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Directions to Barksdale Cemetery- I-55 North of Grenada, exit the Coffeeville East on Highway # 7, East 5.8 miles to the Yalabusha Road # 73 and the Torrance Landing Road, turn right and continue right for 3.8 miles, Barksdale Cemetery is on the right of the Kirkman Landing Road in a pasture.

Barksdale Cemetery was indexed February 21, 2000 by Nick Denley, 1005 West Monroe Street, Grenada MS. 38901


Barksdale, Alex-/ Died/ 10-02-1850/ Age 51 yrs.
Barksdale, Mary Stephenson-/ 11-03-1794-/ 04-29-1881/ Wife of Alexander Barksdale/ Dau. of Finch & Nancy Scruggs/ Born in Cumberland CO. VA/ Married 08-21-1823. She was a member of the Methodist Church over 50 years.
Barksdale, Finch Scruggs-/ 07-08-1824-/ 07-26-1829
Barksdale, Dr. Warren Farrell-/ 12-12-1829-/ 03-09-1907
Barksdale, Maggie Talbert-/ 09-15-1873-/ 08-27-1874
Barksdale, Alexander H.-/ 11-27-1879-/ 12-24-1879
Barksdale, William R.-/ 01-10-1878-/ 09-12-1882
Barksdale, Ethel Holcomb-/ 08-06-1888-/ 07-15-1890
Barksdale, Nancy Gattis-/ 04-06-1848-/ 11-20-1934
Barksdale, James Fountain-/ 11-06-1880-/ 03-18-1911
Barksdale, Nellie J.-/ Died/ 11-1883 ???/ Wife of Warren Barksdale
Barksdale, H. Virginia-/ 07-29-1848-/ 06-11-1871/ Wife of Dr, W. F. Barksdale


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