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James Harrison Kingsley Obituary

Submitted by: David Webb

Source: Tupelo Daily Journal, December 28, 1940; page 1

James Harrison KINGSLEY
d. Dec. 27, 1940

J.H. Kingsley, resident of the Auburn community northeast of  Tupelo, was found shot to death in the yard of his home last night about 8 o'clock. Whether the shooting was accidental could not be immediately learned.  Sheriff Will Inmon, notified of the shooting, left Tupelo shortly before midnight for the Kingsley home and early this morning he had not returned with the results of the inquest. Mr. Kingsley's head was reported to have been blown almost off by the discharge of the shotgun at close range.  He was found dead near an old stump about 30 feet from his front porch. Mrs. Kingsley retired about 8 o'clock.  A few minutes later Mr. Kingsley was heard by their small son going out into the yard.  He was seen to have a gun and the child, according to Sheriff Inman, said he believed his father was going out into the yard to kill a dog. Then the shot rang out and the family found Mr. Kingsley dead when  they arrived.  Since his body was lying at the foot of the stump it  was considered possible, pending a report from the inquest, that he had stumbled over the stump, accidently discharging the gun when he fell.

Funeral arrangements were incomplete early today pending arrival of a brother from Indiana.  Pegues will be in charge of arrangements.