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Index to Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal Obituaries

2005: Jan
2004: Jan, Feb

Individual Obituaries

Angle, Joseph Lamar Sr.
Angle, Maranda Saphira (Davis)
Angle, Thomas
Bacon, Aunt Vinie
Barnum, Richard S.
Brazile/Brayile, Ulton C.
Broadnax, Mrs. Sallie
Bynum, Mrs. Sallie Gradner
Dickerson, Mrs. R. L.
Evans, Betty A. (Dodson)
Evans, David Clifton
Evans, Grover Cleveland
Evans, Johnnie Williams
Evans, Lowery Boyd
Evans, Thomas Moody
Evans, Will Noah
Evans, William Thomas
Garrett, Avie Irene (Webb)
Gregory, James Thomas
Hay, Mr. N. M.
Kelly, Thomas Alfred
Kingsley, James Harrison
Kingsley, John Coatland
Lauderdale, Thomas Crutcher
Marlor, Mrs. Elsie
McGuire, Roy
Morgan, Anna Kate (Stovall)
Morgan, Elizabeth Ann (Edwards)
Morgan, Hilliard Alexander
Morgan, Mary Frances (Evans)
Partlow, Albert Raymond
Partlow, Lovie Morgan
Repult, James F.
Senter, James A.
Scott, Belle
Scott, Samuel Augustus
Scott, William
Smith, William Alfred
Smithey, Mr. H. R.
Stovall, James Knox Polk
Stovall, Mary Lavinia (Boston)
Stovall, William Mack
Taylor, Nettie Beatrice (Webb) Kingsley
Thompson, Quitman Harold
Turner, W. D.
Webb, Archie Robert
Webb, Delia Belle (Parham)
Webb, Mary Frances (Garrett)
Webb, Robert A.
Webb, Titus Elkin
Webb, Wylie Dee
Williams, Sarah Ann Weaver