Tippah County Confederates
Tippah County, MS Confederates

  " It is very necessary if you are going to understand the American Character in the Twentieth Century to learn about this enormous catastrophe of the mid-nineteenth century.
  It was the crossroads of our being, and it was a Hell of a crossroads."    - Shelby Foote


We specialize in citizens from Tippah county who served the Confederacy.
 Parts of the current counties of Benton and Union were taken from the original Tippah county so those counties are also supported. The intent is to help genealogist researching their old Tippah county ancestors and preserve Tippah county history. Also to preserve the memory of and honor the brave men who served their country for four terrible years against impossible odds.

If you have information on a Confederate from Tippah county
please send it to me and I will be glad to add it.

Comments, suggestions and corrections are always welcomed.   Please continue to contribute to Fred's hard work and dedication by sending in your ancestors history and memories and keep genealogical research free! 

 Thank you, Melissa McCoy-Bell

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Tippah County in the Civil War

This is the manuscript of the Civil War section of Andrew Brown's book, History of Tippah County, Mississippi; The First Century.  Parts of it were cut out when the book was published.  There is also a section on officers who served from Tippah County.

Southern Sentinel Accounts of the Civil War in Ripley 


Forrest at Bryce's (Brices') Crossroads -This is chapter one of the book Confederate Wizards of the Saddle, by Bennett H. Young published in 1914.

Confederate Statue


Regimental Histories
The Mississippi division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has transcribed all of Dunbar Rowland's regimental histories from his book "Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898". This book is known as the Bible of MS Confederate history.

Morphis' Independent Company of Scouts, Mississippi Cavalry
Roster of the Morphis' Independent Company of Scouts, Mississippi Cavalry formed in New Albany.

1st Partisan Rangers/7th Miss. Cavalry 
Roster of the 1st Partisan Rangers/7th Miss. Cavalry. 

1st Battalion Mississippi Infantry Army of 10,000
Roster of the 1st Battalion Mississippi Infantry Army of 10,000 taken mainly from the Soldiers and Sailors system with biographical data added.

2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment   Roster of the 2nd Mississippi Infantry.

  • 2nd Mississippi 
    Michael Brasher's 2nd Miss. page. Michael is the expert on the 2nd Miss. and is writing a book on the regiment. His roster and history is a must read.

  • Diary of Maj. John H. Buchanan 
    Diary of Maj. John H. Buchanan, Co. B 2nd Mississippi Infantry, July 4, 1861 - July 9, 1862 with additional information about John and the 2nd Mississippi added by the transcriber.

  • Diary of Augustus L.P. Vairin 
    Diary of Old Ord, Sgt. A.L.P Vairin, Co. B 2nd Mississippi Infantry, 1861-1865. Edited by Andrew Brown, Tippah County historian.
  • Simple Story of a Soldier  
    Written by Samuel W. Hankins of Co. E 2nd Mississippi Infantry and later a 1st Lt. of Cavalry. He enlisted as a boy of 16 and served the duration of the war. He was from Itawamba County, MS.

  • Letter from David J. Hill 
  • This letter from David J. Hill of Co. B 2nd Miss. was written to Gen. R.R. Dawes of the 6th Wisconsin which engaged the 2nd Miss. in the railroad cut at Gettysburg on July 1st 1863.  Gen. Dawes had found the wounded color bearer of the 2nd on the field of the charge on July 4th.  The color bearer was Sgt. Christopher Columbus Davis of Co. D 2nd Miss.  Gen. Dawes wishes to know if he survived and David is able to tell him.

  • 2nd Mississippi State Cavalry  
    Roster of the 2nd Mississippi State Cavalry. This data comes mainly from the Soldiers and Sailors system with biographical data added. Co. A was commanded by Capt. Sol Street and known as "Citizens Guards" of Tippah County.

Col Street -- Confederate Partisan Leader  
Article by Andrew Brown published in the Journal of Mississippi History.

Captain Sol Street
"Sketches of this Dashing Leader and his Company," published in the Southern Sentinel August 9, 1894.

2nd Mississippi Partisan Rangers (Ballentine's)
Roster of the 2nd Mississippi Partisan Rangers (Ballentine's) taken mainly from the Soldiers and Sailors system with biographical data added.

3rd Bn. Mississippi Infantry
Roster of the 3rd Bn. Mississippi Infantry taken mainly from the Soldiers and Sailors system with biographical data added. Also known as the 45th Mississippi Infantry. 

32 and 45 Miss. Consolidated Flag Abstract
This flag was recently found and Robert Swinson has written a 45 page abstract of this unit.  Rob is writing a book and requests any information on the unit and its men.

