Abner Cotton records

Noxubee County

Probate records for

Abner Cotton

submitted by Catherine Cooper


Following are some notes I've written relating to the estate of Abner Cotton. Notes were taken from LDS microfilm of the original Noxubee Court Records, Vol. C, 1851-1855.

Page 1, Sept. 29, 1849
Nicholas C. Cotton, administrator of estate of Abner Cotton, decd.
Notice to sell land - heirs being notified:
John W. Cotton
Jane Watts and husband James R. Watts
Minerva Ferguson and husband William C. Ferguson
James Gardner Cotton
Nancy Stinson and husband James Stinson
Abner and Bryant Aycock, minors of Mary A. Aycock
William A. Ferguson, minor of Martha Ferguson
Unknown, minor heirs of Martha and Thomas J. Haynes (both deceased, late of Texas)

Notice was published in the "Noxubee Rifle" newspaper of Macon. Propietor and editor was Edward W. Ferris.

Page 2, Oct. 13, 1849
Descriptions of Abner Cotton's land to be sold. Lands in sections 7, 18, and 19 of Township 14N, Range 17E.

Page 4, Nov. 17, 1849
Joseph L. Hunter, T. A. Taylor, and Richard M. Thomas appointed to "allot, select & set apart out of the stock and provisions or effects of Abner Cotton deceased to Margaret Cotton, widow & relict of said Abner Cotton..."

Page 79, March 7, 1850
Jesse A. Ivey appointed guardian of Bryant F. Aycock and Abner C. Aycock by orphan's court of Pickens Co., Alabama. Ivey is requesting the minors' portion of the estate and wants to remove the property to Pickens Co. Bryant and Abner Aycock are minor heirs of Wm. T. Aycock of Pickens and Abner Cotton.

From the files of E. Annette Rose:

Deed of Gift, recorded in Book D, page 225, Noxubee County, Ms.

4 Nov 1840
Abner Cotton to daughter, Martha Haynes, wife of Thomas J. Haynes,

Apparently this Martha Haynes, nee Cotton, was a widow of a Ferguson, and had a son, William Ferguson, who resided with his uncle William Ferguson over in Pickens county, Alabama. (Picked up that info from probate records.)

When Abner's property and things were being divided up, this couple, Thomas J. Haynes and his wife, Martha, were referred to as being "in Texas, deceased, with two children, names unknown."

Should anyone ever "come up with an answer" as to "which Thomas J. Haynes" and "who were those children", please contact your webperson.


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