Noxubee Cousins

Four "Cousins"


John E. Hudson

Charlie Barrett.........E. Annette Hudson Rose.......Marcus Anderson

While visiting Shuqualak, Mississippi, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet my "distant" relatives, Charlie Barrett and Marcus Anderson. My 2nd cousin, John E. Hudson, of Columbus, had made my mother and I so welcomed in 1995 that I returned in 1996, this time with my husband. After that first visit, my first "research trip", Marcus responded to a letter I had sent to the Baptist Church, stating his grandmother was a GREER.

As I was well aware of the GREER and HUDSON families, I was extrememly happy to discover these two men. It was after that first visit that I became aware of another tie between the four of us, and that tie was BEASLEY.

Mr. Barrett has an ancestor, Samuel Clayton McNees, who married Mrs. Mary W. Lumpkin, nee BEASLEY. Mary's sister, Elizabeth, had married John Hudson, a son of Frederick HUDSON and Lucy GREER. Marcus Anderson has an ancestor, Abraham GREER, who was a brother to "my" Lucy. Marcus has another tie...this Abraham GREER married Betsy BEASLEY. [We haven't proven it yet, but it kinda looks like she might have been a sister to a William Beasley who was the father of Mary and Elizabeth?] To make it all a little more complicated, Samuel Clayton McNees' mother was a GREER.

John E. Hudson and I share great great grandparents, John HUDSON [b.1805] and Elizabeth BEASLEY. Then, also, the same great grandparents, William Beasley Hudson and Sara Eliza WATSON. His grandfather, Jack Caleb Hudson (Capt. Jack), was a brother to my grandfather, Isaac L. Hudson. To confuse the issue more: John HUDSONs father's mother was Mary BEASLEY. [And here, again, we lack proof of exactly who her father was, and some believe that she was "first born", and a sister to Betsey and to William.] [Don't you just hate to have to prove these things??]

Sometime in the near future, I will post information on the BEASLEY family of Noxubee County. Henry O. Beasley was at one time the Post Master of Parksville, the county sheriff, and represented many people in court matters, indicating a possible lawyer, also. H.O. Beasley and William M. Beasley, brothers of Mary and Elizabeth, were both "prominate" men in the county.

Anyone researching the GREER families of Noxubee should be aware that there is a deep HAYNES connection, also. All those Haynes, Greers, Hudsons, and Beasleys were cousins in one fashion or another!

Thanks for taking time to read this, and I do hope you come back, as I will be adding some family "stuff" to this page.

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