Robinson Cemetery, Grenada County, MS


Directions to Robinson Cemetery: this cemetery  is located south of Highway # 7 & # 8, approximately two miles west of I-55. The cemetery is located across the highway from Robinson & Sons Monument Co.  Robinson Cemetery was transcribed May 22, 2000 by Nick Denley, 1005 West Monroe Street, Grenada, MS 38901
This cemetery has not been named .  Mr. Robinson,  the owner of Robinson & Sons Monument Company, was asked about the name and he said it has not been named. We will change the name if and when this cemetery is named. Mr. Robinsonís father and son are the only persons buried here.

Double Marker
Robinson, Roscoe, Sr.-/ 04-20-1919-/ 06-03-1997
Robinson, Ericsen-/ 03-13-1971-/ 02-22-1996

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