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Sarah Ann Weaver Williams Obituary

Submitted by: David Webb

Source: Itawamba County News

Sarah Ann Weaver WILLIAMS
d. July 22, 1913

On July 22, 1913, a tranquil life was ended, when Death set his pale signet upon the placid brow of Sarah A. Williams, wife of John Williams, who stood by her, and administered all consolation that could have been available. His profound devotion was demonstrated in his watchfulness over her during her brief illness. For a few weeks her health had been better than it had for months. During the days of her sickness the writer has heard her say that she did not have any fears, whatever. She was a faithful soldier of Jesus Christ and the thought of death did not disturb her; the King of terrors cannot affright one whose life is hid in God.

The sinking of life's sun was amid the lowering clouds of suffering. The pains laid heavy tribute upon her whole system, paralyzing the tongue and benumbing the facilities. The lines of pain were visibly drawn over the form of the patient sufferer while the dew damp gathered upon her brow. But ere the dawning of another day the dark, deathly clouds were lifted.  The horizon was radiant with strange, new brightness over the pale, upturned face, and filled the remaining spark of life with ecstasy of heaven's own love and light.  The features were relaxed into a peaceful rest and faith was lost in sight. Death was swallowed up into victory and the glad spirit of Sarah A. Williams, entered into the realms where parting is over and sad goodbyes are said no more, and where all tears will be wiped away by the hand of Him who doeth all things well.

Let us all strive to be ready when the summons calls us. One by one we are going home. Let us all while standing in the halls of Death, think of the sad and solemn realities of eternity and prepare to meet our Lord.  Sister Williams was born in Itawamba County, Mississippi, July 5th 1853, obeyed the gospel under the preaching of Nathaniel Davis in 1869, was married to John Williams, October 20, 1873.  To this union there were born 7 children. She lived to see them all obey the gospel save one. We pray that he may see the error of his way and follow the example of obedience she so lovingly set before him and by imitating the pure life she lived before him, prepare to meet her in a brighter and happier world than this.  She was run down by an automobile in Tupelo, Mississippi, July 17, 1913,  died July 22, and was buried at Mooreville, Mississippi, July 23. Brother M. H. Armor, of Tupelo, conducted the funeral services.  May God bless her sorrowing husband and children and friend is the prayer of her Pastor.