Noxubee County Historical Society's Quarterly Bulletin

An Abstract of #80 Winter 1996

    I.   A Young Southern Gentleman Faces War-(continued from the Fall Bulletin) A diary of Flavious Nicholson, transcribed by Kathryn Hensleigh. It describes F. G. Nicholson's daily life during and after the War Between the States here in Noxubee County. Descriptions of his interactions with neighbors, political leaders, and merchants during the periods of the 1860's to 1890's.

    II.  Abstracts of Estates-(continued) Transcriptions of the probate cases concerning: John G. Hide, Martha Hyde, Susan D. Hyde, Moseley Heirs, and John R. Cockrel.

    III.  Noxubee County Marriages -selected Noxubee marriages never before transcribed.

    IV. "Sweet Gum Corner"-A history of a city block in downtown Macon that has recently burned.

    V.  Queries

    VI.  Large Slaveholders Noxubee County Mississippi 1840 Census-Lists the full names of the slaveholders by the number of slaves owned. They are grouped in the 10-24 slaves group, or over 25 slaves group. The exact number of slaves are also listed.

    VII.  Passing in Review-The Macon Beacon 1876-Selected exerts from the local paper in Noxubee County.

    A simple index of surnames included in the Winter edition:

    Constantine, buck, Kennedy, Hide, Hyde, Jourdan, McLelland, Kelly, Lloyd, Jones, Eaves, Cockrell, Chappell, Dew, Allgood, Dew, Land, Shelton, Crenshaw, Moseley, Ferrir, Wells, Wilders, Freeman, Permenter, Gardner, Farmer, McLeod, Howard, Henry, Acker, Stringfrother, Stephens, McCrary, Johnston, Hardin, Sanders, lagg, Edens, Spann, Clayton, Winfrey, Pratt, Greer, Kelly, Bowen, Dobbs, Hunter, McLelland, Newman, Augustus, Moore, Motley, Brooks, Mauldin, Davis, Floore, With, Gray, Walton, Ballard, Lovelady, Matthews, Jarnagin, Macon, Laughlin, Shaw, Bowls, Perry, Hill, Glass, Markam, Morrow, Thomas, Cobb, Bledsoe, Hunt, Nabors, Dabney, Russell, Benion, Alford, Connor, Hyman, Besmarkes, Harrison, Spooner, Brown, Harless, Harthman, Wells, Epps, Berry, Love, Medlock, Briggs, Fraser, Gavin, Holland, Smith, Black, Clement, Rooker, Feemaster, Hines, May, Rhodes, Duke, Sanders,Clark, Herron, Ballard, Burton, Sale, Gavin, Denty, Reedy, Haynes, Goodwin, McKie, Slaughter, Kitchens, Nume, Harmon, Flake, DaJarnette, ...and more.