1st Miss. Partisan Rangers/7th Miss. Cavalry

1st Mississippi Partisan Rangers / 7th Mississippi Cavalry

Autographed portrait of
Colonel Willam Clark Falkner

When the war begin, W.C. Falkner was first elected Colonel of the 2nd Mississippi Infantry.  He served in this capacity at the battle of first Manassas.  When the 2nd was reorganized in the spring of 1862, J.M. Stone was elected colonel over Falkner by a very small vote since most of the regiment was made up of Tishomingo County residents.  Falkner returned to Mississippi, still dreaming of a generalship.  He organized the 1st Partisan Rangers with that objective in mind.  For more on the Partisan Rangers see Andrew Brown's history of it.

The following list of men came mainly from the National Park Service's Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System.  While this is a great system the data in it is incomplete.  Some men I know to have fought in this unit were not on the list.  When I searched for those men, some of them showed up as in this unit.  Some of the men that were not on either have their unit on their grave marker.  Since I know the data is incomplete I have included them in my list.  I have also added biographical information where I have been able to find it.  You will find the same man listed twice and sometimes even more because they are included under all spellings found in the Compiled Confederate Service Records.  Some of these I have deleted where I felt absolutely certain they were duplicates but for the most part I have left them as they were.  If you have biographical information or pictures of any of these men please send it to me. The unit was temporarily disbanded on 11/15/1862 and re-organized on 3/1/1863. It's designation was changed to the 7th Regiment Mississippi Cavalry by S.O. #169 & I.G.O. dated 7/19/1864.

1st Miss. Partisan Rangers/7th Miss. Cav. Field
and Staff Officers
Last Name, First Name Rank In Rank Out Notes
Bailey, William W. 1 Lt Adj Born June 27, 1834, later lived in Altus, Franklin Co., AR
Boswell, W. T. 1 Sgt Sgt Maj
Buchanan, William R. Qrtmstr Sgt Qrtmstr Sgt
Carter, W.D. Surg Surg
Cox, Elijah Arris Pvt Asst Surg Also Col. of 2nd Regt. Miss. Reserves, 1834-1910 buried Baldwyn Cemetery Baldwyn MS
Dandridge, P.B. Asst Surg Asst Surg
Falkner, William Clark Col Col July 6, 1825 - Nov. 6, 1889 buried Ripley Cemetery
Guyton, Joe J. Cpt Cpt Acting Commissary of Subsistance
Hovis, Lawson Berry Cpt Lt Col Nov. 1826 - 24 March 1864, buried Ripley Cemetery
Maxwell, W.L. Lt Col Lt Col
McGill, W.G. Asst Surg Asst Surg
Park, James M. Cpt Lt Col
Peeples, P. W. Asst Surg Asst Surg
Rogers, Joseph Elliot Cpt Act Qrtmstr 5/8/1819 - 1/18/1891 buried Ripley Cemetery, MS
Stith, Donald E. Col Col
Hyams, Samuel M. Col Col
Company A Forrest's Cavalry Raised in Tippah Co.
Armstrong, T. D. Pvt Pvt 5/17/1834 - 3/9/1898 buried Providence Cemetery, Attala Co. MS
Armstrong, T. H. Pvt Pvt
Armstrong, W. A. Pvt Pvt
Avant, James Pvt Pvt
Baldridge, W. M. Pvt Pvt
Bell, J. L. Pvt Pvt
Benson, W. Pvt Pvt
Bishop, Ed. Pvt Pvt An Edward A. buried Jumpertown Cemetery Prentiss Co. MS
Blackard, M. C. Pvt Pvt
Blackmon, H. C. Pvt Pvt
Blankard, W. C. Pvt Pvt
Box, T. M.
Pvt 11/14/1829 - 11/8/1912 buried Pine Grove Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
Bradbury, I. W. Pvt Pvt
Brown, A. M. Pvt Pvt
Brown, Haywood Pvt Pvt
Brown, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Brown, James H. Pvt Pvt 3/28/1846 - 1/2/1912 buried Bethlehem Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
Bryant, W. W. Sgt Pvt
Buise, H. T. Pvt Pvt
Busendine, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Butler, Arthur C. Pvt Pvt
Butler, J. G. Pvt Pvt
Campbell, B. F. Pvt Pvt 2/22/1825 - 4/16/1899 buried Union Hall Cemetery, Brookhaven, Lincoln Co. MS
Campbell, Joseph Pvt Pvt
Carter, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Carter, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Cauldwell, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Cetchum, Isaac H. Pvt Pvt
Childers, John Marion Pvt Pvt 13 Nov. 1829, Lincoln Co., TN - 14 Nov. 1907, buried Little Hope Cemetery
Childers, Pleasant Cpl Pvt
Clark, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Cockrane, J. J. Pvt Pvt
Collier, James Pvt Pvt
Comer, A. J. Pvt Pvt
Cox, Francis Marion Pvt Pvt 6/5/1848-2/16/1884 buried Cox Family Cemetery Benton Co.
Cox, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Cox, W. A. Pvt Pvt
Crook, James Pvt Pvt
Darden, M. W. Pvt Pvt
Davenport, Charles Cpl Pvt
Davis, Isaac Pvt Pvt
Davis, W. L. Cpt Maj
Davison, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Davison, W. R. Pvt Pvt
Devanport, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Donald, D. W. Pvt Pvt
Donnell, D. W. Pvt Pvt
Downer, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Dry, A. J. Pvt Pvt
Floyd, Samuel Gray Pvt Pvt 5/9/1835-9/16/1909 buried Amaziah Cemetery Union Co.
Ford, Thomas 1 Lt Cpt
Fowler, B. V. Pvt Pvt
Fowler, Louis V. Pvt Pvt Aug. 4, 1847 - Nov. 25, 1927, buried Beulah Church Cemetery, Benton County.
Fryar, Robert E. Cpl Pvt 03/10/1845 - 02/09/1903 buried Wiers Chapel, Tippah Co., MS
Fuller, W. E. C. Pvt Pvt May 22, 1844 - July 15, 1864 "died in defense of his rights in the Battle of Harrisburg (MS)" b. Pine Grove Baptist Cemetery.
Gibson, W. P. Cpl Pvt
Gibson, W. T. Cpl Pvt
Gordine, E. B. 1 Sgt 1 Sgt
Graham, L. C. Pvt Pvt
Graham, Richard Porter Pvt Pvt 1841 Falkner, Tippah Co., MS - 7/6/1879 Pocahontas, Hardeman Co., TN. Joined 7th IL Vol. 9/19/1863. Wounded right arm at Altoona, GA 10/5/1864. Amputation "right femur at its middle".
Gray, F. S. Pvt Pvt
Gray, J. A. Cpl Cpl
Gray, John Marion Pvt Pvt 6/23/1841 - 5/4/1918 buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, DeSoto Co., MS
Gray, S. T. Pvt Pvt
Gray, T. S. Pvt Pvt
Greer, E. P. Pvt Pvt
Griffin, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Griffin, T. M. Pvt Pvt
Hall, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Hamill, A. M. Sgt Sgt
Hamilton, Thomas M. Sgt Sgt 1824 - 05/06/1875 buried Candy Hill Cemetery, Union County
Helms, John Thomas Pvt Pvt 11/2/1845 - 1/14/1881, buried Willis Cemetery, Memphis TN
Hill, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Hill, William M. Pvt Pvt
Hitton, R. B. Pvt Pvt
Hobson, John Allen Calhoun Pvt Pvt 4/11/1845-5/8/1932 buried Shady Grove Cemetery
Holt, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Houston, J. Newald 1 Sgt Pvt
Hubbard, J. J. Pvt Pvt
Hudgeons, Robert Pvt Pvt
Hunt, Henson B. Pvt Pvt
Jackson, John C. Cpl Sgt
James, Isaac Pvt Sgt
James, J. C. Pvt Pvt
James, James M. Pvt Pvt
Jayroe, I. T. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, H. B. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, Henry V. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, R. L. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, S. G. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Johnston, R. L. Pvt Pvt
Jones, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Jones, John Q. Sgt Pvt
King, H. M. Pvt Pvt
King, James W. Cpl Cpl
King, John T. Pvt Pvt
King, R. C. Sgt Sgt
King, W. A. Pvt Pvt
Kirk, Robert Pvt Pvt
Knight, W. R. Pvt Pvt
Lamberth, N. B. Pvt Pvt
Leatherwood, John N.

