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Conflict of the 1860's

The Seventh Mississippi Regiment

The Seventh Mississippi was one of the original eight regiments called into state service under the first call for troops from Mississippi on March 9, 1861. The various companies were being enrolled from April to August and were mustered by various officers including Brigadier-General H.R. C1ark, a physician who had lived in Franklin County; Ms. The Seventh was a pleasing designation in Franklin County, as that had been the designation of Franklin County troops in territorial days.

The companies were moved to Natchez, where they “boarded ships to the guff coast”. In late August or early September. It was intended by Governor John J. Pettus that the Seventh would become one of three regiments and a battalion for coast defense. It was organized on September 25, 1861, with headquarters at Bay St. Louis. The companies were scattered to Camp Goode at Shieldsboro, Camp Clark at Bay St. Louis and at Pass Christian. During this time, it was quite easy for a man to go home and join another regiment, or just go home. The men suffered from camp fever, pneumonia and measles. It is hard for us to believe today, but many died of the measles.

There was a high wind and rain the night of October 31, 1861, in which many records were ruined. During this period, if a man was ill two months, he as usually discharged.

The regiment was ordered to join the Army of Tennessee and left by railroad cars. There was a railroad collision at Ponchatoula, Louisiana on February 27, 1862, with heavy loss of life. Incidentally there was a later railroad collision in Alabama in1863, with minor losses. The unit participated at Shiloh with an undetermined killed and wounded. Some records are incomplete, but it is believed many who died shortly after Shiloh of typhoid fever were actually dying of wounds, which induced fever. Some were also wounded and killed in the defense lines at Corinth.

At Mumfordville, Kentucky (called Mumsfordville in Confederate Records), the regiment was heavily engaged in the area called Fort Craig. The old men and boys were discharged at Barbstown, Kentucky and all foreign nationals that wanted a discharge. From this date until the end of the war, the regiment was nearly continually on the line participating in various skirmishes and actively engaged at Murfreesboro, Tn., Chickamauga, Ga., Missionary Ridge, Tn. and in 1863 Atlanta campaign. They were actively engaged at Kennesaw Mountain, Marietta, Rasaca and in two battles at Atlanta on July 22nd and 28th, 1863. They fought at Jonesboro and in the Tennessee campaign At Franklin and Nashville. Many men were wounded and sent to various hospitals (official regimental musters have been found after August1864). It was found that at the end of the hostilities, men were scattered from Mississippi to North Carolina. We are more familiar with the men of Company A, B and K who were wholly or partially enlisted from Franklin County. It was found that many were discharged and later joined other infantry artillery or cavalry units. Although we have not made a complete study of the other companies, we feel that the same trend occurred in those units. Pension records in Franklin County show that some men were wounded at places that were not shown by Confederate records.

The most influential men of the counties made up the officers and non-commissioned officer corps, i.e. the State Representatives, County Officials and rich planters. Most of the men were farmers but the butcher, the baker, the cobbler and everybody and his brother went.

In the company records listed below which contain a list of all of the men of Companies A thru K, we will leave out most hospital records, ages of the men, and special duty such as teamster etc. Some men were wounded three and four times, suffered imprisonment possibly twice, and had numerous adventures. We have culled this material and will only mention one, two or possibly three facts about each man.


Lieut. Colonel A. G. Mills- Apr. 24—Aug. 16, 1862; returned to 9th regiment
Quarter Master S E Rumble — detached service Dec. 1863
Assistant Surgeon L H Cohen — Sept.—Dec. 1863; to 24th Miss
Assistant Surgeon Alfred W. Perry — transferred to Macon, Ga.
Assistant Surgeon William W Moore — captured at Murfreesboro
Assistant Surgeon Thomas Turner — transferred to 41st Miss

Powers Confederate Cavalry, 14th Confederate Cavalry,
23rd Cavalry Battalion, Darden’s Artillery, Youngblood’s Signal Corps, 2nd Battalion State Troops, Co. E 4th Louisiana, 1st Mississippi Artillery, 3rd Confederate Engineers, 9th Battalion of Miss Sharpshooters, 2nd Militia

• Indicates someone whom we feel was not a member of the 7th Mississippi but the person named is found on the microfilm records of the unit.


Company A 7th Mississippi, “Franklin Rifles”, enlisted April 25, 1861 and were mustered by Brigadier General M. B. Clark at Camp Clark, Franklin Co. Ms on April 29, 1861. The men drilled on the Samuel Swayzie Montgomery plantation, then called encampment Camp Minerva after Minerva Herrington, the sister of Lieutenant F. C. Herrington, prior to going to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Captain William J. Proby not -elected; reenlisted and killed at Atlanta; served as Lieutenant Colonel and Provost Marshal of Franklin County in 1862.
1st Lt. William M. Porter — resigned as Captain due to month’s illness; Co. I, 14th Confederate Cavalry
2nd Lt. Pinckney Cotesworth Herrington - not re-elected; became Lt. Col. of Cavalry
3rd Lt. Adolphus Brown — resigned Dec. 1861; enlisted Co. B 14th Confederate Cavalry
1st Sergeant James M Lowe — not mustered; joined Darden’s Artillery school teacher.
2nd Sergeant Jacob R Sample — surrendered in North Carolina; a physician
3rd Sergeant George lmes — promoted to 1st Lt. transferred to Co. K; born in Va.
4th Sergeant Dewitt Clinton Graham — did not muster; State Representative; joined 23rd Cavalry
5th Sergeant Thomas Samuel Cotton — became captain; disabled from wounds at Atlanta
1st Corp. Hardy G. H. Magee — wounded at Murfreesboro and captured at Missionary Ridge
2nd Corp. John Everly Holden not re-elected was 2nd Lt.; later served in Youngblood’s Signal; was a physician and later a judge; had his servants Ale and Blackman with him
3rd Corp. John A. Higginbotham — wounded at Shiloh; killed at Murfreesboro, Medal of Honor
4th Corp. Elias Green — did not muster; transferred to Co. E 4th Louisiana

Eugene E. Adams — wounded at Atlanta and lost a leg; became circuit clerk of Franklin Co.
George M. Adams — captured at Missionary Ridge; exchanged March 1865
David Leroy Aldridge — discharged; later served in Youngblood’s Signal and in the Cavalry
Manfield L. Aldridge — transferred to sharpshooters; was later Deputy Sheriff
John B. Allred — from 44th Miss to Co. A; transferred to Co. K
Charles Arnold - captured in Kentucky and exchanged; killed at Missionary Ridge
Ira Amasa Austin — died of wounds at Murfreesboro; born at Point Coupee Louisiana
Charles W. Beam — discharged as fifteen year old; joined Co. I 4th Cavalry
Soloman J. Beck — from Co. E; discharged; joined Co. I 14th Confederate Cavalry
James P. Bennett - wounded at Shiloh; surrendered in North Carolina
Jesse D. Bennett — wounded at Missionary Ridge and Atlanta; surrendered in N. C.
Micajah P. Bennett — wounded at Murfreesboro; missing at Atlanta
James M. Bovard — died at Bar St. Louis of pneumonia
Charles Brewerton — not mustered; a forty year old painter from England
Barnett Broadnitz — discharged Oct. 1861; joined Co. F 1st Artillery; born in Europe
William K. Brown — killed at Shiloh; Kentucky born shoemaker
William Prater/Prather Buckles — captured and exchanged in Ky; captured at Missionary Ridge
Joseph S. Buie — not mustered; joined Co. C 33rd Regiment
William B. Buie — became surgeon; resigned Dec. 1862
Blanchard D. Butler — discharged; served in 14th and 23rd Cavalry
Thomas Byrd - died Oct 1861 of pneumonia
Thomas Jefferson Byrd — discharged 1861; enlisted in 14th cavalry
Winston W. B. Byrd — surrendered as 4th Corporal in North Carolina
George W. Cain — had leave and was captured in Alabama on way back
Hardy H. Cain wounded at Shiloh and Murfreesboro; accidentally killed in Alabama
William T. Calert, Jr. — killed at Murfreesboro in the first charge
Bryant M. Caraway — wounded at Shiloh and Murfreesboro; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
William B. Carraway - wounded at Shiloh; in hospital on last roll
William S. Cassidy — not mustered, enlisted Co. F 2nd Militia and Co. I 14th Confederate Cavalry
Jasper N. Chambers — died Jan. 23, 1863 at Shelbyville, TN
John Chambers — wounded Chickamauga; surrendered in North Carolina
Henry M. Cloy — died of pneumonia at Oxford (Grave located)
Richard M. Cloy — wounded at Shiloh and Atlanta; surrendered in North Carolina
Zachariah Reeves Cloy — captured in Kentucky and exchanged; on last roll; died 1902
Joseph Robert Cotton — transferred from another unit; died in TN
William Van Cotton — became 2nd Lt. wounded at Atlanta; various hospitals
Walter Courtney — captured at Missionary Ridge
Zachariah Monroe Coward — captured at Missionary Ridge; died in 1909 at Kirby
Jacob J. Cox — transferred to Co. D 19th Mississippi
Octairous H. Cox — not mustered; joined another company
George McD. Crosby — transferred to Co. K; born in Alabama
Wm. M. Crosby — various hospitals; paroled in Alabama; born in Monroe Co. AL
Frances B. Cruise — died of typhoid Apr. 1862 (probably Shiloh wound)
Samuel Cruise — from Co. K; died of typhoid (probably Shiloh wound)
Thomas S. Cruise — discharged July 1862 ‘dead”
Isaac J. Davis - from another company; furloughed and dropped
John L. P. Dixon - ran off and hid; Louisiana pension
Thomas Alexander Ducker - died of typhoid (probably Shiloh wound)
Thomas Ephraim Dixon — furlough; joined Co. A 14th Confederate Cavalry
Jesse T. Evans — from another company; wounded and captured at Missionary Ridge
John K Ford — sick furlough and then hid out; born in GA
Rufus R Ford — wounded at Shiloh and Mumfordville; transferred to 3rd Engineers
William H Freeman - wounded Shiloh and Atlanta; surrendered in North Carolina
Charles H. Gammill — transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers
Thomas Wesley Gammill — lost leg at Shiloh and died
Wade H Golden/Gaulden — on last roll Aug. 186?; a school teacher
John M Gill - on last roll Aug. 1864
Joseph Glack — surrendered in Ala; born Warsaw Poland; residence New Orleans
Jefferson L Godbold — captured at Missionary Ridge and died in prison Grave located
Benjamin F Grant — captured Missionary Ridge and paroled; paroled at Jackson
Edward 0. Grigsby — on roll Aug. 1862—July 1863 as Assistant Surgeon; 9th Miss
John F Gunter — transferred to 44th Mississippi
John F Hall — transferred to Navy; deserted at New Orleans; from Mass.
Leonardis Ransom Hall — discharged for disability; married widow of D. C. Graham
*Samuel D. Harris — a captain in 7th Miss Battalion; captured in Al
*Thomas Head — from Calhoun County
*J M Helton — captured at Gettysburg; died in prison
Henry Hemelscompt — discharged as 46 year old native of Obbue, Germany; joined the artillery
Benjamin C. Herrington — discharged; joined Co. I 14th Confederate Cavalry
Merrick Herrington - died at Brandon; born in KT
William S. Higginbotham , severely hurt in railroad accident; Co. B 14th Confederate Cavalry (Grave located)
Lewis N. Hollinger — got a substitute; then enlisted in Co. D 33rd Mississippi
Gaston C. Holloway — died of wounds at Atlanta
Ferdinand C. Huff — transferred to be with his father in Co. K
Ira B Hull — did not muster (probably joined another company)
Henry J N Hunt — transferred to Co. D 19th Mississippi
Henderson D. Hunt — wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded and captured at Missionary Ridge
Thomas J Hunt — did not muster; enlisted in “Dixie Guards” Co. H 39th Mississippi
Thomas R Hunt - killed at Missionary Ridge
Thomas F Johnson - discharged and joined Co. K 1st Mississippi Artillery
James M Jones, Jr. — surrendered at Meridian; son of probate judge
John D Jones — wounded at Murfreesboro; missing at Chickamauga
William G Jones - hurt in collision on railroad in Alabama; discharged; Co. D 14th Cavalry
John Marion Kinnison - killed at Shiloh
David V. Lard/Laird — not mustered; Co. B 14th Cavalry
William J Laughman - captured in KY; paroled; went home sick
*John Lavell - captured at Antietam; Army of Northern Virginia
James Alexander Lee — transferred to Co. E as 1st lieutenant (Grave Located)
Wyatt B. Lee - died at Oxford of typhoid (probably wounded at Shiloh)
Charles Adelbert Lehmann — transferred to Co. B 19th Mississippi (my (Hadskey's) great grandfather)
Elisha V. Lewis — wounded at Murfreesboro; on last roll (one of his descendants married my sister)
George W. Lewis — discharged Sept. 1862; born in Faxxola Co.
William Jackson Lewis — did not return from leave, Confederate report stated that “he was at home in Franklin County secreting himself from enrolling and conscript officers”. In an old ledger in the court house it showed that he was hung. This is untrue as he died in Franklin Co. in 1903. It is a fact that several lads ran off from various units and hid out in Franklin County. Captain William  Porter of Co. I 14th Confederate Cavalry caught some of them, tied their hands behind their backs, put a rope around their necks and made them keep up behind the trotting cavalry. We have always heard that one fell down and was strangled to death. Ole Bill Porter was a special nemesis to absentees in Franklin County.
Levi P Lyons — killed at Atlanta
Alva A Magee — wounded at Murfreesboro and Chickamauga; captured in GA
John Kinnison Magee — killed at Shiloh; was a mason from Hamburg
Edward Moreau - killed at Shiloh; was a Russian born shoemaker
C N Maxwell — Sergeant Major; captured at Selma, AL
Charles McCaa — was also on Co. K rolls; enlisted in 23rd Battalion of Cavalry
Alexander McDonald — transferred to 3rd confederate Engineers; born in Scotland
Ellison C. McManus - transferred to Co. K
*E. McMarks — 7th Mississippi Battalion; captured at Selma, AL; 31st Mississippi ‘
William T. Meeks — 7th Mississippi Battalion; captured at Marietta, GA
James M. Melton — wounded and captured at Resaca, GA
Henry H. Meredith — discharged; 2nd Militia
Thomas J Meredith — wounded at Murfreesboro and Missionary Ridge
William S Miley — discharged; enlisted in Co. B 33rd Mississippi
John B Mock — from another company; on last roll
Abner T. Montgomery — not mustered; enlisted Co. F 2nd Battalion of State Troops
J W Moore — discharged Dec. 1861
William B. Moore — transferred to Sharpshooters
Alfred Morgan - died of dropsy
Levi Morgan — captured at Missionary Ridge; exchanged Mar. 1865; his wife Malissa wrote that he died a Rebel at McComb City on May 31, 1909
*Murray Jackson — from Sunflower Co.
Marcus Myers - disability discharge; a German peddler
Elisha W. Nettles — discharged at Shelbyville, TN
David Hosteen — transferred to Co. D 19th Mississippi
Rankin Pate - killed at Shiloh
Thomas M. Pickett — missing at Atlanta; killed or died in prison
William W Poole — shown on sick leave Oct. 1861
Samuel O. Porter - wounded at Murfreesboro; surrendered in North Carolina
*Nathaniel Potts — from Calhoun County
Benjamin J. Price - captured wounded at Franklin, TN
Robert A. Rawls — transferred to sharpshooters; lost a leg
Jesse Rials — enlisted Co. 0 33rd Mississippi
William Wesley Roberts — died of typhoid at home
Alfred Renfrew — not mustered ‘dead’
Benjamin Hogan Riggs — Assistant Surgeon Jan. 18, 1863 to capture at Jonesboro, GA
Washington L Roberts — died of pneumonia in KY; was a doctor
Edward F Robertson — discharged for Shiloh wounds; enlisted Powers Cavalry
Robert Rogers — enlisted in TN Sept. 11, 1862; ran off the next month; a Georgian
S E Rumble — Quartermaster Captain Sept. 27, 1861—Dec. 18, 1862
James F Rush — captured at Nashville
Thomas Ryan — transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers; an Irish brickmason
John A. Sample — discharged; joined Co. B 14th Confederate Cavalry; born in Indiana
John B Sanders — did not muster
Samuel L. Scott — wounded at Murfreesboro and Atlanta; lost leg and sent home
Marcus Silverburg — discharged as foreigner; Polish born tailor
Christopher C. Strait — transferred to sharpshooters
Leonard. Sylvester Strait — from another company; captured at Nashville
Daniel W. Swazie/Swayzie — discharged; joined Co. I 1st Mississippi Artillery
Archibald S. Taylor — died in TN
Benjamin F. Temple — discharged; enlisted Co. B 14th Confederate Cavalry
Lloyd A. Temple — died in service
Rowan Temple — not mustered
W P Thompson - death claim in Feb. 1864
Thomas Turner — Assistant Surgeon from 41st Mississippi May—Dec 1863
James Hardy Wactor - from another regiment; died in GA
Louis Walter - not mustered
William Washington - paroled at Montgomery, AL
Thomas A. White — transferred to Co. K
James Whittington — died of measles at Columbus, MS
Joseph W Whittington — killed at Mumfordville, Ky.
Leander J Whittington — transferred to Co. K
Stanmore R. Whittington; died of Shiloh wounds; son of Martin Whittington
Joseph B Wilkinson — discharged as forty year old; born in Missouri
John A Zumbro — surrendered in North Carolina

