34th Mississippi Infantry

Muster Roll

of the
34th Miss. Infantry
confederate flag

Regimental flag of the 34th Mississippi Infantry captured at Lookout Mountain Nov. 24, 1863 by the 149th N.Y.

Brig. Gen. Samuel Benton

Samuel Benton was a lawyer from Holly Springs Mississippi.  The 34th Miss. Infantry (originally known as the 37th) was organized under him April 19, 1862 at Holly Springs.  Col. Benton led the 34th until he was injuried July 22nd at the battle of Atlanta.  He suffered the lose of his right leg.  He was commissioned Brig. Gen. July 26th and died two days later.

Brief History of the 34th Miss. Infantry

The 34th Miss. was originally known as the 37th.  Many of its men were from Tippah and Marshall Counties.  It was immediately sent to Corinth and fought its first battle at Farmington, Tenn. May 9, 1862 as Gen. Grant advanced from Pittsburg Landing towards Corinth.  It then moved with Gen. Bragg's army to Chattanooga and marched into Kentucy where it engaged in the battle of Perryville on Oct. 8, 1862.  After this battle Co. K had only 7 men left available for duty, one of which was John Ellis Hicks.  Bragg then retreated back to east Tenn. and moved in Nov. to Shelbyville, Tenn.  On Dec. 27 they moved to Murfreesboro and fought in the battle of Murfreesboro on Dec. 31 and New Year's day, 1863.  The 34th was in the thick of the battle at Chickamauga Sept. 18 - 20, 1863.  From here they moved to Lookout Mountain and fought in that battle on Nov. 24th.  They wintered at Dalton, Ga. and fought in the battles for Atlanta.  Their beloved leader, Col. Benton, was injuried on July 22 and lost his right leg.  He was commissioned Brig. Gen. on July 26th and died a couple of days later.  When Benton county was split from Tippah in 1870 it was named for Gen. Benton.  From Ga. they followed Gen. Hood into Tenn. and took part in the battles of Franklin and Nashville.  Hoods wrecked army crossed the Tenn. River on Dec. 26, 1864 and moved to the vicinity of Tupelo, Miss. for winter quarters.  The brigade was furloughed until Feb. 12, 1865 and assembled at Meridian under orders to the Carolinas.  They started east on Feb. the 18th and were detained some time at Montgomery, Al. by the Mobile campaign.  In March they preceeded to Augusta, Ga. and on to N.C.  On April 3rd the aggregate present of the brigade was 283.  On April 9, 1865, the 24th, 27th, 29th and 34th Miss. Regiments were consolidated in the 24th Regiment, Col. R. W. Williamson commanding brigade of Gen. W. F. Brantley, in D.H. Hill's Division of S.D. Lee's Corps.  The army was surrendered April 26, 1865 and paroled at Greensboro, N.C. soon afterwards.

Much of the above came from Military History of Mississippi by Roland Dunbar

Name Rank Enlistment Additional Information
Officers and Staff
BENTON, Samuel B. Gen.
Promoted B. Gen 26 Jul 1864, died 28 Jul 1864 near Griffin GA hospital born 10/18/1820 buried Holly Springs MS
WRIGHT, Daniel B. Lt. Col. 04/16/62 Disabled at Perryville, 3/21/1842-12/16/1873

MASON, A. T. Major

PEGRAM, W. G. Major

MILLER, T. W. Adjutant


GROVES Surgeon



COMPTON, W. N. Assistant Surgeon

MURRY, John Young Assistant Surgeon

STUBBS, H. A. Quartermaster Captain

HOOPER, J. A. Captain Commissary

REAGAN, L. Lt. Assistant Commisary

RHINEHARDT, JOHN D. Sgt. Assistant Commisary

DANCY, Clifton Sgt. Major

Company A Tippah Rangers (organized 25 Feb 1862 in Tippah Co.)
BARTON, James C. Pvt
Dangerously wounded Perryville
BLANCHARD, Henry Hurdle Sgt 05/03/62
BLANCHARD, J. F. Pvt 02/26/62
BOSTON, James Calvin Pvt 02/25/62 LKR - Middleton, TN applied for pension in Hardeman Co. TN
BOSTON, S. L. Pvt 02/25/62
BOWDEN, Howell Green Pvt 04/11/62
BOWDEN, P. H. Pvt 02/25/62
BOWDEN, Redrick Horn Pvt 02/25/62
BOWDEN, W. J. Cpl 02/25/62
BRADSHAW, Isaiah Pvt 05/10/62 LKR - Corinth, MS died Shiloh TN 2/21/1909
BYRD, G. W. Pvt 02/25/62
BYRD, Jesse Cpl 02/25/62
CARPENTER, William A. Pvt 03/20/62
CHILDERS, David Richard Sgt 03/08/62 Captured at Lookout Mt. and sent to Rock Island Prison, released 1865, 1844 - 1903 bur. Antioch Cem., Tippah Co., MS
CLEMER, Adam L. Pvt 02/25/62
COLEY, William H.
02/25/62 Born 1835, d. 6 or 7 Apr 1862 bur. National Military Park, Shiloh, Tn.
COSTNER, David Haywood Pvt 02/25/62 1838-1892 buried Bolivar Cemetery, Bolivar, AR
CUSTNER, David H. Pvt


DANIEL, R. T. Pvt 05/03/62
DANIEL, William Henry Cpl 05/03/62
DARNALL, P. H. Pvt 02/25/62
DAVENPORT, Charles W. Pvt 02/25/62 21 Feb 1834-4 Dec 1910 b. Canaan Baptist Cem. Benton
DAVENPORT, George W. Pvt 05/01/62 Chattanooga Confederate Cem.
DAVIS, James M. Sgt 04/03/62
DAVIS, William S. Pvt 02/25/62
DAWKINS, Benjamin T. Pvt 02/25/62
DAWKINS, Charles Hix Pvt 02/25/62
DOWNING, J. A. Pvt 02/25/62
FINCH, James Richard Pvt 02/25/62
FOSTER, Frederick Lafayette Pvt 03/08/62 21 Dec 1827 - 6 July 1913 buried Canaan Baptist Cemetery Benton Co.
GIBSON, Henry C. Pvt 04/24/62 LKR - Salisbury, TN
GIBSON, John P. Pvt 04/24/62
02/25/62 1836 - 1918 buried New Hope Baptist Cem. Benton Co.
HALL, William S. Pvt 02/25/62 10 Nov 1841-28 Mar 1910 bur. Ebenezer (Cotton Plant)
HARRISON, A. E. Pvt 02/25/62
HAWKINS, James Elsey Pvt

HENDERSON, William Preston Pvt 02/25/62
HEWETT, W. A. Pvt 02/25/62
HINES, Henry C.
02/25/62 30 July 1841 - 10 Aug 1874 buried Hines Cemetery, Benton Co.
HITCHCOCK, J. R. Pvt 05/01/62 1814-1870 bur. Canaan Baptist Cem., Benton Co., MS
HOOD, Vincent Adam Pvt 05/03/62
JACKSON, Asa C. Sgt 02/25/62 25 May 1819-1 Jul 1862 Little Hope Cem., Tippah Co., MS
JACKSON, Colby Pvt 02/25/62
JAMES, Isaac

JOHNSON, Lewis Pvt 02/25/62 Buried Little Hope Cem., Tippah Co., MS
JOHNSON, Richard Licurgus Pvt 06/16/63
JOHNSON, T. H. Sgt 04/24/62
JONES, S. L. Pvt 05/10/62 Buried Myrtle Cem., Rome, GA
KANARD, T. H. Pvt 03/15/62
LANDSDALE, Thomas H. Pvt 02/25/62 (Lansdell) buried Myrtle Cem., Rome, GA
LANSDAL, Samuel N. Pvt 02/25/62
LANSDAL, William J. Pvt 03/17/62 Died 1/7/64 Rock Island, IL
LIMING, William Holland Pvt 02/25/62
LOONEY, Isaac C. Sgt

LUNA, Isaac Currin Sgt 02/25/62 14 Aug 1832-3 Oct 1887 b. Butler Cem., Benton Co.
McCARTY, H. B. Pvt 02/25/62
McDONALD, Charles Pvt 02/25/62
McMILLIN, Joseph Jefferson Pvt 02/25/62 3/7/1826-4/5/1913 buried Little Hope Cemetery

LKR - Senatobia, MS
MORGAN, William Cpl 02/25/62
MORROW, John D. 1 Lt. 02/25/62
MURRY, John Young Capt. 02/25/62 6 May 1829-12 Jul 1915 Ripley Cem., Tippah Co., MS
NANCE, John Morgan Cpl 05/12/62 Also served in Co. H, 20 Feb 1831-25 Jan 1907 Nance Cem., Tippah Co., MS
NORTHCROSS, James Richard Pvt 02/25/62
NORTON, J. F. Pvt 05/11/62
NORTON, James W. 2 Lt. 02/25/62 LKR - McGregor, TX
NORTON, John H. Pvt 02/25/62 LKR - McGregor, TX
NORTON, Miles H. Pvt 05/11/62
PEGRAM, William G. Maj. 02/25/62 Buried Hines Family Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
PERRY, Henry C. Pvt 05/07/62 28 Oct 1841-19 Jul 1862 Oak Plain Cem., Tippah Co., MS
POLLOCK, Isaac James Sgt 02/25/62 6/21/1833 - 8/31/1886 bur. Highland Cemetery, Hardy AR
PRESLEY, Robert Harris Pvt 02/25/62
PRICE, P. G. Pvt 03/05/62 Buried Ferguson Cem., Tippah Co., MS
QUEEN, George D. Pvt 05/10/62 Born about 1841, may have died during the war
QUINN, George Washington Pvt 02/25/62 Died 12/19/1864 at Camp Chase Ohio prison
QUINN, Henry Hill Pvt 02/25/62 7/14/1831-5/8/1891 enlisted Tippah bur. Pleasant Hill Union Co.
REED, Michael Pvt 02/25/62 Captured Lookout Mt. 9/24/1863 and sent to Rock Island IL prison, 4/9/1836-12/14/1915 bur. Little Hope Cem., Tippah Co.
REED, William Pvt 02/25/62
RENFRO, James Asberry Pvt 02/25/62
RENFRO, Lewis Pvt 03/25/62 LKR - New Albany, MS
ROBERSON, William Henry Pvt 03/01/62
ROGERS, John Nichols Pvt 02/25/62 Wounded at Atlanta, 9/20/1831 - 11/5/1914 buried New Hope Baptist Cem., Benton Co.
ROGERS, Pleasant Madison Cpl 02/25/62 Born about 1830, died 7/13/64 Rock Island, IL
RUTHERFORD, James McCullough 2 Lt. 05/01/62 18 Nov 1834 - 8 Sept 1909 buried Little Hope Cemetery
RUTHERFORD, John Lemon Pvt 05/01/62 5 Nov 1840 - 24 Aug 1896 buried Little Hope Cemetery
RUTHERFORD, Robert Walker Pvt 05/10/62 22 Dec 1842 - 22 Mar 1905 buried Little Hope Cemetery
RUTHERFORD, Thomas Franklin Sgt 02/25/62 27 Oct 1837 - 25 Mar 1906 buried in Santa Anna, TX
SANDERS, Alexander P. Green Pvt 02/25/62
SANDERS, John Steward Pvt 05/06/62 Applied for pension in Shelby Co. TN
SANDERS, Robert Pvt 02/25/62
SANDERS, W. H. Pvt 05/06/62
SCOTT, David P. Pvt 03/15/62 Died 12/14/63 Rock Island, IL
SCOTT, J. T. Pvt 04/05/62
SINGLETON, Henry Clay Pvt 05/10/62
STINSON, Anderson Sgt 04/09/62
STINSON, John Pvt 02/25/62 Buried 5 Feb 1865 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis IN
STINSON, Robert Pvt 03/01/62
STINSON, William N. Pvt 02/25/62
STINSON, William Whitley Pvt 04/17/62
STRONG, John D. Pvt 05/10/62
SULLIVAN, Thomas C. Cpl 05/03/62
TATE, Thomas Jefferson Pvt 04/24/62 Died 2/1/64 Rock Island, IL
TAYLOR, Thomas H. Pvt 02/25/62

Buried Beauvoir Confederate Veterans Home From Jackson Co.

