Bethel Cemetery, Holcomb, MS  

Bethel Cemetery-Holcomb

Bethel Cemetery is actually in Grenada County, but it is so close to the Tallahatchie County Line, and many, many Tallahatchians are buried there. Bethel Cemetery is East of Hwy 7 at Holcomb, Mississippi. There are names with birth dates and no death date. Helen Staten Arnold started the extraction of this cemetery July 1997. Nick Denley completed the extractions November 1997. Every effort has been made to make this cemetery as accurate as possible.


Absher, Robert, Jr.-07-01-1957-07-01-1957
Ainsworth, Angel-Stillborn-1966
Arbuckle, Donald Wade-12-18-1948-07-07-1958
Arbuckle, Jamie Hamp-01-23-1932-03-07-1997

Double Marker
Arbuckle, Janie K.-10-05-1913-04-16-1973
Arbuckle, Wade Hamp-10-17-1909-05-12-1965
Akins, Douglas-Son of J.S. & Ester Akins-08-17-1938-09-27-1938
Ashmore, William Holland-01-28-1939-09-07-1939

Double Marker
Azlin, Luther J.-12-16-1898-08-25-1975
Azlin, Willie K.-05-11-1905-05-25-1896

Beck, Bays C.-02-16-1905-07-19-1978
Beck, Wynema E.-03-06-1930-12-20-1930
Bell, Ralph Boyette, Jr.-01-14-1969-04-15-1989

Double Marker
Bell, Louie Alfred (obit)-04-04-1907-/10-12-1999
Bell, Tessie Mary Sellers (obit)-10-25-1911-12-20-1984

Double Marker
Bennett, Elmer M.-08-21-1902-06-30-1961
Bennett, Frances Wardene-02-17-1923-12-25-1990

Bennett, Elmer Alton-/ 1946-/ 09-21-1999

Double Marker
Birdsong, Mattie S.-09-22-1900-11-12-1978
Birdsong, William O'Neal-01-27-1914

Bloom, Jerry W.-10-11-1937-03-31-1968
Bloom, Wilma Elaine-01-15-1943-02-26-1943

Double Marker
Bloom, Grace B.-06-31-1905-08-09-1984
Bloom, Johnny F.-06-24-1905-01-01-1971
Boyd, John W.-Co C 20 Miss Inf CAS no dates
Bratton, Jessie Birt Coleman-01-01-1883-02-26-1960
Bratton, Mattie Carolyn-02-01-1847-06-02-1927
Bratton, W.H.-05-07-1851-12-06-1922

Double Marker
Bratton, Geneva Collum-10-20-1912-04-08-1949
Bratton, Lee Henderson-01-13-1904-10-07-1941

Bradley, Emily E.-Wife of R.T. Bradley-11-12-1872-03-24-1910
Brewer, Michael Lynn-08-01-1967-02-19-1985
Brewer, Richard Lee-11-06-1964-02-15-1987
Britton, Matti Carolyn-01-01-1847-06-02-1927
Britton, W.H. -5-7-1851-12-6-1922
Brown, Lucille H.-04-13-1903-04-09-1964
Brutton,- 1880-1906

Carpenter, Anna Dora-04-xx-1875-11-xx-1921
Carpenter, Calvin A.-08-02-1859-06-22-1951
Carpenter, Mattie Ransom-12-06-1884-06-25-1969
Carpenter, Ruby S. Dau of C.A.& D.A. Carpenter-12-08-1901-08-25-1907
Carroll, Amanda Jane-03-16-1886-07-14-1967
Carroll, Ruby Christine-07-03-1925-06-29-1941
Coleman, Jessie Birt-01-01-1883-02-26-1960
Coleman, James Eldridge-06-04-1871-12-14-1944
Coleman, William Seiger-01-04-1895-08-27-1974
Corder, Juaredine-02-13-1931-Died 1933

Double Marker
Corder, Charlie T.-11-01-1905-11-03-1942
Corder, Mittie Corder Cook-04-10-1910-11-26-1978

Cornelius, C.L.,Jr.-03-12-1929-02-18-1966
Cornelius, Claude, Sr.-11-29-1909-08-31-1941