Company B, "Bogue Chitto Guards”, enlisted on April 27, 1861 at Bogue Chitto and was comprised of men from Lawrence and Pike County, Mississippi.
This company had one of the best records of the Seventh Regiment possibly due to the example of one man, Joseph A. J. Hart. Ole Uncle Joe Hart was a veteran of the War of 1812, being seventy years old when he enlisted as third corporal. He survived being captured and being wounded and was still ready to fight Yankees when the men he was with surrendered at Citronella, Alabama. A tribute is made to him in the History of Pike County.

Although according to Confederate Records, he never rose above the rank of sergeant, unofficially he was "cadet” of his sons, grandsons and other assorted relatives in the company.

One may wonder why a seventy year old man would join any army. A single man would never know why, a married man with children would have an idea but any grey haired grandparent would know. Joseph A. J. Hart wanted to be with his family, especially his grandsons, even if it meant a brush with death and all of the horrors of war.


Captain B. S. Carter — made drill master at Brookhaven
1st Lieut. Thomas Jefferson Conally — killed at Shiloh
2nd Lieut. Joseph R, J. Hart — resigned April 30, 1862
3rd Lieut. G. A. Bilbo — apparently transferred
1st Sgt. C. M. Bisbee — became commissary captain
2nd Sgt. Britton Hail — not re—elected; May 1862
3rd Sgt. Stephen Sasser — discharged for general disability
4th Sgt. H. L. Hart — killed at Chickamauga
5th Sgt. J. Milton Brister — killed at Chattanooga
1st Corp. James 14. Parnell — became a nurse; surrendered at Meridian
2nd Corp. John G Hart — discharged due to disability
3rd Corp. Joseph A. J. Hart (our hero) 4th Corp. James Sasser — wounded at Shiloh; wounded in Georgia

Allbritton, Henry H. — died at Rome, Ga. of disease
Allbritton, John N. -. died at Atlanta of disease
Allbritton, Richard R. — captured at Kennesaw Mountain
Bewett, Joseph — missing at Atlanta
Blunt, A. N. — died at Tupelo
Bowman, William — severely wounded in Kentucky
Brister, John — died of wounds in Georgia
Brown, Joseph 0. — captured at Resaca, Ga.
Brown, R. M. — discharged due to pneumonia and bronchitis
Buett, Thomas Jefferson — killed at Shiloh
Burns, F. M. — died of pneumonia
Carter, R. L. — discharged for dyspepsia of nine months
Carter, Tarrant — wounded at Shiloh; joined the cavalry
Chandler, James C. — detailed as nurse in Ga.
Chandler, Thomas J. — supposed to have joined another company
Coke, N. H. — discharged as under age and a British subject
Connally, George N. — transferred to Co. H; transferred to 3rd Engineers
Cooke, Thomas D. — discharged
Coon, J. J. — present on last roll (probably killed at Nashville)
Coon, Samuel — captured at Nashville
Courtney, Benjamin F. — present on last roll August 1864
Crosby, Thomas Jefferson — present on last roll
Fowlkes, Henry H. — captured at Nashville
Gibson, M. M. — died of measles
Gibson, P. L. — discharged for disability
Gill, John A. — died of disease
Gill, John J. — discharged for disability
Gill, S. H. — transferred to 3rd Engineers
Gwin, John — was sick in hospital at Ocean Springs, Ms
Gwin, Leonidas M. — died of pneumonia
Gwin, William J. - died of pneumonia
Hall, Thomas J. — present on last roll
Hampton, Jasper — in hospital in Ga. Nov. 1864
Hart, James L. — discharged due to defective vision
Hart, Judge A. — died of pneumonia; son of Joseph A J  Hart.
Hart, James Monroe — surrendered in N. C.
Herrington, H. F. N. — sent to hospital at Oxford, Ms
Herrington, James L - sent to hospital Columbus
Hodges, James M. — captured in Ga.
Hodges, John C. — wounded at Atlanta
Hollensworth, Elias — killed at Atlanta
*Hovey, J. G. — captured at Citronelle; From St. Louis, Mo.
Howell, James H. — discharged; disabled
Hurt, John — disabled
Jenkins, Frederick B. — wounded at Shiloh; missing at Atlanta
Jenkins, John R. — wounded at Murphreesboro; killed at Atlanta
John, William — one statement only — (possibly William Johnston)
Johnson, George B. — discharged for dyspepsia
Johnson, N. B. — present on last roll
Johnston, William — present on last roll
Kayzar, James W. — captured at Nashville
Kenneally, James — hospital in Ga.
Martin, James M. — discharged for disability
Mayer, J. A. — assigned as 2nd Lieutenant for two months
Middleton, H T — probably joined another company
Moak, Joseph S. -. died of wounds received at Chickamauga
Moak, Thomas A. — wounded at Shiloh; lost leg at Atlanta
Moak, William A. — died of disease-
Moak, William H. — surrendered at High Point, N. C.
Netherland, Samuel — discharged for disease
Newman, Jasper — transferred to “Stevens Rifles”
Prestridge, Wiley F. — surrendered at Citronelle
Prestridge, Zachariah — sent to hospital in Ga.
Price, Henry H. — Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; died of wounds at Atlanta
Price, Zachariah Monroe - killed at Shiloh
Rawls, Jesse — sent to hospital in Ca.
*Reeves, John M. — captured at Nashville
Richardson, Martin Van Buren — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
Sasser, Daniel V. — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
Sasser, Joseph — discharged for frequent convulsions and asthma
Sasser, William
— sixteen year old discharged for deformity of breast
Schartz, Jacob - discharged for disability
Shivers, German A. - deserted and joined the 34th Kentucky, USA
Slaven, John N. — discharged for wounds received at Shiloh
Smith, Samuel — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
Spencer, James M. — wounded at Murfreesboro and joined the cavalry
Tarver, Thomas B. — received a medical certificate at Rome, Ga.
Terrell, Foster — transferred to the 9th Sharpshooters
Terrell, Martin — discharged for poor health
Trantham, Daniel — discharged at Pass Christian, Ms
Turner, Francis — joined “Stevens Rifles”
Wallace, Zachariah — discharged for heart disease
*White, Joseph — captured and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio
Williams, J. B. — discharged as under age
Williams, Zachariah — discharged as under age
Wilson, Robert — sent to medical board in Ga.


Company C, “Amite Rifles” enlisted at liberty, Ms by Colonel Carnot on April 29, 1861 and mustered into Confederate service on September 28, 1861 at Bay St. Louis, Ms by Lieutenant Carlton Hunt of the Louisiana Artillery. From the names of the men, it appears that they were mainly from the western part of Amite County around the Crosby, Gloster and Centreville area.


Captain Benjamin F. Johns — promoted to Major and Lieutenant Colonel; wounded at Nashville (born 9 Mar 1831 in Amite Cc. and died 31 Dec 1907 at Gloster, Ms. He was educated as a lawyer at Drenmon Springs, Ky.)
1st Lieut. Russell R. McDowell - promoted to captain; killed at Murfreesboro
2nd Lieut. James B. Bates — not re-elected
3rd Lieut. Robert J. Pemble — promoted to captain; resigned due to double hernia 1863
1st Sgt. Edward B. Carruth - wounded and captured at Shiloh; commissary captain
2nd Sgt. John L. McGehee — promoted to captain; on last roll
3rd Sgt. Aaron F. Strawn - discharged 1862
4th Sgt. Peter Ratcliff — not mustered
5th Sgt. David P. Cox — discharged for emphysema; 1st Lieut. Co. F “Powers Cavalry”
1st Corp. Henry K. Bates — to 2nd Lieut.; in hospital Sept. 18, 1864
2nd Corp. George T. Lumpkin — discharged Feb. 1862
3rd Corp. Floyd W. Stratton — discharged 1862
4th Corp. Thomas J. Butler - died of Chickamauga wounds