LKR - Memphis, TN
WALLACE, Robert Pvt 05/13/62 LKR - Texas
WRIGHT, George W. 1st Lt. 02/25/62
WRIGHT, William Calhoun Pvt 02/25/62 26 May 1832-23 Mar 1893 Little Hope Cem., Tippah Co.
YOUNG, N. M. Cpl 02/25/62 Severely wounded at Perryville
Company B Tippah Rebels (organized 26 Feb 1862 at Ripley)
ARNOLD, Addison M. Pvt

AUSTIN, John W. Pvt 05/08/62 Died 12/08/1862 buried Winchester City Cem.
BILLS, Branson T. Pvt 11/16/62
BILLS, D. B. Pvt 02/26/62
BILLS, Gersham A. Pvt 02/26/62
BILLS, Isaac J. Pvt 02/26/62
BILLS, John G. Pvt 05/08/62 12/29/1842-9/30/1873 Kaufman Co., TX, took Oath of Alligience 10/11/1864 and enlisted 3rd US Inf.
BILLS, John Henry Cpl 02/26/62
BILLS, William Hezekiah Pvt 02/26/62 5/23/1819-1/13/1898 Cloud Chief, OK
BISHOP, Ezekiah Pvt 02/26/62
BITTS, B. T. Pvt

BLAKENEY, Hugh A. Pvt 02/26/62 3/8/1838-12/20/1862 wounded a Perryville KY died GA. 12/20/1862
BOWERS, George R. Pvt 02/26/62
BRATTON, Thomas E. Pvt 05/08/62
BRITON, Thomas Pvt

BROOKS, George W. Pvt 05/08/62

BRUMLEY, William Pvt 04/27/62
CARR, J. T. 1 Lt.


CAWLER, J. T. 1 Lt.

CHEEK, John W. Pvt 02/26/62
CHEEK, William Pvt 02/26/62
LKR - Hickory Flat, MS
CHILDERS, Stephen Harrison Pvt 02/26/62 28 Mar 1845 - 22 May 1924 bur. Jacob's Chapel Cemetery
CHRISMAN, Isaac Pvt 02/26/62
CHRISTIAN, Robert N. Pvt 02/26/62 Applied for pension in Shelby Co. TN
COX, William Bramlett Pvt 03/10/62 22 Feb 1842-25 Jan 1892 probably buried in Marshall Co., MS

DELANY, Robert E. 1 Lt 02/26/62
DONALDSON, Robert W. Pvt 05/08/62
DRY, C. F. Pvt 02/26/62
DURAN, John E. Pvt 02/14/63
EMBREY, David W. 2 Lt 02/26/62 13 May 1841-27 May 1866 b. Embrey Cem., was a Pvt. Co. C 2nd (23rd) MS
EMBREY, Willis Kavanaugh Cpl 05/08/62 12 Dec 1832-25 Jan 1903 b. Florence Cem., Florence AL
FENNER, Richard H. Pvt 04/08/62
FORD, J. A. Pvt 02/26/62
GEORGE, Ransom L. Pvt 04/30/62
GOSSETT, Calvin C. Pvt 02/26/62 In hospital in Bardstown KY in Oct. 1862 when last heard from, possibly died of wounds received at Perryville
GRAHAM, Thomas R. Pvt 02/26/62 Signal Corps; 12/17/1839-2/12/1904 bur. Beulah Cem. Union Co. LKR - Cotton Plant, MS
GRAVES, F. Marion Pvt 02/26/62 1/17/1839 - 10/14/1902 buried Shady Grove Cemetery
GRAVES, James Edgar Pvt 02/26/62 17 Oct 1826 - 30 Jan 1886 buried Shelby Creek Cemetery
GRAY, John J. Sgt 02/26/62 LKR - Ripley, MS
GREEN, J. A. Pvt 02/26/62 LKR - Corinth, MS
HAYNES, C. G. Pvt 02/26/62
HILL, Thomas J.
02/26/62 Buried Chattanooga Confederate Cem. TN
HIPP, Frederick W. Pvt 05/04/62
HIPP, James F. Pvt 05/08/62
HIPP, John D. Pvt 05/04/62 LKR - Texas
HIPP, Thomas B. Pvt 05/08/62
HOLLIDAY, John Wesley Penison 1 Lt. 02/26/62 30 Jun 1830-9 Dec 1902, McAlister Cem. Tippah Co.
HUNT, Thomas Alexander Sgt. Maj. 02/26/62 9 Feb 1841-8 Sep 1918 Ripley Cem., Tippah Co., MS
JEFFRIES, James Barnett Ord. Sgt.
18 Oct 1833-17 Oct 1905, Green Cem., Tippah Co., MS
JOHNSTON, W. R. Pvt 02/26/62
JORDAN, W. A. Pvt 02/26/62 Killed at Perryville
KINNEY, James A. Sgt 02/26/62 5 Feb 1840-12 Feb 1918 Ripley Cem., Tippah Co., MS
KINNEY, Robert D. Pvt 02/26/62
LEE, Samuel Pvt 04/27/62
LEE, William C. Pvt 04/27/62
LESTER, Isham Pvt 02/26/62
LESTER, Lewis J. Pvt 02/26/62
LEWELLEN, G. W. Pvt 02/26/62
LITTLE, George W. Pvt 02/26/62 Killed at Perryville
LITTLE, Samuel J. Pvt 02/26/62
LITTLE, William Pvt 02/26/62
MANNING, G. W. Pvt 02/26/62
MANNING, Hezekiah 3 Lt. 02/26/62
MANNING, William P. Pvt 02/26/62
MARTIN, George J. Pvt 04/10/62

MAY, Vardiman Pvt 05/12/62
McDONALD, James McLeod Pvt 02/26/62 10 Nov 1828-29 Apr 1883 Ashland Cem., Benton Co., MS
McDONALD, Jonas Pvt 02/26/62 Chattanooga Confederate Cem.
McINTURFF, Casper N. Pvt 02/26/62
McINTURFF, Jacob C. Pvt 02/26/62
MILLER, James S. Pvt 02/26/62 1828-1868 bur. Concord Cem. Union Co.
MILLER, Matthew Jr. Sgt 05/08/62 Born 4/13/1840 Laurens Co., SC, died 4/18/1918 Francis OK, buried Cedar Grove Cemetery
MILLER, Thomas W. Adj. 02/26/62 Killed near Atlanta, GA 1864
MISKELLY, William N. Pvt 04/10/62 LKR - Carrollton, MS
MOODY, Franklin Pvt 05/08/62
MOODY, John Pvt 02/26/62 LKR - Cumberland, MS
MOORE, Benjamin H. 2 Lt. 02/26/62 Applied for pension in Coffee Co. TN
MOORE, Samuel N. Pvt

MORTON, L. D. Pvt 02/26/62
MORTON, Thomas L. Pvt 02/26/62 LKR - Winnsboro, TX
MOSES, Tillman L. Pvt 02/26/62
NEALEY, Thomas G. Pvt 02/26/62
NEELEY, John O. Pvt 02/26/62
PAYNE, Josiah

Died 8/21/1864 Macon GA (only record found of him)
PAYSON, William R. Pvt

PEARCE, Joseph Pvt 02/26/62 LKR - Ripley, MS
PEIRON, William R. Pvt 04/26/62
PHYFER, Munford S. Sgt 02/26/62 Died 9 Sep 1909 bur. Ripley Cem., Tippah Co., MS
PYRON, William R. Pvt 02/26/62 LKR - Potts Camp, MS, applied for pension in Hardin Co. TN
RABY, J. H. Pvt 02/26/62
REED, Washington Cpl 02/26/62
ROGAN, L. H. Pvt 02/26/62 Killed at Perryville
ROGAN, Lafayette 2 Lt. 02/26/62 1/21/1830-?/11/1906, captured 24 Nov. 1863 at Lookout Mt., imprisoned Rock Island IL until close of war
ROGERS, Leander Sylvester Sgt 02/26/62 LKR - Leconte, MS, 4/22/1837-2/12/1906 buried Wilkins Cemetery, Union Co., MS
ROGERS, Sion M. Pvt 02/26/62
RUCKER, Abbott C. Capt 02/26/62 16 Dec 1822-6 Feb 1919 b. Rucker Cem. Tippah Co., MS
RUSSELL, Alfred Pvt 02/14/63
SHEPPARD, John H. Pvt 02/26/62
SHORES, Henry A. Pvt 02/14/63
SMITH, John T. Pvt 05/08/62
SPIGHT, Simon R. Jr. Pvt 02/26/62 10 Oct 1810-10 Dec 1891 Ripley Cem., Tippah Co., MS
SPIGHT, Thomas Capt 02/26/62 Wounded during Atlanta Campaign; 10/25/1841-1/5/1924, Ripley Cem., Tippah Co., MS; Letters and diary at USM, Hattieburg, MS
STITT, John N. 1 Lt. 02/26/62 LKR - Union City, TN
STRICKLIN, J. T. Pvt 02/26/62
STUBBS, Henry A. A.Q.M 02/26/62 28 Jan 1830-23 Nov 1907 Embrey Cem, Tippah Co., MS
TAYLOR, George W. Pvt 05/04/62
THORN, Hezekiah Pvt 02/26/62

TILGHMAN, John N. Cpl 02/26/62
VERNER, James Anderson Pvt 02/26/62 4/28/1835-10/8/1862, killed at Perryville, shot through the mouth without disturbing a tooth
WALKER, S. V. Pvt 02/26/62

WEIR, E.T. Pvt 05/08/62
WHITE, Robert Silas Pvt 05/08/62 Ca. 1835 - 1868
WRIGHT, Allison W. Pvt 12/17/63
YANCEY, R. L. Pvt 02/26/62
Company C Smith Rifles (organized 3 Mar 1862 in Lafayette Co.)

LKR - Rison, AR
ALFORD, William L. Pvt 04/23/62
ARNOLD, Robert C. Pvt 05/15/62
ARNOLD, Stanly Cruse Pvt 03/03/62
BAISDEN, G. R. Pvt 03/03/62 LKR - Cotton Gin, TX
BARRAUM, A. J. Asst. Surg 05/19/62
BARRAUM, F. B. Pvt 04/23/62
BARRY, Benjamin H. Cpl 03/03/62
BARRY, Josiah Charles Pvt 05/12/62
BOGARD, G. M. Pvt 03/19/62
BOGARD, John Johnson Pvt 05/15/62
BRISTER, Samuel West Pvt 04/23/62 Buried Beauvoir Confederate Veterans Home; LKR - Arkansas


BRYSON, Robert Matthews Pvt 03/03/62
BULLERSON, James J. Pvt 03/03/62 LKR - Carrollton, MS

BURNETT, W. B. Pvt 04/25/62
BURT, R. C. Pvt 03/03/62
BUTTS, Reddin Pvt 03/03/62
BYSON, R. M. Pvt

CHRISTIAN, W. J. Pvt 05/19/62
COGGIN, Simon Lambeth Pvt 03/03/62 LKR - Brownwood, TX
COLLINS, Jackson E. Pvt 03/03/62 Died 1/24/64 Rock Island, IL
COOK, David D. Pvt 03/03/62 Right eye shot out at Chickamauga 9/19/1863, 1/9/1815 - 2/6/1887 buried Christian Rest, Oxford, Lafayette Co. MS
COOK, Isom H. Pvt 05/12/62 LKR - Liberty, MS
CRABTREE, William Martin Pvt 08/03/62
CROCKETT, Archibald Scott Sgt 03/03/62
DAIL, T. H. Pvt 03/03/62
DAVIS, James W. Pvt 04/23/62 LKR - Abbeville, MS
DEAN, Clark Pvt 05/19/62
DOUGHERTY, Patrick Pvt 03/03/62
DYSON, James Oliver Pvt
07/07/1843 - 6/22/1862 buried Bethel Cemetery, Thaxton, Union Co., MS
ELLIS, William Pvt 03/03/62
FRY, B. F. Pvt 03/26/62
FUDGE, James Pvt 11/03/63 Deserted and went to ememy 11/03/63 (Freeman Diary); LKR - Oxford, MS, 4/2/1824 - 11/9/1912 buried Yellow Leaf Cemetery, Oxford, Lafayette Co. MS
FULLER, John H. Pvt 05/12/62 LKR - Texas
GILBERT, Augustus Harris Pvt 09/15/62 LKR - Abbeville, MS
GILBERT, William Crawford Pvt 03/03/62
GODFREY, A. L. Cpl 05/11/62
GOODWIN, William Martin Pvt 05/15/62 LKR - Abbeville, MS, 9/18/1843 - 9/4/1927 buried Abbeville Cemetery, Lafayette Co. MS
GRIFFITH, David Cary Pvt 03/03/62
HALL, Caleb William 1 Lt. 03/03/62 1839-1902 enlisted TN bur. New Albany Union Co.
HOUSTON, Benjamin F. Capt. 03/03/62 Died 1901
KELLY, W. H. Pvt 04/23/62
KINNEY, James T. Pvt 05/12/62 LKR - Texas
LINDSEY, Baurach Pvt 03/03/62
LOGAN, George Andrew Cpl 03/03/62
McEACHIN, Daniel Pvt 03/03/62
McNALES, Patrick Pvt 03/03/62
McREA, Alexander Pvt 05/12/62
MOORE, Silas A. Pvt 03/03/62 6 Jun 1828-4 Dec 1863 Ebenezer Cem., Cotton Plant
MOORE, Simon W. Pvt 05/15/62
MORGAN, John A. Pvt 03/03/62
MORGAN, Robert Swanzy Pvt 05/12/62 LKR - Abbeville, MS
MORGAN, William Turner Pvt 02/19/62 LKR - Abbeville, MS
MORRISON, Robert H. Cpl 03/03/62
NEAGLE, James Pvt 03/03/62
NEELEY, Washington Westly Pvt 03/03/62
NEWSOM, G. M. Pvt 08/03/62
NICHOLS, J. B. Pvt 03/03/62
OWEN, Robert Watt Sgt 03/03/62
OWEN, Thomas Benton Sgt 04/23/62
OWEN, William A. Cpl 03/03/62
PARKER, William H. Pvt 08/03/62
PAYNE, Albert Pvt 04/23/62
PAYNE, William Pvt 03/03/62 Applied for pension in Tipton Co. TN
PENDER, Herman B. Pvt 03/03/62 Drummer; Last Known Residence - McKinney, TX
PEPPERS, Elijah Pvt 04/10/62
POPE, Andrew Jackson Pvt 03/13/62
POPE, James A.
PRICE, John Sim Morgan Pvt 04/23/62
PRICE, William Thomas Ben Pvt 04/23/62
REEVES, James T. Pvt

