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Submitter Index

[CH] = Clare Herrick
[LT] = Lori Thornton
[WRP] = W. R. Price

Alphabetical Listing of Individual Plots

Applewhite, Bell Coggins [CH]
Applewhite, Henry J. [CH]
Barksdale, H. C. (d. 1906) [CH]
Barksdale, Maggie (1866-1892) [CH]
Bonner, Margaret S. [CH]
Brady, John A. [CH]
Brady, Nina Cromwell [CH]
Brown, Drucilla Ellis (1863-1949) [CH]
Brown, Peyton Randolph (1856-1929) [CH]
Busbin, W. P. (1861-1932) [CH]
Chandler, Rowena A. Coopwood (1854-1928) [CH]
Coleson, Martha Crump (1889-1975) [CH]
Cottrell, David [CH]
Cottrell, Elsie [CH]
Crowell, John [CH]
Crump, Ada H. (1869-1947) [CH]
Crump, I. L. (1842-1916) [CH]
Crump, Iris C. [CH]
Crump, J. E. [CH]
Crump, L. L. (asst. surgeon) [CH]
Crump, Mary Elizabeth [CH]
Crump, Nell C. (1895-1973) [CH]
Crump, Nora Lee (1900-1971) [CH]
Crump, Ruby J. (1894-1993) [CH]
Crump, Unger McClellan (1897-1898) [CH]
Doss, W. L. (Confederate soldier) [CH]
Dukeminier, Jim [CH]
Dukeminier, Mattie Rose [CH]
Dunlap, Juanita [CH]
Dunn, Nancy Jane (1884-1933) [CH]
Ervin (Confederate soldier) [CH]
Ervin, Henry Dick (1886-1931) [CH]
Ervin, John Brownrigg (1880-1919?) [CH]
Fox, Andrew Fuller (1849-1925) [CH]
Fox, Hally (1820-1896) [CH]
Fox, J. T. [CH]
Fox, Mother (wife of Hally) (1832-1905) [CH]
Gibson, Robert Clayton (1856-1901) [CH]
Gilbert, Sarah Ann "Sallie" Broughton (1809-1880) [WRP]
Gilbert, Stacy Ellis [WRP]
Gregg, Callie B. (1877-1968) [CH]
Gregg, Charlie L. (1875-1959) [CH]
Gunn, Ada Flaniken (d. 1913) [CH]
Gunn, William Crimes (1880-1885) [CH]
Henley, Harriet Mann (1847-1926) [CH]
Henley, Hattie (1876-1899) [CH]
Henley, Thomas A. (1836-1925) [CH]
Henley, Thomas A. (1873-1951) [CH]
Holland, Genie (1892-1984) [CH]
Holland, Louie E. (1892-1949) [CH]
Howell, Ira May Crump (1888-1932) [CH]
Larue, John H. [CH]
Larue, N. W. Harold [CH]
Larue, Nellie M. [CH]
Larue, Regnold B. [CH]
Lee, Mary J. [CH]
Marshall, J. K. C. Williams [CH]
Marshall, Lee [CH]
Marshall, Ruth N. (1914-1969) [LT]
Marshall, Sammie L. Montgomery [CH]
McCaskill, Alexander [CH]
McCaskill, Elizabeth Herge [CH]
McCaskill, Walter [CH]
McClure, John M. [CH]
McClure, Lawrence (1906-1917) [CH]
McCrary, J. R. (1855-1895) [CH]
McCrary, Jabez D. [CH]
Neilson, Maude Vernon (1889-1896) [CH]
Neilson, Robert C. (1851-1891) [CH]
Nichols, Bessie Lantz (1891-1977) [LT]
Nichols, Sara O. "Sallie" (1913-1997) [LT]
Noffsinger, M. V. [CH]
Phelps, Sarah Frances (1926-1995) [LT]
Price, Barbara Ann (1935-1946) [WRP]
Price, Mary E. (1902-1996) [WRP]
Price, William H. (1896-1964) [WRP]
Randle, Mary (1849-1911) [CH]
Randle, Willis [CH]
Rhea, Frank (1872-1946) [CH]
Rhea, Regina (1873-1962) [CH]
Rounsaville, Bessie N. "Tommy" (1921-1989) [LT]
Rounsaville, Odis H. (1909-1962) [LT]
Rushing, W. O. [CH]
Seay, Evans A. (1908-1977) [LT]
Seay, Octavia Nichols (1911-2001) [LT]
Shaw, Jack Brown (1923-2001) [CH]
Shaw, Emily Evans (1903-1990) [CH]
Shinn, Mary E. Russel (1863-1955) [CH]
Shinn, Samuel C., Jr. (1901-1961) [CH]
Thornton, Alice (1898-1968) [LT]
Thornton, David C. (1914-1974; military marker) [LT]
Thornton, David Clifton (1914-1974) [LT]
Thornton, Ida (1879-1957) [LT]
Thornton, Willie Mae (1922-1995) [LT]
Westbrook, Henrietta (d. 1846; 3 days) [CH]
Westbrook, John R. (1850-1852) [CH]
Westbrook, Mary Jane [CH]
Westbrook, Moses C. (1817-1848) [CH]
Westbrook, Penelope [CH]
Westbrook, Sarah E. [CH]
Wetherbee, Mary [CH]

Alphabetical Listing of Family Plots

(These were photographed at too great a distance to make out individual names. Some were photographed as overviews; however, some surnames are still readable.)

Andrews [LT]
Applewhite [CH]
Beasley [LT]
Blakenship (behind Rounsaville-Marshall) [LT]
Brady [CH]
Cochran (to the left and back of the McClure markers) [CH]
Cromwell [CH]
Crump [CH]
Deane [CH]
Dodenhoff [CH]
Ervin [CH]
Ervin [CH]
Gibson [CH]
Gilbert [WRP]
Green (behind Henley plot) [CH]
Hibbler [CH]
Howarth [CH]
Kilpatrick [CH]
Lasley [CH]
Marshall [LT]
McVey [CH]
Meek (behind Gregg and Smith markers) [CH]
Nichols [LT]
Norris [CH]
Phelps (behind Rounsaville-Marshall) [LT]
Phillips [CH]
Rounsaville [LT]
Seay [LT]
Smith (behind Cameron markers) [CH]
Thompson (middle right) [CH]
Walker (far right) [CH]
White [CH]
Winston (front marker) [CH]

Other Markers

(These are difficult to distinguish names from the photos or were intended as overviews.)

Markers in the general area of the Busbin plots [CH]
Old Part of Main Cemetery [CH]
Westbrook & Cottrell plots [CH]



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