A. S. Anders — to hospital Aug. 18, 1864
D. F. Anders — wounded at Murfreesboro and Atlanta; killed at Nashville
John C. Anders - died in Ga.; resident of Union, Jackson Parish, La.
Richard W. Anders - not mustered
John Arnold — not mustered
James R. Aumock — surrendered in N. C.; pension in Amite County 1911
Horatio A. Avery - not mustered
Burton S. Bates — died of Shiloh wounds and Yankee prison
J. W. Beall - discharged as under age
K. C. Beall - died of wounds at Murfreesboro
David Beer - discharged Feb. 1863; born Bavaria Germany
William Belding — not mustered
Daniel E. B. Boatner — on last roll Aug 1864
John Bomiller — not mustered “dead”
M. N. Bond - not mustered
John K. Bonds - not mustered
Pascal B. Bonds — discharged to loss of one eye and defective vision in other
*Joseph Bowden — death certificate Jan 1864
David C. Bramblet — discharged for Murfreesboro wounds
E. L. Bramblet — granted a leave Mar. 7, 1865 for illness
F. P. Bramblet - from Co. E 18th Miss., paroled in Ala; from Lauderdale Co. Ms.
Thomas J. Burris — from Co. K 33rd Miss; died of Chickamauga wounds
M. E. Burris — died at Chattanooga; born in Amite Co.
W. A. Burris — wounded at Chattanooga; to hospital
William Butler — surrendered in N. C.
Young P. Butler — died in Oxford of fever
H. H. Cain — died in Amite Co. in 1863
J. J. Cain — died in Amite Co. in 1864
Alexander M. Campbell — became chief musician; discharged; a school teacher from Clark Co. Ky.
James B. Carruth, Jr. — died soon after being discharged; born in Pike Co.
Edward N. Caston — on last roll Aug 1864
Gabriel G. Caston — was a musician; killed at Chickamauga
M. W. Caston — discharged as over or under age
Robert M. Causey - wounded at Atlanta; wounded leave
Walter S. Causey — discharged for disease of lungs
Richard H. Chaddick — wounded and received Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; on last roll
Samuel J. Cobb — not mustered
Thomas J. Cobb — not mustered
Iverson Cockerham — died of measles at Ocean Springs, Ms
Orlando L. Collins - discharged for disability; enlisted in 27th Louisiana
James H. Colston — not mustered
John Henry Cocoran — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters; to 18th Miss Cavalry
John N. Cotton — disability discharge
William A. Cotton, Jr. — wounded Murfreesboro and Chattanooga; on last roll
William J. Courtney - wounded July 28, 1864 at Atlanta
Franklin W. Cox — died of wounds at Mumfordville, KY
J G. Cox — not mustered
William H. Cox — discharged as corporal; a school teacher
Velasco Cunningham — absent without leave; joined Co. K 33rd Miss
John W. Day — to Co. K 7th Miss
William H. Day — to Co. K 7th Miss
Herman Delamater - not mustered
David W. Dies — not mustered
Jones H. Dixon — became 1st Sgt.; wounded at Atlanta
John Drummond — discharged for disability; joined Co. K 33rd Miss
E. H. Duchr - not mustered
Jackson H. Duff — captured in Ky. and exchanged; captured at Nashville
Dillingham M. Dunn - not mustered
E. T. Dunn — wounded and captured in Ky.; exchanged; wounded at Atlanta
John C. Dunn — not mustered
Duncan M. Dye — not mustered
Thomas M. Eubanks — wounded at Shiloh; discharged; joined Co. K 33rd Miss
W. Everett ( believed he joined the cavalry)
Z. L Everett wounded in thigh at Chickamauga resided at Magnolia, Ms.
H. M. Faust — surrendered in N. C.
E. J. Forman—at various hospitals as butcher and nurse
Richard P. Freeman discharged, died 1873 Amite Co.
Nathaniel Garrow - on last roll Aug 1864
Peter Goldstein — discharged 1662; born in Russia; merchant
Ferdinand L. Griffin -. wounded Mumfordville; captured in Ky; discharged; school teacher
Jackson Harkness — apparent discharge; joined Co. K 33rd Miss
James A. Haygood — captured at Jonesboro, Ga. and died in prison
Stephen H. Haygood — died 1864/5
Frank Hennegan — not mustered
William Oliver Hughey - captured Missionary Ridge and exchanged; surrendered N. C.
Penneo Hurd — became Sgt. Major; wounded at Chickamauga; unfit for duty
Willis G. Jackson - died of Murfreesboro wounds
Henry C. Jenkins - not mustered
Thomas D. Jenkins — died in Amite Co. of disease
G. Johns — not mustered
John R. Johns — discharge 1861; joined Co. A 24th Miss Cavalry
Thomas W. Johns — on last roll Aug 1864
William F. Johns — not mustered; joined Co. K 33rd Regt.
*Daniel C. Jones - Co. C 7th Miss Battalion; resident Shubuta, Ms
Robert Keith — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters; lived to be an old man
Cyrus Knapp — not mustered
George Sylvester Lea - wounded at Murfreesboro; killed at Franklin
*John R. Jones — discharged for sickness, enlisted in Co. A 24th Cavalry
W. C. Little - killed at Mumfordville, Ky.
Thomas H. Lusk — not mustered
Robert B. Lowry — discharged 1862; re—enlisted in Co. K 33rd Miss
Francis C. Maxwell — discharged Oct. 1861
James McClendon — transferred to Sharpshooters
Jesse M. McClendon  — wounded and captured at Murfreesboro; paroled
Napoleon Bonaparte McCoy — died at Oxford of disease
W. W. McDowell — wounded at Murfreesboro; furloughed
A.H. McNight — died 14 April 1862 at Osyka; was seventeen
Nolan Mclean - not mustered
Frederick Michael — deserted May 27, 1862
C. L. Mixon - wounded at Chickamauga; captured Dec. 6, 1864 in 2nd Miss Cavalry
John Montgomery — not mustered
James A. Moore — died of pneumonia in TN
Samuel B. Moore - died May 1863 as 2nd Sgt.
W. F. Moore - wounded at Shiloh and died of wounds
W. W. Moore — became assistant surgeon; captured Murfreesboro
William F. Neil — not mustered
David. W. Neilson — died at Liberty of “camp fever”
LaFayette G. Neyland — discharged Jan 1862
David Nunnery — surrendered in N. C.
Henry- Nunnery — discharged July 1862; Co. I 4th Miss; Hancock Co. Ala
John Nunnery - surrendered in N. C.
Reuben Nunnery — wounded Murfreesboro; on last roll
Samuel Nunnery — wounded Murfreesboro; surrendered in N. C.
William J. Nunnery - Lt. Col. Johns proposed Sgt. Nunnery for ensign on March 28, 1864. "He has 1ong and gallantly borne the colors of his command, he was wounded at Chickamauga while nobly bearing them to the front”; killed as ensign at Atlanta
*John. Overstreet — captured at Marietta, Ga.; died in prison
George M. Page - surrendered in N. C.
J. S. Perkins — captured at Jonesboro, Ga. and exchanged; “died”
F. J. Pugh - captured at Shiloh
H. H. Ratcliff — discharged July 1862; a lawyer
William H. Ratcliff- died of wounds at Mumfordville, Ky.
*A. M. Reay - captured at Gettysburg
S.S. Reeves — discharged for hepatitis; a doctor born in Columbus, Ga.
Thomas Reid/Reed — discharged for varicose veins; born Antrim, Ireland
Littleton P. Reynolds — discharged by conscript act — over age
Thomas F. Reynolds — killed at Shiloh; son of Littleton P. Reynolds
H. J Roberts — not mustered
John F. Roberts — wounded at Shiloh; captured at Missionary Ridge
T. G. Roberts — discharged; joined Powers Cavalry
William F. Roberts - not mustered
Henry C. Rogers — not mustered
Abraham Scherk — discharged for lung disease; born in Poland
Benjamin Schwartz — captured in Ky. and paroled
Ewing Seale - on early rolls; captured in Ala.
H. S. Sharpe — not mustered
William H. H. Shaw - not mustered
Lewis Sly - not mustered
Cicero C. Smith — on last roll Aug 1864
James H. Smith — not mustered
James M. Smith — not mustered
Floyd W. Stratton - discharged Aug 1862; enlisted Co. B 33 Ky., CSA; born Nelson Co. Va.
Aaron F. Strawn — illness discharge
E. LaFayette Swearingen — went home in 1864
Elisha L. Tarver - not mustered
Michael Tarver — not mustered
John M. Thompson — discharged 1862; Co. K 33rd Miss
Thomas C. Toler - wounded at Murfreesboro and died
W. Frank Toler — surrendered in N. C. His servant, Ben Faust, drew a pension
Nicholas A. Travis — surrendered in N. C.
Garnett B. Van Norman — fifty days leave on Feb. 28, 1865 due to gun shot wound
Samuel T. Van Norman — surrendered in N. C. as 1st Sgt.
S. B. Wade — captured at Iuka, Ms and paroled
Charles V. Wall — died of Murfreesboro wounds
Henry I. Washburn - discharged in early 1862
A. J. Webb — died in Union hands of Murfreesboro wounds
Sampson C. Webb — promoted to 1st Lieut.; wounded in Ky. and resigned for illness
William H. Webb —transferred to Co. K 33rd Miss
Garnett B. Whittington - wounded Murfreesboro; Chickamauga and in Ga.
Napoleon C. Whittington — His widow on her pension application wrote that his clothes were riddled at Shiloh, he was wounded in the leg at Murfreesboro and was seriously wounded at Chickamauga in the shoulder and hand becoming permanently disable. He was in one or two other engagements of lesser importance. He was the son of William Whittington. He married Anna Robertson in 1869 and moved to Gloster.
Benjamin F. Wilkinson - transferred to Sharpshooters
Jefferson W. Wilkinson — killed at Shiloh
James M. Wilson — died at Corinth of pneumonia
Joseph T. Wilson - not mustered
*Isaac Winter — captured Shelbyville, TN; resident of Coosa, Ala William W. Wood - not mustered
Richard S. Reynolds — died in Amite Co. of diarrhea


Company D, 7th Mississippi (Jeff Davis Sharpshooters) enlisted by Captain Hamilton Mayson on 12 April 1861 and later on 4 May 1861 at Columbia, Marion Co. Ms. Two of the several companies organized in Marion Co., Co D and F were a part of the Seventh Regiment. Many of the men in these two companies were related. Many of these men signed up for one company but changed their mind arid went with another company.


Captain Hamilton Mayson — promoted to Colonel; discharged May 1862
1st Lieut. Henry Pope — promoted to Major; on last roll Aug. 1864
2nd Lieut. Franklin W, Foxworth — did not leave with the company
3rd Lieut. Arthur T. Watts — did not leave with the company
1st Sgt. John Pittman — discharged for disease of the lungs
2nd Sgt. Daniel P. Barnes — did not leave with the company
3rd Sgt. Samuel Welch — did not leave with the company
4th Sgt. James E. Brakefield - discharged at Tupelo, Ms
5th Sgt. Samuel B. Rankin — wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded at Atlanta
1st Corp. George W. Foxworth — did not leave with the company
2nd Corp. William L. Robertson — died of typhoid pneumonia
3rd Corp. Thomas P. Holloway -. did not leave with the company
4th Corp. Berry Pt Garner — on last roll Aug. 1864

John Anthony — wounded at Shiloh; discharged 1 Oct 1862 as under age
Joseph Anthony — discharged Oct. 1862, fifty four years; b Natchitoches, La.
Elisha Applewhite — wounded 28 July 1864; to hospital
F. Barnes — discharged at Bay St. Louis, Ms
John R. Barnes - discharged as under age; joined Co. 31 ‘7th Regiment later
Thomas Barnes — discharged 3 Apr 1863
James A. Barnett - apparently left with another company
James B. Barnett — shown on leave when the company left
Joseph Baxter - disability discharge Oct. 1861
Gabriel F. Blackburn -. apparently left with another company
Irwin Blackburn — apparently left with another company
Madison Brakefield — captured in Kentucky exchanged; wounded in TN
Walter A. Brakefield — wounded at Shiloh; died in the hands of the enemy
H. W. Branch — died at Hazlehurst, son of John Branch
Jesse Branch — killed at Shiloh
John C. Bryant - surrendered as 2nd Sgt. in N. C.
L. F. Bryant — single card, sick Nov—Dec 1861; see T. S. Bryant
T. S Bryant — died at Guntown, Ms of typhoid
William S. Buchanan — discharged as under age; re—enlisted; wounded at Atlanta born Abbeville, S. C.
Thomas J. Bullock — never mustered
William Burke - one card, see William Burkett
William Burkett — surrendered in N. C.
Alfred Burrow — discharged at Tupelo, Ms
Elijah Burt — wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded at Resaca
D. Burt - one card, sick at Okolona 28 May 1862
Benjamin F. Campbell — captured at Marietta, Ga.; from Lawrence Co. Ms
F. N. Campbell — missing 9 July 1864
Stephen Connerly — died at Covington, Ga.
Abishaba Cook -wounded at Murfreesboro; surrendered in N. C.
Benjamin Cook — wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded at Atlanta; to hospital
Benjamin F. Cooper — wounded at Shiloh; discharged 28 Nov 1862
Isaiah Creel - did not leave with the company
Jeptha C. Creel — Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; wounded Murfreesboro; killed at Atlanta
R. G. Crow — recruit 1 Dec 1863; deserted 21 May 1864
Nathaniel Davis — not mustered
Seaborn Davis — discharged and re—enlisted in Co. F
H. Egan — single card — sick Nov 1861
James T. Evans — died of measles at Bay St. Louis, Ms
Thomas A. Evans — transferred to Sharpshooters; captured at Dalton, Ga.
Alfred A. Farr — captured at Shiloh and exchanged; captured at Missionary Ridge
Jeptha N. Forbes — transferred to Co. F; Oklahoma pension in 1915
William M. Forbes — on leave in Oct. 1861
Felix Fletcher Ford — died at Brookhaven of typhoid
Solomon Harrison Ford — discharged Oct 1862
William J. Ford - discharged; nineteen year old club foot
William J. Fortenberry — died of typhoid 10 Apr 1862
James T. Foster — prior service 2nd Miss; wounded at Atlanta; to hospital
Jobe N. Foxworth — to ~d Lieut.; not re—elected
Giles Gates — wounded Murfreesboro; -wounded Chickamauga; to various hospitals
Isham Gates — on last roll Aug. 1864.
William L. Gill — recruited but joined the 24th Miss
Benjamin Goodman — did not return from sick leave; born in Germany
Henry H. Hammond — lost his gun at Shiloh; died of wounds received at Resaca
John H. Hammond — died of measles at Bay St. Louis, Ms
John Hand — never mustered
James Hardy — missing at Missionary Ridge
John W Hickenbottom - wounded at Shiloh; wounded Chickamauga; captured at Nashville
William A. Hickenbottom — Hazlehurst hospital; joined the Cavalry
Elijah B. M. Hillhouse — recruit captured in Ga; from Calhoun Co. Ms
Fielding H. Holloway — not mustered
Thomas G. Holmes — discharged at Lauderdale Springs, Ms
William Jackson — on last roll Aug. 1864; born in New Orleans, La.
George W. Johnson — left with a company for Virginia
Pleasant 0. Jones — died of wounds in Federal hands at Murfreesboro, TN
James H. Jordan — from Co. F; killed at Chickamauga
S. M. Kemp — discharged as forty six years old; born Gwinnett Co. Ga
Martin Silas D. Lewis - discharged and re-enlisted; wounded in thigh in Ga.
John Little — wounded at Shiloh; captured at Egypt Station, Ms
Thomas Lofton — wounded at Atlanta; to hospital
William H. Luper — wounded at Chattanooga; to hospital
Jesse W. Lott — received a leave and joined the 27th Miss
Nathan A. Lott — not mustered; believed the Lott’s were sons of Abe Lott of Covington Co.
Reuben W. Lott— killed at Murfreesboro in the first charge John W. Lowe — not mustered
John Mason — on last roll Aug. 1864
Thomas J. McKenzie — wounded Murfreesboro; on last roll Aug 1864
Peter McQuade — discharged for varicose veins and dropsy; born in Ireland
John Miles — died of typhoid 7 Dec 1861
P. J. Miller — captured at Corinth, Ms
John Mitchell — discharged for disability
Olander A. Mitchell — discharged for tuberculosis, born in Hancock Co. Ms
Ebenezer Moody - not mustered
Hezekiah Moody — discharged for disability
Solomon Moody — died in Marion Co. Ms of measles
Zebedee F. M. Morris — died at Oxford, Ms -
Josiah B. Newman — not mustered
Robert Norton — died 8 Aug 1863
John G. Purvis — present on the June 1864 roll
Andrew J. Pickens - never reported at Bay St. Louis, Ms; born in Jones Co. Ms
Allen B. Pope — wounded at Murfreesboro; captured in Kentucky; on last roll Aug 1864
Dickerson R. Pope — not mustered
Willis S. Pope — killed or died in late 1864 or early 1865
Albert Powell — transferred to Sharpshooters
Edward N. Powell - on last roll Aug 1864
James E. Powell — killed at Murfreesboro, Tn
Thomas Powell — on last roll Aug 1864
Edward Rankin - not mustered
George F. Rankin — not mustered
William J. Rankin, Jr. — killed at Shiloh
Rufus B. Reagen — discharged for lung trouble
Jethro Robbans — discharged due to hernia
James H/W. Rogers — transferred to Sharpshooters
G. W. Rollins — wounded and captured at Shiloh; died in Union hospital
Henry P. Scarborough - wounded at Shiloh; on last roll Aug 1864
Samuel Screws — on last roll Aug 1864
John M. Sims — promoted to 3rd Lieut.; not reelected; surrendered in N. C.
George W. Slade - discharged for disability
Hezekiah Slade -. died in Chattanooga
Samuel Slade — transferred to Sharpshooters
Duncan Smith — died of typhoid at Corinth, Ms (possible Shiloh wound)
Frances M. Smith — on last roll Aug 1864
*J. D. Smith - captured at Selma, Ala.
*Charles Sterling - paroled in N. C.
*John Sterling — captured at Missionary Ridge
William C. Stewart - on last roll Aug 1864
*J. S. H. Tate — a sergeant captured at Selma, Ala.
James B. Tatum - from company F; on last roll Aug 1864
Jacob Temples — discharged
John R. Temples — apparently discharged Dec 1861
William J. Temples — died at Okolona, Ms
John Thompson — to 3rd Lieut; on last roll Aug 1864
Wade H. Thornhill - died of typhoid (probable Shiloh wound); mother was Mary Thornhill
E. L. Walker — missing in action at Atlanta
William Warren, Jr. - wounded 28 Aug 1864
Henry W. Webb - killed at Murfreesboro, Tn
William T. Webb — became captain; received a leave in 1864
Thomas Whittom - wounded at Chickamauga and Atlanta; captured at Nashville

Due to death from measles, typhoid fever, the Battle of Shiloh and the Kentucky campaign, the two Marion Co. companies i.e. Co. D and F were consolidated 26 Dec 1862.