REVES, James T. Pvt 09/17/63
RUTLEDGE, Andrew Jackson Pvt 04/10/62 1836-1890 enlisted Lafayette Co. buried Bethel Union Co.
RUTLEDGE, John Pvt 05/12/62 LKR - Mississippi, 7/9/1830-3/1/1915 buried Antioch Cemetery
SHEHORN, John C. Pvt 05/12/62 Buried Myrtle Cemetery, Rome, GA
SHORT, J. T. Pvt 05/12/62 LKR - Tocopola, MS
SHORT, Stephen Henry Pvt 03/03/62 Attended Confederate reunion at Sardis, Coryell Co. TX Aug. of 1899
SMITH, Elijah William Capt. 03/03/62 1813 Abbeville, Lafayette Co. MS - 10/11/1862 Bardstown KY.
STEVENSON, J. P. Pvt 04/23/62
SUMMERS, John R. Lt.

TANNER, James A. Pvt

TANNER, John R. 2 Lt.

TAYLOR, John A. Pvt 03/03/62 LKR - Lonoke, AR
TAYLOR, Joseph A. Pvt 04/10/62 Died Camp Doublas IL Prison buried Confederate Mound Oak Woods Cemetery Chicago IL
THOMAS, A. Pvt 04/16/62
TIDWELL, John Henry Pvt 04/23/62 Died 8/5/64 Rock Island, IL
TIDWELL, W. D. Pvt 03/03/62
TODD, John Thomas Pvt 03/03/62
TROTTER, T. L. 3 Lt. 03/03/62
TURNER, C. A. Pvt 03/03/62
TURNER, Clark West Pvt 03/03/62 Died 1/7/64 Rock Island, IL
TURNER, James And. Pvt 04/23/62
TURNER, John Robert 2 Lt. 03/03/62 Killed at Lookout Mt., TN 1863
TURNER, W. H. Pvt 03/03/62
TYLER, Pleasant G. Pvt 05/12/62
TYRE, D. A. Sgt 03/03/62 LKR - Abbeville, MS
TYRE, Henry Clay Pvt 03/10/62 LKR - Walton, MS
TYRE, S. S. Pvt 03/03/62 Buried Salem Cem. Union Co.
USERY, John Calvin Pvt 03/03/62 3/22/1865 name appears on Prisoners of War at Memphis TN -- deserters from rebel army. Residence Lafayette, MS - complexion fair, blue eyes, dark hair, 5'11 1/2", age 31. Took oath 3/22/1865
USSERY, Green H. Pvt 03/03/62 Buried Chattanooga Confederate Cem.
VAUGHAN, Thompson Pvt 03/03/62
VINSON, W. M. Pvt 03/03/62
WAIT, James W. Pvt 03/03/62
WALTON, Barney M. Pvt 03/03/62 Died 8/15/1863 buried Confederate Cemetery, Lauderdale Springs, MS
WALTON, Sloan Burt Pvt 03/03/62
WARD, E. N. Pvt 03/03/62
WARD, Jasper K.

WARD, Oscar G. Pvt 05/12/62
WARD, Patrick J. Pvt 03/03/62 LKR - New York, NY
WAREN, William Henry Sgt 03/03/62
WELLS, John J. Pvt 09/17/63
WILLIAMS, James Pettey Pvt 02/19/63 Died 1/18/64 Rock Island, IL
WILLIAMS, Noah Hezekiah Pvt 03/03/62 LKR - Granger, TX
WILLIS, John F. Pvt

WILSON, Albert C. Pvt 03/03/62 Died Oct. 3 1862 buried Bardstown, Ky.
WILSON, George Henry Pvt 03/03/62 LKR - Colorado
WILSON, James Polk Pvt 03/03/62 LKR - Texas
WILSON, John C. Pvt 03/03/62
WILSON, Preston G. Pvt 05/12/62 LKR - New Albany, MS applied for pension in Shelby Co. TN
WILSON, T. B. Pvt 03/03/62
WILSON, William Alexander Sgt. 03/03/62 Captured Lookout Mt. TN 11/24/1863. LKR - Arkansas, lived in Sevier Co. AR
WILSON, William Cohal Pvt. 05/15/62 LKR - Abbeville, MS
WIMBERLEY, W. W. Pvt 04/10/62
WORTHY, William Columbus Pvt 03/03/62 Severely wounded at Perryville; LKR - Arkansas
YOUNG, Neivel Copland 2nd Lt 03/03/62
Company D Mississippi Avengers/Wynne Reliefs (Marshall Co.)
ALDERSON, Jeremiah Pvt 03/04/62
ALDERSON, William Pvt 04/17/62 9/21/1839 - 3/9/1873 buried Bethlehem Cemetery, Potts Camp, Marshall Co. MS
ALEXANDER, T. H. Pvt 03/04/62 Killed at Perryville
BARDEN, Robert S. Pvt 03/04/62
BARLOW, Pomeno J. Pvt 03/04/62
BARR, Hugh W. Pvt 04/17/62
BAYSINGER, John Pvt 03/04/62
BAYSINGER, William B. Pvt 07/25/62
BENNETT, William D. B. Pvt 03/04/62
BENTON, B. B. Pvt 03/04/62
BIZZELL, William H. Pvt 04/24/62
BLAKELY, John Pvt 03/04/62
BOGGS, Samuel Robert Pvt 03/04/62
BOND(S), James K. P. Pvt 06/03/62 Received the Southern Cross of Honor
BOREN, J. F. Pvt 04/20/62
BOWEN, William J. Pvt 07/25/62 Killed at Perryville?
BROWN, W. J. Pvt 07/25/62
BRYAN, John D. Sgt 07/25/62
BUCHANNON, Marion Pvt 04/17/62
BUFFINGTON, Thomas B. Pvt 03/04/62
BURRIS, W. R. Pvt 03/04/62 LKR - Banner, MS
CAMPBELL, William Pvt 04/16/62 Lawson? 1841-1906 Camp Hill Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
COOK, John H. Pvt 03/04/62 1844 - 3/25/1924 buried Cook Family Cemetery, Potts Camp, Marshall Co. MS
COOK, John M. Pvt 03/04/62
COOKE, Alexander Pvt
Captured at Corinth, returned home and died at age 32
COOPER, James Monroe Pvt 03/08/62 2/15/1844 - 5/27/1905, Rising Star, buried Rising Star Cemetery, Eastland Co., TX
COWAN, George H. Sgt 03/04/62
COYLE, S. D. 2 Lt. 03/04/62
CROUCH, John S. Pvt 03/04/62
DAY, Lawrence P. Pvt 03/08/62
DAY, S. P. Pvt

DEAN, Napoleon B. Pvt 04/17/62 Buried Beauvoir Confederate Veterans Home; LKR - Holly Springs, MS
EVANS, Joseph B. 1 Lt. 03/08/62
FARR, Richard Pvt 03/08/62
FINNEY, John Pvt 03/04/62
FREEMAN, Green H. Pvt 04/20/62
GAINES, Allen J. Pvt 03/04/62 LKR - Banner, MS, born 1844 buried Spring Creek Cemetery, Bruce, Calhoun Co. MS
GILMER, Thomas

Chattanooga Confederate Cem.
GILMORE, A. Barion Pvt 03/04/62
GILMORE, Thomas J. Pvt 07/25/62
GOLDEN, William R. Pvt 03/04/62
GREER, Aquilla Pvt 04/10/62 Buried Bethlehem Methodist Cemetery, Marshall Co., MS
GUINN, Blackburn Pvt 03/04/62
HALL, Benjamin F. Pvt 03/04/62 LKR - Holly Springs, MS
HAMILTON, A. Pvt 07/25/62
HAMILTON, Andrew J. Sgt 03/04/62
HARRELL, Netley Pvt 03/04/62
HARRIS, Martin Pvt 04/29/62
HARRIS, Wilber F. Pvt 07/25/62
Slightly wounded at Perryville
HASSELL, Jerry H. Pvt 03/04/62 Chattanooga Confederate Cem.
HAWKINS, William B. Pvt 03/04/62
HENDERSON, William B. Pvt 03/04/62
HILLARD, J. E. Pvt 04/30/62
HOLLOMAN, Jonathan Pvt 05/10/62 Probably the J.L. Holloman buried Linwood Cemetery, Columbus, GA
HOLLOWELL, Albert L. Pvt 04/29/62 Died 7 May 1864, possibly b. Soule's Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Holly Springs, MS.
HOLLOWELL, George W. H. Pvt 04/29/62 Died 25 August 1864, possibly b. Soule's Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Holly Springs, MS.
IRWIN, George W. Pvt 05/05/62 Transferred to 5th TX Inf. 1 Nov. 1862. POW in east TN 3 April 1864.

JEFFRIES, J. M. 2 Lt. 03/04/62

JEFFRIES, William G. Capt 03/04/62
JOHNSON, Alexander Pvt 04/20/62
JONES, Alie A. Pvt 03/08/62
JONES, Henry E. 2 Lt. 03/08/62 12 Jun 1839 - 8 May 1868 b. Mt. Zion (West) Cem., Benton Co., MS
JONES, John C. Pvt 03/04/62
JONES, Pickrum Pvt 05/10/62 Died 12/27/63 Rock Island, IL
JONES, Richard Sugars Pvt 05/10/62 12/15/1830-4/14/1896 bur. Pisgah cemetery Union Co., MS.
KING, James M. Pvt 03/04/62
KISAR, J. Pvt 04/20/62
KIZER, James R. Pvt 05/12/62 1836-1915 enlisted Marshall Co. 1836 - 1915 bur. Beulah Union Co.
KYZER, Cornelius Pvt 02/21/62 Died 3/15/1865 Camp Chase Prison
KYZER, Jacob F. Pvt 04/20/62
LANDRETH, John R. Cpl 03/08/62
LAY, V. A. Pvt 07/25/62
MANUEL, John Pvt 04/17/62
MASSEY, J. P. Pvt 05/10/62
McAULEY, Farquer Cpl 03/04/62 LKR - Abbeville, MS
McAULEY, Malcom

Died Apr-May 63 Myrtle Cem., Rome, GA
McAULEY, William Sgt 05/13/62
McAULEY, William Peacock Pvt 03/04/62
Dangerously wounded Perryville

Apr-May 1863 Myrtle Cem., Rome, GA
McCLENNAN, Isam C. Pvt 03/04/62
McCROG, W. D. T.

