 8, 1930

The following tombstones could not be located:

Pickrell R. Penry
Joined the Baptist
church in 1833.
May 21, 1820
Sept. 5, 1847
[Source: E. Q. Richards survey and Annie Calmes McGraw Thomas survey]

John M. Gunnell
First husband of Mrs. Gunnell Poteet
Died Feb. 3, 1857.
Age 24 years
[Source: Annie Calmes McGraw Thomas survey. E.Q. Richards noted that the stone was broken in 1975.]

Martha Haynes Hudson
Wife of Robert J.
Born Apr. 4, 1820.
Died Sept. 17, 1888.
[Source: Annie Calmes McGraw Thomas survey and E.Q. Richards survey. Martha Haynes married Robert Hudson on Jan. 2, 1851 in Noxubee Co.]

Robert J. Hudson
Born May 24, 1820
Died Sept. 9, 1892
[Source: Annie Calmes McGraw Thomas survey and E.Q. Richards survey. Ms. McGraw also noted that Robert was called "Bob."]

William Cook
died Jan. 24, 1871
51 yrs. 10 mo. 13 da.
[Source: E. Q. Richards survey.]

Martha J.
Wife of Dr. J. R. Prince
Daughter of Geo. L. and Elizabeth (nee Greer) Haynes
Born July 29, 1846
Died Oct. 3, 1889
[Source: Annie Calmes McGraw Thomas survey and E. Q. Richards survey. Martha "Jennie" Haynes and John R. Prince were married Aug. 26, 1867.]

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