10th Mississippi Infantry
Roster of the 10th Mississippi Infantry taken mainly from the Soldiers and Sailors system with biographical data added.
Life Story of Rev. James Knox Polk Newton
Autobiography of Private James K. P. Newton, Co. K 10th Miss. Infantry, Forrest's Cavalry, 15th TN Cav. and 2 Miss. Cavalry.

17th Mississippi Infantry 
Roster of the 17th Mississippi Infantry.

18th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment
Roster of the 18th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment taken mainly from the Soldiers and Sailors System with biographical data added.

19th Mississippi Infantry
Roster of the 19th Mississippi Infantry.


Diary of Lt. George D. Norris, Co. B 19th Miss. Infantry
This diary is dated March 24 - June 27, 1862. Lt. Norris died June 30, 1862 from wounds received at Frazier’s Farm VA.


23rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment
Roster of the 23rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment.


Men of the 1st and 23rd Miss. Inf. buried at Hopkinsville, Kentucky
These men died of disease in Hopkinsville, Ky. during the winter of 1861/1862 and are buried in Riverside Cemetery there.


Officers of the 3rd (23rd) Mississippi
Newspaper article -- List of officers as published in the Southern Sentinel Jan. 22, 1885.


Officers Surrendered at Ft. Donelson
Officers of the 1st, 3rd (23rd) and 4th Miss. surrendered at Ft. Donelson Feb. 16, 1862.


Death of Capt. A.J. Gibson
Obituary and an account of the service of Capt. Andrew Jackson Gibson Co. A 23rd Miss. Infantry.

The 23rd Mississippi at the Battle of Nashville
Major G.W. Garrett's first hand account of the 23rd's part in covering Gen. Hood's retreat from Nashville.

26th Mississippi Infantry
Roster of the 26th Mississippi Infantry.

32 and 45 Miss. Consolidated Flag Abstract
This flag was recently found and Robert Swinson has written a 45 page abstract of this unit. Rob is writing a book and requests any information on the unit and its men. Some companies of the 26th which were not captured at Ft. Donelson were put into the 32nd until the 26th was exchanged and reorganized. The men of the 26th were then ordered back to the 26th.

32nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment
Tommy Lockhart's muster roll including service records of all the men!

Roster of the 32nd Mississippi Infantry
Roster compiled from Tommy's list above, the Soldiers and Sailors system, Tippah Co. Historical and Genealogical Society publications, cemetery records and user submissions. Contains some biographical information.

32 and 45 Miss. Consolidated Flag Abstract
This flag was recently found and Robert Swinson has written a 45 page abstract of this unit. Rob is writing a book and requests any information on the unit and its men.

34th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
Muster roll of the 34th Mississippi Infantry Regiment.  Notice -- David Boone has published a new book "Honor Without a Stain" on the 34th Mississippi Infantry. To obtain a copy email him at [email protected]!

John Henderson Freeman Diary
Link -- John was in Co. I 34th Mississippi Infantry.  Many men of his company are mentioned.

Lafayette Rogan Diary
Lafayette Rogan was a 2nd Lt. in Co. B 34th Miss. Infantry and was a prisoner at Rock Island, Ill. prison when this diary was written.

Men of the 34th who became Galvanized Yankees
Enlisted men of the 34th who were captured at Lookout Mt., TN were taken to Rock Island, IL prison. Some of these men were recruited into the Union Army to go west to fight Indians. This is a partial list of these men who became known as "Galvanized Yankees".

1889 reunion at Byhalia Mississippi.
Newspaper article -- This article mentions the flag of the 34th Mississippi being at the reunion and tells a little about the flag bearer who carried this flag in many battles, Zophar Ferrell of Benton County. It was taken from the Ashland Register printed 1 Aug. 1889.

Casualties of the 34th at Perryville, KY
Newspaper article -- List of the killed and wounded at Perryville by Maj. A.T. Mason as published in Ashland, Benton Co. Feb. 8, 1896.

Other units with Tippah County men
Also contains a list of men who fought from other states but later lived in Tippah County.

National Databases

Soldiers and Sailors System
National Park Service Soldiers and Sailors system. Search for a soldier or a regiment. Read Crute's unit histories.

Official Records
No serious study of the American Civil War is complete without consulting the Official Records. Affectionately known as the "OR", the 128 volumes of the Official Records provide the most comprehensive, authoritative, and voluminous reference on Civil War operations. This is a link to the eHistory site where you can read and search these volumes.

Mississippi in the Civil War Message Board

Message Board
This is an interesting board and is a good place to ask any questions you may have. Several real experts frequent the board and they are a very helpful group.

