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Rose Hill Cemetery
(Confederate Soldiers )
Not Listed in the Sections
Lauderdale County
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Entrance on 40th Avenue, between 7th and 8th Streets.
From I-20/59, take 22nd Avenue exit to
downtown Meridian;
Turn left on 8th Street to 40th Avenue.
Left on 40th Avenue.

Rose Hill Cemetery (Confederate Soldiers)

Note: This is a list of soldiers that have been discovered buried by
Mr. Walton Moore President of Rose Hill Cemetery that have not
been listed in the Cemetery listings.

Markers are being ordered through the government
to be placed at their gravesites.
Rose Hill Cemetery (Confederate Soldiers)
By Section #
    Section 22
    Granville B. Henderson
    13 MS Infantry Co K.
    C. S. A..

    Section 77
    Ambrose Knox Ramsey.
    MS Calvary CO G & K.
    C. S. A..

    Section 145
    W. H. Lewis.
    36 MS REG INF CO I.
    C. S. A..

    Section 239
    William T. Teller.
    1 MS REG INF CO F (State Troops).
    C. S. A..

    Section 254
    P. J. Stevens, Sr..
    32 AL REG INF CO B.
    C. S. A..

    Section 272
    Joseph R. Mitchell.
    C. S. A..

    Section 301
    Brainard Elisha Gould.
    8th ALA INF CO G.
    C. S. A..

    Section 335
    D. W. Eastman.
    Lamphley’s CO (Local Defense).
    C. S. A..

    Section 340
    George Washington Askew Blythea.
    Bat CAL CO A.
    C. S. A..

    Section 429
    W. H. Mims.
    Haskins Battery.
    C. S. A..

    Section 418
    H. N. Berry.
    14 MS REG INF CO B & H.
    C. S. A..

    Section 450
    Willie C. Thompkin.
    30 VA REG INF CO G.
    C. S. A..

Submitted by Elizabeth Hagwood Poster-#-4-
Submitted by
David Pickett Poster-#-65-

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