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June 5, 2007 - Added Suicide letter of Franklin B Hunt - published in the Fayette Watchtower  on June 13, 1856 contributed by Denise Griggs. Also added Group Photo of Woodrow Wilson Consolidated School at Hominy Ridge. Appears to be 1929 or 1930 Graduates and families. Contributed by Pat Taylor.


August 18, 2005 - Added two great photos contributed by Bettie Mann - Roxie School and the old Roxie Train Depot and downtown Roxie on Christmas Eve, 1929 after one of our rare snowfalls!


May 14, 2005 - Added Harbard B. Smith Family to the Family Histories Page - Contributed by Rabin Latham


May 8, 2005 - Added Lazarus Family to the Family Histories Page - Contributed by Robin Latham


May 7, 2005 - Added The Village of Lucien - written by Rosalie McIntyre Mullins and contributed by Billy Mullins.


May 5, 2005 - Added several new items to the Franklin County School Days Project, including newspaper articles, articles on many of the early schools in the county and articles on the 25 African- American schools in existence in 1937. These are from an ongoing transcription project of the Franklin County WPA Records donated by Ann Allen Geoghegan.


May 1, 2005 - Began a major upgrade of the Franklin County School Days Project!

Also added several Photos of Historical Sites from Annette Dillon's old Franklin County site.


April 3, 2005 - Added transcription of the cemetery to the History of the Hamburg Yellow Fever Cemetery - Contributed by Ann Allen Geoghegan


April 2, 2005 - Added the 1816 State Census  for Franklin County - Contributed Sue Moore.


November 6, 2004 - Added a list of Teachers and their assigned Schools for the school year 1926-27 taken from the Franklin Advocate of September 30, 1926 and contributed by Ann Allen Geoghegan


September 13, 2004 -  Sorry for the long dry spell folks! Added the years 1892, 1893 and 1894 to the African American Marriage Database.  Contributed by Denise Griggs who was kind enough to volunteer to transcribe several years.  Look for more to come soon.  Thanks Denise!


April 25, 2004 - Added the first of the African-American Marriage Database which includes the first two years 1871-1872 from Book I of the Colored Marriages located in the Courthouse in Meadville, MS.  It is indexed by Groom. Compiled and contributed by Ann Allen Geoghegan.


April 24, 2004 - Added many tombstone photos to the Smylie Cemetery. (This cemetery has been adopted by Ann & Archie Geoghegan who will be adding more photos as the cemetery is slowly cleaned up!


December 1, 2003 - Added Franklin County General Land Records - Indexed by Township and Range


November 5, 2003 - Added the Sarepta Baptist Church History, compiled in 1966 by David Campbell and Paul Clark, then pastor of the church.  Contributed by Pat Taylor


November 1, 2003 - Added the Social Security Death Index for Franklin County years 1970-1974.


October 20, 2003 - Added Herrings on the Homochitto,  the first of an ongoing project contributed by Jim Herring.  Also added the Social Security Death Index for Franklin County years 1965-1969.  This will be an ongoing project in 5 year groups.


October 7, 2003 - Added The Chisholm Murder to Tales and Legends compiled and contributed by Christy Wheeler.


September 21, 2003 - Added to more Middleton Deeds to the Court Records  - Deed from Stephen N. Middleton to Edwin Worley, Deed from Jane Middleton to E. F. Nobles  and Daniel Guice vs. John King, et al contributed by Pauline Hallett  Also the Reggie Duncan Photo Collection has been added.


September 20, 2003- Added Aliff Middleton to Dan Smith ( Deed of Trust) and Estate of Dicy Middleton Pickering Jones both contributed by Pauline Hallett.  These are located on the Court Records Page.


September 19,2003 - Added a new photo collection - The McCall Creek Collection  Some great photos of Franklin County Folks- contributed by Mr. Billy Mullins


September 18,2003- Added John & Joseph Ray Cygon Collection to the Photo Collections -contributed by Kitty McLamb


July 17, 2003 - Added A Short History of McCall Creek - East Franklin School by Mr. B. W. Tarver, who was principal there from 1952-1962.  Contributed by Mr. Billy Ray Mullins, a graduate of the class of 1953.


July 10, 2003 - Added a couple of things by Cousin Bill Hadskey - The Seventh Mississippi Infantry and  Grandpa Charlie Lehmann's Wartime Tales- I am grateful  for permission from the family.


July 9, 2003 - Added Patches - The Horse With Attitude.  A story by Kate Mullins


April 19, 2003 - Started adding Franklin County Education Records from the WPA Project.

First up - County Education Superintendents 1872- 1936


April 8, 2003 - Added History of Wildwood Springs - Reprinted from the WPA Records of Franklin County by Ann Allen Geoghegan


April 5, 2003 - Added a new project to School Days - Franklin County School Records are being transcribed by Ann Allen Geoghegan - Watch for many additions to this project in the weeks to come! Added today - McMillian School and Solomon Young Guice School


March 20, 2003 - Added 1953 Annual of McCall High School contributed by Mr. Billy Ray Mullins.  McCall High was also known as East Franklin School.


March 2, 2003 - Added Sugar Cane, Sorghum and Other Sopping Syrups - by Kate Mullins.  Also added a link to Gary Hancock's wonderful photos of the Lewis Lofton Cemetery at Ramah Baptist Church at McCall Creek.  Takes a while to load but well worth the wait!


February 21, 2003 - Added Legend of the Gold Hole - reprinted with permission of the Brookhaven Daily Leader


February 9, 2003 - Added Class History & Prophecy, contributed by Nancy Brister,  to the FCAHS page.

Also  added "Hog Killing Day on the Farm Circa 1930" by Kate Mullins


January 24, 2003 - Added Class Picture of Franklin County Agricultural High School - Class of 1925 and

11th grade class of 1923-24 - contributed by Nancy Brister


January 17, 2003 - Added Will of John Porter

   and Will of George Holloway


December 9, 2002 - Added History of Mt. Olive Methodist Church


December 5, 2002 - Added Early Settlers in Spanish-Held Natchez contributed by Sue B. Moore


December 4, 2002 - Added several churches with links to their own websites.


December 2, 2002 - Added History of Cool Springs Methodist Church - Contributed by Glenn Cupit.  Also added Franklin County Civil War Project - Wall of Honor - The Soldiers, Their Stories and Photos


November 30, 2002 - Added wonderful tribute to Captain David Alexander Herring - contributed by Jim Herring

Also added photo and short biography of Lewis Lafayette Magee - contributed by Patricia Swann and Casualties of the 33rd Infantry - Company D - Franklin Guards - contributed by David E. Godbold


November 29, 2002 - Added  Current County Officials to County Information Page


November 28, 2002  - Tiger Talk - Tidbits from Roxie School Annuals contributed by Lloyd "Doc" Passinger, one of the Last Tigers of the Class of 1962!


November 28, 2002 - Recipes from Days Gone By - contributed by Kate Mullins


November 27, 2002 - 1812 Tax List for Franklin County

 contributed by Michael Guyton, Thanks Michael!

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