Chattanooga Confederate Cem.
Mortally wounded Perryville
McELROY, Needham I. Pvt


LKR - Abbeville, MS
McLEROY, N. J. Pvt 03/04/62
McLEROY, Needham Franklin Pvt 03/04/62 Enlisted at Waterford, MS age 22 (born about 1840), 6' 6" tall. Captered at Battle of Lookout MT. 11/24/1863, exchanged 3/20/1865.
MILLER, Hugh Cpl 03/04/62
MILLER, Thomas A. Pvt 03/04/62
MOON, G. H. Pvt 03/04/62
MORRISON, Abner Pvt 03/04/62 1837-1907, bur. Pine Hill Cem. Jonesboro AR
MORRISON, James W. Sgt 04/17/62 Color bearer, killed at Chickamauga
MULENOX, Madison A. Pvt 03/04/62
MYERS, Alexander Pvt 03/04/62
NEWSOM, James W. Pvt 03/04/62
NEWSOM, W. J. Pvt 03/04/62
NOLAND, Felix A. Pvt 04/30/62
NORMAN, Thomas C. Pvt 05/13/62

OWENS, Charles W. Pvt 04/20/62
OWENS, J. E. Pvt 05/13/62 Nov. 2, 1825 - May 31, 1899, buried Simpson Family Cemetery, Benton County
PAINE, Joseph Pvt 03/08/62
PARKE, M. Pvt 04/05/62

POE, Duncan Cpl 03/04/62
POE, George E. Pvt 03/04/62 Buried Cornersville Cemetery, Marshall Co., MS
POE, H. E. Pvt 03/04/62
POE, Joseph H. Pvt 07/25/62 Perhaps J.H. Poe, 9/8/1836-9/13/1897 bur. Darden Cem. Union Co.
POE, Lafayette Pvt 03/04/62 Apr-May 1863 bur. Myrtle Cem., Rome, GA
POWELL, J. E. Pvt 04/08/62
RODERY, W. J. B. Sgt 03/04/62
ROGERS, David Jackson Pvt 03/04/62 LKR - Watson, MS
ROGERS, R. R. Pvt 03/04/62
RUSHING, Andrew J. Pvt 03/04/62
SANDERS, J. L. Pvt 05/13/62
SHADY, John Pvt 05/10/62
SMITH, Aaron N. Sgt 05/01/62 Buried Soules Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Marshall Co., MS
SMITH, Hamilton A. Pvt 07/25/62
STRATTON, D. R. Pvt 03/04/62 From Desoto (now Tate) Co.
STURDEVANT, William J. Pvt 05/14/62
STUTTS, William A. Pvt 04/26/62 LKR - Oaks Grove, MS
SYNCO, Jackson S. Pvt 04/10/62 Captured 22 July 1864 at Atlanta, died Dec. 1864 at Camp Chase, Ohio
SYNCO, Joseph B. Pvt 04/20/62
TYSON, Thomas U. Pvt 04/14/62 LKR - Byhalia, MS

WALKER, William Pvt 03/04/62
WARD, W. L. Pvt 03/04/62
WATSON, Elcano M. Pvt 04/26/62 LKR - Strayhorn, MS
WESTMORELAND, Franklin Pvt 03/10/62 LKR - Waterford, MS
WESTMORELAND, J. G. 2 Lt. 03/04/62
WESTMORELAND, James W. Pvt 05/14/62
WESTMORELAND, John M. Pvt 03/04/62 Applied for pension in Hardeman Co. TN
WESTMORELAND, Marion R. Pvt 03/04/62
WHITE, James M. Pvt 03/04/62
WILKINS, James A. C. Sgt 03/10/62
WILKINS, M. F. Capt. 03/04/62
WILSON, William C. Cpl. 03/04/62
WRIGHT, George W. Pvt 03/04/62
WRIGHT, James G. Pvt 03/04/62
YOUNG, George W. Pvt 03/04/62 LKR - Bethlehem, MS
YOUNT, William E. Pvt 03/04/62 Severely wounded at Perryville
Company E Coldwater Rebels (Marshall Co.)
ALEXANDER, Henry F. Pvt 03/10/62
ALEXANDER, R. W. Pvt 03/10/62
ALEXANDER, Uriah M. C. Pvt 03/10/62
ALEXANDER, W. M. Pvt 03/10/62 Buried Chattanooga Confederate Cem.
ALLISON, John L. Pvt 03/10/62
APPLEWHITE, Adolphus M. Pvt 03/10/62 Returned TN CW questionnaire from Shelby Co. TN
ATTAWAY, H. M. Pvt 03/10/62
ATTAWAY, Henry C. Pvt 03/10/62 Probably the H.G. Attaway 11/11/1832-5/18/1899 buried Coldwater Methodist Cemetery, Collierville, Marshall Co., MS
BENSON, George H. Pvt 04/01/62
BLAINE, W. C. Pvt 03/10/62
BOWLING, Tandy W. Pvt 04/10/62 Died 1895, buried Rossville, TN
BOYD, Edward M. Pvt 03/10/62 Buried Oak Hill Cemetery Newnan Georgia
BRADY, Bryant B. Sgt 03/10/62 4/15/1833 - 11/12/1907 buried Foundtain Head, Byhalia, DeSoto Co. MS

BRITT, H. C. Pvt 03/10/62
BROADAWAY, William A. Pvt 03/10/62

BRYANT, Brady Sgt

BURKHARTT, John Pvt 04/01/62

CHALMERS, James D. 2 Lt. 03/10/62
CLOUD, Emmett Pvt 04/10/62
CLOUD, Robert J. Pvt 04/15/62
COLLINS, John H. Cpl 04/01/62 (Rev.) Flag bearer 8 May 1839 - 13 Apr 1921 bur. Evergreen, Lamar Co., TX
COLLINS, Joseph F. Pvt 04/01/62
COLSON, Jefferson J. Pvt 03/10/62 26 July 1864 Rock Island IL
COOPWOOD, Benjamin J. Pvt 06/30/62 LKR - Red Fork, AR
CRAVEN, E. B. Pvt 03/10/62
CRAWFORD, William R. Pvt 04/21/62
CROSSWOOD, Benjamin Pvt

CRUTCHER, Thomas M. Pvt 03/10/62 Died 8/15/64 Rock Island, IL
DAVIDSON, Charles B. Pvt

DEAN, Robert J. Pvt 05/26/62
DEMENT, F. C. Pvt 04/29/62
EDDINS, D. W. Pvt 03/17/62
EDDINS, William L. Cpl
Applied for pension in Shelby Co. TN
FARLEY, John Berry Pvt 03/10/62 LKR - Scanlon, AR
FARLEY, W. A. Pvt 03/10/62 9/27/1838 - 4/11/1924 buried Natchez City Cemetery, Adams Co. MS
FAUCETT, Thomas D. Pvt 03/10/62 Died 14 May 1864 bur. Resaca Cem. GA
FAULK, J. B. Pvt

FITZHUGH, Andrew M. Pvt 02/28/63 Died 1/13/64 Rock Island, IL
FLEMING, Samuel T. Pvt 03/10/62 Born 2/20/1844, captured Lookout Mt. TN, POW Rock Island, IL, released 3/13/1865, applied for pension in Shelby Co. TN
FLOW, David M. Pvt 05/30/62
FOWLER, Samuel Pvt 03/10/62
FOWLER, T. R. Pvt 03/10/62
FRANKLIN, Epsie E. Pvt 03/10/62 6 Mar 1820-21 Jul 1888 Dumas Cem., Tippah Co.
FROST, James A. Pvt 04/29/62
FUNDERBURK, J. S. Pvt 03/10/62 Killed at Perryville
GARRETT, A. L. Pvt 03/10/62
GARTH, Jesse Frank Pvt 04/28/62 LKR - Des Arc, AR
GARTH, T. H. Pvt

GASSETT, William H. Pvt 03/10/61 9/6/1841 - 4/1/1897 buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Marshall Co., MS
GATEWOOD, Henry P. Pvt

GATEWOOD, Patrick H. Pvt 05/06/62
GLENN, James M. 2 Lt. 04/15/62
GLOVER, Thomas H. Pvt 03/10/62
GOLIGHTLY, Joel Eddins Pvt 04/25/62 2/22/1835 - 4/1/1907 buried Marshall Co. MS
GOSSETT, William H. Pvt 04/21/62 9/6/1841 - 4/1/1897 buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Marshall Co. MS
GROVES, J. M. Pvt 03/10/62
HALE, James T. Pvt 03/10/62 LKR - Mt. Pleasant, MS
HALE, John L. Pvt 03/10/62
HALE, Lewis J. Pvt

HAMPTON, Henry Pvt 03/10/62
HARDY, Jack R. Pvt 03/10/62 Last Known Residence - Booneville, MS
HARRAWAY, David H. Pvt 03/10/62 LKR - Olive Branch, MS, age 67 living in DeSoto Co. MS in 1906 1839 - 1911 buried DeSoto Co. MS?
HARRAWAY, Robert E. Pvt 05/26/62 LKR - Hartman, TX
HAWKINS, L. P. Pvt 04/01/62
HAWKINS, William R. Pvt 05/13/62
HAYES, James R. Pvt 03/10/62
HAYS, Andrew W. Pvt 03/10/62 3/21/1837 - 9/19/1917 buried New Salem Cem. Marshall Co. MS?
HILLIARD, David M. Pvt 03/10/62 Died 1862 buried Confederate Cemetery, Lauderdale Springs, MS
HOOKS, Bradford R. Pvt 03/10/62
HOUSTON, B. P. Pvt 04/01/62
HOUSTON, John D. Pvt 04/01/62
HOUSTON, N. C. Pvt 04/01/62
HUGHEY, Samuel A. Pvt 03/10/62 LKR - Apika, MS, age 61 living in DeSoto Co. MS in 1906
HUMPHREY, J. P. Pvt 03/10/62
INGRAM, R. L. Pvt 03/10/62
IRWIN, J. C. Cpl 03/10/62
IRWIN, William C. Cpl 03/10/62

JOINER, Julius M. Capt 09/19/61 LKR - Watson, MS
KIMBALL, Louis H. Cpl 03/10/62
KIMBALL, William M. Pvt 03/10/62
KING, Edward Sgt 04/21/62 LKR - Collierville, TN
KIRBY, Edward K. Pvt 05/06/62 Born 1843 in MS. LKR - San Antonio, TX. Died 1813. Buried in Holly Springs, MS.
KITTRILL, R. S. Pvt 03/10/62 Buried Okolona Confederate Cem. (marker says Co. E 17th MS so he may have been in both)
LAUDERDALE, B. W. Pvt 03/10/62 LKR - Dyersburg, TN
LOW, Taylor Z. Pvt 03/10/62
LUCAS, William H. Pvt 03/10/62
LUNA, Lunsford Long Pvt 02/25/62 5 Feb 1833-24 Feb 1919 New Salem Cem. Tippah Co. MS.
MANN, James Joseph Pvt 04/28/62
MARTIN, S. G. Pvt 04/28/62
MARTIN, William P. M. Pvt 03/10/62 Applied for pension in Shelby Co. TN
MAYFIELD, William S. Pvt 03/10/62
McCRARY, W. F. Pvt 09/19/61
McNEILL, John Pvt 03/10/62
MILLIORN, James B. Pvt 03/10/62 LKR - Memphis, TN, 1/14/1844-7/3/1933 bur. Pleasant Hill Cem., Hot Springs AR
MOFFATT, John F. Sgt 04/26/62
MOSELY, William H. Pvt 03/10/62
MOSLEY, Thomas P. Pvt 03/10/62
NIBLETT, Eugene A. Pvt 09/19/62
NIBLETT, John H. Pvt 03/10/62



PARKER, W. P. Pvt 03/10/62
POWELL, Thomas Pvt 03/10/62
PUGH, Frank Pvt 04/01/62
PUGH, Frank M. Sgt 04/01/62
PUGH, R. T. Pvt 04/01/62
PUGH, William H. Pvt 04/01/62
RAGSDALE, W. H. Pvt 03/10/62
RICHMOND, Leonidas Pvt 03/10/62
RICHMOND, Logan Pvt 03/10/62
ROBERSON, Austin C. Pvt 03/10/62
RODGERS, Albert S. Pvt 03/10/62
RODGERS, James W. Capt. 03/10/62 LKR - Walnut Bend, AR
Slightly wounded at Perryville
ROSE, James M.