Cemeteries and Burials

List of Confederates buried in Union County

Confederate Graves

From Tippah and surrounding areas. This is a new listing compiled in October 2008.

Mississippians Buried in Union Cemetery, Leesburg VA
Mississippians buried in a mass grave in Union Cemetery, Leesburg VA.

Mississippians Buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA
Mississippians listed in: Register of the Confederate Dead, interred in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA (1869). In the USGenWeb Archives.

Rowland Cemetery, Benton Co., MS

Mississippi Casualities
A list of men from the 2nd, 19th, 23rd, 32nd and 34th found in cemeteries outside of Mississippi.  Most are in cemeteries of Federal prisons. 

Confederate Cemetery, Okolona, MS

Glenwood Cemetery, Thomaston, GA

Confederate Cemetery, Forsyth, GA  

Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Rome, GA

Rock Island Federal Prison  

Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery  

McGavock Cemetery, Franklin, TN

Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN (Camp Morton)  

Alton, IL Prison  

Confederate Mound, Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, IL (Soldiers/Sailors who died at Camp Douglas) 

Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, TN.  

Confederate Veterans Buried in Lamar Co., TX.  

Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, VA (Manassas Casualities) 

Confederate Burials in Lynchburg, VA  

Resaca, GA Confederate Cemetery 

Tippah County Cemeteries  

Benton County Cemeteries  

Mississippians buried at Bardstown Kentucky

Mississippians buried in Winchester City Cemetery TN

Tishomingo County Confederate Burials  

Southern Cross of Honor

The Southern Cross of Honor  
In the late 1890's and early 1900's, the United Daughters of the Confederacy awarded the Southern Cross of Honor medal to ex-Confederate soldiers who were members of the United Confederate Veterans in recognition of their devotion to the southern cause.  See a picture of the cross and list of names of a few men known to have received it.

Oath, Parole, Letters, Diary - Have you ever wondered what your ancestor signed when he took the oath of allegiance or was paroled?  You can find out below.

C.D. Hallowell Oath of Allegiance  
Oath of Allegiance of Calvin D. Hallowell of Marshall Co., Miss. dated 27 July 1865.

J.O. Kelly Oath of Allegiance  
Oath of Allegiance of John Oliver Kelly of Tippah Co., Miss.

Parole of Calvin D. Hallowell, Co. G Ballentine's 2nd Mississippi Partisan Rangers dated 16 May 1865.

Mississippians paroled at Appomattox 
Southern Historical Society papers listing the names of men from Mississippi who were surrendered and paroled at Appomattox.

Hallowell Civil War Letters 
Letters to Sarah Emily Hallowell from her husband Calvin and her brother-in-law Albert L. Hollowell during the war.

John Jones Civil War Letters 
Letters home from John Jones, Co. K 34th Miss. Infantry during the war.

Dr. Albert H. McAllister Letter  
Letter written by Dr. A.H. McAllister to his sister-in-law and her children upon finding out that John J. McKinney had died. John and Albert were in Co. E 2nd Mississippi Partisan Rangers together and Albert was married to John's sister.

Letters by David R. Childers 
Letters written by David Richard Childers to his niece during the Civil war.

A.O. South Letter 
Letter written by A.O. South of Co. F 2nd Miss. Infantry after the battle of First Manassas

Letters of James I. and brother Samuel M. Brewer 
Letters written by James I. Brewer of Co. K 34th Miss. Infantry and Samuel M. Brewer, University Greys Co. A 11th Miss.

Letter of Capt. William S. Patterson Stewart to wife Elizabeth 
Letter written by Capt. Wm. Stewart of Co. I, 1st Bn. Miss. Infantry 28 Sept. 1862 from Bardstown, Ky.

Memorandum Book of William J. Rogers
Diary of William Josiah Rogers, Co. E 13th Tennessee Infantry 2 June 1862 - 25 May 1863.

Diary of Capt. Robert I. Hill 
Robert I. Hill was Captain of Co. B 23rd Mississippi Infantry. His diary covers the period of August 1861 to June 10th 1862. It tells of the hardships of his company from formation to the battle of Ft. Donelson where his regiment was taken prisoner. He is not impressed with "no-general Pillow."

William Malachi Stark Letter
Letter from William M. Stark to his sister Jane following the Battle of Atlanta.

Diary of Judge Orlando Davis 
Diary of Judge Orlando Davis in which he recorded Federal visits to Ripley.

Letter by Mrs. Cole of Ripley 
Mrs. Cole writes of the suffering inflicted by the Yankees on the people of Ripley. 

Letter by Robert Graves Smith 
Robert writes to his grand niece in 1932 giving a history of the Robert W. Smith family and an account of the Smith's service in the Civil War.

