Abstract of  issue #79 of the Bulletin
Fall 1996

I. Dr. S. V. Hill--Personal and Family History In Noxubee County

II. A Young Southern Gentleman In The Post-War Days--(continued from the summer Bulletin) A      diary of Flavius Nicholson, transcribed by Kathryn Hensleigh

III. Abstracts of Estates--(continued) Francis Adams, Napoleon Cromwell

IV. Grantors Index Deed Book A (1834-1838)--(continued)  

V. Passing in Review- The Macon Beacon --December 1890

VI. Out of the Attic--"Uncovered" letters, papers, and court records pertaining to Noxubee County

A simple index of surnames included in the Fall edition:

Hill, Minor, Randall, George, Calvert, Ivy, Adams, Cromwell, Phillips, Prewitt, Poindexter, Purdy, Prout, Parker, Poindexter, Powe, Robison, Robertson, Rector, Roberts, Ruff, Rabun, Rogers, Riley, Roote, Reed, Rea, Rootes, Richardson, Reneau, Ridgeway, Rasberry, Sprouse, Standifer, Suck A Tubba, Sanders, Standifer, Sha ma ah Tubba, Stone, Sherman, Swann, Slaughter, Spencer, Smith, Spight, Suhosheletah, Sherrod, Spooner, Tubb, Tea, Theobold, Tishosheletah, Trapp, Thorton, Tolson, Taylor, Thomas, Terry, Barker, Foote, Walton, McGeehee, Merrell, Jordon, Bartlett, Burnett, Neal, McIntyre, Butterworth, Usery, Vaughn, Watson, Sims, Henley, Whitehead, Whitlow, Standefer, Williams, Sparks, Warren, Wynn, Walker, Wynn, Ames, Green, Massengale, Calloway, Clement, Gillespie, Grant, Goodwin, Wood Colbert, Howard, Prout, Bartlett, Mosley, Frith, Beckham, Gibson, Levy, Fielder, Cates, keep, Allen, Cater, Fretwell, Swearington, Johnson, Ragsdale, Willborn, Beaman, Barker, Spooner, Holmes, Cawthon, Murhpey, Augustus, Deupree, Harrison, Nance, McCarley, Smith, Stewart, McLeod, Mahorner, Paulette, Wilder, King, Moore, Graham, Blythe, Buck, Bush, Bryson, Dent, Dinsmore, French, Love, McCaskill, Phillips, Hamilton, Lagrone, Nunn, Perry, Ross, Stokes, Boswell, Evans, Prince, Triplett, Burch, Nuckels, Holman, Patty, Bayol, Cline, Dantzler, Dismukes, Cotton, Campbell, Garner, Thompson, Smoot, Baker, Anderson, Holberg, Reneau.........

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