Double Marker
Cresswell, Frank Z.-1846-1895
Cresswell, Nancy M.-1848-1908

Criswell, Nancy-/1849-/02-27-1915-66 Yrs. old- Obit.
Crouch, Aubrey Guy-04-27-1942-01-07-1965
Crouch, Paul Guy-03-07-1973-03-08-1973
Crouch, Elizabeth Rodgers Martin-/ 1907-/ 02-26-1999

Double Marker
Crouch, Aubrey-05-05-1905
Crouch, Annie Mae-02-11-1905-04-10-1951

Cunningham, Benjamin P.-Pvt US Army-1905-1977
Cunningham, Alex E.-1900-02-15-1998
Cunningham, Betty Lou Cleary-06-20-1903-03-17-1997
Cunningham, Eunice P.-01-31-1920-08-31-1921
Cunningham, Grover Hendrix-10-13-1908-09-21-1926
Cunningham, Little Jerry-Dau. of A.E.& Betty -01-28-1935-07-03-1937
Cunningham, Raymond Son of G.H.& B.M.-08-11-1906-07-16-1907
Cunningham, Thomas Jefferson-/ 1938-/ 03-17-2000

Double Marker
Cunningham, Lucille Havens-01-19-1918
Cunningham, Lawrence "Snooch"-11-09-1915-04-03-1994

Double Marker
Cunningham, George B.-01-14-1891-03-29-1967
Cunningham, Sallie S.-01-02-1896-11-14-1978

Double Marker
Cunningham, Greek P.-01-20-1856-07-23-1941
Cunningham, Sarah E.-01-25-1859-01-03-1931

Double Marker
Cunningham, Fannie D.-12-16-1891-11-26-1965
Cunningham, G. Lewis-08-31-1889-10-19-1973

Double Marker
Cunningham, Nellie F.-No dates
Cunningham, Joseph Edwin-10-20-1923-01-23-1990

Double Marker
Cunningham, Ellen E.-01-14-1920-09-09-1982
Cunningham, Luther L.-Miss Tec 4 HQ Co 21 Inf WWII SS-08-17-1910-11-11-1957

Double Marker
Cunningham, Winnie G.-10-02-1885-10-17-1972
Cunningham, William M.-04-18-1882-11-23-1972

Double Marker
Cunningham, Betty Harris-01-23-1889-05-22-1968
Cunningham, Grover Hendrix-03-07-1884-10-23-1965

Curry, Annie L.-11-12-1881-01-26-1963
Curry, Floyd W.-10-02-1912-06-21-1954
Curry, Mattie Blanch-1879-1966
Curry, Minnie K.-07-01-1914-07-19-1946
Curry, Martha A.-10-24-1891-11-07-1975
Curry, W.P.-11-07-1883-09-20-1938

Double Marker
Cutts, Eula S.-09-01-1901-07-04-1991
Cutts, Jacob J.-06-15-1890-11-23-1962

Davis, Lula H.-10-24-1890-05-22-1958
Denley, Hayden-1922-1992
Denley, Maggie Lee-09-27-1901-09-12-1956
Denley, Maude L.-02-23-1880-02-27-1935
Denley, Robert L."Bob"-08-17-1875-03-04-1935
Denley, died 1924-
Denley, Terry Hayden-06-26-1953-08-15-1970
Denley, Willie Pollan-08-29-1918-10-26-1997

Double Marker
Denley, Carry Arbuckle-02-08-1899-09-11-1987
Denley, Jerry Herron-Pvt US Army WWI-10-21-1889-08-01-1988

Dowdle, J.W.-No Dates
DuBois, Dade-01-16-1878-04-04-1965
Dunavent, Robert Henry-09-05-1913-Father to-Jesse, Robert Jr., Alice, Chester, Thomas, Arthur, James and Donna

Double Marker
Dunn, Blanch, L.-04-23-1918-05-20-1963
Dunn, Freddie B.-09-18-1912-07-30-1976

Durham, Douglas W.-PFC US Army WWII-09-25-1913-02-22-1981

Double Marker
Durham, Lucille Huffman-07-23-1913-08-24-1993
Durham, Calvin, K.-06-05-1010-07-21-1981

Double Marker
Durham, Dovie Yarbough-10-03-1909-12-27-1982
Durham, Edgar Franklin-07-21-1906-05-04-1977

Double Marker
Duke, Eunice Cunningham-10-30-1928
Duke, William Jackson-Tec 3 US Army WWII-11-06-1920-07-19-1975