SAIN, William F. Pvt 03/10/62
SALMON, Thomas A. Pvt 03/10/62
SAM, Frank

LKR - Brinkley, AR
SAYLES, J. D. Pvt 05/01/62
SIVELY, Andrew Y. Pvt 03/10/62 In prison at Camp Douglas IL at the close of the war, wife drawing a pension in DeSoto Co. MS in 1906
STAMPS, Jerome B. 2 Lt. 03/10/62
STEWART, A. C. Pvt 03/10/62
STEWART, James M. Pvt 04/28/62
STEWART, Robert M. Pvt 03/10/62 LKR - Millington, TN applied for pension in Tipton Co. TN
STOVALL, J. J. Pvt 04/10/62
SUMMERS, William E. Pvt 03/10/62
SURGINER, R. W. Pvt 03/10/62
SURGINER, Thomas J. Pvt 04/08/62
THOMAS, Henry Pvt 03/10/62 Killed at Perryville
THOMAS, William C. Pvt 04/24/62
TOWNS, William H. Pvt 03/08/62 Died 12/26/63 Rock Island, IL
TURNER, Isaac N. Pvt 03/10/62
VICK, Allen F. Pvt 03/10/62 Captured 24 Nov 1863 Lookout Mt., sent to Rock Island prison for rest of war
VICK, Eli W. Pvt 03/10/62 Died 3 Aug. 1864 (brother to Allen)

WALKER, Thomas B. Pvt 04/15/62
WALTON, Augustus T. Capt 03/10/62 Resigned 1862
WALTON, Thomas H. Pvt 03/10/62
WARD, Samuel S. Sgt 03/10/62

LKR - Dabney, MS
WILLIAMS, James Y. Pvt 03/10/62

WILSON, William K. 1st Lt. 03/10/62
WIMBERLEY, J. D. Pvt 03/10/62
WISEMAN, H. T. Pvt 03/10/62
WISEMAN, John P. Pvt 03/10/62 LKR - Itasca, TX

WOOD, John L. Pvt 03/10/62
WOODS, Henry H. Pvt 03/10/62 Severely wounded at Perryville
WOODSON, Henry M. Pvt 03/10/62 LKR - Memphis, TN
WRIGHT, George S. Pvt 03/10/62
Company F Goodman Guards (organized 17 Feb 1862 in Marshall Co.)
ABSTON, Joshua Pvt 04/19/62
ADAMS, William D. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Pine Bluff, AR
ADAY, John L. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Bethlehem, MS
ALEXANDER, James A. Pvt 03/17/62 Musician, 3/13/1839-11/1/1867 bur. Darden Cem. Union Co. MS
ALEXANDER, William C. Pvt 03/17/62
ALLEN, Daniel B. Pvt 06/06/62
ALLEN, Gordon D. H. Pvt 08/02/62 4/19/1837 - 3/8/1878 buried Hill Crest Cemetery, Holly Sprints, Marshall Co. MS.
ANDERSON, Charles W. Cpl 03/17/62
ARMSTRONG, Alphonzo Pvt 08/02/62
BARRETT, Christopher Columbus Sgt 03/17/62
BARRETT, Jerry C. Pvt 03/17/62 Died 4/23/1914(?) buried Beauvoir Confederate Veterans Home from Tate Co.
BAUM, J. Hugh Pvt 04/27/62
BAUM, John W. Pvt 04/27/62
BAUM, Robert A. Cpl 04/27/62 LKR - Snow Creek, MS
BEASLEY, John H. Pvt 03/17/62
BEATY, Patrick M. Pvt 05/08/62
BLYTHE, John Wesley Lt. 04/27/62 LKR - Snow Creek, MS
BLYTHE, Newton Jasper Pvt 04/27/62 LKR - Hickory Flat, MS
BLYTHE, Thomas Jefferson Pvt 04/27/62 12 Aug 1829-6 Aug 1907 buried Lowry Cemetery, Tippah Co.
BOLING, Benjamin F. Pvt 03/17/62
BOWEN, Chesley Pvt 03/17/62
BOYD, Daniel Pvt 03/07/62
BRADFORD, Larkin H. Pvt 03/17/62 Died 2/16/64 Rock Island, IL
BRADSHAW, John Pvt 03/17/62 Died as a POW after Feb 1865
BRADSHAW, Josiah Pvt 03/17/62 1835-1917 bur. Confederate Cemetery, Higginsville, Missouri
BRADSHAW, Oliver Perry Pvt 03/17/62 Born 1823 NC
BROOKS, Charles B. Pvt 03/17/62
BROWN, Algernon R. Capt. 03/17/62 March 5, 1831, moved to White Co., AR, Cane Township, LKR - El Dorado, AR
BRUME, J. W. Pvt

BUMPASS, Alfred H. Pvt 03/17/62 3/24/1832-after 1915 buried East Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Potts Camp, LKR - Potts Camp, MS
BUMPASS, Henry Petty Pvt 03/17/62 3/24/1832-1919 buried East Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Potts Camp, LKR - Potts Camp, MS
BYRUM, Thomas W. Pvt 03/17/62

CANTRELL, John Pvt 02/15/63
CHILDRESS, James C. Pvt 03/17/62
CHILDRESS, John T. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Hickory Flat, MS
CHILDRESS, Walter C. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Snow Creek, MS, applied for pension in Shelby Co. TN
CHRISTY, William W. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Holly Springs. MS
CLAYTON, George W. Pvt 05/09/62 Born 10/10/1843, died 12/30/63 Rock Island, IL prison
CLAYTON, John C. Pvt 03/17/62 Born 12/11/1837, died in war
CLAYTON, Thomas F. Pvt 03/17/62 Born 3/4/1842, died in war
COLDWELL, Carrell H.
03/17/62 LKR - Holly Springs, MS
COMPTON, William M. Pvt 03/17/62
COWAN, John S. R. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Holly Springs, MS
COX, John T. Pvt 03/17/62 probably the Cox of Co. F who was killed 9/20/1863 at Chickamauga
COX, John Wesley Pvt 03/17/62 7/31/1836-8/18/1928 buried Chewalla Baptist Cemetery, Marshall Co. MS
CROCKER, Nathaniel M. Pvt 04/27/62
CRUMP, Anderson Pvt 03/17/62
DANCEY, W. S. Pvt 04/29/62
DAVIDSON, John C. Pvt 05/05/62
DAVIS, William D. Pvt 04/20/62
DRAKE, Charles H. C. Cpl 03/17/62 Mortally wounded at Perryville
DUNCAN, Henry W. Pvt 04/27/62 1825 - 1906 buried Duncan Family Cemetery, Benton Co.
EDWARDS, Thomas J. Pvt 04/10/62
EVANS, George C. Pvt 04/01/62
FALCONER, Howard Pvt 04/29/62
FALCONER, Thomas A. Maj. 03/17/62 Resigned 28 Feb 1863
FARMER, W. L. Cp1 03/17/62
FENNEL, Isom H. Pvt 03/17/62
GEORGE, William L. Pvt 04/20/62
GRAY, Lewis P. Sgt 05/10/62 LKR - Holly Springs, MS
GREER, David E. Pvt 05/10/62 Died 12/10/63 Rock Island, IL
GULLICK, William C. Pvt 03/17/62
HANCOCK, Willoughby E. Sgt 05/12/62
HARPER, John A. Pvt 04/19/62
HARPER, Milton R. Pvt 03/17/62
HARRIS, Jesse M. Pvt 03/17/62
HIGGINBOTHAM, Anderson V. Pvt 03/17/62
HIGGINBOTHAM, James B. Pvt 03/17/62
HIGGINBOTHAM, Lawson G. Pvt 02/14/63
HILLIS, Lanning Jr. Pvt 03/17/62
HOOPER, John A. Asst. Comm 04/16/62 LKR - Columbus, MS
HOUSE, Marshall H. Pvt 03/17/62
HOUSTON, William J. Pvt 03/17/62 1 May 1831-21 Aug 1911 Old Hickory Flat Cem, Benton

Buried Selph-Collins Cemetery, Benton Co.
HUDSON, James M. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Shawnee, MS, bur. Selph-Collins Cemetery, Benton Co.

Killed in Battle of Manasas memorial tomb in Selph-Collins Cem., Benton Co.
JARRETT, Thomas Elias Pvt
Enlisted Marshall Co. bur. Amaziah Cem. Union Co.
JOHNSON, William C. Pvt 08/11/62 22 May 1827-6 Aug 1909 b. Rucker Cem., Tippah Co., MS
JONES, William H. 1 Lt. 03/17/62
KELLY, Jarratt Pvt 03/17/62
KELLY, Presley Pvt 03/17/62

KING, William M. Pvt 02/15/63
LANE, David W. Pvt 03/17/62 Apr 1863 buried Myrtle Cem., Rome, GA
LEWIS, George Pvt 03/17/62
LOTT, James R. Pvt 04/20/62
LOTT, William F. Pvt 03/17/62
MASON, Armistead T. Maj. 05/24/62 Disabled at Perryville
McCALLUM, D. W. Pvt 03/17/62
McCLUNE, William H. Pvt 05/01/62

MILLS, Green Pvt 05/01/62
MITCHELL, John A. Pvt 04/01/62
MOODY, John H. Pvt 03/17/62
MOODY, Martin H. Pvt 03/17/62
MOODY, William D. Pvt 03/17/62
MOODY, Willis A. Cpl 03/17/62
MOORE, Alfred Pvt 03/17/62
MOORE, Andrew J. Pvt 04/27/62
MORGAN, Frederick W. Sgt 03/17/62 LKR - Coxville, TX
MORGAN, John H. Capt. 03/17/62 LKR - Cooper, TX
MORGAN, Joseph F. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Myrtle, MS
MORGAN, Robert G. 1 Lt. 03/17/62 LKR - Oxford, MS
MORGAN, William J. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Tyler, TX
NICHOLS, John M. Pvt 03/04/62
NOLAN, Green B. Pvt 04/17/62
OLIVER, Daniel J. Sgt 03/17/62
OLIVER, James M. Pvt 03/17/62
OWEN, George W. Pvt 03/17/62
PARSONS, James R. Pvt 03/17/62
PEEREY, Frank M. Pvt 04/20/62
PERRON, W. Pvt 03/17/62
PINKSTON, Perkins P. Pvt 04/27/62
POINTER, Robert A. Cpl 03/17/62
PORTERFIELD, Frank M. Pvt 08/13/63 LKR - Moody, TX
PORTERFIELD, Thomas B. Cpl 03/17/62 Died at Resaca, GA 14 May 1864
POSTELL, Phillip S. Surgeon 06/09/63
PUCKETT, James F. Pvt 04/27/62
PUGH, William H. H. Pvt 04/04/62
ROSS, Thomas J. Pvt 03/17/62
SCOTT, J. William Pvt 03/17/62
SCOTT, James U. Pvt 03/17/62 2/?/1841 NC - 2/2/1922 buried Zion Cemetery, Greenville, IL
SCOTT, L. W. Pvt 03/17/62
SEAL(S), Thomas J. Pvt 04/18/62 LKR - Holly Springs, MS
SKINNER, William Pvt 05/17/62
SMITH, B. F. Pvt 03/17/62
SMITH, L. Y. Pvt 03/17/62
SPILLERS, Virgil W. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Midway, AR
SPILLERS, Wiley C. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Waits, MS
STEWART, Henry T. Sgt 05/10/62
STILL, James H. Pvt 05/05/62
SWAN, William L. Pvt 04/27/62 LKR - Holly Springs, MS
TERRELL, William J. Pvt 03/17/62
VAUGHAN, Thomas J. Pvt 05/05/62
VERNON, Obediah Pvt 04/20/62
WAGES, J. William Pvt 08/11/62
WESSON, D. G. Pvt 03/17/62
WEST, David C. Pvt
LKR - Ashland, MS
WHITAKER, Frank S. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Holly Springs, MS
WHITAKER, J. C. Pvt 03/17/62
WIKTOR, Skoyvinski Pvt 03/17/62
WILKERSON, Edward Pvt 03/17/62 Buried Bethel Methodist Cem., Benton Co., MS
WILKERSON, Jackson Pvt 03/27/62 Buried Bethel Methodist Cem., Benton Co., MS
WILKERSON, Stephen P. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Snow Creek, MS
WILKERSON, Wiley Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Hickory Flat, MS bur. Bethel Methodist Cem., Benton Co.
WILKERSON, William B. Pvt 02/15/63 18 Aug 1827-8 Nov 1910 Old Hickory Flat Cem., Benton
WILLIAMS, Abraham W. Pvt 03/17/62
WILLIAMS, J. Pvt 03/17/62

YARBROUGH, George W. Pvt 07/01/62 LKR - Marianna, MS
YARBROUGH, J. Henry Pvt 04/02/62
Company G Sons of Liberty (organized 17 Mar. 1862 in Tippah Co.)
AIKEN, T. T. Pvt 04/30/62
ALLISON, David A. Sgt 04/22/62 Killed at Lookout Mt., TN 1863
BALCH, Samuel P. Pvt 03/17/62
BARGER, Elijah M. Sgt 04/27/62 From Tippah Co., buried on his farm in Lonoke Co. AR
BARGER, John H. Pvt 03/17/62
BARGER, William O. Pvt 04/26/62
BELOTE, William Smith Pvt 04/26/62 Killed at Lookout Mt., TN 1863
BLAKENEY, Thomas A. Pvt 03/14/62 12/20/1829-9/8/1862 died in hospital at Chattanooga TN. 9/8/1862 Sept
BRAY, Alexander W. Sgt 03/17/62 Died 5/4/1864 Rock Island, IL
BREWER, James Pvt 03/17/62
BROWN, J. N. Pvt 04/22/62 Buried Friendship Meth. Cem., Benton Co., MS
BROWN, James Riley Pvt 04/28/62 30 Dec 1836-9 Jun 1923 b. New Salem Cem., Tippah Co.
BUTLER, Benjamin C. Rev. Sgt
12 Aug. 1841 - 30 Dec. 1890 b. New Salem Cem., Tippah Co., MS
CAMPBELL, George W. Cpl 03/17/62 Died 8/17/64 Rock Island, IL
CAMPBELL, W. G. Pvt 03/17/62
CHILDERS, H. W. Pvt 03/17/62
CHILDERS, J. Willis Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Finger, MS, obituary says died 1/19/1915 buried Union Cem. (unmarked?)
CHILDERS, James A. 2 Lt. 08/26/62
CHILDERS, Jesse N. Pvt 03/17/62
CLIFTON, James E. Pvt 04/03/62
COKER, John R. Pvt 03/17/62 Died 11/10/1862 buried Bardstown, Ky.
COKER, Thomas R.

