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Honor Roll of Leflore County's  WWII Casualties

                                        Death code - KIA=killed in action
                                                          DOW=died of wounds
                                                          DOI=died of injuries
                                                          DNB=died non battle
                                                          FOD=finding of death
                                                          MIA=missing in action

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ARCHER, James M Jr 14184301  SGT KIA  
BASS, Charles E 34958620  PVT DNB  
BAUGHN, Jack H 0-1116088  2 LT DOW  
BAYLES, Joseph R 14070416  SGT KIA  
BOX, George A 14060971  PVT DNB  
BROWN, Charles E Jr  34613458 SGT KIA  
CLEMENS, Johnie L 34619388 PFC KIA  
COCKRELL, Peter P 14070588 SSG FOD  
COOK, William 34472715 PVT DNB  
COOPER, Edwin L 14095260 PFC KIA  
COTTON, John R 34871743 PVT DNB  
COX, Cary D 34613965 CPL DOW   
DICKSON, Robert J 34135101 PVT DNB  
EDWARDS, John Henry  KIA off the coast of Normany in a sub marine  Jerry
FRANCIS, Shelby O 34637927 PFC DOW  
FRIED, Simon NMI 34989250 PVT KIA  
GARDNER, Robert E. Jr.
Lieutenant, United States Navy--Navy pilot--  
was MIA in Pacific after a bombing run over Japan in March 1945 from the carrier USS Hancock.  
His name is inscribed at the Court of the Missing that is located at the National Cemetery of the Pacific (better known as the Punch Bowl) in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Mrs. Merlin F. Schneider -
cousin of Lt. Gardner
GARRARD, James M  14070592 SSG FOD  
GARY, Amos 34472403 PFC DNB  
HEFFNER, James E 34630461 PVT KIA  
HOBBS, Benjamin M 0-1104852 1 LT KIA  
HOBGOOD, Thomas E 34876209 PVT KIA  
HOLLOMAN, James D 0-698713 2 LT KIA  
HOWARD, William E 34989075 PFC KIA  
HUGHES, Robert A 14095137 SSG KIA  
JACKSON, George C 20423913 CPL DNB  
JOHNSON, Elemer 34610067 TEC 5 DNB  
JOHNSON, Guss 34020883 PVT DNB  
JONES Edgar D 44012952 PVT KIA  
JORDAN, Robert J 34618492 CPL DNB  
KILGORE, Jessie L 34421544 PVT KIA  
LEE, Edward P Jr 0-812449 1 LT FOD  
LEE, Wesley J 34638976 PVT DNB  
McGarrity, Marshall A 34989247 PFC KIA  
MITCHELL, Curtis B 14010131 SGT DNB  
MOORE, Hubert F 0-1692655 2 LT KIA  
NORED, George L 14060975 TSG KIA  
PERRY, Walter Jr 34479543 PVT KIA  
PREWITT, John L 14054053 PVT DNB  
RAYBURN, James Q 34634794 PFC DOW  
SANSING, James H 34872713 PVT KIA  
SCOTT, Pat C 6394598 TSG DNB  
SHELBY, Francis G 34637924 PFC DOW  
SHIRLEY, Price 34132870 SSG KIA  
SMITH, Will Jr 34925204 PVT DNB  
SMITH, Willie L 34626854 PVT DNB  
STEELE, William H 34130601 TSG FOD  
STORY, Wilson 34639132 PFC KIA  
STOVALL, B J 34020405 TEC 5 KIA  
SUMNER, Nathan A 0-337278 MAJ KIA  
TATE, Augustus H 0-789528 2 LT DNB  
THOMPSON, Edward J 34639489 TEC 5 DOI  
VERRETT, Wilson Joseph 34427706 PVT KIA Died in France on July 28, 1944 during the battle off Normandy.  He was the son of Adam Joseph Verrett and Ella Rawlins Verrett.  Lenora
WAITS, Cernelious 34870772 PVT DNB  
WARREN, Steve 34340437 TEC 5 KIA  
WATTS, Carl 34134294 PFC KIA  
WESLEY, James W 14016663 TEC 5 KIA  
WILSON. Wilbur T 34479644 PVT KIA  
WOOTEN, Edward 34489694 PVT DNB  
WRIGHT, James E 34420537 CPL DNB  

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