Eads, Charlotte Orrell-05-08-1948-09-03-1990
Emmons, Annie Kiker-05-25-1892-10-21-1923
Emmons, John David-Miss S1 USNR WWII-02-15-1926-09-09-1947
Emmons, Loving-09-21-1878-08-01-1940
Emmons, Percy-11-13-1917-01-05-1921

Double Marker
Emmons, John David-02-15-1871-06-01-1943
Emmons, Sadie O.-12-11-1890-03-12-1977

Double Marker
Emmons, Archie R.-Tec5 US Army WWII-03-11-1919-06-05-1991
Emmons, Inez Cutts-02-14-1922

Eubanks, Roscoe-GA PFC US Army WWI-12-18-1888-11-02-1971
Eubanks, Vera Minga-04-03-1908-11-02-1975

Fuller, Pauline Sellers-06-06-1922-08-22-1978

Gattis, Edward James-US Army WWII-1912-1989

Quad Marker
Gattis, Florence Augusta-10-20-1919-11-19-1921
Gattis, John Lemuel-12-21-1883-12-29-1923
Gattis, Isabell Suttle-12-28-1885-10-01-1973
Gattis, Sarah Margie-02-03-1905-07-08-1913

Grammer, George-1893-1961

Hall, Herbert L.-06-22-1879-12-25-1931
Hall, J.R.-12-09-1822-03-17-1879
Hall, Samuel A.-08-27-1874-12-09-1903
Hall, E.G.-Husband of Mabel Hall-3-11-1876-11-26-1925
Hall, Mable Nason-Wife of Edward G. Hall-07-15-1880-11-26-1972

Double Marker
Hall, William Commodore-12-10-1886-09-13-1969
Hall, Maggie Sellers-05-09-1894-06-13-1975

Double Marker
Hall, George Sellers-03-28-1920-10-10-1980
Hall, Ruby Lee "Peggy" Hoop-10-10-1920-/10-03-1999

Double Marker
Hall, Mildred Burt-07-12-1910
Hall, Marvin Lester, Sr.-07-08-1909-08-18-1970

Double Marker-Wed-08-19-1936
Harrington, Chester A.-06-02-1901-06-08-1984
Harrington, Betty Inez-09-11-1917-/04-05-1999-Obit.

Harris, Ben Lee, Jr.-03-28-1891-07-17-1971
Harris, John C.-10-11-1887-02-12-1909
Harris, Martha Isabella-09-17-1863-xx-31-1913
Harris, Minnie Lee-Dau of J.W. & G.M. Harris-09-23-1881-10-04-1888

Double Marker
Harris, Ben L. Sr.-09-29-1854-07-13-1933
Harris, Annie-07-05-1865-08-20-1942

Double Marker
Harris, Marjorie Organ-05-13-1923-11-20-1991
Harris, W.L., Jr.-04-21-1923

Double Marker
Harris, Robbie Payne-04-17-1894-12-28-1969
Harris, William Luther-01-01-1893-02-29-1976

Haden, Martha-06-10-1846-02-11-1874

Double Marker
Hayden, D.P.Died 03-16-1878-52 Yrs
Hayden, Wife Martha-Illegible

Double Marker
Hays, Fate -03-16-1922-04-25-1994
Hays, Kathleen Denley-03-29-1924

Healey, Lona M.-09-04-1923-01-06-1997
Henson, Mary-12-18-1889-01-21-1939-Has 2 markers

Double Marker
Herbert, Fielder G.-01-07-1914-05-27-1993
Herbert, Margaret B.-02-27-1900-03-16-1991

Hobgood, John Walter-06-28-1957-02-19-1996

Double Marker
Hobgood, Rebecca S.-07-12-1942
Hobgood, Wesley J.-Cpl US Army Korea-10-05-1932-10-26-1987

Holland, Beulah L.-01-06-1921-08-11-1989
Holland, Dottie Elizabeth-06-16-1912-01-09-1926
Holland, Edetha Rideout-08-29-1880-03-11-1947
Holland, Emma S.-1874-1906
Holland, Emily Williams-1847-11-19-1926
Holland, Gordon H.-12-25-1882-11-04-1922
Holland, John A.-06-26-1876-09-23-1924
Holland, John A.-Co C-Miss 1 BN Sharp Shooter CSA No Date
Holland, John Eddie-07-10-1917-08-23-1981
Holland, Julius W.-08-10-1894-02-18-1919
Holland, William Richard-1854-1906