Died 11/7/1862 buried Bardstown, Ky.
03/17/62 Killed in the battle of Seven Pines
CROUCH, Nicholas Cornelius
03/17/62 8/16/1823-11/22/1905 buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery Tippah Co.
DEAVENPORT, G. W. Pvt 03/17/62

DIXON, M. H. Pvt 03/17/62
GRAY, J.A. Pvt 03/17/62
GRAY, T. C. Pvt 03/17/62
HARLAND, F. J. Pvt 03/17/62
HAWKINS, Ralph Pvt 03/17/62
HAWKINS, W. R. Pvt 03/17/62
HEPLEY, D. C. Pvt 04/27/62
HERRING, L. W. Pvt 04/26/62
HERRING, Thomas J. Sgt 03/17/62 21 Oct 1833 - 6 July 1898 buried Mt. Zion (East) Cem., Benton Co.
HICKS, Caleb Ceiles Cpl 04/22/62 27 Nov 1829-6 Mar 1914 Whitney, TX
HILL, Robert King Pvt 04/28/62
HILL, W. M. Pvt 03/14/62
HINES, Chesley Sgt 03/17/62 27 Mar 1834-19 Nov 1878, b. Mt. Zion East
HOLLAND, Felix R. Cpl 03/17/62 Died in Benton Co. MS around 1900
HOLLY, Pleasant
HOLLY, W. S. Pvt 03/17/62

Died in hospital at Winona, MS, buried there
HOPKINS, Charles B. Pvt 03/17/62
HOPKINS, Farley H. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Austerlitz, MS
HOPKINS, Sion Pvt 04/28/62 Buried Oak Hill Cemetery Newman, Georgia
HOPPER, N. T. Pvt 03/17/62
HOPPER, William M. Pvt 03/17/62
HUBBARD, Thaddeus S. Capt. 03/17/62 Died 1864 in battle of Seven Pines
HUDDLESTON, John B. Capt. 03/17/62 Discharged by reason of surgeons certificate 7/4/1862 at Tupelo, died 1891 in Prentiss Co. MS, buried Bucksnart near Altitude
ISEMAN, John Pvt

JACKSON, Nelson Pvt 03/17/62
JAMES, Newberry Jr. Pvt 03/17/62 1812 - 1896 moved to Boone Co. AR
Born 10 July 1846 buried Canaan Baptist Cemetery, Benton Co.
JONES, W. M. Pvt 03/17/62
JONES, Washington
KARTCH, Cornelius

LKR - Falkner, MS
KIDD, Andrew Jack Pvt 03/17/62 Died of pneumonia on 11 Nov 1862 in Academy Hospital, Chattanooga
KIDD, George W.
03/17/62 No further record
KIDD, James H. Pvt 03/17/62 Captured at Lookout Mt. 24 Nov 1863, exchanged 13 Mar 1865; LKR - Finger, MS, 3/1/1842-2/19/1919 bur. Mt. Zion (East) Benton Co. MS
LASSITER, Francis A. 2 Lt. 03/17/62
LAWSON, Henry H. Pvt 03/17/62
LUMPKINS, G. M. Pvt 03/17/62
LUMPKINS, Jackson D. Pvt 03/17/62
Slightly wounded at Perryville
MARBRY, Jacob Pvt 03/17/62
MARLAR, Henry Gaston Pvt 05/07/62 Went to TX about 1876

MAULDIN, A. Sgt 03/17/62
MAULDIN, J. C. C. Pvt 03/17/62
McCLAIN, Lewis Marshall Sgt 03/17/62 1819-1912, Antioch Cem., Tippah Co., MS
McCOY, John F. 1 Lt 03/17/62 1/1/1830-12/8/1910 New Salem Cem., Tippah Co.
McILWAIN, James A.

McILWAIN, John Theopilis Pvt 03/17/62 7/5/1818-7/1/1904 buried Mars Hill Cemetery, Winnfield? LA
McMILLIAN, Alexander Pvt 05/03/62
McNEELY, James L. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Gatesville, TX

LKR - Batesville, MS
MERITT, J. W. Pvt 04/26/62
NABORS, William P. Sgt 04/26/62
NANCE, James Henry Sgt 03/17/62 30 Apr 1833-10 Jun 1914 Little Hope Cem., Tippah Co. MS
NANCE, Peter T. Pvt 03/17/62
PAUL, Abram Pvt 03/17/62
PAUL, Lewis Pvt 03/17/62
PEELER, Jesse B. Pvt 08/26/61 10 Dec 1810-29 Apr 1887 Antioch Cem., Tippah Co., MS
PEELER, William L.
03/17/62 15 Feb 1820-17 Mar 1882 Antioch Cem., Tippah Co., MS
PERNELL, James H. Pvt

PUGH, David Sgt 03/17/62
PUGH, William C. Cpl 03/17/62
RANKINS, W. P. Pvt 03/17/62
ROBERSON, Frank Pvt 04/28/62 Buried Hopkins Family Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
ROFF, J. O. Pvt 03/17/62
ROWLAND, Isaac M. Pvt 03/17/62 23 Jan 1826 - 4 Jan 1907 buried New Salem Cemetery
ROWLAND, James D. Pvt 03/17/62 Later became a "Galvanized Yankee", a pvt. in 3rd U.S. Vol. Inf. Regt, USA
ROWLAND, Joseph Pvt 03/17/62
ROWLAND, Joseph A. Pvt 10/04/63 Dec. 15, 1836 - July 1, 1894, buried New Salem Cemetery
ROWLAND, Thomas W. Cpl 03/17/62
SAMPLES, Isaac P. Pvt 03/17/62 Obituary Aug. 1915 says died in past year, buried Mt. Zion (East) Benton Co., MS
SHANDS, J. H. Pvt 03/17/62
SHANDS, Nathan J. Cpl 03/17/62 LKR - Texas, Sheriff of Erath Co. TX
SHAPPLEY, William T. Cpl 04/30/62 Wounded at Perryville KY  on 8th October 1862 and was left at Perryville on the order of the Regt Surgeon, he then took no further part in the war.
SHELBY, Alfred Pvt 03/17/62
SHELBY, Calvin Pvt 03/17/62
SMITH, James E. Pvt 03/17/62 LKR - Gatesville, TX
SMITH, Levi Pvt 04/26/62 Killed 15 May 1864 in Resaca, GA
SMITH, William D. Cpl 03/17/62
SPENCER, James Pvt 04/26/62
STEWART, Joseph D. Pvt 03/17/62
STREET, George M. D. Pvt 03/17/62 25 Feb 1845 - 9 Aug 1923 Rose Hill Cem., Wapanucka, Johnson County, OK
STREET, James Joseph Cpl 03/17/62 18 Mar 1824-7 Sep 1916 Antioch Cem, Tippah Co., MS
STREET, John Wallow Pvt 02/25/62 10 Jun 1827-3 Jun 1909, Harmony Cem., Tippah Co., MS; LKR - Tiplersville, MS
THORNTON, Christopher C. Pvt 04/26/62 20 May 1830-11 Feb 1888 New Salem Cem., Tippah Co.
WALKER, Joseph A. Pvt 03/17/62 26 Aug 1821-13 Sep 1898 b. Hardin Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS
WELCH, James A. Sgt 08/26/62
WHITE, Uzzy Pvt 03/17/62 Buried Friendship Methodist Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
WILLIAMS, James M. Cpl 03/17/62 1841 - 1913 b. Mt. Zion Methodist Cem., Union Co., MS
WRIGHT, Henry Pvt 04/28/62
Company H Tippah Farmers (organized 18 Mar 1862 in Tippah Co.)
AYERS, Bert O. Sgt 03/18/62 Sgt. E. Ayres 8 Jan 1825-30 Jun 1889 b. Athens, Henderson Co. Tx.
BAKER, J. W. Pvt 03/18/62
BALLENTINE, W. W. Pvt 04/26/62


Popular Springs Cemetery, Kilmicheal, Carroll Co., MS (the Ballentine above?)
BARTLETT, James K. Sgt 03/18/62 Buried County Line Cemetery, LKR - Greenville, MS
BARTLETT, John Suttle Pvt 04/28/63
BELK, W. J. Pvt 03/18/62
BLACK, Samuel Oliver Cpl 03/18/62 17 Feb 1844-30 Nov 1864 battle of Franklin, TN.
BLOWERS, William W. Pvt

BOND, Nelson W. Pvt 03/18/62
BOX, J. B. Pvt 04/26/62
BOX, William P. Pvt 04/26/62 Buried 24 Sept. 1862 Bardstown, Ky.
BRADFORD, Henry Pvt 03/18/62
BRANNON, J. W. Pvt 04/25/62
BULLOCK, James V. Pvt 03/18/62
BURNS, Peter Ferd. Pvt 04/23/62
BURNS/BYRNE, James Henry Pvt 03/18/62 Mar 1842 - 25 Oct 1904 Cedar, Arkansas, a doctor and farmer
BUTLER, S. F. Pvt 05/14/62
CALLICUTT, Thomas L. Pvt
10 Sep 1843-7 Jul 1897 Blue Mt. Cem., Tippah Co., MS

CHISM, James Marion 2 Lt. 03/18/62 4/17/1844 - 9/11/1912 buried Sandy Springs Cem., Tippah Co., MS
CLARY, Allison M. V. Pvt 03/18/62
COCHRAN, J. J. Pvt 03/18/62
COX, Elijah Alonzo Pvt 04/26/62 1/18/1847-5/29/1898 bur. Coon Creek Cem., Smith Bend, TX
CROUCH, James Pvt 03/18/62 7 Oct 1824 - 1873 buried Hephzibah Cem., Benton Co.
CRUMP, William H. Pvt 03/18/62 Killed at Perryville
DANCY, Clifton Lt. Col. 04/29/62
DANCY, Henry S.

Received the Southern Cross of Honor; LKR - Holly Springs, MS
DAY, Hiram A. Pvt 04/25/62 LKR - Myrtle, MS 11/3/1831-3/26/1905 bur. Old Oak Grove Cem. Union Co.
DAY, Horice C. Pvt

DAY, S. P. Pvt


Buried New Bethel Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS
DRENNAN, Andrew P. Pvt 03/18/62
DUNCAN, Edward Ruthvin Pvt 04/28/62 11/18/1825 - 3/7/1906 buried Duncan Family Cemetery, Winborn, Benton Co., MS
DUNCAN, R. N. Pvt 04/28/62
DUNCAN, W. J. Pvt 04/28/62

LKR - Covington, MS
FIELDS, James Pvt 05/14/62
FRAZIER, J. M. Pvt 03/18/62 18 Oct 1824 - 5 May 1883 buried Beulah Church Cem., Benton Co.
FRAZIER, John S. Pvt 03/18/62
Slightly wounded at Perryville
GAMMEL, Stephen P. Pvt 04/25/62 29 Jun 1843-14 Mar 1928 buried in Bethel Cem. North, Grant Co. AR.
GARNER, John Pvt 03/18/62  b. Mar. 1822, Hall Co., GA and d. June 23, 1862 in Orizaba, Tippah County, MS
GARNER, Stephen P. Pvt 03/18/62 Stephen P Garner died of disease in the Chattanooga hospital Feb 11, 1863
GARNER, William Pvt 03/18/62
GARRISON, Charles David Pvt 03/18/62 13 Mar 1834-17 Sep 1922 bur. Harden Cem.
GARRISON, Phillip Wilson Pvt 03/18/62 15 Nov 1862 bur. Perryville Cemetery, KY

Chattanooga Confederate Cem.
GODWIN, Elisha H.

