Morphis' Independent Co. of Scouts

Morphis’ Independent Co. Of Scouts, Mississippi Cavalry

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Company Muster Roll of Capt. Morphis’ Indpt. Co. Of Scouts, Miss. for March 1 to October 31, 1863, dated October 31, 1863 shows station of Company as Pontotoc, Miss.

Certificate of Mustering Officer signed 2nd day of Sept., 1863 by F. H. Stewart, Mustering Officer.

Capt. Morphis’ Indpt. Co. of Scouts was assigned to 15 (also called 14) Regt. Tenn. Cav. as Co. D, but subsequently became Co. H. (2nd Bn) 3 Regt. Tenn Cav.

Morphis, J. L. Capt.  
Nelms, M. 1st Lt.  
Jones, J. H. 2nd Lt.  
Morphis, W. J. 2nd Lt.  
Adkins, J. L. Pvt.  
Adkins, T. J. Pvt.  
Bailey, James Madison Pvt. 6/1/1845 - 1/13/1929 buried Wesley Chapel Houston, Chickasaw Co., MS
Bane, J. Pvt.  
Barefoot, T. D. Pvt.  
Barnett, W. R. D. Pvt.  
Barns, J. A. Pvt.  
Bass, A. Pvt.  
Bell, J. T. (John) Pvt. Brother of William M. Bell
Bell, V. D. (Van) Pvt. Brother of William M. Bell
Bell, William M. Sgt. 1st cousin of M. Bright
Bickers, W. H. Pvt.  
Boals, Columbus W. Pvt. Also known as C. N. Bolls, captured 5/17/1863 at McNairy, TN ; died as prisoner at Ft. Delaware after 4/4/1864.
Bolls, T. W. Pvt.  
Box, A. M. Pvt.  
Bright, M. (Nehemiah) Cpl. 1st cousin of William M. Bell
Bright, S. (Samuel H.) Pvt. Brother of M. Bright
Bright, William Pvt. Brother of M. Bright
Brigman, J. R. Pvt  
Briley, G. W. Pvt. Captured 12/29/63 at Goose Creek, MS
Buie, J. Pvt.  
Burkhead, J. W. Pvt. Patient in hospital 7/16/1864
Burks, A. D. Pvt  
Carter, J. B. Pvt.  
Cole, D. A. Pvt.  
Cole H. N. Pvt.  
Derryberry, C. B. C. Sgt.  
Duncan, E. G. Sgt.  
Duncan, H. N. Pvt. Killed (no details)
Duncan, J. N. Pvt.  
Duncan, J. W. Pvt. Killed in action 9/19/1863
Duncan, T. D. Pvt.  
Fife, S. J. Pvt.  
Fulton, G. P. Pvt.  
Gains, R. A. Pvt.  
Garrett, E. W. Pvt.  
Gillmore, J. Pvt. Deserted 5/15/1863
Glisson, J. H. Pvt. Captured 6/1/1863
Graham, W. M. Pvt.  
Handcock, M. Pvt. Also known as Hudson Hancock, captured 5/8/1863 at McNairy, TN; paroled from Alton Military prison 7/29/1863
Hendee, E. A. Pvt. Also known Enoch A. Henslee (Hensley) captured 6/1/1863 in Tippah, MS; died 10/9/1863 of typhoid fever at Alton Military Prison
Heughey, G. W. Pvt.  
Hill J. N. Pvt.  
Hogge. E. G. Pvt.  
Hopper, L. F. Pvt.  
Hopper, Thomas W. Pvt.  
Jones, J. H. Pvt. Promoted to 2nd Lt. 9/2/1863
Kennedy, W. Pvt. Sent to Infantry; deserter 9/31/1863
Lewis, B. A. Pvt.  
Little, J. Pvt.  
Lumnley, Newton J. Pvt. Captured 9/1/1863; died 11/10/1863 of small pox at Alton Military Prison
Lumnley, J. G. Cpl.  
Martin, C. L. Pvt.  
Martin, J. H. Pvt.  
Mathies, W. Pvt.  
Mathus, B. Pvt.  
McGunn, D. Pvt.  
McVay, L. D. F. Pvt.  
Meeks, L. A. Pvt Deserter 10/31/1863
Miller, John L. Pvt.  
Morphis, J. L. Capt.  
Morphis, L. B. Pvt. Killed in action 5/1/1863
Morphis, Wiley J. 3 Lt. Captured 11/29/1863 at Drew Co. Ark., exchanged 2/26/1865 at Red River Landing, La.
Mullins, A. J. Pvt.  
Nelms, H. H. Sgt  
Nelms, M. 1 Lt. Drew feed rations for horses 5/2/1864 at Columbus, MS
Nelms, S. H. Pvt. Captured 12/29/1863 near Goose Creek, MS by 12 Regt. Iowa and sent through lines for exchange 1/13/1864
Nelms, W. Pvt.  
Owens, Louie W. Pvt. Captured 5/8/1863 at McNairy, TN; paroled on oath and bond 7/14/1863 from Alton Military Prison
Potts, J. Pvt.  
Rieves, J. T.   No details
Rodgers, C. B. Pvt.  
Rone, C. T Pvt.  
Rosson, J. E. Pvt.  
Russell, J. N. Pvt.  
Shannon, D. H. Pvt.  
Shannon, S. W. Pvt.  
Shelton, D. H. Pvt.  
Sigman, T. F. Cpl.  
Smith, H. J. Pvt.  
Smith, J. B. Pvt.  
Smith, T. P Pvt. Deserted 3/10/1863
Smith, W. N. Pvt.  
Steel, N. B. 1 Sgt.  
Switzer, W. C. 1 Cpl.  
Tapp, V. J. Pvt. Captured 12/29/1863 at Goose Creek, MS by 12 Regt. Iowa (no details)
Turner, J. J. Pvt  
Vaughn, W. C. Pvt.  
Weeks, J. Pvt Also known as J. Wicks, captured 10/3/1863. Sent to Ft. Delaware Prison 4/4/1864
Wiley, W. J. Pvt  
Woodward, T. W. Pvt.  
Wooten, E. Pvt.  
Wooten, W. D. Pvt.  