*indicated someone whom we feel was not a member of the 7th Mississippi but the person named is
found on the microfilm records of the unit.


Company E, 7th Mississippi ‘Beauregard Volunteers” enrolled 4 May 1861. They held meetings in Meadville and enrolled there but as many were from eastern Franklin
Co., they drilled between Quentin and McCall prior to going to the Mississippi coast.

Captain Daniel Henderson Parker — was a half brother of Judge Thomas J. Magee. He received a twenty day leave on 4 May 1862 and died at home of typhoid fever.
1st Lieut. Daniel A. Buie — not re-elected; re-enlisted in another company
2nd Lieut. Wiley W. Wharton — resigned 31 Oct 1861
3rd Lieut. John Archibald Cato — not re-elected; killed in 4th Cavalry
1st Sgt. Robert C. Bethea — promoted to 1st Lieut.; not re-elected; a physician
2nd. Sgt. Stanton D. Birch — promoted to captain; re-enlisted in 9th Miss.
3rd Sgt. George Stewart — Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; to 3rd Conf. Engineers
4th Sgt. Julius T. Hairs - captured and exchanged in Kentucky; surrendered in N. C.
5th Sgt. Isaac L. Hairs — wounded and discharged; enlisted Co. D 20th Cavalry
1st Corp. A. Graham A. Flowers — discharged; enlisted in Co. I, 14th Conf. Cavalry
2nd Corp. Thomas J. McMillan — disability discharged; enlisted in 2nd Militia
3rd Corp. Thomas W. Cupit — not mustered
4th Corp. Perry G. Smith - wounded at Atlanta, surrendered Citronelle, ALL.

Obediah S. Ables — not mustered; joined 2nd Militia; Arkansas pension
Littleton Adams — from another company; various hospitals; had six children
Benjamin Franklin Bailey - under eighteen; captured in Tennessee
Solomon J. Beck — transferred to Company A
David Monroe Bedford - discharged as under age; Youngblood Signal Corps; Powers Cavalry
John D. Blue — discharged for disability; enlisted in Co. F 4th Cavalry
Alexander H. Bonds not mustered; joined 33rd Miss.
Charles P. Brock — discharged as under age; enlisted 18th Miss and 28th Cavalry
J. A. Buie - died at Hazlehurst of measles
Joseph Paisley Buie — transferred to Joe Wheeler Cavalry
Thomas W. Burke - captured and died in hands of enemy in Kentucky
David B. Calcote — discharged as under age; enlisted in Cc. C Powers Cavalry
Willis N. Calcote — on last roll Aug 1864
Franklin Carey — not mustered
William Thomas J. Carlock — transferred to Co. K, 7th Miss
Thomas Chapman — not mustered; enlisted in another company
Elbert F. Cobb — discharged for sickness; enlisted 14th Cavalry; 20th Cavalry
Joseph M. Cobb — wounded at Chickamauga; surrendered at Citronelle, Al
William C. Cobb — captured in Tenn.; paroled 23 May 1865 in New Orleans, La.
Frederick H. P. Crabtree — killed at Murfreesboro, Tn
George McD. Crosby transferred to Co. A., 7th Miss.
Daniel A. Cupit — wounded at Shiloh and on Tennessee River; died in Union prison
Isaac D. Cupit — wounded at Shiloh; killed at Resaca, Ga.
James H. Cupit — discharged for disability; enlisted in 23rd Confederate Cavalry
William Rutledge Cupit — killed at Murfreesboro; had four children
Alexander Currie — on last roll Aug 1864
Neil D. Currie — wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded and captured on Tenn. River
Benjamin M. Darsey - died of measles at Shieldsboro
Francis H. Darsey - transferred to 2nd Militia; 4th Powers Cavalry
B. B. Davidson — captured at Jonesboro, Ga. and exchanged
Thomas Dean — transferred to Sharpshooters; Co. D 33rd Miss
William Dew — captured at Marietta, Ga
Ephraim Emfinger — lost leg at Jonesboro, Ga; surrendered at Citronelle, Al
Joseph Flowers — discharged; joined the Cavalry
Thomas W. Flowers — resigned as Chaplain in 1862
Benjamin F. Gammbill — transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers; born Lewis, Stone Co. Al
James F. Godbold — discharged 29 Oct 1861
Thomas W. Godbold — on last roll Aug 1864; paroled at Jackson
James A. Grim — not mustered
D. H. Guice — discharged from hospital Nov—Dec 1862
Henry J. M. Harrigill — killed at 2nd Lieut. at Murfreesboro, Th
*George W. Horton — captured; may be J. WI Horton Co. H 7th Miss
William L. Howard — wounded and captured at Murfreesboro; discharged for wounds
Lewis Hutto — discharged for sore leg; enlisted Co. E 24th Cavalry
George W. lnes — transferred to Co. A 7th Miss
William N. Irwin — discharged Oct 1861
Gilbert A. Jackson — discharged; enlisted in Co. B 33rd Miss
Nathan A. Jackson — joined another company
James Jennings — discharged by conscript act
Caleb L. Johnson — died at Jackson, Tn
Pinckney F. Johnson — died of measles at Shieldsboro
William Johnson — died of wounds received at Murfreesboro
Daniel W. Jones — died of heart disease
John W. Jones — transferred to Sharpshooters
Thomas Talifero Jones — died of typhoid Apr 1862, son of Thomas Jones of Brookhaven, Ms
Nathaniel B. Kelsey — died in 1862
Benjamin Diddle Knapp — surrendered in N. C.
Alfred D. Kyle — killed on picket duty at Corinth, Ms
Edward Pepkin Lazarus - not mustered; enlisted Co. B 33rd Miss
Barnabus P. Lazarus — various hospitals; overstayed leave in 1864
Nicholas Lazarus — not mustered; enlisted Co. D 33rd Miss
David W. Lee — discharged; joined 14th Confederate Cavalry
James Alexander Lee — from Co. A; transferred to Co. B 23rd Cavalry
Absalom B. Linder — not mustered
Perry Lofton — overstayed leave in 1864
Samuel Lofton — not mustered; joined the Artillery
William A. Lofton — discharged for rheumatism
Zachariah Lofton — transferred to Sharpshooters
Samuel G. Long — from company K; discharged as under age
John A. Love — wounded at Chickamauga, on last roll Aug 1864
Robert D. Luckett — killed at Shiloh
Needham W. Lee — discharged for rheumatism; forty three years old
Theodore Frelinghuysen Magee — died of typhoid May 1862
Thomas J. Magee — discharged by conscript act; elected a Probate Judge
Lafayette Martin — died of pneumonia at Murfreesboro, Tn
Charles McCaa — to hospital; joined Co. G 23rd Cavalry
Joseph J. McCaa — on last roll Aug 1864
John W. McDaniel — dropped as ill; joined Co. E 23rd Cavalry
Elias McFarland — not mustered; joined 2nd Militia
Daniel McIntyre — discharged at Rome, Ga.; born in Jefferson Co. Ms
H. A. McLaurin — wounded at Shiloh and Resaca; to hospital
Calern E. McMillan — discharged June 1862; joined Co. G 14th Confederate Cavalry
Edward L. Middleton — wounded at Murfreesboro; to hospital 18 Oct 1864
Levi E. Middleton — wounded at Murfreesboro; died in the hands of the enemy
Levi G. Middleton - wounded at Shiloh and died of wounds
Napoleon F. Middleton — overstayed leave in 1864
Titian H. Murray — wounded at Resaca, Ga and sent to hospital
Oscar S. Newman — discharged in 1862; joined Co. K 1st Miss Artillery
*R. P. Newton — in siege of Vicksburg; killed
Aaron Nolan — captured at Kennesaw Mountain, Ga.
Nathan Oliver — not mustered “dead”
William H. Parker - became Sgt. Major; captured at Murfreesboro and exchanged
Gabriel Pickering — discharged or died late 1861
Nicholas Clifton Porter -  died in Yankee hands of Shiloh wounds
Mathew C. Prather — died at home 26 Mar 1863
Daniel R Price— transferred to Sharpshooters
Joseph W Raney — died at Atlanta
John M. Reem/Reim — not mustered
Moses Renfrow — died in Tennessee
William Renfrow — not mustered
John Rials — shot in head; left arm and left hand; discharged; born Copiah Co.
John W. Robertson — captured on the Tennessee River
Dempsey Rushing — adroitly fell behind and deserted at Harrodsburg, KY
James N. Rushing — captured and died in Yankee hands in Ga.
James R. Rushing — wounded at Munfordsville and Chickamauga; lost use of arm
Wiley Rushing - discharged; joined 33rd Miss; drew pension
Jesse Rials — not mustered; joined Co. D 33rd Miss; born Marion Co. Ms
Christopher Sawls — not mustered
James A. Scott — became Sgt. Major; killed at Shiloh
Rutilius K. Scott — wounded at Murfreesboro; became 1st Sgt.
Samuel L. Scott — transferred to Co A.
Joseph Seale - on last roll Aug 1864
Pascal H. Seale — discharged; joined Co. B 14th Confederate Cavalry
John Washington Sermons-died of fever at Corinth, Ms
Jonathan Sermons — wounded at Murfreesboro and Chickamauga
George P. Short — not mustered; joined Co. B 14th Confederate Cavalry
Oren B. Shurtliff — died at Chattanooga, Tn
Balaam Smith — on last roll Aug 1864; paroled at Jackson
Everett Smith — in hospital on last roll “dead”
Cranberry Smith — died of typhoid in Tennessee
James N. Smith — paid as Sgt. 1862,”dead”
John/Jacob Smith — captured and exchanged in Kentucky and on Tennessee River
Nicholas Smith — wounded at Shiloh ‘supposed to be dead’
Theodore Smith — captured in Kentucky and exchanged; enlisted Co. K 1st Miss Artillery
William J. Smith — wounded at Shiloh “supposed to be dead”
George Washington Spring — wounded at Chickamauga; on last roll Aug 1864; died in 1908
William A. Stovall — discharged; Co. E 24th Cavalry; born in Hinds Co. Ms
Charles E. Stringer — transferred to Co. D 19th Miss; died in Va.
Dempsey Tarver — died at Shieldsboro, Ms of measles
James Tarver — not mustered
Reason E. Tarver — died at Tullahoma, Tn of pneumonia
Preston Thedford — not mustered
James N. Thornhill — killed at Murfreesboro, Tn
John A. Watson — discharged in late 1862
Alexander H. Webb — became 1st Sgt.; wounded and leg amputated at Atlanta; died
John W. Webb — not mustered; joined Co. B 14th Confederate Cavalry
John Wekham — at Macon, GA hospital for gunshot wound of arm; resided Mobile, Al
William M. Wentworth — discharged; being elected sheriff; in a book we found a pass that Wentworth had given one of his former slaves to get through the lines of the Union garrison at Natchez.
“Permit my once servant, Joyse, to pass to the city of Natchez, and circumambulate the streets, and cross over into the State of Louisiana, drive all the beef cattle out of  Texas, and jump into the Gulf of  Mexico, swim across and return home, if she sees proper.
/s/ William M. Wentworth
Sheriff, Jul 4 1866
George W. Wharton — wounded at Murfreesboro and captured; exchanged
Aaron J. Williams — died at Oxford of typhoid May 1862
Thomas A. Wright — present on last roll Aug 1864


Company F, 7th Mississippi (Marion's Men) enlisted Aug. 10—24, 1561 at Little River
Church, Marion Co. MS by Capt. William J.. Rankin, who resigned from the State Senate to raise the company. He originally had ninety-eight men when he left Columbia. One son had previously joined Co. D.


Captain William B. Rankin — resigned for disability May 10, 1862; later reentered the service
1st. Lieut. William H. Bishop — elected Colonel May 8, 1562; wounded at Murfreesboro; killed at Franklin
*1st Lieut. William E. Barringer — from 41st TN; was detailed as drillmaster a short time
2nd . Lieut. William G. Dampier -  resigned Jan. 31, 1862
3rd Lieut. Ezekiel T. Hudnall, Assistant surgeon, detached to 38th Miss
Ensign Benjamin F. Thompson; reduced, captured at Missionary Ridge
1st Sgt. John H. Block — injured in train wreck Feb. 27, 1562; discharged; born in N.C.
2nd Sgt. James N. Atkinson — elected Captain; wounded Murfreesboro; leave Mar 7, 1564
3rd Sgt. Jesse 7. Rankin - died June 9, 1862 of fever
4th Sgt. Joseph M. Ford -  furnished a substitute June 23, 1862
5th . Sgt, William F. Barnes wounded and captured at Shiloh, exchanged joined 9th Cav.
1st . Corp. Nelson C. Forbes - became 2nd Lieut., captured at Nashville
2nd Corp. Samuel McLelland - went to Yankees Aug. 20, 1863; finally got to New Orleans
3rd Corp. James F. Ford — discharged April 2, 1863
4th Corp. John W. Thompson - wounded Murfreesboro; various hospitals