Letter by Mrs. E.J. Beach to her parents in Georgia
Letter describes the effect of war on New Albany Citizenry. 

Partial Obituary of Dr. M. F. Rogers  
Dr. Rogers served as a lad of 13.

Experiences of I.N. Rainey in the Confederate Army  
Isaac Nelson Rainey served in Co. A 7th Tenn. Cavalry.  This company was Gen. Wm. H. Jackson's escort company. They rode with Gen. N.B. Forrest and were at the surrender with him. Nelson wrote this in his 81st year for his grandchildren.

Galvanized Yankee

Late in the war Confederate prisoners were offered freedom and promised that they would not have to fight the south if they would enlist in the Union Army. They were sent out west to fight Indians instead. Those who accepted were called "galvanized Yankees" and since this freed a Union soldier to fight the south were generally considered traitors.
James D. Rowland  
James D. Rowland and information on his daughter who lived to be 103 and died in 1969.

Matthews Family

Civil War Account of Robert J. W. Matthews  Robert Joseph Walker Matthews wrote this account of his service in Co. E 12th Miss. Infantry, Sardis Blues. Robert was the son of Samuel and the nephew of Joseph W. Matthews, Gov. of Mississippi from 1848 - 1850.

Matthews Family Letters  These letters were written by the Matthews family immediately after the war and tell of conditions and race relations in Mississippi in reconstruction times.  This is the family of Joseph W. Matthews, governor of Mississippi 1848 - 1850.


War Stories

Interesting Civil War Stories 
If you have an interesting Civil War story, please submit it.  These stories should be true.

War Reminiscences 
In 1894, the Southern Sentinel published these three articles on the Civil War in the Tippah County area.

Tennessee Civil War Sourcebook
Newspaper articles from Tennessee Newspapers during the Civil War

Pension Applications

Tippah County Pension applications - 1916

John L. Aldridge 
John was a resident of Prentiss County when he applied for a pension. He enlisted from Tippah County in Co. G 23rd Mississippi Infantry.

Charles P. Dickerson 
Charles was a resident of Chickasaw County when he first applied for a pension. He enlisted from Tippah County in Co. A 23rd Mississippi Infantry.

James R. Hamilton
James R. Hamilton was a resident of Eustace Henderson County Texas when he applied for a pension. He enlisted from Tippah County near Corinth in Co. H 31st Mississippi Infantry.

John Waverly Smith
John Waverly Smith was a resident of Grand Junction, Hardeman County, TN when he applied for a pension. He first enlisted as a private in the 13th TN Infantry, was wounded and out of service for six months, the transferred to the 18th Miss. Cav. and was a Captain in Co. D. He later became Lt. Col. of the 18th.

Marion Skipworth
Marion Skipwith Smith was a resident of Grand Junction, Hardeman County, TN when he applied for a pension. He served as a private in Co. D 18th Miss. Cavalry.

Widows Pension application of Emily F. Gay
Emily was the widow of John Wiley Gay, Co. I 9th Miss. who died July 28, 1909 in TX.


Civil War era map of Tippah County

Links to Confederate pages in Tippah and Nearby Counties

Confederate Links

New Albany Grays CSA  (Co. K, 21st Regt. Miss. Volunteers)

23rd Mississippi Infantry  (Sharpshooters) New Albany

Tishmomingo County - The Civil War

Alcorn County - Civil War

Northeast Mississippi Museum Association

Tippah County Historical and Genealogical Society

  • Tippah County Historical and Genealogical Society
    The main source of published information on Tippah County is the Tippah County Historical and Genealogical Society.  All of the county records that are online are the result of their work. They have published two volumes of Heritage books and have them for sale along with a great CD packed with county information.  There is also a county history book by Andrew Brown which has been republished.  Andrew Brown is the author of the Civil War history online here.  The society donated his original manuscript for these chapters of his book.  Profits from the sale of books and the CD go to make more information available.   Visit their site and see what they have to offer.
  • Researchers Page

  • Researcher Form
    Use this form to submit the Tippah County Confederate you are researching. It is a great way to make contact with others researching the same soldier.

  • Read the Researchers Page
    Read the researchers page and see is someone is reseaching the same soldier as you.

  • Genealogy Homepages
    The following genealogy home pages contain information on at least one Tippah County Confederate. You will find more information on his line there than on these pages. If you have a page with a Tippah County Confederate listed and would like me to add a link to it, please email me.
    Steven Rutherford -David Flynn, James McCullough, John Lemon, Robert Walker, Thomas Franklin, William Williamson RUTHERFORD, P.W. CAVINESS

    Randy Howald Texans in the Civil War, Cunningham and Hughes families

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