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Franklin County has a long and rich Masonic History.  The Franklin Lodges and their members have been a vital part of the fabric of this county since the settlement of this area.  Many of the earlier members were members back in Colonial America before they arrived in the Natchez District. Many were descended from Freemasons in England and Scotland before coming to the United States.  Freemasonry is still today, a living, vital force in our county. 


"Masons are men who voluntarily asked to join a lodge. They were accepted because they were good men who believe in God and hold high ethical and moral ideals. They go to meetings which they call the lodge, in order to learn and to teach what 'friendship, morality, and truth really involve, and to practice on a small scale the reality of brotherhood. They also have meetings open to their wives, children, and friends where they promote an understanding of the serious nature of the Fraternity by entertainment and sociability. Practical programs for charity and relief are planned and executed. The special kinship they feel for each other as a brotherhood is their deepest satisfaction."


[From the Masonic Service Association's Short Talk Bulletin]


Franklin County is the home of the second oldest lodge in the State of Mississippi! Lodge Ben Franklin #11 in Meadville was chartered on January 2, 1826!  Only Harmony #1 in Natchez is older!

Ben Franklin #11

Masonic Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons

Meadville, MS

Charter Date: January 2, 1826

S. B. Stampley #222

Masonic Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons

Roxie, MS

Charter Date: February 21, 1857

Program Book from the

S. B. Stampley #222 Centennial Celebration January 21, 1957

Bude #566

Masonic Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons

Roxie, MS

Charter Date: February 25, 1920

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