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Leflore County, Mississippi
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Churches of Leflore County

Current and Historical

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                 Church                               Location

Abundant Life Penecostal Church
1606 Leflore Avenue
(601) 455-9888
Annointed for Now Apostolic
Church of Greenwood
5674 County Rd/100
Greenwood, MS 38930 
Pastor Mcginnis


Beautiful Zion Church Sidon
Bell Grove Church Shellmound
Bethlehem Church Swiftown
Bible Baptist Church
Highway 82 E
(601) 453-6039
Body of Christ Fellowship Church
527 East Park Avenue
(601) 453-4095
Brooklyn Chapel Baptist Church
1887 County Road 178
(601) 455-3791
Brown Chapel Schlater
Calvary Baptist Church
4644 County Road 171
(601) 453-7864
Chapel Bell Cruger
Christ Baptist Church
1008 West Claiborne Avenue
(601) 455-6181
Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church
223 Morris Street
(601) 254-6134
Itta Bena
Christ The King Lutheran Church
1509 Highway 82 W
(601) 453-8323
Church of Christ
E Mclaurin Street
(601) 455-9516
Church of God Money
Church of God Swiftown
Church of God
706 Brentwood Avenue
(601) 453-6141
Church of God Itta Bena
Church of God  Rattlesnake Bayou
Church of God of Prophecy Greenwood
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1015 West Park Avenue
(601) 453-2236
Church of the Nativity Greenwood
Cypress Grove Church Swiftown
Cypress Grove Church Browning
De Cell United Methodist Church
312 Green Avenue
(601) 453-7692
East Money Church Money
Eastgate Baptist Church Greenwood
East Percy Street Christian Church
100 East Percy Street
(601) 453-0763
Episcopal Church of the Nativity
400 Howard Street
(601) 453-7786
Evergreen Church Money
First Assembly of God Church
1312 Strong Avenue
(601) 453-6093
First Baptist Church Schlater
First Baptist Church
301 Main Street
(601) 254-7224
Itta Bena
First Baptist Church
500 West Washington St
(601) 453-3075
First Baptist Church
604 West Washington St
(601) 455-6656
First Christian Church
700 West Washington St
(601) 453-5963
First Independent Methodist Church
916 Medallion Drive
(601) 453-1907
First Methodist Church
201 Main Street
(601) 254-9156
Itta Bena
First Presbyterian Church
300 Main Street
(601) 453-4680
First United Methodist Church
310 West Washington St
(601) 453-2822
Free Will Baptist Church Greenwood
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
220 Noel Street
(601) 453-7720
Gold Bell M. B. Church  Itta Bena
Goodhope Baptist Church
31 Meadowbrook Road
(601) 455-3307
Grace Bible Church
801 Syccamore Ave
(601) 453-2936
Greater Bethel Apostolic Temple
412 Avenue H
(601) 455-4330
Green Chapel Money
Green Grove Church Greenwood
Greenwood Community Church
414 Edwards Street
(601) 453-3128
Greenwood Restoration Church
813 Carrollton Avenue
(601) 455-1598
Greenwood Seventh Day Church
Highway 82 E
(601) 453-7869
Half Mile Church Bear Gut Bayou
Harts Church (historical) Rattlesnake Bayou
Hayward Chapel Money
Holly Grove Church Sidon
Holly Grove Church #2 Avalon
Holmes Chapel Bear Gut Bayou
Holy God Church Glendora
Hopewell Church Glendora
Hymann Chapel Mb Church
101 Smith Aly
(601) 455-9969
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
511 West Washington St
(601) 453-3980
Immanuel Baptist Church
707 Brentwood Avenue
(601) 453-8242
Irving Memorial Chapel Greenwood
Itta Bena-Morgan City Presbyterian Church Itta Bena
Jacobs Chapel Glendora
Jennings Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
320 Avenue G
(601) 453-8644
Jeremiah Church Itta Bena
Jerusalem Church of God in Christ
922 Broad Street
(601) 453-4264
Jonas Chapel Philipp
Jones Chapel Sidon
Jones Chapel Rattlesnake Bayou
Jones Chapel Phillipp
Jones Chapel (historical) Bear Gut Bayou
Jones Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
509 E Mclaurin Street
(601) 453-5977
Jones Grove Church Glendora
Lake Henry Church Shellmound
Lanes Chapel Money
Little Zion Baptist Church
63530 County Road 518
(601) 455-0004
Living Faith Temple
601 Dewey Street
(601) 453-0031
Lockloma Church
840 County Road 80
(601) 455-2026
Locust Grove Baptist Church
1209 Broad Street
(601) 453-0425
Maple Shady Grove Church Philipp
Marsh Berea Church Schlater
McKinney Chapel Baptist Church
224 Short Street
(601) 453-4639
McLean Church Itta Bena 
Merry Grove Church Brooks
Midway Church Itta Bena
Mile Tabernacle Schlater
Morgan Chapel Colony Town
Morgan City Baptist Church Itta Bena
Morning Star Church Rattlesnake Bayou
Morning Star Church Browning
Morning Star Church Brooks
Mount Maria Church Colony Town
Mount Olive Church Schlater
Mount Vernon Church Rattlesnake Bayou
Mount Zion Church Itta Bena
Mount Zion Church Browning
Mount Zion Church Shellmound
Mount Zion Church Schlater