Double Marker
Holland, John T.-10-06-1907-03-18-1977
Holland, Mamie Lunceford-06-09-1908-11-25-1992

Double Marker
Holland, Jeff D.-10-13-1900-09-02-1977
Holland, Florrie Beck-01-17-1907

Double Marker
Holland, Flora A.-02-11-1910-08-28-1970
Holland, Odie M.-02-13-1905-02-07-1989

Double Marker
Holland, Bertha Hanks-11-18-1899-04-18-1954
Holland, James Robert-Pvt US Army WWI-09-09-1896-07-14-1975

Holt, Elizabeth Ann-no dates marker broken
Holt, Dau of Mary Holt-illegible marker broken
Hoop, John B.-11-28-1889-08-04-1954
Hoop, Mina Goodson-01-26-1885-08-27-1963

Double Marker
Hoop, Capt. Louie B.J. USN-1923
Hoop, Marjorie A. Larkin-1923-1987

Hoover, Irene R.-03-26-1907-10-05-1986
Hudson, Aaron-1883-1955
Hudson, Ella D.-1886-1959
Hudson, Perry L.-Pfc US Army WWII-1918-1982

Double Marker
Hudson, Katherine Steele-02-05-1912-12-13-1971
Hudson, Rainey Calvin-09-15-1905-05-26-1968

Huffman, Bertha K. Baker-12-05-1920-11-12-1976
Huffman, James E.-07-19-1886-08-06-1946
Huffman, John F.-Miss PFC Co G 16 Inf Regt WWII-BSM-PH-08-08-1917-05-31-1957
Huffman, Lue S. died 01-20-1898-Age 32

Double Marker-Wed 02-11-1946
Huffman, Evelyn Nelson-01-01-1925
Huffman, James "Peck"-Pvt US Army WWII-07-25-1919-10-03-1987

Hudson, William C.-1912-1969
Hughes, Twin Babies-1942-1942
Hughes, Charlie-10-15-1862-05-xx-1927
Hughes, Morris W.-07-14-1946-08-31-1986
Hughes, Robert L.-12-21-1941-01-08-1942
Hughes, Roxie Yarbrough-06-14-1914-09-25-1930
Hughes, Walker Blocker-1911-1933

Double Marker
Hughes, Stanford E.-09-08-1917-10-19-1984
Hughes, Velora H.-12-19-1914-12-04-1971

Double Marker
Hughes, Dora E.-12-26-1910-10-29-1962
Hughes, John H.-04-12-1908-09-17-1970

James, Cora Holland-12-05-1878-12-28-1974
Jackson, Mary Gladys-12-15-1939-03-22-1994

Keeton, James David, Jr.-11-05-1930-08-04-1944
Keeton, James David-09-02-1910-11-14-1962
Keeton, William-1868-1926
Kendall, William R.-Miss-Pvt 66 Armd Inf, 2nd Armd Div WWII-03-14-1922-08-08-1943
Kendall, Mary wife of J.E. Kendall-11-16-1839-03-11-1911

Double Marker
Kendall, Ethel S.-05-20-1888-05-08-1963
Kendall, Thomas W.-04-08-1886-01-28-1964

Double Marker-Wed-12-29-1933
Keaton, lora Curry-12-01-1914
Keaton, Luther Lee-11-12-1912-05-05-1995

Keenum, John Elmer, Jr.-RD2 US Navy-06-20-1937-09-10-1991

Double Marker
Keenum, Effie Staten-06-03-1903-06-16-1983
Keenum, John Elmer-02-19-1901-01-23-1966

Kendall, C.-1911-1915
Kendall, Wiliam Eugene-11-24-1942-02-16-1972
King, In Memory of Mary E.-04-19-1917-12-24-1994
King, Robert Fred "Teddy", Sr.-Children-Stephanie, Teddy, Jr.-11-25-1949-08-22-1992

Double Marker-Wed 06-07-1925
King, Addie B.-06-07-1908-12-23-1993
King, Albert C.-08-14-1904-10-12-1987

Double Marker
King, Florence E.-01-18-1887-03-01-1970
King, Samuel J.-01-20-1870-02-21-1971

Double Marker
King, Linda Joyce-01-06-1944
King, Thomas Wesley-12-10-1946-06-23-1973

