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Welcome to the Issaquena Genealogy and History Project
The Issaquena Genealogy and History Project
Issaquena County is located in the Delta Region of MississippiWelcome to the Issaquena Genealogy and History Project. This Mississippi county was formed under the Second Constitution (1832-1869), March 23, 1844, from the southern portion of Washington County. Issaquena County was named for the Choctaw Indian word meaning "deer river" and contains 441.4 square miles with a current population of 2,274. A part of the vast Yazoo-Mississippi Delta region, Issaquena has played an important role in the agricultural development of Mississippi throughout its history. More county history


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For links, names and addresses of Issaquena County area libraries, local government offices, area newspapers, state government divisions, and the research information those entities offer, be sure to consult the Issaquena Genealogy and History Project Researchers' Directory.



Issaquena County Census Records

1840 Washington County Federal Census
Complete 1850 Federal Census
Complete 1860 Federal Census
1860 Federal Census Schedule 2: Slave Enumeration
1880 Oakley Plantation Census
1930 Federal Census Index
Civil Divisions Map: 1930 Census

Issaquena County Property Records

Land Patents: Range 8 West
Land Patents: Range 9 West
Land Patents: Miscellaneous Ranges
Mississippi Indian Cession Map
1863 Deer Creek - Steele's Bayou Plantations Map
Steele's Bayou Land Ownership Plat: 1886
Fitler Plantation Deed
Robert M. Smith Deed: 1846
1846 State Tax List

Issaquena County Civil War Records

Skirmish at Langley's Plantation
Grave's Issaquena Artillery
The Steele's Bayou Expedition
Stephen Duncan Letter to Mary Duncan
Mary Duncan Letter to Abraham Lincoln
Tallulah Courthouse Expedition
James B. McPherson Letter

Southern Claims Commission Records

Robert J. Turnbull
Lewis C. Watson
B.B. Fore for Charles J. Fore
Mrs. R.L. Wright

Issaquena County Geography

Historic Maps of Issaquena County
Contemporary Map of Issaquena County
Issaquena County Geographical Landmarks
Issaquena County Communities
Brief History of Rolling Fork

Issaquena County Biographies

The Balfour Family
The Catching Family
Dr. William I. Chaney
The Chotard-Eustis Families
Richard Christmas
Leigh Clark
Will E. Collins
Fielding Davis
David Christian Dose
Dr. Stephen Duncan
Alexander de la Plaunche DuVal
Horatio Sprague Eustis
George W. Faison, Jr.
George W. Faison, Sr.
Richard B. Faison
Hazlewood Power Farish
Dr. R.D. Farish
Robert Elisha Foster
Daniel Webster Gary
The James Gwin Family
Joel Cullen Hall
The Wade Hampton Family
Colonel John Heath Sr.
Dr. T.A. Heath
James P. Heath
The Hibbard/Thomson Family
The Keep-Lum Families
The John Allen Lane Family
Willis Elbert Mollison
Mrs. Luly L. Nelson
Isaac Nicholson
Livingston Peyton
Allen N. Smith
Robert M. Smith
The Turnbull Family

Issaquena County Photographs

Archival Photograph Gallery
The Great Flood of 1927 in Issaquena County
Crosby Lumber Company
The Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad
The Flood of 1922
J.C. Newman Sr. Portraits
Issaquena Deer Hunting Party ca. 1900
Dr. J.B. Benton Portrait
Joe Miller Picking Cotton
Thomas K. Benton Standing in Flood Waters
The Newman Family by Flood Waters
The Flood of 1929
The Newman Photograph Collection
The James M. McQuaid Monument
The Robert M. Smith Monument
Mayersville Historical Marker
Thomas Andrew Moore

Miscellaneous Issaquena Records

Records from the House and Senate Journals: US Congress
Early Newspaper Abstracts Pertaining to Issaquena County
Eustatia Plantation Slave Census: 1860
County Physicians' Register: 1882-1907
County Cattle Brand Registrants
Issaquena County Letterheads
Dr. Thomas A. Heath Obituary
Heath-Stewart Letter: 1890
Heard-Heath Letter: 1886
T.W. Stewart Election Certificate
Poll and Road Tax Receipts: 1929
John Heath Estate Appraisal
Clover Ridge Plantation Maps: 1891
Elias Pharr Tax Receipt: 1852
Elias Pharr Probate Records: 1853-54
Henry P. Duncan Last Will & Testament
Dr. Stephen Duncan Last Will & Testament
Joseph L. Bernard Trust Deed: 1848
Horatio Sprague Eustis Obituary: 1858
Issaquena County Post Offices: 1851-1859
Issaquena County Concise History: 1891
Issaquena County State Officials: 1846-1890
A History of the Levee System
Roosevelt Bear Hunt: 1903
The 1913 Flood
W.E. Collins Letter to Boston
Deer Creek Cotton Estates
The Eliza Winston Case
1865 Freedmen's Contracts
Stephen Bingaman Duncan Obituary: 1912

Quick Links with Issaquena County Information

Below is a listing of valuable links with Mississippi and Issaquena County  genealogical information. If any  researcher knows of additional links pertaining to Issaquena County or Mississippi genealogy, please submit them for publication. These links are not part of the Issaquena Genealogy and History Project.