Time line of Capt. Morphis’ Independent Co. of Scouts, Miss. Cav.
1863 March 1 The majority of the company was enlisted for duty at New Albany, MS by Capt. Morphis.
May 1 L. B. Morphis killed in action.
May 8 M. Handcock and Louie W. Owens captured at McNairy, TN.
May 17 Columbus W. Boals captured at McNairy, TN.
June 1 Enoch A. Hendee captured at Tippah, MS.
June 1 J. H. Glisson was captured.
Sept. 1 Newton J. Lumnley was captured.
Sept. 2 Certificate of Mustering Officer was signed by F. H. Stewart. This corresponds with the organization of the 15th (Stewart’rison
Oct. 31 Company Muster Roll indicates station of Company as Pontotoc, MS.
Nov. 29 Wiley J. Morphis captured at Drew Co., AR.
Dec. 29 G. W. Briley, S. H. Nelms, and V. J. Tapp captured at Goose Creek, MS by 12 Iowa Regt.
1864 May 2 Lt. Nelms drew rations for horses at Columbus, MS.
July 18 In Special Orders No. 206 General N. B. Forrest ordered: Captain Morphis, commanding scouts, with his company, will report to Forrest’
1865 Feb. 16 In a communique from R. L. Brandon, Assistant Adjutant-General to Lt Colonel Surget, Assistant Adjutant-general, "The lst monthly report by Colonel Morphis, of the Second Regiment, dated 14 th December, Corinth, show an aggregate present. 221 men; absent and present, 813."

Thanks to Joe Fox who contributed this data.

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