Double Marker
King, Willie Sue-12-15-1891-08-15-1947
King, George R.-03-13-1873-09-20-1960

Laird, Aubrey Hulon-09-26-1920-11-16-1993

Double Marker
Larkin, Button W.-1897-1984
Larkin, Vennie P.-1900-1990

Double Marker
Lee, Ira Ray-03-17-1922-02-07-1976
Lee, Lee, Robert F.-12-11-1911-12-27-1977

Lemuel, John-12-21-1883-12-29-1923

Double Marker-Wed-08-27-1955
Liddell, Mary Opal -02-08-1939-04-25-1989
Liddell,Marshall S.-03-21-1930-04-12-1984

Lindley, John Barry-10-08-1952-09-28-1991

Double Marker
Lindley, D.L.-07-25-1937-10-18-1975
Lindley, Leona B.-12-27-1927

Little, Agnes O'Bryant-01-08-1922-03-03-1994
Little, Tullie E.-/ 1922-/ 01-18-2000/ Husband of Agnes O'Bryant Little
Little, Infant Son of Freddie & Orie Little-03-15-1944-03-15-1944
Little, Mamie Ernestine-04-24-1947-01-29-1949

Double Marker
Little, Audrey S.-12-23-1914-02-16-1991
Little, Harold B.-11-28-1912-09-18-1982

Double Marker
Little, John M.-03-30-1874-02-24-1967
Little, Mary B.-04-22-1889-04-12-1972

Double Marker
Little, John Edwin-07-08-1905-07-05-1950
Little, Landis Tatum-08-27-1906-09-11-1996

Double Marker-Wed-07-03-1939
Little, Freddie Morgan-01-20-1897-03-23-1950
Little, Orie Holland-07-09-1903-12-07-1994

Double Marker-Wed-07-03-1939
Little, Bernie H.-01-04-1919
Little, Basil A.-05-26-1916-10-11-1996

Logan, Shanno M.-01-05-1973-06-19-1974

Double Marker-Wed 12-23-1950
Logan, Emma Faye Keaton-01-01-1933
Logan, Morris Dean, Sr.-01-22-1930-02-03-1990

Lott, Douglas Carroll-Miss Pvt US Army WWI-04-22-1895-06-05-1973-2-Markers
Lott, Willie T.-05-29-1897-01-25-1976
Lowery, Augustus-MS Pvt US Army WWI-08-05-1890-03-02-1963
Lowery, Musie Ida-Dau of J.D.& E.G. Lowery-04-11-1874-02-21-1889
Lowery, T.L.-12-24-1867-06-27-1910
Lowery, William Samuel-09-05-1876-05-22-1930

McCan, 2 Babies
McCan, J. White-10-25-1902-10-25-1918
McCan, John C.-10-29-1900-10-18-1918

Double Marker
McCan, Benjamin F.-07-31-1858-04-21-1936
McCan, Katherine C.-12-04-1876-10-26-1918

McCollum, Arthur-11-14-1940
McKinney, Arthur F.-1907-1966
McKinney, Billy Arthur-/1940-/ 02-28-2000

Madden, Amanda "Mandy"-1882-1888
Madden, Mary Jane "Mollie"Cresswell-1853-1889
Madden, Stephen Benton-1852-1885
Massey, E.L.-05-14-1883-08-25-1955
Massey, Luane R.-1868-1935

Double Marker-Wed-12-17-1925
Massey, Loree Y.-12-24-1906
Massey, Herman L.-07-01-1905-10-05-1978

Massey, Sally Mann-03-05-1878-10-xx-1949
Maxie, David O'Neal "Bubba", Jr.-03-03-1954-06-15-1988

Double Marker-Wed.08-15-1925
Maxie, Minnie Dean Lindley-01-13-1909-02-13-1996
Maxie, Vernon O'Neal-PFC US Army WWI-05-25-1894-08-25-1975

Maxie-three Baby graves-two daughters and one of Minnie & Vernon-no date
Mayben, O.P.- Died 03-16-1878

Double Marker
Melton, Ernestine M.-09-27-1928-09-05-1960
Melton, Wesley-08-09-1927