The Eustatia Plantation Account Book is from Eustatia Plantation, operated by Catherine Chotard Eustis, widow of Horatio Sprague Eustis of Issaquena County. This old account book was digitized by the Ohio Historical Society for the project The African American Experience in Ohio. This priceless volume gives a daily account of life in Issaquena County during antebellum times. Located on this site are both images and a text transcript of the entire volume.

Issaquena County  Largest Slaveholders of 1860 and African American Surname Matches from 1870 is a part of Tom Blake's excellent site covering several states and counties. 

Issaquena County World War I Draft Registrants are located on the excellent USGenWeb Mississippi Archives site. Just click the appropriate links. 

The National Register of Historic Places Issaquena County Inventory page contains interesting information about historic sites in Issaquena County. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Family History Library Catalog Issaquena County listings gives detailed information on what is available pertaining to Issaquena County. 

The Mississippi Department of Transportation web has an excellent collection of Mississippi county road maps, including Issaquena County. Very detailed showing sections, townships, ranges, creeks, cemeteries, roads and much more, these maps  are in Adobe PDF format.

The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System is an excellent resource from the US National Park Service. This system includes a computerized database containing basic facts about servicemen who served during the Civil War. The database currently contains approximately 2.7 million soldier names from over 30 states and territories including 174,699 soldiers from Mississippi.

The Official Land Patent Records Site is an excellent resource from the US Department of Interior - Bureau of Land Management. Image access is provided to more than two million Federal land title records for Eastern Public Land States, issued between 1820 and 1908, including all the land patents of Issaquena County.

Looking for a location in Issaquena County? If so try the USGS GNIS database. Contains information on cemeteries, creeks, post offices and much more! 

The Political Graveyard Issaquena County page contains several valuable links pertaining to Issaquena County as well as links to biographies of politicians who were either born in, or were residents of Issaquena County.

Issaquena County Slave Research

Just before the Civil War, Issaquena County, Mississippi had the highest concentration of slaves in the United States. With the slave population making up 92.5% of the county's total population, Issaquena County was home to some of the largest cotton plantations in the nation. Many of those massive plantations were owned by absentee planters from the Natchez area of Mississippi and other parts of the nation.

On this web site is a collection of valuable information regarding Issaquena County slave research, including the entire 1860 Federal Census slave schedules for Issaquena County and links to other valuable information including the Eustatia plantation ledger. For further research with your slave ancestors, consult these excellent research links below:

African American Cemeteries Online
Cyndi's List: African-American
Christine's Genealogy Website
African-American Genealogy on the Web African-American Genealogy
Sankofa's African Slave Genealogy
The Freedmen's Bureau Online
Library of Congress: African American Perspectives
Genforum: African American Forum

American Civil War Research Links

The United States Civil War Center
Confederate Regimental History Links
Union Regimental History Links
The American Civil War
American Civil War Homepage

Message Boards, Queries and Mailing Lists for Issaquena County Message Board
Genforum Message Board Mailing List

1907 Issaquena County Profile

Issaquena County was established January 23, 1844, during the first administration of Governor Albert G. Brown. Its name is an Indian word meaning deer river. Its territory was formerly embraced within the limits of Washington county, and its limits were defined as all that part of Washington county south of a line, “commencing on the Mississippi river between townships 13 and 14, and running east, between said townships, to the western boundary of Yazoo county. March 29, 1876, together with Washington county, it contributed to form the county of Sharkey.

Issaquena constitutes one of the later subdivisions of the so-called New Purchase acquired from the Choctaws in 1820. It is a long, narrow county on the western border of the State, in the Mississippi and Yazoo delta, and is bounded on the north by Washington county, on the east by Sharkey and Warren counties, on the south by Warren county and on the west by the Mississippi river. It has a small population composed very largely of negroes and possesses no towns of any size. It has a land surface of 473 square miles. Its wealth lies in its fertile plantations and its extensive and heavily timbered  Issaquena County 1885 Mapareas. The county seat is Mayersville, a river town in the northern part of the county, which has a population of 250 souls and was named for David Mayers, an extensive land owner in the county.