Henry H. Askew – substituted Robert Merrit Sept 1, 1862
Edward O. Ball – captured at Missionary ridge
Allen J. Barnes surrendered in North Carolina
Levi Bass - leave for 40 days Nov. 11, 1863; quite ill for two months
? Batt — only shows as being sick in Marion Co. Nov. 1861
Henry H. Baughman - wounded at Resaca May 14, 1864
Joel C. Baughman - died of wounds at Murfreesboro, widow was Mary Ann
Martin L. Baughman - wounded at Chattahoochee River, GA; to hospital
William A. Baughman - probably went with another company
John T. C. Baxter - on last roll Aug 1864
Joseph C. Brooks — died at home June 25, 1864 of chronic diarrhea
G. D. Brown — on last roll Aug. 1864
Columbus L. Bryant - died of pneumonia at Shieldsboro; wife Elizabeth J.
George Marion Bryant - died of pneumonia at Shieldsboro; son of Pleasant B. Bryant
Joseph E. Bryant — died at Lauderdale Springs; son of Pleasant B. Bryant
Charles W. Bullock — wounded at Shiloh; died at Summit of wounds
Davis J. B. Bullock - missing at Missionary Ridge
Frances Marion Byne - died at Oxford May 12, 1862 of fever
Alfred Cameron — discharged Nov 8, 1861 for disability
John W. Cameron - went to the Yankees Aug 31, 1863; sent north of the Ohio
Levander “Leo” Cameron — to the hospital Nov 23, 1863
Thomas Cameron — to the hospital Feb 3, 1863
Brick L. Clark — leave for thirty days Feb 3, 1863
Thomas Cox died November 15, 1862 of typhoid fever
William Clark - transferred to 9th Sharpshooters June 26, 1862
*Adam L. Coats - captured Kennesaw Mountain, GA; from Enterprise, MS
*Benjamin F. Collins - captured Kennesaw Mountain, Ga.; from Morton Station, MS
*Morgan E. Collins — captured Kennesaw Mountain, GA; from Morton Station, MS
*Simeon Collins - captured Kennesaw Mountain, GA; from Morton Station, MS
Jackson Conerly - wounded Murfreesboro; discharged as under age Jan 25, 1863
William Conn — disability discharge Jan 26, 1863; forty—two years old
Edmond Coward — surrendered in North Carolina
Jonathan W. Cox - discharged Oct 1, 1862 a minor; captured Apr 27, 1864
Simeon R. Cox - died at LaGrange, GA of typhoid fever Dec 15, 1863
Robert Daugherty discharged July 2, 1562 for disability
David Davis - wounded Murfreesboro; leave from hospital
James Davis — on last roll Aug 1864
Jesse C. Davis - captured at Missionary Ridge
Benjamin Drummond - Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro, wounded Resaca, surrendered N. C.
Isaac Duncan — transferred to 9th Battalion Sharpshooters
Adolphus J. Forbes - discharged for disability July 24, 1862; born in S. C.
Jeptha N. Forbes - exchanged for James Jordan Co. D; leave Jan 20, 1864; Okla. pension
Jackson Fortenberry - wounded Murfreesboro; incomplete record
John G. Fortenberry — captured Sept. 1862; exchanged and to hospital
M. A. Fortenberry - sick all time in regiment
W. J. Fortenberry — wounded at Atlanta; to hospital
Hal Freeman - shown as drummer at Shieldsboro; company unknown
Thomas J. Futch - hurt in the second train wreck Aug 1, 1862; discharged
Rufus Gillis — wounded at Chickamauga and died of wounds
William Green — killed at Chattanooga; was under age
*Charles C. Gunter — captured July 3, 1864 in GA; probably from 7th Battalion
*Josiah H. C. Harper — captured July 19, 1864 in GA; probably from 7th Battalion
B.F. Harrington - was shown as Tat drummer Sept 27, 1861
*Samuel D. Harris - captain; captured at Blakeley, AL; probably 7th Battalion
*Joshua H. Hinton - captured July 3, 1864 in GA; probably from 7th Battalion
Calvin Hood - wounded at Murfreesboro; Chickamauga; Atlanta; captured
William G. H. Howard - died of wounds received at Murfreesboro
James A. Johnson - apparently went with another company
Oliver Hazard Perry Jones — captured Missionary Ridge; from Warren Co.
Wiley E. Jones - surrendered at Greensboro, N.C.
James H. Jordan — transferred to Company D
Edwin Kimber - captured at Nashville
William H. King — discharged due to wounds received at Shiloh
Elijah J. Lee - killed at Greensville, AL 1 Aug 1862 in railroad collision
? Levy — was sick when company left
Felix S. Loe - wounded Murfreesboro; captured in GA and exchanged
Joseph S. C. Loe - did not leave with the company
William W. Luper - died at Jackson, TN Mar 6, 1862
James Lott — killed at Shiloh
John Magee — elected 1st Lieut. to hospital Aug 18, 1864
Tiery J. Magee — wounded severely at Murfreesboro; died Oct 19, 1863 of disease
Joseph Martin - hurt in railroad accident at Greenville, AL; discharged
John Maxwell — enlisted July 19, 1863 in AL; left on Aug 21, 1863
George W. McClosky — died at Chattanooga
James McClosky — died at Shieldsboro
Samuel McDonald — died in Rome, GA
William J. McLelland – killed at Shiloh
*R. Medlin – captured at Selma, Ala, probably from 7th Batt.
Robert Merritt — substitute; captured in KY; paroled; soon died
James Moreland – to hospital in Tn.
George W. Moody – hurt in railroad accident 1Aug. 862, died of typhoid
John Morris -killed at Shiloh, father is Alfred Morris
William J. Morris died May 21, 1862 of disease, father is Alfred Morris
William Murphy — discharged for disability July 2, 1862
Lewis J. Newsom — surrendered in North Carolina
Daniel Nichols - did not return from sick leave 1861; probably discharged
Needham Nichols — discharged at Corinth
Ephraim D. Nichols — died at Corinth
*James H. Parker — captured at Big Shanty, GA; member of 22nd Miss.; born in TN
John C. Parnell — died at Bay St. Louis of fever
Seaborn A. Pigot — transferred to Sharpshooters
Charles C. Pittman — died at Oxford
Daniel Pittman — wounded at Shiloh; discharged for disability
Gaines A. Pittman — sent to hospital sick in 1861
James W. Pittman — fifteen year old boy discharged Nov 1, 1862 at Bardstown, KY
Jesse R. B. Pittman — discharged Aug 26, 1861 to care for aged invalid mother; has brothers yet on the company roll
Richard B. Pittman -wounded at Murfreesboro; killed at Chickamauga
Stephen D. Pittman - wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded and lost a leg in GA
Daniel Polk — sent to hospital 14 Feb 1854
Elisha Polk — discharged and re—enlisted; to hospital at Rome, GA
Joseph Pope — discharged at Harrison Landing, TN
H. L. Pritchard — wounded at Atlanta and sent to hospital
P. B. Raiford - became a cook at Newnan, GA hospital
George W. Rankin — wounded at Resaca and sent to hospital
John W. Rankin — discharged for disability
Ephraim E. Rawls — got a forty day sick leave Dec 1, 1863
George W. Robinson - discharged for disability; born in Attala Co.
Calvin Ryals - died at Cassville, GA of pneumonia
Elijah Ryals - died in Knoxville, TN
Elisha G. Ryals —captured at Missionary Ridge; died in prison
Evans Ryals — died in Marion Co.
Felix Ryals — sixty day leave from hospital Mar 23, 1864
Hugh J. Ryals - went to the Yankees at Bridgeport, AL
Charles Slade — received a thirty day leave Feb 16, 1864
Samuel Slade - ran off at Bay St. Louis and went home
Andrew Smith - in hospital in Apr 1863
Andrew Jackson Sones — substitute; wounded at Resaca, Ga and sent to hospital
James Spears - ran off at Bay St. Louis and went home
Ebenezer P. Stewart — substituted A J Sones Aug 23, 1862
*Francis Stoefer — captured Leesburg, VA; residence New Orleans; possibly 11th Miss
Jackson W. Stringer — died at Bay St. Louis; son of J. F. Stringer
Josiah M. Stringer died at Oxford hospital
James B. Tatum — on last roll Aug 1864
William J. Thompson — discharged Jan 21, 1862
*J. M. Tittle - captured at Gettysburg; probably from 11th Miss,

Henry Tubb — transferred to Sharpshooters
*P. D. Turner — captured at Selma, AL; in Roddy Cavalry
*Richard H. Valentine — captured Chattahoochee, Ga.; from Jones Co.
Marion M. Wallace — wounded at Atlanta; sent to hospital

Jesse Warren, Jr. — was Sutler; transferred
*Younger Wilbourne - captured Chattahoochee, Ga.; from Jasper Co.
*William J. . Wilburn — captured Marietta, GA; from Ellisville; 7th MS Battalion
Bennett Whiddon - captured at Missionary Ridge; from Columbia
James Whiddon - died at Henderson, TN
John A. Whiddon — died at Chattanooga, TN John
Ira Whiddon — discharged for disability
*David Williams — captured in GA July 3, 1863; Green Co.; 7th Battalion
*James P. Williams - captured in GA July 3, 1863; State Line, Greene Co.
William Yarborough - deserted at Bridgeport, AL

In relation of William Yarborough, he was one of the ten members of the regiment who went to the Yankees at Bridgeport. In our analysis of the regiment, we have only found eleven who deserted to the Union, which we consider a tribute to the majority of the men in the regiment. This group of ten left the Confederate lines during the night and reported in to the Yanks the next day. Apparently they were not in Confederate uniform (we imagine that uniforms were at a premium in 1863) and according to the Union statement about John W. Cameron, the Yanks were suspicious of the group and told them that they were bushwhackers.

Probably the Yanks threatened to shoot the ten and two of them became so frightened and were making all kinds of rash statements about their love of the Union that the Yanks put them to the test and forced two of them to join the Union Army. Of the two, one had presence of mind and enlisted under another name than his own. It is unsafe to speculate about any action of another but from looking over records of such characters, we believe that these two left the Blue Coats at their first opportunity. We do not believe that any of the ten harbored any ill feelings for the Confederacy but were smart enough to realize that the Seventh was losing men by being killed and wounded in every battle and they were trying to save their own skin.

The remaining eight took an oath to remain North of the Ohio River for the remainder of the war, but as was shown earlier, at least Cameron appeared in New Orleans a year later and was made to take the oath again, Some Confederates really did not understand what the oath of allegiance was and became home sick in the North. A few are recorded as drifting back South through the lines and rejoining other Confederate units.

On this same sad note, there were fifteen who joined the Union Army to fight Indians on the frontier or the Union Navy while they were in Union prisons. Four of these were rejected and released. Of this group, we would only state that the food was bad and scarce, the prison guards were brutal and thousands were dying in the Union prisons. These men had served honorably and well before their capture and although the vast majority did not desert their comrades, the Federal Government was able to recruit six regiments to go and fight the Indians out of the pest hole prisons. Only two of the eleven that served the Union were brave enough to admit their service for the Federals and draw a pension from the United States Government.


Company G “Goode’s Rifles” enlisted at Lawrence Co. April 24, - Aug. 3, 1861. Many man were from the area which became Jefferson Davis Co. Due to scarcity of men, the company was finally consolidated with company I.
An acquaintance, Doug Speights, was recently talking to me at a Sons of the Confederate Veterans meeting and mentioned that a brother of his ancestor has a Confederate marker and mentioned that there were other Confederate markers in the family cemetery in Jefferson Davis Co. The uncle was Archibald “Archie” Speights which we determined was the A. W. Speights of Co. G. Douglas Speights has lived in Texas for some time but still has fond memories of Jefferson Davis County.
In Confederate pension rolls, many old men did not state they were in the Seventh Mississippi, but said they were “in the regiment of Colonel Goode”. The Colonel Goode they were serving under was Elias J. Goode, the first captain of Company G.


Captain Elias J. Goode - promoted to Colonel; not re-elected
1st Lieut, James N. Cannon — resignation due to disability
2nd Lieut. August D. Dixon — apparently did not leave with the company
3rd Lieut. C. Edward Tennison — wounded Chickamauga; paroled at Jackson; in Co. I 3rd Louisiana Cavalry
1st Sgt. James N. Warner — not re-elected as 2nd Lieutenant
2nd Sgt. 0.K. May — discharged Nov. 27, 1862; over age
3rd Sgt. T. A. Burkett — became Sergeant Major; became Adjutant
4th Sgt. B H. Gunnells — apparently did not leave with the company
5th Sgt. N. IL Buckley — killed at Resaca, GA
1st Corp. C. E. Mikell — died in Lawrence Co. Jan. 17, 1862
2nd Corp. A. B. Graves — captured at Nashville
3rd Corp. J. B. Fountain — discharged due to disability
4th Corp. Perry Mullins - promoted to 3rd Lieut.; not re—elected

*L. R. C. Allen - captured at Selma, AL Apr 2, 1865
E. A. Armstrong — discharged July 2, 1862
Abner B. Ballard — died Feb. II, 1862 at Chattanooga
W. B. Ballard — transferred to Joseph Wheeler Cavalry
Winston Ballard — may be W½ B. Ballard
A. N. Bennett - died at Bay St. Louis of fever Feb. 15, 1862
Matthew M. Branton -. wounded Shiloh; captured at Chattanooga
F. B. Bridges - died in the hospital at Okolona, MS Aug 14, 1862
*A. T. Brown — captured at Selma, AL Apr 2, 1865
A. L. Buckley - apparently died or did not go with the company
A. J. Burkett — transferred to Sharpshooters
J. N. Burkett - on roll Apr 14, 1864
J. W. Burkett — transferred to Sharpshooters
John H. Cannon - killed at Chickamauga
*T. P. Colwell - paroled at Memphis May 1865
John David Cooper — cited for bravery at Chattanooga; died of wounds received at Jonesboro, GA
John Cox - did not leave with company due to illness
Frances Marion Dupriest - died at Corinth of pneumonia
Ferdinand Paler — joined another company
Jacob Falor discharged Sept 30, 1862 as under age; born in France
James Finney - killed at Shiloh
J. C. Fortenberry — apparently did not leave with the company
Dermis Ginneally — born in Ireland; discharged for rheumatism
Thomas J. Gray - became a hospital guard; paroled at Jackson
Matthew William Gray - captured at Chattanooga; died in prison
Hardy J. Hargroves — present on last card Aug 1864
W. B. Hartzog - died Jan 10, 1862 of pneumonia
J. A. Hedgepeth — discharged as a minor Oct 1, 1862
S. B. Herring - discharged as a minor Nov 27, 1862
Isham W. Jones - killed at Shiloh
David King - apparently did not leave with the company
Louis Kottzwitz — did not return from Hazlehurst hospital Apr 1862; possibly wounded at Shiloh
Isham Laird - wounded at Shiloh; discharged as over age; born in GA
Elijah Lambert - died Dec 6, 1861 at Bay St. Louis
Hiram Lambert — apparently did not leave with the company
David N. Langston — captured at Chattanooga
P. J. Leonard — missing at Chattanooga; probably killed
Joseph Lewis — believe he went with another company
L. Loeb — missing at Chattanooga; probably killed
E. M. May — did not leave with company due to sickness
John N. McGuffey — wounded at Resaca, GA and died
James A. McRea — died at Corinth of pneumonia
John McRae — wounded at Murfreesboro; captured at Kennesaw Mountain
B.F. Mikell - discharged for disability Nov 10, 1861
W. L. Mikell — captured at Glasgow, KY but escaped; was 1st Lt. but resigned Jan 11, 1864 as company was practically destroyed and he had not been able to get replacements
*J. W. Moore - Sergeant; captured Apr 2, 1865 at Selma, Al
Joseph Netherland - not shown after December 1863
Isaac Newton - on last roll Aug. 1864
O. C. Newton – died of typhoid fever at Oxford
C. C. Otis – died at Hazlehurst of fever
J. T. Odum- on last roll Aug. 1864 as Corporal
Milton Osteen – discharged for blindness
Edward Phulg -  Killed at Shiloh
Lemon S. Polk – captured at Shelbyville, Tn hospital.
Meedham Polk – discharged Oct 26, 1861; apparently joined 34th Ala.
Simon Polk — discharged Nov. 10, 1861
William F. Polk – captured at Shiloh and exchanged, captured at Chattanooga
Asa Powell – sick in Sept 1861, probable discharge
James Powell – discharged July 12, 1862 for a bad leg ulcer
T. F. Rawls – never reported due to sickness.
George W. Rialls – sent home sick Oct. 6, 1861
C. M. Roberts – sent to hospital Sept 25, 1863
William H. Roberts – wounded at Murfreesboro; sent to hospital Nov. 7, 1863
G. A. Robertson – Killed at Chickamauga as captain
W. M. Robertson – detailed to hospital at Columbus, Ga. May 10, 1864
W. N. Robertson - killed at Shiloh W. W. Rogers – received a forty day leave Apr. 21, 1864
A. A. Shepard Jr. – discharged Oct. 28, 1861
T. A. J. Shepard – died Nov. 4, 1862 at Knoxville, Tn.
Henry Simons – discharged Sept. 30, 1862 as Prussian subject
W. Speights – sent to hospital in Rome, Ga., Apr 18, 1863
James J. Speights – discharged July 24, 1862; forty-four years old
John J. Speights, Jr. - Died of fever Feb. 6, 1862
Oliver Stacy - on rolls Aug 1864
John E. Stamps – died of wounds received at Shiloh
Joseph Stamps – transferred to sharpshooters; captured at Munfordville, Ky and paroled; returned to company and surrendered at Greensboro, N.C.
A. W. Stringer – discharged for disability Nov 30, 1861.
Benjamin B. Stringer – discharged and re-enlisted; captured at Chattanooga
Mathew B. Stringer -  received Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro, Color Corporal captured at Chattanooga “cited for bravery at Chattanooga”
J. S. Stringer - detailed as Government shoemaker at Columbus, GA
Robert B. Stuckey — surrendered Apr 28, 1865 at Greensboro, N. C.
Joseph Sutton — died of fever at Hazlehurst Jan 14, 1862
Henry Thompson - wounded in leg at Shiloh; various hospitals
Isaiah Tolar — went to Yankees at Bridgeport, AL Sept 11, 1863
J. W. Tolar — captured at Danville, KY and paroled; went to Yankees with Isaiah Tolar
Jerome C. Tyrone - sent to Columbus, MS hospital Aug 1, 1862
Parkman Tyrone - wounded severely at Murfreesboro; captured at Chattanooga
W H. Walker - died Dec 8, 1861
Nelson Wallace - discharged as over age; fifty years old
Vincent Wallace — apparently did not go with the company
W. N. Ward — apparently did not go with the company
John Weatherford - in various hospitals for two years
Malachi Weatherford - captured at Chattanooga
Isaiah S. Williams - transferred to Sharpshooters and returned; killed at Resaca
William B. Williams - died at Canton, MS of typhoid fever June 25, 1862
H. F. Williamson — went to Yankees at Bridgeport, AL
John S. P. Williamson — captured at Chattanooga
L. J. Williamson — died at Shelbyville, TN of pneumonia Apr 14, 1863