Menard, Marjorie C.-11-12-1925-06-09-1993
Mims, Brenda Jean-12-08-1942-09-15-1943
Minga, Ferat-09-10-1910-01-18-1911
Minga, Gus David-05-06-1909-11-01-1970
Minga, Hamander-01-04-1905-03-26-1905
Minga, Robert Allen-PFC US Army WWII-08-04-1920-05-22-1975
Minga, Whitfield-Tec 4 US Army WWII-1916-1977

Double Marker
Minga, William Sylvester, Sr.-02-14-1874-03-30-1959
Minga, Christine Everline-10-19-1884-11-17-1960

Double Marker
Musselwhite, Maudie M.-10-29-1911-11-02-1981
Musselwhite, Joncy C.-05-11-1892-07-30-1976

Nall, Calvin-1913-1974
Nall, Edgar-Miss Mech 318 Field Arty 81 Div-12-28-1893-01-22-2932
Nall, Riley -12-04-1883-11-25-1898

O'Bryant, Marshall-Miss Sgt 24 QM Co-07-12-1925-09-02-1950
O'Bryant, William E.-1883-1944
O'Bryant, William Edgar-06-06-1919-10-25-1920
O'Bryant, Winnie Alma-12-22-1886-07-24-1975
Osborne, Charles Edward,Jr.-Son of Mr.& Mrs. C.E. 05-07-1927-05-07-1927
Osborne, J.B.-10-05-1866-01-06-1924
Osborne, J.J.-09-23-1837-04-06-1876

Paulica, Andrew J.-Mass Lt (JG) US Navy Ret-WWI&WWII-11-22-1901-09-17-1970
Paulica, Doris-01-03-1907-05-25-1981
Payne, Georgia Anna-1854-1936
Payne, W.H.-12-20-1842-04-22-1923
Parham, Theodore Carl-A1c US Air Force-Korea-11-01-1933-03-08-1996
Phillips, Catherine Elison-1861-1945
Phillips, Luther Augusta-1887-1946

Double Marker
Phillips, Ethel Rhea-02-28-1896-12-27-1989
Phillips, Walter E.-07-17-1896-03-18-1933

Porter, Elizabeth J. Wife of T.C. Porter-08-23-1831-10-30-1912

Double Marker
Pryor, Nellie May-07-25-1930-05-14-1990
Pryor, P. Paul, Sr.-04-05-1912-08-22-1982

Double Marker
Real, Lewis E.-01-31-1881-05-23-1960
Real, Mary T.-07-13-1897-10-12-1973

Double Marker-Wed-12-17-1963
Rice, Frank Edward-11-25-1913-10-04-1988
Rice, Ruby Cunningham-02-15-1926

Rideout, Sadie Holland11-xx-1887-03-xx-1918

Double Marker
Rogers, J.C.-His badge # 57 Memphis Police-10-10-1926-06-10-1995
Rogers, Mary Hall-no dates

Double Marker-Wed-09-29-1988
Ross, Jeraldine, Infants dau of Mr.& Mrs. Russ Ross-1936-1937
Ross, Bobby Russell-Infant son of Mr.&Mrs.Russ Ross-1945

Rushing, Cindy K.-03-17-1966
Rushing, Timothy Dale-02-20-1960-05-06-1994
Rushing, Cindy Melton-/ 1966-/ 06-04-2000

Double Marker
Sawyer, Parnic P.-01-28-1918
Sawyer, Robbie W.-01-01-1936-01-27-1970

Double Marker
Scallion, John Edgar"Sam"-1911-1961
Scallion, Ruth Kendall,-11-13-1916-11-01-1997

Sellers, Annie Myrtle Chatham-09-11-1891-01-26-1914
Sellers, Bessie Vernon-4-22-1893-3-7-1984
Sellers,, Elisha E.-Co K-43 Miss Inf CSA-No Dates
Sellers, George E.-Miss Sgt Coast Arty Corps-02-01-1920
Sellers, Stanley Leroy-02-14-1919-02-10-1957
Sellers, Mary 06-26-1843-01-03-1938
Sellers, Mary-Illegible
Sellers, Sargent George E.-63 Arty CA 3-12-15-1883-02-01-1920

Double Marker
Sellers, Leroy D.-03-04-1890-03-04-1950
Sellers, Modie M.-08-22-1899-11-02-1965

