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Directions to James Cemetery-Highway # 8 East of Grenada, Mississippi, East of Gore Springs. Turn right onto Pleasant Grove-Cadretta Road for approximatery 1.6 miles, turn right onto the first small paved road (Conley or Crowley) for 1.2 miles, turn left onto a small gravel road cemetery is .2 miles.

James Cemetery was indexed February 17, 2000 by Nick Denley, 1005 West Monroe Street, Grenada, Mississippi 38901

Hollowell, Mary D.-/ 08-05-18xx-/ xx-27-1867/ Wife of Alonzo Hollowell/ Dau. of Mary & Allen L. James

James, William Robert A.-/ 11-5-1859-/ 08-22-1923
James, Calister L.-/ 07-04-1902-/ 02-12-1904
James, J. H. -/ 08-17-1867-/ 03-22-1942
James, Mamie C.-/ 07-23-1875-/ 11-26-1902/ Wife of J. H. James
James, A. C.-/ 06-18-1853-/ 05-23-1917
James, Janie-/ 08-31-1864-/ 05-21-1905/ Wife of A. C. James
James, W. R. A. -/ no dates
James, Laura A.-/ 10-16-1846-/ 01-21-1927
James, Isaac-/ 02-05-1847-/ 12-30-1893
James, J. C.-/03-09-1875-/ 04-30-1931
James, Elma M.-/ 10-12-1887-/ 09-27-1888
James, Mary Ella-/ 02-10-1869-/ 05-13-1871/ Dau. of John C. & M. James
James, Infant-/ 10-06-1902-/ 10-08-1902/ Dau. of C.E. & F. L. James
James, Margaret-/ 01-10-1817-/ 03-06-1918/ Infant dau. of E. L. & Ada James
James, Mary Gertrude-/ 12-28-1869-/ 01-12-1885/ Dau. of Jno & M. A. James
James, J. C.-/ 10-22-1821-/ 10-02-1897
James, Lucanda-/ Died 01-03-1861/ Age 29 Yrs./ Wife of J. C. James/ Dau. of Thomas Edmondson
James, Henry Hiram-/ 04-12-1856-/ 184x/ Son of J. C. & L. J. James
James, Semsyl N.-/ 11-04-1822-/ 09-20-1849/ Wife of J. C. James
James, Walter A.-/ 06-30-1878-/ 06-05-1879/ Son of Isaac & Laura James
James, Infant-/ B&D-11-10-1907/ Son of J.C. & Bell James
James, Martha C.-/ Died -11-29-1845/ Dau. of J.C & S. N. James
James, John B.-/ Died- 12-22-184x/ Son of J. C. & S. N. James
James, Thomas A.-/ Died-02-22-1852-/ Son of J.C.& L. J. James
James, Z. Taylor-/ Died-x-27-18xx/ Son of A. L. & Mary James
James, Allen L.-/ Died-06-01-1851/ Age 47 Yrs.
James, Mae Broadstreet-/ Died-09-26-1857/ Age 35 yrs., 9mos., 23 days/ Dau. of J. & E. Broadstreet/ Wife of A. L. James
James, David-/ Died-10-22-1864/ Age 74 yrs., 2 mos., 8 days
James, Sarah Harrell-/ 1799-/ 1870/ Wife of David James

Ringold, Gena E.-/ 02-22-1877-/ 06-18-1879/ Dau. of W. & Elizabeth Ringold
Ringold, Marshall-/ 02-18-1864-/ 03-08-1899/ Son of Wm & Elizabeth Ringold
Ringold, Henry A.-/ 09-16-1860-/ 03-17-1881/ Son of Wm & Elizabeth Ringold

Ware, Harriet Susan-/ 01-08-1855-/ 12-22-1871/ Dau. of Wm & Margaret S. Ware


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