Enlisted from Orizaba MS, 30 years old, 6 feet, 1 inch tall, with fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, a farmer. Died of disease in a Chattanooga hospital. Buried Chattanooga Confederate Cem.
GODWIN, Jacob Cpl 03/18/62
GOLDIN, William H. Pvt 03/18/62
GOODE, James Allen Pvt
1843 - 1862 buried Amaziah Cemetery, Union Co., MS
GOODWIN, Elijah A. Pvt 03/18/62
GOODWIN, Elisha H. Pvt 03/18/62 Died of disease in a Chattanooga hospital, presumably buried there
GOODWIN, Theophilius Pvt 03/18/62
GORDIN, James R. Pvt 04/28/62
HARDIN, John C. Pvt 04/25/62 9/11/1828-4/26/1907 enlisted Tippah bur. Fairfield Union Co.
HARRISON, James P. Pvt

HILL, James Pvt

HILL, Rufus Pvt

HILL, Samuel Richard Pvt 04/26/62 8/3/1830-10/16/1915 bur. Blue Mt., Cem. LKR - Blue Mountain, MS
HILL, Thomas J. 1 Lt. 03/18/62
HINDMAN, Lewis Pvt 04/28/62
HODGES, Absalom Pvt 04/25/62
LKR - Clarysville, MS
HODGES, John W., Sr. Musician 03/18/62 8/24/1828-6/15/1913 bur. Harden Cemetery
HOLLAND, Frederick C. Jr. Cpl 03/18/62 LKR - Hickory Flat, MS, died 1877
HOWARD, Silas Pvt 04/25/62
HUDGEONS, James A. Pvt 03/18/62
HUDGEONS, John W. Pvt 09/19/61
HUDGEONS, William F. Cpl 03/18/62
JAMISON, Samuel D. Pvt 05/14/62 Died 1/4/64 Rock Island, IL
JOHNSTON, Thomas J. Pvt 04/26/62
KNIGHT, J. F. Pvt 03/08/62
LEWIS, Chesley Pvt 03/18/62 1845-2/7/1932 enlisted SC bur. Pleasant Hill Union Co.
LEWIS, William Pvt

LINDSEY, R. D. Pvt 03/18/62
LONG, Henry T. Pvt 04/26/62 11/18/1838 - 1/21/1921 buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Ardmore, OK
LONG, James M. Pvt 03/18/62 Died in war
MARTIN, L. T. Sgt 03/18/62
McALLISTER, George H. Pvt 05/11/62
McBRYDE, James Oliver Pvt 03/18/62 Received the Southern Cross of Honor, 19 Aug 1843-27 Nov 1921 Ebenezer, Cotton Plant MS; LKR - Cotton Plant, MS
McCANN, John Pvt 08/05/63
McCORD, W. W. Pvt 03/18/62 Killed at Perryville
McCRUM, Joseph S. Pvt 09/19/61
McEACHER, Robert S. Pvt

MERIDA, Varnem
MITCHELL, C. W. Pvt 03/18/62
MOORE, Wiley B. Pvt

NABORS, William M. Sgt 05/11/62 (Rev.) 10 Jun 1835-25 Mar 1901, Dumas Cem., Tippah
NOAH, P. Pvt
Slightly wounded at Perryville
NOAH, Samuel Pvt 04/26/62
NUTT, Charles Lewis Pvt 04/26/62 Buried Pine Grove Baptist Cem., Benton Co., LKR - Blue Mountain, MS
PALMER, John D. 2 Lt. 03/18/62 Jan 1824-Apr 1885, New Hope Cem., Tippah Co., MS
PAYTON, C. L. Pvt 03/18/62
QUILLEN, Preston Pvt

RAY, Joseph S. Pvt 03/18/62
RAY, Thomas J. Pvt 03/23/62
RENICK, Thomas J. Pvt 04/23/62
REYNOLDS, Allen Pvt 03/18/62 Buried Myrtle Cem., Rome, GA

Buried Myrtle Cem., Rome, GA
ROBERSON, John W. Sgt 03/18/62 LKR - New Albany, MS
ROBERSON, Thomas J. 1 Lt. 03/18/62
ROOKER, J. P. Pvt 04/26/62
SHANKLE, Irvin Pvt 03/18/62
SHANKLES, George N. Pvt 04/28/62 Also in Co. K?; LKR - Hickory Flat, MS
SIDDALL, John J. 2 Lt. 03/18/62 9 Feb 1823 - 21 Feb 1901 buried Walnut Creek Cemetery
SMITH, A. J. Pvt 04/26/62 12 Dec 1830-9 Sep 1901 b. Flat Rock Baptist, Benton Co.
SMITH, Charles F. Ord. Sgt 08/18/62 Wounded at Perryville, KY, believed to have deserted per O.R.--SERIES I--VOLUME XLIX/1 [S# 103]
SMITH, L. B. Pvt 03/18/62
SMITH, Peter D. Pvt 03/18/62
SMITH, Uriah Pvt

STACKS, Elijah Griffin Pvt 04/25/62 19 Oct 1837-12 Dec 1895 buried in Bethel Cemetery North, Grant Co. AR.
STACKS, Nathan M. Pvt 04/25/62 1831-Nov 1862
STACKS, Samuel F. Pvt 04/25/62 Born 1833
STANFORD, William Madison Pvt 05/14/62 Captured near Atlanta and sent to Camp Chase OH. LKR - Clarysville, MS
STEPHENSON, John H. Pvt 03/18/62
STEWART, David Alex Sgt 03/18/62 Captured 25 Nov 1863 Chattanooga, imprisoned Rock Island, released 25 May 1865; LKR - Texas
STEWART, J. H. Pvt 06/27/62
STOKES, Arthur E. 2 Lt. 05/11/62 LKR - Chester, SC
SWEATON, Francis M. Pvt 04/26/62
SWEETON, J. M. Pvt 03/18/62
THOMPSON, Drury Pvt 04/24/62 Buried Pine Grove Baptist Cemetery, Benton Co., MS

LKR - Hickory Flat, MS
THOMPSON, William Pvt

VARNUM, Meredith Pvt

WALKER, John S. Pvt 05/11/62
WALL, Augustus A. Pvt 03/18/62 LKR - Weston, TX
WALL, John J. Sgt 03/18/62 15 Jun 1818-1 Oct 1863 b. Valley Grove Cem., Benton Co.
WELLS, George L. Pvt 03/18/62
WELLS, Henry H. Cpl 03/18/62 LKR - Indian Territory (1900)
WHITE, Absalom Pvt

WOODS, Granville A. Capt. 03/18/62
WOODS, William C. Cpl 03/03/62 Died 2/23/64 Rock Island, IL
Company I Bowen Rebels (Marshall Co.)
ADAIR, Andrew Jackson Pvt 03/22/62
AIKEN, W. T. Pvt 03/22/62
AIKEN, William G. Pvt 03/22/62 LKR - Thyatira, MS
AILIU, W. T. Pvt
Dangerously wounded Perryville (probably the W.T. Aiken above)
BAXLEY, David M. Pvt 05/31/62
BAXLEY, John C. Cpl 05/31/62
BLOODWORTH, Francis M. Pvt 03/22/62
BOWEN, Henry Jerome Capt. 03/22/62 Killed at Resaca 16 May 1864, bur. in Resaca Cem., GA
BRANTLEY, Wesley Pvt 03/22/62 Died Sept. 1862 run over by a wagon (J.H. Freeman Diary)
BROWN, E. W. Pvt

BROWN, John H. Pvt 03/22/62
BRUTON, S. C. Pvt 05/02/62

CARTER, J. C. Pvt 03/22/62
CARTER, J. H. Pvt 03/22/62
CARTER, M. Pvt 03/22/62
CARTER, R. Pvt 03/22/62
CARTER, William M. Pvt 05/01/62
CASEY, W. A. Pvt 03/22/62
CATHEY, J. C. Sgt 03/22/62 Killed at Perryville
Slightly wounded at Perryville
CHILDERS, David M. 2 Lt. 08/01/62 Died 1864 buried Confederate section Greenwood Cem. Barnesville GA
Dangerously wounded Perryville
Buried Myrtle Cemetery, Rome, GA
CHILDRESS, Albert W. C. Pvt 05/07/62
CHILDRESS, J. D. Cpl 03/22/62
CHILDRESS, J. W. Pvt 03/22/62
CHILDRESS, Levi H. Pvt 03/22/62
CHILDRESS, R. Pvt 08/01/62
CHILDRESS, Robert S. Pvt 03/22/62
CHILDRESS, Samuel Cpl 03/22/62
CHILDRESS, Wiley J. Pvt 03/22/62
CRAIG, John Pvt

DURHAM, D. T. Pvt 03/22/62
DURHAM, John H. 2 Lt. 03/22/62 Died in Conway, AR after the War
DURLEY, William Elijah Sgt 03/22/62 LKR - Tyro, MS 7/25/1839 - 11/16/1928 buried Tyre Cemetery, Tate Co. MS
EDWARDS, L. C. Pvt 03/22/62
ELLIS, Benjamin H. Sgt 03/22/62
ELLIS, H. Pvt 03/22/62 Died by 20 Aug. 1862 (J.H. Freeman Diary)
FAIRES, A. J. Sgt.


FARRIS, Andrew J. Sgt 03/22/62
FORT, John C. Sgt 05/01/62
FREEMAN, Jacob W. Pvt 08/01/62 Buried Yellow Leaf Cemetery, Lafayette Co. MS
FREEMAN, John Henderson Sgt 05/01/62 12/31/1832-6/23/1913 b. Oaklawn Cem., Brinkley, AR
FREEMAN, John S. Pvt 03/22/62 Died 12/15/63 Rock Island, IL
FREEMAN, Robert Pvt 03/22/62 Died 18 Mar. 1863 near Shelbyville, TN of disease, b. there
FROST, John Pvt
Died 12/18/63 Rock Island, IL
FULMER, Jesse N. Pvt 03/22/62
GANT, William W. Pvt 03/22/62
GARRETT, J. Pvt 03/22/62
GARRETT, Phillip W. Pvt 02/01/63 Killed and buried along the road side in KY
GILASPIE, William D. Pvt 05/01/62
GRIFFITH, John William Pvt 06/24/61
HALCOM, Isreal S. Pvt 04/23/62
HARGIS, Thomas W. Pvt 03/22/62
HARMON, David Z. Pvt 06/24/61
HEFLIN, M. C. Pvt 03/22/62
HUNTER, Granville C. Pvt 05/01/62
HUNTER, Thomas R. Pvt 04/24/62 LKR - Aubrey, TX, born 1838 in TN. died 6/8/1910 in Texas Soldier's Home, Austin. Buried Texas State Cemetery, Austin, TX.
HUNTER, W. P. Pvt 03/22/62 2/17/1842-1/1/1928 bur. Camp Creek Cem., Lee Co.
JONES, Francis Marion Pvt 03/22/62 LKR - Conway, AR
LITTLE, D. H. Pvt 06/24/61
LOONEY, J. H. Pvt 06/24/61
LOW, H. Pvt 03/22/62
LOWE, W. H. Pvt

MABRY, T. Pvt 03/22/62
MAPLES, William Pvt 03/22/62 LKR - Thyatira, MS
MARTIN, Marshall N. Cpl 03/22/62 LKR - Thyatira, MS
MARTIN, Samuel P. Pvt 03/22/62 LKR - Sardis, MS
MARTIN, Samuel T. Pvt 06/24/61
MATHEWS, Henry Pvt 03/22/62
McGRAW, John C. Cpl 03/22/62
McKEE, A. R. Pvt 06/24/61
McKEE, George W. Sgt 02/22/62 Received the Southern Cross of Honor; LKR - Chulahoma, MS
McKEE, Robert B. Sgt 02/22/62 Last Known Residence - Lespideza, MS
MERRIMAN, G. W. Pvt 03/22/62
MINOR, Alexander F. Pvt 05/01/62
MONCRIEF, Jesse M. Cpl 03/22/62
MORTON, Samuel P. Pvt


OLDFIELD, A. J. Cpl 03/22/62 Killed at Perryville
PATRICK, James A. Pvt 04/24/62
PERRY, F. M. Pvt 03/22/62
PHILLIPS, Thaddius P. Pvt 03/22/62
RAYBURN, H. Newton 2 Lt. 03/22/62 Resigned 1863; LKR - Harmontown, MS
REDDING, Eli D. Pvt 03/22/62
REDDING, William W. 1 Lt. 03/22/62
RUSHTON, Henry T. Pvt 04/23/62
SANDERS, Robert S. Pvt 06/24/61
SAUNDERS, J. Pvt 03/22/62
SHAW, Joseph M. Pvt 05/07/62
SIMPSON, James F. Pvt 03/22/62 Killed at Perryville
SIMPSON, S. Pvt 03/22/62
SMITH, Burrell J. Pvt 05/07/62 LKR - Arkansas
SMITH, Carroll S. Pvt 06/24/61 Canton Cenetery, Madison County, MS
SOUTH, John Carroll Pvt 06/24/61 Aug 1841-20 May 1922 b. bur. Forrest Hill Cem., Memphis
STEWARD, James A. Pvt 03/22/62 LKR - Wyatt, AR
STILL, W. H. Pvt 05/07/62
STRICKLAND, Maston Louis Pvt 03/22/62 4 Feb 1843-4 Sep 1907, Calhoun Co., MS