Double Marker
Shields, Claude-08-02-1917-05-14-1963
Shields, Violet-07-30-1919

Shute, Mayde Arbuckle-10-29-1907-9-25-1993
Smith, Annie Virgina-09-07-1922-09-18-1922
Smith, Doris-no dates
Smith, Ernest-Miss PFC 110 Inf 28 Div WWII-03-24-1925-08-04-1944
Smith Frances R.-05-17-1901-03-26-1983
Smith, Hezekiah S.-12-06-1852-07-20-1907
Smith, James Leslie-11-23-1919-11-18-1964
Smith, John A.-01-24-1882-12-03-1957
Smith, Jessie Scallions-10-06-1887-07-16-1957
Smith, Joe-no dates
Smith, John Owens-01-13-1877-01-11-1947
Smith, John H.-1865-1933
Smith, Rodgers-4-17-1901-3-26-1983

Double Marker
Smith, Fannie-1880-1968
Smith, Henry M.-1877-1953

Double Marker
Smith, Effie Louise C.-1898-1948
Smith, Richard C.-1894-1982

Double Marker
Smith, Bessie Altha-05-28-1905-09-07-1962
Smith, Charlie R.-07-02-1906-07-04-1976

Double Marker
Smith, Jim C.-10-13-1901-12-04-1971
Smith, Minnie H.-02-22-1905-09-21-1992

Double Marker-Wed 01-01-1938
Smith, Durard B.-07-10-1917-07-09-1994
Smith, Mamie Cunningham-03-28-1921

Double Marker
Smith, Lacy 08-05-1903-01-21-1981
Smith, Regina L.-03-14-1907-04-17-1978

Double Marker
Smith, Thomas Eugene-07-14-1866-02-02-1943
Smith, Mittie Jeffers-10-27-1871-07-10-1946

Double Marker
Smith, Mary Etta-04-06-1874-08-13-1949
Smith, Wade H.-03-01-1874

Spencer, Rena-05-30-1903-11-29-1978
Stanley, William Dexter-02-27-1920-06-25-1995

Double Marker
Staten, Ada Tate-1858-1930
Staten, Thomas Jefferson-1851-1934

Double Marker
Staten, Effie M.-1871-1948
Staten, Theda C.-1869-1933

Staten, Fannie B.-Daughter of HG & FC Staten-10-25-1906-3-31-1907
Staten, Hernando DeSoto,Jr.-08-23-1919-02-22-1973
Staten, Hernando DeSoto, Sr.-12-16-1879-06-06-1967

Double Marker
Staten, Carrie H.-08-04-1902-12-10-1984
Staten, Eugene-02-14-1905-10-30-1979

Double Marker
Staten, Lee B.-09-27-1919-05-12-1985
Staten, Nancy S.-01-05-1925-05-29-1982

Double Marker
Staten, Herbert L.-10-10-1917-12-09-1969
Staten, Ida Mae Barrett-04-30-1894-01-05-1995
Staten, Orphcelia-Daughter of T.J.& R.L Staten-12-16-1889-05-27-1893

Staten, Stella-no date
Staten, Stanley, no date
Staten, John Clifton,-1892-1933-
Staten, John Thomas-10-17-1950-01-22-1972
Staten, Infant Son oof Mr.& Mrs. L.F. Staten-05-31-1934
Staten, Leonard F.-10-02-1901-01-27-1982
Staten, Mary Dean-08-26-1926-12-03-01-1926
Staten, Earl Cornelious, Jr.-01-04-1929-09-09-1947

Double Marker
Staten, Ruth E.-07-18-1930
Staten, Thomas J.-04-23-1921-09-05-1990

Double Marker-Wed-12-21-1938
Staten, Lamar H.-08-17-1913-10-15-1979
Staten, Ruth E.-07-27-1916-12-18-1977

Double Marker
Staten, Elizabeth-12-17-1915
Staten, Noel-02-21-1909-09-16-1975

Staten, Earl C.-Miss F2 US Navy WWI-04-27-1896-07-16-1966
Staten, Mary Gladys-01-02-1907-10-26-1963

Double Marker-Wed 07-19-1941
Staten, John Howard- US Army WWII-03-23-1916-05-02-1979
Staten, Roxie Sherrill-01-15-1918

Double Marker
Staten, H.J.-08-16-1833-10-24-1918
Staten, Fannie- his wife-02-07-1886-10-24-1918

Double Marker
Staten, Oscar W.-02-11-1915-02-23-1989
Staten, Irene S.-03-18-1923-07-23-1970

