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Neshoba County Mississippi


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The town of Deemer was established around the first lumber mill in Neshoba County. The lumber mill was started in 1905 by U.S. Rep. Elias Deemer of Pennsylavania. The town of Deemer flourished and soon became larger than nearby Philadelphia.

The town of Deemer consisted of wood-framed houses; a commissary, a U.S. post office, a school,
a hotel, a doctor's office and churches.

The local lumber mill itself had its own logging railroads and three logging locomotives.
At one time, the Deemer Mill was the biggest employer in Neshoba County. The mill assisted
in the growth of the county by contributing lumber and gravel to area construction.

Now the mill is gone and the town has faded away. Only a few houses remain scattered along a once busy road that was known as Silk Stocking Avenue. There is one remaining original structure to the town that is still standing, a house that dates back to 1910.

There are no road signs or historical markers to indicate that you are in the town of Deemer.


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