Newton County Mississippi Ghost Towns

Newton County Mississippi


Known Ghost Towns

  Bolers Inn

The town of Union began as a Choctaw settlement.
In 1833, enough white settlers had arrived to form a settlement.

In 1835, Boler's Inn in Union was build by Wesley Boler and became one of the original stops for the Stage Coach Line that ran from Jackson to Meridian along the Old Jackson Road.  In 1861 Union had begun to take on the appearance of a real town, when the call came to arms for the War Between the States, Company D of the 1st Mississippi Cavalry was organized in Union.

General William T. Sherman invaded Mississippi in 1864 with 25,000 soldiers. General Sherman and his Army entered Union in February and it was reported that when Sherman learned the name of the town, he gave orders for the village and the Inn not to be destroyed because "the Union" was what they were all fighting to save.

Sherman and his troops spent the night in Union, with their headquarters at Boler's Inn. Boler's Inn was also used as a field hospital for Sherman's troops.

Boler's Inn has been restored and is still standing today.


  Oka Hullo
  Oka Kapassa
  Patrons Union
  Six Towns



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