Neals Chapel Avalon
Nebo Church Schlater
New Bethel Baptist Church
College Street
Itta Bena
New Chapel Sidon
New Einnard Church Greenwood
New Foundation Church Shellmound
New Foundation Church Shellmound
New Foundation Missionary Baptist Church
616 Avenue K
(601) 453-4579
New Home Church Itta Bena
New Hope Chapel Schlater
New Jerusalem Church Bear Gut Bayou
New Miracle Deliverance Church
133  West Johnson Street
(601) 455-4765
New Prospect Church Swiftown
New Zion Baptist Church
726 Carrollton Avenue
(601) 453-6663
Newena Church Shellmound
Newlight Church Brooks
North Greenwood Baptist Church
615 Grand Blvd
(601) 453-2801
North Park Church
705 Yalobusha Street
(601) 453-4111
O Dell Church Sidon
Page Chapel Shellmound
Palestine Church Glendora
Payne Church Itta Bena
Pentecostal Church of God
901 Mclean Street
(601) 453-9653
Perry Chapel Itta Bena
Peters Rock Church (historical)  Rattlesnake Bayou
Phillipstown Baptist Church Itta Bena
Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church
705 Henderson Street
(601) 453-0750
Pillow Chapel Greenwood
Pleasant Grove Church Itta Bena
Pleasant Plain Church Browning
Pleasant Valley Church Shellmound
Pleasant Valley Church Bear Gut Bayou
Pleasant Grove Church Itta Bena
Portwood Church Greenwood
Providence Baptist Church
412 1/2 Broad Street
(601) 453-3002
Revival Center
2001 Carrollton Avenue
(601) 455-3687
Riverside Baptist Church Money
Ryall Chapel Glendora
Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
2613 Highway 82 East
(601) 453-0623
Saint John Church Sidon
Saint John Mb Church
19194 County Rd 512
(601) 254-6002
Saint Johns United Methodist Church
1001 Grand Blvd
(601) 453-7522
Saint Luke Church of God in Christ
535 Avenue H
(601) 454-7666
Saint Mark Church Greenwood
Saint Marks Church Rattlesnake Bayou
Saint Mary Missionary Baptist Church
203 Roosevelt St
(601) 254-7608
Itta Bena
Saint Marys Church (historical) Brooks
Saint Paul Church Sidon
Saint Paul Church Bear Gut Bayou
Saint Paul's Church #1 Montgomery
Saint Pauls Church Shellmound
Saint Rest Church of God in Christ
101 College Street
(601) 254-9437
Itta Bena
Salem Church Greenwood
Salvation Army Church
313 Carrollton Avenue
(601) 453-3234
Samuel Chapel United Methodist Church
208 Lincoln Street
(601) 254-9870
Itta Bena
Sanctified Church Schlater
Sanctified Church Greenwood
Schlater Baptist Church Schlater
Shiloh Adventist Church
625 Avenue H
(601) 453-7979
Smith Chapel Glendora
Spring Hill Church Browning
Strangers Home Baptist Church
314 West Taft Street
(601) 453-7610
Sunnyside Chapel Schlateer
Sweet Home Church Greenwood
Sweethour Church Itta Bena
Swiftown Church of God in Christ Swiftown
Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church
200 Greer Street
(601) 254-6275
Itta Bena
Thankful Church Schlater
Travelers Rest Baptist Church
301 Rising Sun Circle
(601) 455-1487
Truevine Church Itta Bena
Truevine Church Rattlesnake Bayou
Turner Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church
717 Walthall Street
(601) 455-4745
Union Grove Baptist Church
615 Saint Ccharles Street
(601) 453-8891
Union Grove Church Sidon
Union Grove Church Bear Gut bayou
Union Grove Church Rattlesnake Bayou
Valley Hill Baptist Church
Highway 82 E
(601) 455-2261
Vineyard Church
69800 Highway 82 W
(601) 455-2690
Walnut Grove church Schlater
Wesley United Methodist Church
800 Howard Street
(601) 453-3477
Westminister Presbyterian
804 East Park Avenue
(601) 453-7608
West President Church of Christ
1002 West President Ave
White Rock Church Swiftown
Williams Chapel Bear Gut Bayou
Woodland Church (historical) Schlater
Yazoo Church Itta Bena
Zion Rock Church Itta Bena
Zion Watch Church Schlater


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