Directions to Cemeteries, Noxubee County MS

Noxubee County

Cemetery Locations

Information provided is from the publication

"Tomstone Inscriptions of Noxubee County, Mississippi"

A Bi-centennial Work of the Noxubee County Historical Society 1975

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Located at the extreme northern side of Brooksville in Section 17, T16N, R17E.


Ten miles west of Brooksville on the road leading to Bluff Lake, on the south side of the road, Section 23, T16N, R15E.


Also known as the Lloyd Cemetary, approximately one mile north of the Butler Church, on the road between Mashulaville and Gholson,

in NW 1/4 of Section 16, T13N, R15E.


South of the Brooksville - Bluff Lake Road, eight miles west of Brooksville, west of the bridge across the Noxubee River, Section 19, T16N, R16E.


Directly behind the Cooksville Methodist Church, NW1/4 Section 16, T13N, R19E.


Five miles northwest of Shuqualak, in Section 11, T13N, R16E.


Six miles east of Brooksville, in the old Deerbrook Community on Mississippi State Highway 388, NE corner NE 1/4, Section 19, T16N, R18E.


Just over one mile east of Calyx, one half mile north of the road from Calyx, Section 29, T13N, R18E.


1/4 mile north of Gholson, Section 35, T13N, R15E.

Lynn Creek

Located just behind the Lynn Creek Methodist Church, approximately 11 miles east of Brooksille on the Bluff Lake road, and one mile south

of intersection at Lynn Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church.


Eight miles NW of Shuqualak, behind the Macedonia Methodist Church, NW1/4, Section 33, T14N, R16E.

Macon - Holy Cross Catholic

Located just outside the city limts of Macon.

Macon-Odd Fellows

South of Old Highway 14, betwen Eiland Road and Liddell public school proper, Section 3, T14N, R17E and in Section 34, T15N, R17E.


Once owned by John J. Higgins, located 150 Yards bhind the Baptist Church at Mashulaville, SE1/4, Section 10, T14N, R15E.


One mile east of Highway 45, midway between Macon and Shuqualak. T14N, R17E.


Eight miles northwest of Macon, just east of McLeod Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Section 3, T15N, R16N.

Noxubee Baptist

Located in Winston County, about 1/4 mile west of the Noxubee -Winston county line, about 1/2 mile on littled road, south from the Bluff

Lake-Louisville road, one mile west of the Game area office.


Southside of Highway 21, Five miles west of Shuqualk, 1/2 mile south of Calvary Baptist Church.

Pleasant Ridge

Extreme NW 1/4 Section 6, T13N, R19E, once the site of the Pleasant Ridge Baptish Church, and later, the Church of Christ.


Approximately 250 yards north of the Ruhama Baptist Church, Section 34, T16N, R15E.


South of Highway 14, and approximagely four miles west of Macon, NE 1/4, Section 2, T14N,R16E.


North side of Highway 21, one mile west of Shuqualak, NE 1/4 Section 18, T13N, R17E.

Soule Chapel

Section 1, T15N, R16E, just behind and to the side of the Methodist Church.


One and a half mile north on the Bluff Lake Road, eleven miles west of Broosville, Section 15, T16N, R15E.

Vernon Baptist

Just one half mile west of the Noxubee - Kemper county line off Highway 21, only 100 yards north of the county line, SW1/4 Section 33

T13N, R15E.


North side of the road leading from Highway 21 toward Highway 397


On the road to the Dancing Rabbit Treaty site, three and a half miles south of Mahulavill, SE 1/4 Section 28, T14N, R15E.


Very close to the Winston - Noxubee county line, SW 1/4, Section 31, T14N, R15T.


Five miles southeast of Shuqualak, Section 30, T13N, R18E, near what once as the Post office for Calyx.


Six miles east of Macon, on the Prairie Point road, behind the X-Prairie Methodist Church, SE 1/4 Section 17, T15N, R18E.

Yellow Creek Baptist

In Winston county, 200 yards west of the Noxubee - Winston county line, adjacent to 'Noxubee' which is Section 19, T15N, R15E.