LKR - Thyatira, MS
TATE, Daniel Pvt 03/22/62
WADDELL, James Pvt 03/22/62

WADKINS, William H. Pvt 03/22/62
WALDRIP, James M. Cpl 03/22/62

WALKER, H. Pvt 03/22/62
Died 1/1/64 Rock Island, IL
WALKER, Robert W. Pvt 06/24/61
WALKER, Thomas Pvt 05/01/62
WALLACE, A. J. Pvt 03/22/62
WALTER, W. W. Pvt 03/22/62
WATKINS, Merritt C. Pvt 03/22/62 Probably Conly Watkins mention in J.H.Freeman's Diary
WEAVER, J. H. Pvt 05/01/62
WEAVER, W. L. Pvt 05/01/62
WEAVER, William G. Pvt 05/01/62
WEIR, J. W. Pvt 05/01/62
WHITE, Patrick H. Cpl

WRIGHT, Benjamin W. Pvt 03/22/62
WRIGHT, Patrick H. Cpl 03/22/62 LKR - Oxford, MS
Company K Dixie Guards (organized Mar. 1862 at Salem, Tippah Co.)
ADAMS, Andrew J. Pvt 04/25/62 Hospital Steward
ADAMS, John W. Pvt 03/08/62
ALBERSON, Charles Pvt 08/01/62 Died Oct 8 1862 buried Bardstown, Ky.
ALBERSON, Reuben G. Pvt 03/08/62
ALLEN, Samuel Pvt 04/19/62 Buried Pearidge Cem., North Grenada MS
ARNETT, William James Pvt 03/08/62
AUTRY, George Monroe Pvt 04/30/62 Captured Lookout Mt. Nov. 1863, imprisoned Rock Island until 3/13/1865, 1/4/1842-2/15/1907 bur. Kenedy, TX
AYERS, F. G. Sgt 03/08/62
AYERS, William Capt 03/08/62
AYERS, William Pvt 03/08/63
AYERS, William F. Pvt 03/08/62 Buried Marietta Confederate Cem. GA
BAUGHMAN, John B. Pvt 05/12/62 11/21/1826 - 9/4/1916 buried Old Hickory Flat Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
BAUGHMAN, Wesley P. Pvt 03/08/62 LKR - Boxton, TX
BECK, Joshua Emasy Pvt 05/03/62 3/11/1841 - 9/10/1901 buried Beck Family Cemetery., Benton Co.
BERRY, Wittington A. Pvt 03/08/62
BOX, Tyree

LKR - Hickory Flat, MS
BREWER, James I. Sgt 03/08/62 Died 2/16/1864 Rock Island, IL
BREWER, Lorenzo D. Sgt 07/09/63
BROWN, E. Newton Pvt 05/03/62 Killed at Perryville
BUNN, William D. Pvt 03/08/62 12 Dec 1862 bur. Alton, IL
CAMPBELL, James G. Pvt
2 Nov 1827-27 May 1862 Canaan Baptist Cem. Benton Co.
CARRUTH, Ladson M. Pvt 05/01/62
CARRUTH, Walter P. Sgt 05/01/62
CHAMPION, Eliard D. Pvt 04/25/62 LKR - Ennis, TX
CHAMPION, William H. Pvt 04/25/62

CHEIRS, Lucius P. Pvt 03/08/62
CLICK, Jeremiah M. Pvt 04/25/62
COX, Matthew Jesse Pvt 04/25/62 22 Sep 1831-13 Oct 1911 buried Liberty Cemetery, Benton Co. MS
COX, Robert Washington Pvt 04/25/62 Murdered at home 1863-1865
COX, William Harrison Pvt 04/25/62 Buried Flat Rock Baptist Cemetery, Benton Co., MS (unmarked)
CRAFT, Thomas A. Pvt 03/08/62

7 Jun 1826-2 Feb 1865 bur. Ashland Cem., Benton Co., MS

CRAWFORD, John B. Pvt 03/08/62
CROFT, Thomas A. Pvt

DANIEL, William A.

DAVIS, David B. Sgt 03/08/62
DAVIS, Edward Pvt 03/08/62
DAVIS, Elisha Dobson

9 Nov 1818-28 Feb 1891 b. Antioch Cemetery
DAY, Moses Pvt 04/25/62 Died 4/21/64 Rock Island, IL
DUNCAN, F. E. Pvt 03/10/62 3/18/1846 - 1/18/1901 buried Liberty Methodist Cemetery, Ashland, Benton Co., MS
DYER, William H. Pvt 03/08/62 10/8/1841 - 12/10/1897 buried Liberty Cemetery, Van Zant Co., TX
ELLIOTT, Calvin D. Pvt 04/25/62 3/9/1834 - bef. 1900 buried Liberty Methodist Cem., Benton Co., MS
FERRELL, Frank M. Surgeon 03/17/62 8 Nov 1831 - 13 Sept 1910 buried Ashland Cemetery
FERRELL, Zophar C. Pvt 03/08/62 Received the Southern Cross of Honor, 1842 - 3/6/1934, buried Ashland Cem., Benton Co., MS

FLOYD, George W. Pvt 04/25/62

GRISHAM, William T. Pvt 04/25/62 Contributed to "Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray", edited by Yeary; LKR - Ennis, TX
HAMER, Joseph Louis

30 Aug 1832 - 11 Mar 1900 buried Hamer Cem., Benton Co.
HAMES, James

HARDAWAY, Edward S. Pvt 05/03/62


HENRY, Robert A. Sgt 05/12/62 30 Sep 1828-15 May 1896 b. Redfern Family Cem. Benton
HICKS, John Ellis Pvt 04/30/62 28 Oct 1827-15 Mar 1863 bur. Myrtle Cem., Rome, GA
HICKS, Newton Caleb Pvt 04/30/62 1833-28 Jun 1862 b. Liberty Meth. Cem., Benton Co., MS
HIX, Richard W. Pvt 03/08/62 Died 12/05/1862 buried Winchester City Cem., TN
HUDSON, Grey W. Pvt 03/08/62 Buried Selph-Collins Cemetery, Benton Co.
HUDSPETH, George Pvt 04/30/62 19 Mar 1835 - 19 Nov 1901
HUDSPETH, Thomas Franklin Pvt 04/29/62 9 May 1833 - 4 Jan 1899
HUMES, John James Pvt 03/08/62
JENNINGS, James M. Pvt

JOBE, Francis Marion Pvt 05/12/62 Died 9/3/64 Rock Island, IL
JOBE, Henry Crockett Pvt 04/25/62 Died 1862
JONES, John Pvt 05/03/62 1840 - 07/22/1864 battle of Atlanta
JONES, Nathan J
Pvt 03/25/62 Lived out the remainder of his life in Ennis, TX.  Died 1904,  buried in Myrtle Cemetery, Ennis, TX
JONES, Thomas Pvt 05/03/62


LACY, Matthew Minchie

1/12/1933 TN - 12/17/1889 Marshall Co. MS, buried Waterford Cemetery, Marshall Co.
LAX, Benjamin Capt. 03/08/62 Killed at Perryville
LEAK, Francis Terry Jr. Pvt 03/08/62
LEAK, Thomas F. Pvt

LEE, ???

LEE, Harry Rene Sgt 04/ /62 Applied for pension in Davidson Co. TN, returned TN CW questionnaire from Adams, MS
LEWIS, W. T. Pvt 03/08/62
LINDSEY, David J. Pvt 04/25/62 10/10/1845-3/1/1947 bur. Mitchell Cem. Tangipahoa Parish LA
LOVERN, Andrew J. Pvt 04/27/62
MACHEM, John H. Pvt 03/08/62
MACHEN, Henry L. Pvt 03/08/62
MADERA, George E. Pvt 04/26/62

McCARTY, Thomas J. Pvt 03/08/62
McCAULEY, Joseph A. Pvt 05/06/62
McCLURE, Willie

McCUE, Peter Pvt 05/10/62 Paralized by bomb shell Perryville
McDONALD, Arnold 1 Lt 03/08/62 Mortally wounded at Perryville

McDOUGAL, William Robert Pvt 03/08/62 Last Known Residence - Grand Junction, TN
McNEILL, John D. Pvt 03/08/62
MORTON, Jacob David Pvt 04/25/62 Rev., 21 Oct 1840-1 Oct 1905 bur. Bluff Springs Cem. Benton Co.
MYRICK, William H. Pvt 05/03/62
NORRIS, John Zara Cpl 03/08/62 1840-12 July 1886, died Memphis, TN.
NORRIS, Martin Fletcher Pvt 09/04/63 Died 15 Apr. 1919 age 76, buried in Memphis, TN
NORRIS, Thomas


NUNNALLY, James C. Pvt 03/08/62 Killed at Perryville
ORMAN, Calvin Lee Pvt 04/25/62 captured Lookout Mt. 24 Nov. 1863 sent to Rock Island IL prison enlisted Frontier Services Co. I 3rd Reg. U.S. Vol. Inf. (galvanized Yankee), 9/6/1834 -2/5/1913 buried Elm Grove Cem. Van Zandt Co. TX
OWEN, Robert J. 2 Lt. 03/08/62 Buried Leak Family Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
PERKINS, Benjamin F. Pvt 03/08/62
POFF, Samuel Pvt 05/10/62
PRESCOTT, William H. Pvt 03/08/62 Killed at Franklin, TN buried Carnton Confederate Cemetery
PUGH, Harrison

RAGSTON, Thomas T. Cpl 03/08/62
RAY, John F.
02/15/63 1 Dec 1826 - 12 May 1881 buried Union Cemetery

REEVES, Joshua H. Pvt 03/08/62
REINHARDT, John D. Sgt 04/30/62 Born 1834, Asst. Commissary, moved to Crawford Co., Ark.; LKR - Almer, AR

ROBINSON, George P. Cpl 03/08/62

LKR - Ennis, TX
ROBINSON, Richard S. Sgt 03/08/62
ROGERS, J. C. Pvt 02/15/63
Killed at Perryville
SAUNDERS, John Pvt 05/13/62
SAUNDERS, Thomas Pvt 03/08/62
SCOTT, Thomas J. Pvt 03/08/62 Applied for pension in Shelby Co. TN
SHARP, Robert J. 1 Lt. 03/08/62
SIMPSON, Green Pvt 03/08/62
SIMPSON, John Pvt 05/10/62 8 Aug 1832 - 2 Feb 1890 buried Simpson Cemetery, Benton Co.
SIMPSON, Nathaniel J. Pvt 03/08/62 10 Nov 1830 - 5 Sept 1887 buried Pleasant Hill Cem., Benton Co.
SIMPSON, Samuel Pvt 03/08/62
SMITH, Paul T. Pvt 04/25/62 LKR - Ennis, TX
SMITH, Wily H. Pvt 02/15/63
STRICKLIN, Walter L. Pvt 03/08/62
TERRY, Charles C. Sgt 03/08/62
THOMAS, John G. Pvt 04/25/62
THOMAS, Robert J. Pvt 03/08/62 LKR - Bartlett, TN, applied for pension in Shelby Co. TN
TIDWELL, Robert Pvt 03/08/62
TORRENCE, Hugh H. Pvt 03/08/62
VANDERGRIFF, William E. Pvt 04/25/62 LKR - Ennis, TX
VANVIRT, Jordan Pvt 04/24/62
WALL, Thomas C. H. Pvt 03/08/62 16 Nov 1820-3 Aug 1865 b. Ayres-Ferrell Cem. Benton Co.
WARD, George W. Pvt 05/12/62 Died 4/30/1865 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA section W number 518
WARD, Needham W. Pvt 05/12/62
WEST, Wiley O. Pvt 04/25/62
WESTBROOKS, J. W. B. Pvt 04/25/62
WESTBROOKS, Joseph Pvt 03/24/63
WHITLOCK, John W. Sgt 03/08/62 26 Jan 1840-11 Mar 1877 Valley Grove Cem., Benton Co.
WILLIAMS, James A. Pvt 04/13/62

WILLIS, Bartlett H. Pvt 04/26/62
WILLIS, William Young Pvt 04/26/62
WINBORN, James E. Pvt 03/08/62 Slightly wounded at Perryville
WINBORN, Joseph Warren Pvt 03/08/62 25 Nov. 1840 - 21 May 1902 buried Ashland Cem., Benton Co.
WINBORN, Pugh H. Pvt 04/26/62 Severely wounded at Perryville
WINBORN, Samuel W. Pvt 04/26/62
WOFFORD, John D. Pvt 03/08/62
Served, Company unknown
ADAY, William

LKR - Waxahatchie, TX
BAISDEN, W. H. Pvt 03/03/62

Old Soldiers Cemetery, Barnesville, Georgia


GROVES, Joseph A. Surgeon 08/23/62

LUSK, John D.

Killed at Franklin, TN. buried Carnton Confederate Cemetery

Received the Southern Cross of Honor



Old Soldiers Cem, Barnesville, GA

Buried Confederate Cemetery, Covington, Newton Co., GA
PETTY, Andrew Jackson Pvt 03/13/62 LKR - Walton, MS
PHILLIPS, James M. Pvt 03/04/62

WILLIAMS, William E. Sgt

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