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In case you've landed here by way of a search engine, you've found yourself smack in the middle of Monroe County, Mississippi.

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CCC Records

The CCC Camps (Civilian Conservation Corps.) were set up by the US Army. General Pershing was in charge of organizing and setting them up. The camps were in various places all over the United States. These records were from the Ashland Camp in Benton County, MS. There were several camps in Mississippi, including one below Columbus. Just like the regular military, mothers and dependants of the CCC Members were paid an allotment by the government. The CCC Members worked in reforestation, built roads, dams, bridges, and made other improvements to the infrastructure of America. This was one of the first programs of the Roosevelt Administration as soon as he got into office. The program ended at the start of WWII and many of the CCC Members went into the regular Army.

The records here were gathered by Dr. Charles Granville Hamilton, and were made available to me by The Estate of Mary Elizabeth Casey Hamilton. Unfortunately this is not a complete listing of all individuals but is all that was found.

The data listed is: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name/Initial, CCC Serial Number, Age, Address, and any other information found on the index cards including in most cases the name of whomever collected the allotment paid by the government. These people came from the surrounding area and not just Monroe County. I've sorted it two ways, first by Name, and then by City where the individual was from.

Many thanks and much appreciation again to The Estate of Mary Elizabeth Casey Hamilton for making this information available to us.

Alphabetical By Surname Listed by City

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