Staten, Willie D.-1898-1956
Stoner, Mildred Gattis-09-18-1908-08-23-1979

Tapley, John-09-02-1887-10-09-1976
Tapley, Juetta-09-05-1894-11-19-1929

Double Marker
Tilghman, Bob Nolen-11-16-1945-11-17-1945
Tilghman, Daisy V.-11-19-1921
Tilghman, James S.PVT US Army WWII-03-25-1920-11-14-1989
Tribble, Arthur Maynard-10-07-1902-05-04-1962
Tribble, Artie F.-02-18-1897-10-23-1950
Tribble, Chester Ray-11-25-1924-02-24-1953
Tribble, Ellis Porter-09-11-1926-10-11-1976
Tribble, Josie Brown-05-26-1897-11-21-1986
Tribble, Robert Eugene-06-19-1929-07-04-1992

Double Marker-Wed 08-09-1933
Tribble, Lawrence-08-31-1908-01-06-1990
Tribble, Nancy-08-09-1906

Double Marker
Tribble, Helen Staten-1867-1930
Tribble, Jesse L.-1866-1940

Trusty, Mary E.-03-21-1923-04-11-1947

Vance, Maude Alice-08-27-1879-04-14-1961
Vasquez, Janie M.-12-12-1943-05-10-1996
Vernon, John Tyson-3-2-1914-3-28-1961
Vernon, Myrtle Staten-12-31-1923-03-20-1997

Walley, Frances Bennett-05-19-1945-09-30-1989
Ward, Danny Gale "Boo-Boo"-10-16-1952-11-24-1973
Ward, Joe T. "Freddie"-Sp3-US Army Kores-04-08-1932-08-17-1989
Ward, Steve Buster-02-11-1925-10-10-1926
Ward, Joe Clinton-/ 1920-/ 10-23-1999/ Husband of Lou Anna Ward (obit).

Double Marker
Ward, Billie Sue Hannah-12-04-1940-05-09-1965
Ward, Perry Douglas-09-21-1935

Double Marker
Ward, Joe-01-21-1884-02-02-1961
Ward, May-03-05-1899-09-15-1980

Warren, W.B.-12-25-1812-12-03-1873

Double Marker
Washington, Cordis Ladell-04-18-1919-06-19-1981
Washington, Ollie Mae-08-15-1914-02-16-1989
Weaver, Mary-dau of C.B.& N.S.Weaver-01-16-1874-02-18-1874
Whatley, Leonard Reginald-2nd Lt US Air Corps WWII-01-20-1923-03-12-1996
Double Marker
Whitten, Arlgree Emmons-02-15-1928-01-07-1996
Whitten, Joseph Murry-01-03-1925-10-03-1996
Winter, Edwin Grady-09-18-1915-03-02-1977
Double Marker
Winter, Charles Henry-02-02-1879-07-23-1949
Winter, Maggie Staten-10-06-1881-07-23-1971
Wood, Lula Lee-dau of G.W.& S.E.Wood-12-20-1865-04-17-1885
Wood, Ruth K. Wife of J.W. Wood-06-23-1878-09-01-1896
Wood, W. Kobneegay-08-20-1896-08-21-1896
Double Marker
Wood, George W.-1840-1904
Wood, Sue E.-09-25-1840-07-05-1914
Double Marker
Wood, Donna Gates-03-30-1870-03-03-1899
Wood, George William-02-25-1899-08-31-1899
Woolfolk, Charles A.-Tenn A2c US Air Force-03-25-1939-11-03-1967
Woolfolk, Kenneth-05-09-1912-10-13-1991
Woolfolk, Wilson Ray-Miss Pvt US Army WWII-01-26-1914-06-14-1966
Quad Marker
Woolfolk, Edna Cunningham-1879-1918
Woolfolk, Edith-1916-1916
Woolfolk, William Ray-1868-1929
Woolfolk, Paul-1911-1916
Double Marker
Woolfolk, G.A.-06-28-1902-01-16-1972
Woolfolk, Josephine-09-18-1909-01-12-1996
Wright, Lucille D.-12-01-1907-08-25-1987
Wright, Christy Lynn-no dates
Double Marker
Wright, Janie Payne-05-20-1898-04-03-1954
Wright, E.C.Walthall-07-27-1882-03-30-1967
Yarbrough, Lester W.-Miss Sgt US Army WWII-12-04-1920-01-25-1957


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