Company H, “Dahlgren Rifles”, 7th Mississippi Company was originally recruited in Pike County, although some came from Lawrence County. Apparently they were recruited July 13th thru August 22nd, 1861 at Toppasaw, Pike County by Captain Parham B. Williams, the former sheriff of Pike County. After serving at Bay St. Louis, the company was ordered to North Mississippi to be a part of the Shiloh Campaign. They took the railroad cars at New Orleans and due to a railroad accident at Ponchatoula, Louisiana on February 27, 1862 many in the regiment particularly in Company H and K were killed or injured.

It was charged by the enlisted men and widely believed that the trainmen were Northern men and in sympathy with the Union Army and that the wreck was prearranged for the purpose of killing the Southern soldiers. A man from Pike County later wrote that “the engineer and others made their escape and kept out of the way until the close of the war, else they might have paid the penalty for their crimes.”

Due to great losses by the train wreck and through disease, a large number of men who had been captured and paroled from Fort Donelson were added to this company, but, as they were from North Mississippi they were usually transferred to the First and Forty-First Regiments. A few conscripts were also enlisted from other counties, particularly Winston County.


Captain Parham B. Williams — injured in train wreck; died March 20, 1862
1st Lieut. Joseph M. Thornhill — appointed assistant surgeon
2nd Lieut. Zebulon E. P. Williams — not re-elected; joined 14th Confederate Cavalry
3rd Lieut. Jordan B. Williams — injured in train wreck; disability discharge Aug. 25, 1862
Ensign Eliza Cothern — the fifty—five year old could not make it
1st Sgt. Peter B. Felder — killed in railroad accident
2nd Sgt. John J. Sibley — discharged Dec. 1861; joined Co. H 39th Mississippi
3rd Sgt. Wyatt Thornhill - injured in train wreck; died March 1, 1862
4th Sgt. Isaiah Greer — died Oct. 11, 1863 at Newman, Ga
5th Sgt. William L. Walker — given a surgeon’s certificate of disability July 16, 1864
Fifer Thomas C. Boyt — wounded at Murfreesboro; to various hospitals
1st Corp. Harvey Boyd — substituted Isaiah Boyd~ apparently his son
2nd Corp. Francis M. Coglim - killed in railroad accident
3rd Corp. William Dunaway — wounded Mumfordsville, Ky; killed at Atlanta
4th Corp. William Gunnell — captured Cave City, Ky and paroled

John Adams — listed in History of Pike County
Joseph P. Adams — killed in train wreck
J. Addison — sent to hospital in Mobile, Al
*J. Barnes — captured at Selma, Al Apr 2, 1865
Daniel Barnett — surrendered in N. C.
Franklin T. Blackwell - on roll to Oct 1862; disposition unknown
Daniel T. Bledsoe - surrendered in N. C.
Isham Bowman — transferred to Company B; died flee 10, 1862 at Atlanta Isaiah Boyd — a sixteen year old substitute; wounded severely and captured at Mumfordsville, Ky; paroled Dec 22, 1862; arm ruined
Jeremiah Boyd - wounded Chickamauga; wounded Atlanta
Jesse A. Boyd, Jr. - wounded May 28, 1862 at Corinth; died of wounds
Jesse A Boyd Sr. — died Jan 2, 1864
Joseph (Isham) Boyd — wounded Mumfordsville, Ky; discharged 22 Dec 1862
Parley (Pearly) Boyd — “The boy left Aug. II, 1862”
Silas C. Boyd — wounded Murfreesboro; Chickamauga; surgeon certificate
Thomas Boyd — killed in railroad accident
William Boyd — killed in railroad accident
William W. Boyd — did not return from leave Nov 1863
Hillery Breland — discharged 1 Dec 1861
Blackburn Bridges — did not leave with company
M. H. Chandler — to hospital in Ga; captured at Macon, Ga
Thomas Jasper Coglin — wounded at Chickamauga; captured at Nashville
Aleazer Z. Coker — Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; captured at Cave City, Ky
John W. Coker - wounded and captured at Cave City, Ky
Samuel Scale - wounded June 12, 1864; paroled at Macon, Ga
George W. Connerly — transferred to 3rd Engineers; had served in Company B
Craft Coon — listed in History of Pike County
Louis Coon — listed in History of Pike County
Joe Collins — listed in History of Pike County
John Cothern — on last roll August 1864
Joseph Cothern — wounded Chickamauga; on last roll
James H. (Jackson) Craft - wounded Chickamauga; at various hospitals
Jesse J. Crawford -  killed in railroad accident
Richard Washington Curtis — killed at Murfreesboro; son of Jacob Curtis
Aaron Davis — discharged Nov. 26, 1861
Arthur Davis - sick in Nov 1861; presumed discharged
Hampton Davis - surrendered in N. C.; from Hickory Station, Newton Co. Ms
John J. Davis - discharged Sept 29, 1862
Pleasant Day — died at Shieldsboro Nov 16, 1861
Jesse B. Delaughter — wounded Murfreesboro; captured at Cassville, Ga
Alvin Dempsey — had varicose veins; became a nurse; from Winston Co. Ms
W. M. Diggs — shown on Apr 1864 roll
Asa Dunaway — wounded Murfreesboro; killed at Atlanta
Jesse F. Dunaway — hurt in railroad accident and discharged; killed in Cavalry
Osburn Dunaway — shown in History of Pike County
Pearly Dunaway - killed in railroad accident
Stephen Dunaway - killed after Aug 1864
G. W. Edgar — died in camp; probably from Winston County
Alphonso Ellis — discharged April 11, 1863; born in Winston County
E. N. Ellis — wounded at Murfreesboro; discharged at Atlanta; of Winston County
James A. Everett — captured at Dalton, Ga; paroled at Richmond, VA
A .F. Parley - killed at Murfreesboro; probably from Winston Co.
T. H. Farwell — wounded at Murfreesboro; killed at Chickamauga
J. Smith Felder — left arm and hand crushed badly in railroad accident leaving arm and hand stiff; on last roll
Benjamin Graham - on last roll
Hugh Graham - at various hospitals
Howell G. Grantham — discharged April 6, 1863; from Perry County
Francis Greer — died in Atlanta
Newton Greet - surgeon certificate June 25, 1864
W. H. Gregory — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
G. C. Gulledge — wounded in Chickamauga; on last roll
Elbert Green Haley - wounded Chickamauga; various hospitals
Blakely Hinton — sent to Chattanooga hospital Nov 14, 1862
Hugh Hinton — died in Chattanooga hospital 28 Feb 1863
Francis Cornelius Hope — hurt in railroad accident and discharged; returned and died
P. Hope — may be above, as above supposedly died in hospital; captured Selma, Al
John F. Hudson - transferred to 3rd Engineers
Jesse Jenkins — listed in History of Pike County
Bill Jenkins — listed in History of Pike County
Charles Keene — discharged for paralysis of arm 22 Oct 1861
Daniel Keene — killed in railroad accident; mother was Mrs. Mary Keene
Harvey Keene — listed in Histor of Pike County
Henry Harrison Kett/ Kelt/ Kitt — killed in railroad accident
Raford Leonard — wounded Chickamauga; various hospitals
William Pleasant Leonard — sick to Hazlehurst hospital
Benjamin F. Lewis - wounded Murfreesboro; surrendered N. C.; pension in LA
Thomas L. Mallard - died at home in Winston Co. Ms
Elisha Massey, Jr. — wounded Murfreesboro; surgeons certificate
Thomas N. McAllister — sent to hospital in Chattanooga, Tn.
William McDavid — wounded 22 July 1864; surgeons certificate
Silas McEwen — listed in History of Pike 9~~y
John J. McGallion — discharged October 1, 1862 being sixteen years old
Joseph (James) McGinty — did not return from leave in 1862
Allen N. McKenzie - died at Corinth of typhoid 27 Apr 1862
B. F. Meadow — wounded at Atlanta, surgeons certificate; from Newton Co.
Henry Mills - died in Winston Co.; widow lived at Rome, Winston Co. Ms
B. A. Moore — transferred to 33rd MB; transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
Holland J. Morgan — transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers
James A. Morgan - was born in Pike Co. Ms; age twenty at enlistment; was promoted to corporal after Chickamauga; left on re-enlistment furlough on 29 Jan 1864. He decided to stay at home and Captain J. B. Tucker, the Pike Co. enrolling officer, wrote of him on May 26, 1864 that he had tried to catch Morgan several times but he gets in the swamp in the area of Magee Creek near Holmesville and gets away, but Tucker thought he could catch him and make him get back in the Army.
William N. Morgan — discharged as under aged
Lewis Odum – a substitute that was sent back to Enterprise, Ms.
J. R. O’Neil - died at Chattanooga, Tn.
Thomas Payne — probably went with another company
Jacob Henry Pearson — captured at Chickamauga, Ga; from Winston Co. Ms
Thomas H. Pearson - on last roll; probably from Louisville, Winston Co. Ms
W. W. Pitts — on last roll Aug 1864
Pleasant Pollard - listed in History of Pike County
Raford Pollard - listed in History of Pike County
John F. Pollard (may be Raford Pollard) died 26 Jan 1863
Michael Reddy/Ready — on roll Apr 1863; one Reddy killed at Harrisburg
John Reddy/Ready — discharged for protracted sickness 9 Dec 1861
Stephen Z. Reeves - killed in railroad accident
S. Warren Roberts — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
W. David Roberts - killed in railroad accident
Cullen E. Rutland - died at Columbus, Tn
F. M. Sandell - discharged 15 Apr 1863; born E. Feliciana Parish, La
Elijah S. Sartain — discharged for disability
Martin A. Sartain — transferred to 9th Battalion of Sharpshooters
William J. Saul - died of measles at Shieldsboro, Ms
William Saulsberry - transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers
James M. Scruggs — to company as Captain 20 June 1862; wounded; on last roll
Henry Shepherd — on last roll; from Newton, Ms
John Shepherd — surrendered at Mobile; from Greene Co.
Cyrus S. Simmons — captured at Nashville, Tn
H. H. Simmons — discharged 14 Nov 1861
J. F. Simmons — died 20 May 1862
Arnold J. Smith — killed in collision on railroad
N. 0. Smith — died at Canton, Ms of typhoid 4 May 1862
Byrd Sparks — wounded at Chickamauga, surgeons certificate; probably from Winston Co. Ms
*W. C. Stewart - exchanged at Vicksburg 8 Nov 1862
George W. Thorbs - died from railroad injury
John Martin Thornhill — died at Shelbyville, Tn 12 May 1863
J. Newton Thornhill — died of wounds received at Murfreesboro, Tn
John J. Thornton -. wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded at Chickamauga; became Captain; wounded in both legs in Ga; lived Planters Creek.
John Turpin — on last roll Aug 1864
J. R. Vince — injured severely in railroad collision
Thomas H. Walker - died at Holmesville, Ms of typhoid; son of Jeremiah Walker
Epperettus H. Wallace — died due to railroad injury
Isaiah B. Wallace — killed at Chattahoochee River, Ga 9 July 1864
James D. Wallace — lost a leg in the railroad collision, born in Ga
R. M. Warren - became a nurse; surrendered Columbus, 14s; probably from Winston Co. Ms
William Warren - came from company ID; transferred back to company I
N. L. Weavers — died at Chattanooga, In
A.M. Wilkerson — wounded at Murfreesboro; died in the hands of the enemy
Nathaniel B. Wilkerson — died at Lauderdale Springs, Ms; from Monticello, Ms

The following men from Company A, Byhalia, Marshall Co. Ms, Company B, Mooresville, Itawamba Co. Ms, Company C, Hernando, Desoto Co. Ms, Company D, Pleasant Mound, Panola Co. Ms, Company B, Tallulah, Marshall Co. Ms, Company F, Springdale, Lafayette Co. Ms, Company C, Fulton, Itawamba Co. Me, Company H, Shannon, Tishomingo Co. Ms. Company I, Fulton, Itawamba Co. Ms and Company K from Smith Co. were organized at Corinth, Ms in April 1861. They were mustered into service at Hopkinsville, Ky and were on wounded or sick leave or for some reason were not with the 1st Mississippi when it was captured at Fort Donelson, Tn. This portion of the 1st Mississippi was taken up on the rolls of Company H, 7th Mississippi during March - April 1862. The majority were transferred back to the 1st Mississippi on 17 Nov 1862 as the ones captured at Fort Donelson were exchanged from Camp Morton, Indiana to Vicksburg on 11 Sept 1862. Some however had been discharged due to being minors or for physical problems. One was transferred to the Sharpshooters, a few went to the 37th Mississippi and some left without permission and joined the 41st Mississippi or the McCarter Cavalry Company.