Other small towns in the county are Duncansby and Chotard, on the river, and Valley Park, Grace and Booth on the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley R. R., which touches the county at its northeastern and southeastern extremities. The Mississippi river washes most of its western boundary, affording excellent and cheap transportation by steamboat. Other waters are Deer creek, on the eastern border; Steele’s Bayou, Lake Lafayette, Moon Lake, Five Mile Lake and Robert M. Smith Monument Cypress lake. About two thirds of the county is heavily timbered with a heavy growth of cypress, oaks, ash, gum, hackberry, hickory, locust, walnut and sassafras. The soil is a rich alluvial loam and will produce luxuriant crops of cotton, corn, oats, etc., even with improvident and negligent cultivation.

When the soil is properly handled, it will raise from one to two bales of cotton per acre and from forty to eighty bushels of corn. Too much attention has been paid to raising cotton in the past and not enough to the production of corn, oats and meat, for which the region is peculiarly adapted.

The twelth United States census, 1900, yields the following statistics: Number of farms, 1,646; acreage in farms, 90,676; acres improved, 55,052; value of land exclusive ofAn early view of Mayersville, county seat of Issaquena County. buildings, $1,456,110; value of buildings, $413,870; value of live stock, $334,035, and total value of products not fed, $887,071. The number of manufacturing establishments was 38, capital, $174,390; wages paid, $13,989; cost of materials used, $49,393; and total value of products, $119,363. The total assessed valuation of real and personal property in the county in 1905 was $1,489,928 and in 1906 it was $1,517,410.50 which shows a gain of $27,482.50. The population in 1900 was composed of 622 whites, 9,778 colored, a total of 10,400 and a falling off since 1890 of 1,918.

Mississipi: comprising sketches of counties, towns, events, institutions, and persons, arranged in cyclopedic form
By Dunbar Rowland
Southern Historical Publishing 
Atlanta, Georgia

Issaquena County Families

These links are to websites that contain information about Issaquena County families. Any visitor who has a website devoted to an Issaquena County, Mississippi family is invited to submit the link for inclusion on this list. The following links are to various sites on the Internet and are not part of the Issaquena Genealogy and History Project.

The Coulter Family
The Duncan Family
The Birdsong Family
William Stamps Farish Biography

Mississippi Delta History & Humanities Links
Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival
Fatal Flood: A Story of Greed, Power and Race

For Further Research

The Mississippi 1885 Atlas and Gazetteer site contains a listing of all places found in Mississippi during 1885, as well as 1885 maps of each of Mississippi's counties.

The David Rumsey Mississippi Map Collection contains many excellent historical maps of Mississippi from its formation as a territory until the 20th Century. These high-quality maps can be viewed and downloaded in a number of ways. For more than 20,000 historical maps be sure to visit The David Rumsey Map Collection. The collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century North American and South American maps and other cartographic materials.

Mississippi History and Genealogy Notes blog is an excellent site devoted entirely to research in Mississippi. The site contains, not only current news relating to Mississippi research, but many excellent Missisisippi links as well.

Documenting the American South is an electronic collection sponsored by the Academic Affairs Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It provides access to digitized primary materials that offer Southern perspectives on American history and culture. It supplies teachers, students, and researchers at every educational level with a wide array of titles they can use for reference, studying, teaching, and research.

The Mississippi Historical Society's online publication Mississippi History Now is a facinating online magazine devoted entirely to Mississippi History. Be sure to click the Search the Archived Features link for numerous interesting articles devoted entirely to Mississippi history.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet: US - Mississippi, contains an abundance of excellent links to various Internet sites dealing with Mississippi genealogy and history.

The Online Books Page History: United States (Regional), and the Americas Section, contains links to scores of valuable 19th century and earlier regional histories, biographies and other works.

Making of America, (MoA) is a digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. The collection currently contains approximately 8,500 books and 50,000 journal articles with 19th century imprints.

For Detailed Research

The Issaquena Genealogy and History ProjectIssaquena County is in the area covered by The Vicksburg Genealogical Society. This society produces the quarterly, Mississippi River Routes. Mississippi River Routes features items of genealogical and historical interest for the Mississippi counties of Adams, Amite, Claiborne, Franklin, Hinds, Humphreys, Issaquena, Jefferson, Lincoln, Pike, Sharkey, Warren, Washington, Wilkinson and Yazoo, and the Louisiana parishes of Avoyelles, Caldwell, Catahoula, Concordia, East Carroll, Franklin, LaSalle, Madison, Morehouse, Ouachita, Richland, Tensas, Union and West Carroll.

Discover Mississippi

Are you planning a research trip to Mississippi? Be sure to visit the links below for excellent detailed visitor information on not only Mississippi, but the immediate Issaquena County area as well.

The Official Mississippi Travel and Tourism Guide
Vicksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau
Greenville/Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau

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