Franklin County, MS

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Little bits of Franklin County Trivia



The following 3 persons were inmates of the Franklin County Jail in 1930  (listed as "roomers"):

John Freeman, white, 23, male, born Mississippi
Anderson J. Robertson, negro, 17, male, born Mississippi
Arthur Howard, white, 42, male, born Texas

Aliens In Mississippi Territory, 21 October - 2 November 1812

A return to the Department of State of aliens who reported themselves to the Secretary of the Mississippi Territory.
David BECKETT, 42 years old, in U.S. 17 years, no family, resides in Franklin County, a weaver by trade, an honest and respectable inhabitant.


William Hadskey found a pass in a book that William M. Wentworth had given one of his former slaves to get through the lines of the Union garrison at Natchez during the Civil War.
“Permit my once servant, Joyse, to pass to the city of Natchez, and circumambulate the streets, and cross over into the State of Louisiana, drive all the beef cattle out of  Texas, and jump into the Gulf of  Mexico, swim across and return home, if she sees proper.
/s/ William M. Wentworth
Sheriff, Jul 4 1866





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