1st Sgt. F. J/G. Brown — Co. K 1st Miss. transferred to 1st Miss. 17 Nov 1862

William H. Allen — Co. C 1st Miss; 1-Fernando Miss - went to the 41st Miss
W. D. Allison — Co. ID 1st Miss, Pleasant Mount, Ms — became 1st Sgt in 1st Miss
Henry Baldwin - Co. G 1st Miss, Fulton, Ms -. wounded in Ky; to 1st Miss
J. I. T. Baldwin — Co. G 1st Miss — to 1st Miss
J. S. Bedford - discharged underage 1 Oct 1862; born Itawamba Co. Ms
T. D. Bogan — Co. D 1st Miss — to 1st Miss
W. E. Bowen - Co. C 1st Miss — said to have gone to 41st Miss
F. E. Brown — Co. A 1st Miss — discharged 26 July 1862; born in Marshall Co. Ms
F. R. Brunley - Co. E 1st Miss — to 1st Miss
George C. Bynum — Co. D 1st Miss — to 1st Miss
John W. Dawkins - Co. C 1st Miss - to 1st Miss
Samuel D. Dawkins - Co. G 1st Miss — to 1st Miss
B. J. Lean — Co. A 1st Miss — to Co. B 37th Miss
H. F. Dorsey - to 1st Miss
J. D. Dorsey - discharged for disability 2 July 1862
J. G. D. Ellis — Co. K 1st Miss — said to be McCarter Cavalry Co.
Q. T. Eskew — Co. C 1st Miss — discharged underage; seventeen years old
George H. Evans — Co. H 1st Miss, Shannon, Ms — said to be in 41st Miss
H. C. Gardner - Co. C 1st Miss — transferred to 1st Miss
Bird R. Goodwin — Co. C 1st Miss — transferred to 1st Miss
Miles A. Goodwin — Co. G 1st Miss - transferred to 1st Miss
H. B. Grammar — Co. K 1st Miss — probably in McCarter Cavalry Company
T. B. Grimes — Co. K 1st Miss — said to be in McCarter Cavalry Company
John Gist/Grist — Co. B 1st Miss, Tallulah, Ms — transferred to 1st Ms
Pickney B. Gist - Co. B 1st Miss - transferred to 1st Miss
M. V. Guest — Co. G 1st Miss - transferred to 1st Miss
J. G. J. Hancock — Co. K 1st Miss — transferred to 1st Miss
R. E. Hawney — transferred to 37th Miss
A. C. Haywood - Co. D 1st Miss - transferred to 37th Miss
W. J. Higgins — Co. C 1st Miss — said to be in 41st Miss

Thaddeus M. Howard — Co. A 1st Miss; Byhalia, Ms
J. N. Howell — Co. F 1st Miss; Iuka, Ms
D. H. Boyle - said to be in 41st Miss
D. 0. C. Hughes — Co. K 1st Miss; said to have gone to Columbus, Ms
H. 0. Irwin — Co. K 1st Miss:; transferred to 1st Miss
W. J. Jones — transferred to 1st Miss
B. M. Kennedy — Co. H 1st Miss; supposed to be in 41st Miss
George W. Leigh — Co. K 1st Miss; transferred to 1st Miss
William H. Leigh - Co. K 1st Miss; transferred to 1st Miss
Jackson V. B. Loving/Lovens — Co. C 1st Miss; said to be 41st Miss
Lewis Mabry/Mazy — Co. G 1st Miss; said to be 41st Miss
W. J. May — Co. G, 1st Miss; wounded in Ky; to 1st Miss
William F. McCrory — Co. A 1st Miss; transferred to 37th Miss
Edward B. McNeil - Co. C 1st Miss; said to be in 41st Miss
Charles Miller -. Co. D 1st Miss ; transferred to 1st Miss
James D. Montgomery - transferred to 1st Miss
T. S. Mullins - Co. I 1st Miss; transferred to 1stMiss
Martin H. Nanny — Co. K 1st Miss; discharged 25 Oct 1862; born Lauderdale Co. Al
John C. Nelson — Co. H 1st Miss; transferred to 1st Miss
N. J. D. Osborne — Co. B 1st Miss, Mooresville, Miss; discharged under aged; born Itawamba Co
W. N. Parrish — Co. F 1st Miss; transferred to 1st Miss
P. L. Redwine — Co. G 1st Miss (the only one to stay in the 7th Miss); absent sick on 18 Sept 1864 as 2nd Lt.
T. K. Reiger — probably- Co. D 1st Miss; transferred to 1st Miss
F. M. W. Rhyne — Co. K 1st Miss - probably to 41st Miss
Harvey Riggs — Co. I 1st Miss - transferred to 1st Miss
Joseph G. Roye — Co. C 1st Miss; transferred to 1st Miss
W. C. Sansom — transferred to 1st Miss
John T. Scott — Co. D 1st Miss; transferred to 1st Miss
Thomas H. Suggs — transferred to 1st Miss
J. T. Taylor — Co. G 1st Miss; transferred to 1st Miss
Joseph S. Vernon — Co. H 1st Miss; transferred to 1st Miss
S. B. Watkins — Co. F 1st Miss; transferred to 1st Miss
William A. Wellons - Co. D 1st Miss; discharged at Tupelo, Ms; born Salem, Ms. Tippah Co.
J. M. S. Wetherly — Co. F 1st Miss; transferred to 1st Miss
H. C. V. White — Co. B 1st Miss; to 9th Battalion of Sharpshooters
T. H. Wilson — Go. G 1st Miss; discharged June 26, 1862; born Lafayette Co. Ms
George B. Witt - Co. C 1st Miss; discharged 18 Aug 1862; born in Tn
George W. Yarborough — Co. F 1st Miss; to Co. F 37th Miss


Company I, “Covington Rangers”, 7th Mississippi Company, enlisted 11 August 1861 at Bay St. Louis, Ms. They probably enlisted in Covington County in April of 1861 and sometimes called the “Covington Rifles” or Captain John T. Fairley’s Company. Due to the large number of people of Scotch descent in this company, we like to call this the “Scotch Company”. Many joined the company at Mt. Cannel, Covington Co. Ms.


Captain John T. Fairley — on last roll 31 Aug 1864; commanding Co. G & H
1st Lieut. William H. Holloway — wounded at Murfreesboro; died in hands of the enemy
2nd Lieut. Jasper ID. Terrell — resigned 6 May 18623rd Lieut. Duncan McRaney - surrendered at High Point N. C.
1st Sgt. Daniel J. McInnis — discharged due to paralyzed thigh; born in Perry Co. Ms
2nd Sgt. John L. Beavers — hurt 27 Feb 1862 in railroad collision; compound fracture of right leg
3rd Sgt. Peter Fairly - wounded at Atlanta; in charge of a railroad train 14 Dec 1864
4th Sgt. John N. McInnis - discharged 1.7 Aug 1862; born in Covington Co. Ms
5th Sgt Andrew J. Carter - on last roll Aug 1864
1st Corp. Samuel B. Williams — became 2nd Lieut.; probably killed at Nashville, In
2nd Corp. Lewis W. Grey - on last roll Aug 1864
3rd Corp. Charles W. Walker — home ill in Dec 1862
4th Corp. Alexander T. Leonard — discharged 11 Nov 1862; born Richmond Co. N. C.

Needham C. Blount — missing at Shiloh; paroled and became a nurse in hospital
James L. Brown - conscript from Winston Co; ran off 20 Sept 1864
James N. Buckley — transferred to 9th Battalion of Sharpshooters
James M. Byrd - transferred from 3rd Ala Cavalry; killed at Resaca, Ga
J. K. Byrd - wounded Murfreesboro; wounded Chickamauga; paroled at Jackson
Calvin F. E. Carter — killed at Atlanta 28 July 1864
John H. . Copeland — killed at Chickamauga
Robert B. Costello — discharged prior to 30 Oct 1861
Jacob M. Cross — captured at Nashville; died Nevada Co. Ark 1922
A. S. Davis — became a nurse in the hospital 7 Mar 1863
Teranus .J. Davis - died at Corinth of typhoid fever
* W. H. Diwall — captured at Shiloh
Franklin M. Dyess — accidentally shot self in 1862; on 1st roll Aug 1864
John W. Dyess — wounded at Murfreesboro; on last roll Aug 1864
James N Easterling — killed at Resaca, Ga
James N. Eaten - on 1st roll Aug 1864
Alexander Fairly — sixty days leave 22 Dec 1864 for fracture of ulna and dislocation of radius; lived at Mt. Olive, Covington Co. Ms
Stephen B. Foles — wounded at Murfreesboro; paroled at Meridian, Ms
Benjamin F. Fry — captured at Nashville, Tn 16 Dec 1864; died in prison
C. Fullingame — recruited 11 June 1864; sent to hospital 20 Aug 1864
Revonna G. Garner — on last roll Aug 1864
Stephen J. Garner — discharge due to tuberculosis 31 Mar 1862; born Ga
Christopher Graham — discharge by conscript act; born in Dublin, Ireland
Alexander M. Graves; promoted to 2nd Sgt.; paroled at Meridian, Ms
Alexander W. Harper — killed at Atlanta 28 July 1864
Miles P. Harrell — missing at Murfreesboro
*H. M. Harris — paroled at Memphis; probably 7th Miss Battalion
Elam H. Hathorn — transferred to Sharpshooters 26 June 1862
John Y Hathorn — transferred to Sharpshooters
John M. Hill — wounded Chickamauga; captured at Franklin, Tn
Jacob Hively — died of wounds received at Murfreesboro
Benton Holcomb — wounded at Murfreesboro; captured at Missionary Ridge
H. C. Holloway - acquired Jacob I-lively as substitute 12 Dec 1862
John E Holloway — wounded at Shiloh; surrendered at Greensboro, N. C.
William S. Holloway — wounded at Shiloh; on last roll Aug 1864
*A. H.. Hubbard — captured at Nashville; possibly copying error for D. H. Hubbard
Daniel H. Hubbard — on last roll
T. J. Hubbard — captured at Jonesboro, Ga and exchanged 22 Sept 1864
William J. Hubbard — captured at Nashville; resident of Simpson Co. Ms
Alexander Johnson — died of typhoid fever; son of Allen Johnson
A. H. Jones — surrendered 28 Apr 1865 in N. C.
William J. King — discharged 31 Oct 1862
Z. B. Kitchens — surrendered in N. C.; drew a Tenn. pension in 1915
*W. B. Laughton — paroled at Memphis; probably 7th Miss Battalion
*A. J. Lee — captured wounded at Gettysburg; probably 11th Miss
Seaborn M. Lee — discharged 17 Aug 1862 for lung trouble; born in Henry Co. Al
Thomas J. Lee — captured at Nashville
Washington Leggett — wounded Murfreesboro; died in Rankin Co. Ms
*George A. Loflin — captured wounded at Shiloh; died in hands of the enemy
Austin McDonald — wounded at Jonesboro, Ga and captured; P.0. Carlisle Mills
C. L. McDonald - captured at Selma, Al
Kenneth McInnis — wounded in the neck at Shiloh; died Apr 14, 1862 in Lawrence Co. Ms
Neil McInnis - probably went with another company
Richmond McInnis — discharged 23 July 1862 with consumption
John K. McLeod — died at home of typhoid Lever; son of Murdock McLeod
Miles B. McLeod - discharged for disability 28 Nov 1861
Calvin McNease — wounded at Chickamauga; died at home in Covington Co. Ms
William A. McPhail — discharged 23 Aug 1862 but went back with another company
George N. McRaney - transferred to Sharpshooters but returned~ on last roll
Jackson McRaney — sent to hospital 27 Aug 1864
Robert McRaney — on last roll Aug 1664
Marshall McRoy — discharged 13 Nov 1862; born in Bladen Co. N. C.
Isaiah H. Mobley — discharged 5 Dec 1862; born in Lawrence Co. Ms
William C. Mobley - transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers
James L. Palmer — discharged 8 Nov 1861
*Joseph H. Parham - in various Union prisons; probably 7th Battalion
David Pearce — died 29 Dec 1863 at Griffin, Ga
Emanuel Phiefer — on last roll Aug 1864
Franklin M Polk, Sr. — wounded; paroled at Meridian, resident of Lawrence Co. Ms
Franklin M. Polk — discharged and re—enlisted; captured at Franklin, Tn.
James M. Polk — captured at Franklin, Tn
Martin C. Reddock — on last roll Aug 1864
John I. Reddock — died in Atlanta, Ga
William R. Reddock — killed at Shiloh
William C. Robertson - wounded at Murfreesboro; transferred to 46th Miss
Peyton W. Rogers - received Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; died at Shelbyville, Tn
*L. Roy — captured at Macon, Ga Apr 1865
Wesley Russell— discharged and returned; wounded at Chickamauga
Wiley Russell - died at Tullahoma, Tn 17 Nov 1862
William Rutledge — captured near Cassville, Ga; lived Mt. Carmel, Ms
William W. Self - wounded at Atlanta; sent to hospital at West Point, Ms
Neil C. Short— died at Oxford 15 May 1862; probably wounded at Shiloh
*A. N. Smith — captured at Summerville; probably 7th Miss Battalion
David B. Smith — discharged 10 Oct 1862
William P. Smith - discharged 14 Nov 1861
Charles W. Story — captured 31 Aug 1864 and exchanged; captured at Nashville
Peter B. Stubbs — died of typhoid 17 Apr 1862; probably -wounded at Shiloh (many times men were wounded and as the fever due to the wound was similar to typhoid, the cause of death was listed as typhoid or pneumonia.)
*S. J. Tillman — paroled at Memphis, probably 7th Miss Battalion
William J. Tompkins — from 11th & 13th LA; captured at Missionary Ridge; resident of Rapides Parish, La.
Albert J. Turnage - on last roll Aug 1864; probably killed at Nashville
Mills P. Turnage — surrendered in N. C.
William Turnage — surrendered in N. C.
Albert G. Walker - killed 14 May 1864 in Ga.
Daniel Walker — sent to hospital Aug 21, 1864
M. W. Ward - killed at Chickamauga
Ben F. Weathersby - deserted and joined the Yankee 34th Ky
John H. Williams - wounded at Shiloh in side; died of diseased lungs and typhoid
Isaac B. Williams — in hospital 1 Sept 1864
William C. Williams — wounded at Murfreesboro; captured at Nashville
William S. Williams — died at Danville, Ky of typhoid; son of Baines Williams

This company had a good record. A noted historian has made an analysis of some companies of the
Seventh Mississippi in The Journal of Mississippi History and concluded that the regiment was one
of the best in the Confederate Army. There were a few bad apples in the regiment, but very few.


Company K, 7th Mississippi “Quitman Rifles” enlisted at Bunckley Ferry, in southeast Franklin Co. by the forty-three year old Methodist minister Newton Lawrence Huff on 26 Aug. 1861. Huff was a beloved minister as diaries of soldiers in different units attest. The soldiers would write if they were killed, they wanted Reverent Newt Huff of Franklin County to preach their funerals. Being a good minister does not make a good commanding officer, therefore, he gracefully bowed out and went home and joined the militia. After the war, he was elected sheriff and was killed by a criminal.

As a sad side note to history, we are told that a prominent citizen of Meadville acquired the land where the Huff Cemetery was located and moved the tombs and later built his house over the site where Newt Huff is buried. Our Civil War heroes have been forgotten by so many.


Captain Newton Lawrence Huff — resigned 4 May 1862; enlisted in Co. C 2nd Militia
1st Lieut. Joseph Ferdinand Sessions — from 10th Miss; resigned; joined 23rd Cavalry as Captain and later Major. Lost an arm in the war. Served as State Representative from Franklin Co. after the war; was attended all during the war by his servant, Gibbs Sheppard.
2nd Lieut. Thomas J. Godbold — resigned due to tubercu1ous; died in 1863
3rd Lieut. B. W. Harris — resigned “could not get along with the men”
1st Sgt. William L. Godbold — acquired M. Roddy as substitute; later served in the Legislature; owned over 1000 acres at Knoxville
2nd Sgt. A. F. Davis - hurt in railroad accident; wounded at Shiloh and Chickamauga; on last roll as Captain; buried at Union Baptist Church. He was born 30 July 1840; educated in Mexico, Missouri; was a school teacher in Amite Co. Ms and later a merchant in Roxie, Ms. He died 22 Apr 1897.
3rd Sgt. Samuel O’Neil/O’Neal — discharged Mar 1862 as 1st Sgt.
4th Sgt. Marshall Day — died of Shiloh wounds; he and Sam Day were brothers
5th Sgt. E. T. Anderson — discharged for lung trouble; “died”
1st Corp. Sumpter M. Wilson — died 27 Apr 1862 of typhoid
2nd Corp. Dougald L. McMillan — probable disability discharge
3rd Corp. Thomas J. Edwards — killed in railroad accident at Ponchatoula, La. The men of the company used their blankets to wrap up the dead before burial and some were without blankets at Shiloh. A descendant of this man married my brother.
4th Corp. Joel Freeman — captured and exchanged in KY; on last roll

Manfield L. Aldridge — from Co. A; hurt in railroad accident; to 3rd Engineers
John E. Allred — transferred to Co. A 7th Miss; transferred to 44th Miss; died in Lincoln Co. Ms
William H. Allred — wounded at Shiloh arid Murfreesboro; surrendered in N. C.
D. L. C. Anderson — killed in train wreck at Ponchatula, La
James Elam Bane
Miles Bass — on roll Aug 1864; from Amite Co. Ms
Robert Bass — killed at Chickamauga; from Amite Co. Ms
A. Block - discharged by Conscript Act
Obediah Bradshaw — died of typhoid 20 Apr 1862 (probably wounded at Shiloh)
William H. Bradshaw — on last roll Aug 1864; died 1895/6
James A. Bright — died at New Orleans due to railroad accident
Cicero C. Brown — captured in KY and paroled; surrendered in N. C.; a distant cousin
Joseph S. Burckhalter — captured at Kennesaw Mountain; released May 1865
Joseph H. Butler — died of typhoid June 1862; son of Mrs. Mary Butler of Amite Co. Ms
James Pollard Butler — died 29 May 1862, son of Zachariah Butler
William Lovell Butler — died 26 Mar 1862; son of Zachariah Butler
B. Cain - discharged as overage; enlisted in Captain Hall’s Company
James Isaiah Cain — transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers
*William Cain — widow’s pension; he was captured at Shiloh and died in prison
R. T. A. Caraway — did not return from leave 4 Feb 1864; joined Co. C 23rd Conf. Cavalry
George R. Thomas Carlock - discharged for disability Nov 1862
James J. Carlock — died of disease at Chattanooga, Tn
Ransom W. Carlock — died of typhoid; wife and one child on Confederate Relief
William Thomas J. Carlock - apparently discharged due to illness in 1862
R. M. Cassella — wounded at Chattanooga; to various hospitals
Ferdinand L. Causey — killed in railroad accident 27 Feb 1862; mother was Mrs. Priscilla NoSehee
Richard W. Clark - discharged Nov 1862
Griffing P. Claughton, Jr. - wounded Murfreesboro; paroled at hospital in N. C.
George P. Claughton — was ill and not required to go into battle at Shiloh but went in and was wounded in the breast. His servant was bringing him home when he died at Summit, Ms
Robert H. Cloy — died of disease at Rome, Ga
Alex Cockran — discharged for disability; enlisted in 14th Confederate Cavalry
F. Cockran - died 2 Dec 1861
Zachariah Monroe Coward — transferred to Co. A 7th Miss
Samuel Cruise — transferred to Co. A 7th Miss
R. Harmon Day — died 20 Apr 1862; probably wounded at Shiloh
Iverson Day — discharged Jan 1863; joined Yerger’s State Troops; became Captain of a Company
J. M. Day — from Co. C; discharged Aug 1862
J. V. Day - discharged Aug 1862
William H. Day -. from Co. C; was a nurse in Ga Aug 1864
H. C. Dillon — became 1st Lieut.; received a leave in 1864
*J. D. Dooley — captured at Selma, Al Apr 1865
William H. Durham — sixteen year old boy killed at Mumfordville, Ky
John W. Ewell — discharged as under aged; enlisted in 23rd Confederate Cavalry
A. E. Ford - killed at and received Cross of Honor for battle of Murfreesboro
E. J. Foreman — hurt for life in railroad accident; captured in Ga
F. C. Foreman - last hospital report showed in a Ga hospital Oct 1864
R. V. Foreman — on last roll Aug 1864
Francis Marion — killed in train accident at Ponchatoula, La
James M. Freeman — captured at Nashville; died in a Union prison
Benard “Bear’ Gardner — discharged by Conscript Act
H. Z. Gardner — wounded severely at Atlanta; thirty days leave in Feb 1865
George W. L. Green — was forty seven years of age; apparently discharged in 1862
Isham Griffin -. died of Shiloh wounds; lived at Knoxville
John F. W. Griffin - on last roll Aug 1864
Bryant D. Halford — right arm and shoulder ruined and ribs broken by wounds at Murfreesboro; drew a pension
James M. Halford — discharged due to rupture in 1863; drew a pension
Thomas N. Halford — wounded Murfreesboro; joined Co. I 14th Cavalry
W. S. Haygood — died Apr 1862 of typhoid; born Iberville, La
Lawson Hickenbottom — discharged Jan 1863; enlisted in Co. I 14th Confederate Cavalry
S. Howell — discharged by Conscript Act
Ferdinand C. Huff — from Co. A; discharged; joined Co. I 14th Confederate Cavalry
William H. Huff — died of typhoid Apr 1862; probably wounded at Shiloh
K. W. Hughey — discharged in 1862
*J R. Jackson - captured at Selma, Al. Apr 1865
Calvin L. Jones — captured and exchanged in Ky; on last roll
John P. D. Jones — 3rd Sgt. killed at Nashville
N.B. Jones - possibly joined another company
G. Washington J. Jones — killed in railroad accident; son of William F. Jones
William Jones — died at Pass Christian of pneumonia; son of F. P. Jones
Lemuel Keith — discharged as under aged; enlisted in Co. I 14th Confederate Cavalry
W. F. Keith — discharged in 1862 “died”
S.T. King - died at home in Amite Co. 14 May 1862
Thomas M. Lard/Laird - wounded at Shiloh; permanently disabled at Murfreesboro
F. T. Lard/Laird — wounded at Shiloh; died of wounds at Murfreesboro
Goshen Lee — discharged and re-enlisted; died in Ga Dec 1863
*P. V. Lester — captured at Selma, 41 Apr 1865
Jacob Levy - regimental tailor; discharged as Prussian Subject
S. Levy — discharged as French Subject; a merchant
Samuel G. Long— transferred to Co. E 7th Miss
Francis Long - discharged; joined 4th Cavalry
J. Fleming Mayhall — straggled in Ky; conscripted in Forrest Cavalry
John H. McGehee — discharged for disability: forty-seven years old
Louis McGehee - discharged as over aged
Thomas W. McGehee — discharged for Shiloh wounds; a doctor
David McKey — wounded at Mumfordsville, Ky and died
Thomas S. McKnight — captured in Ky and paroled; leave in 1864
Ellis C. McManus - from Co. A 7th Miss; discharged at Jonesboro, Ga 1864
William G. Mercer - killed in railroad accident
Briant Moore — elected 2nd Lieut.; not reelected
George W. Moore — wounded at Shiloh, Atlanta and at Meridian in Apr 1865
Asa Morgan — from Co. A 7th Miss; deserted 10 Feb 1864
Joel R. L. Parker — wounded and captured Murfreesboro; exchanged; in hospital Aug 1864
John H. Parker — transferred to Sharpshooters; drew a pension
T. Elam Parker - captured in May and exchanged; various hospitals
William H. Parker — promoted to Adjutant; wounded 19 Aug 1864.
B. F. Parsons - died in Tn of pneumonia; born in Amite Co. Ms
J. Y. Parsons - killed in railroad accident
Samuel E. Rawlingson/Robinson — discharged for dropsy; born in Pike Go- Ms
Hiram C. Reynolds — discharged and re-enlisted; captured at Franklin, Tn; died in prison
James N. Reynolds — died in Tn
Alexander Robinson — sixteen year old musician; missing at Atlanta
John H Robinson — from hospital to Armstrong’s Command; captured in Al
N. H. Robinson — discharged as under aged; re-enlisted; on last roll
W. P. Robinson — wounded at Chickamauga; to various hospitals ‘dead’
M. Roddy — thirty—six year old substitute; died of fever
Davis B. Steele — wounded at Atlanta; on hospital roll Sept 1864
Samuel Steele — shown on Liberty, Ms monument as killed
J. N. Sterling — transferred to Sharpshooters
V. P. Sterling — discharged for disability in 1862; born in Amite Co. Ms
Thomas Swearingen — died at Shieldsboro; from Amite Co. Ms
J. D. Taylor — on last roll Aug 1864
N. B. Taylor — twenty—five days leave Feb 1864 “dead”
James N. Tillery — over aged and sick Dec 1861
John L. Tillery — discharged for disability; nineteen years old
J. S. Turner - killed at Shiloh
Solomon C. Weathersby -- discharged; enlisted in Powers’ Confederate Cavalry
E. K. Webb - transferred to Sharpshooters
John White — died at Shiloh
Joseph A. White - discharged in 1862 “health always bad”
Thomas A. White — from Co. A 7th Miss; on last roll
Webster “Webb” White — died in Amite Co. Ms 10 May 1862 of fever
Dempsey Whittington — injured for life in railroad accident; joined Co. K 33rd Miss
Franklin Whittington — killed in railroad accident; son of Noah Whittington
George B. Whittington - discharged; joined Co. K 33rd Miss
Hampton C. Whittington — from Co. C to Co. K; apparently joined another company
J. L. Whittington — transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers
Leander J. Whittington — from Co. A; wounded Murfreesboro and captured
N. C. Whittington — died at Marietta, Ga
Napoleon Bonaparte Whittington - killed in railroad accident; son of Elam Whittington
Stephen Y.. Whittington — died 20 Apr 1862; son of Wiley Whittington
S. D. Wilkinson - on last roll; surrendered with cavalry
Alexander Wilson — wounded in Ga; on wounded furlough at surrender
N. B. Wilson — killed in railroad collision; brother of Alexander and Sumpter Wilson

*means someone whom we feel was not a member of the 7th Mississippi ,but the person named is found on the microfilm records of the regiment.
Although there were some elderly and some very young in the Regiment, these were discharged in 1862 if they wanted to get out which left a group of healthy young men. A large number died of diarrhea or as it was a called “camp sickness” and the physically unfit were weeded out. Those physically unfit, many times were able to regain their health a few months at home and were placed in other Confederate Units.

It is hoped that the low desertion rate was due to patriotism, honor and love of native state Where was perhaps an overlooked reason for the low absent without leave rate and that was the type of men who commanded the cavalry in the home counties of Amite, Covington, Franklin, Lawrence, Marion and Pike Counties.

In May of 1862, elections were held in the Regiment and in nearly all companies, the officers were not reelected. These disgruntled officers went home and in many cases joined cavalry companies who were often ordered to catch deserters and return them to their Commands. The men in the cavalry companies were mainly men who had earlier received medical discharges. Therefore, neither the officers or enlisted men looked with kindness on absent without leave and they made concerted efforts to catch absentees. Absentees found it was safer to go to the Yankees than it was to remain in various counties of southwest Mississippi. This was particularly true until after the Confederate defeat at Nashville.

It is heart rending to read that most companies were so decimated after Shiloh that usually two were
combined to form one good company. After the losses at Chattanooga, Chickamauga and Missionary
Ridge, some officers returned home to recruit - but there was no one left to recruit. The Georgia
Campaign followed and the last official company records after August 30, 1864 are lost but, it is believed
that every company lost at least half of their number killed in the Tennessee Campaign. Finally on April
9, l865, the 7th, 9th, 12th, 41st and 14th Mississippi Regiments consolidated into one regiment called the
9th Mississippi with the majority of the old Seventh Mississippi being in company A, 9th Mississippi.
This group surrendered with General Joseph Eggleston Johnston in North Carolina.

Years later many widows when applying for a Confederate pension might get minor facts wrong relating to the war record of her husband, but, when she would write the terse ‘statement ‘He was a rebel until he died she was writing an eloquent testimony to her man who had fought, bled and often died for the Stars and Bars.


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