killed 7/15/1864 age 25 yrs, 11 months, 11 days buried Academy Cemetery
Lindsey, William J. Pvt Pvt 12/15/1844 - 10/22/1913 buried Little Hope Cemetery
Lokey, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Lokey, William Pvt Pvt
Long, H. W. Pvt Pvt
Long, J. N. Pvt Pvt
Lowery, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Lowry, J. O. Pvt Pvt
Lumpkins, William Pvt Pvt
Mackelhanan, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Mallory, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Mallory, Willam T. 3 Lt 1 Lt
Mallory, W. Joe Pvt Pvt
Mathews, J. A. Cpl Cpl
Mathews, T. L. Pvt Asst Surg
Mauldin, J. H. B. Pvt Pvt
Mays, Richard Pvt Pvt
McBride, Daniel Pvt Pvt
McBride, W. R. Pvt Pvt
McCarter, James B. Pvt Pvt
McDonald, J. C. Pvt Pvt
McDonald, W. A. Pvt Pvt
McEachern, A. M. Sgt Sgt
McElhannan, J. S. Pvt Pvt
McGehen, J. R. Pvt Pvt
McGinn, M. I. Pvt Pvt
McLaughlin, S. M. Pvt Pvt
McMillan, D. E. Pvt Pvt
Medlock, John J. Pvt Pvt
Miller, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Miller, James H. Pvt Ord Sgt
Miller, John H. Pvt Ord Sgt
Miller, W. L. Pvt Pvt
Mims, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Mitchell, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Morgan, A. Pvt Pvt
Morgan, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Morgan, Joseph B. Pvt Pvt 1818 - bef. 1900 buried Antioch Cemetery
Morgan, W. A. 2 Lt 1 Lt
Morgin, R. M. Pvt Pvt
Mortimer, E. E. Cpl Cpl
Mortimer, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Mortimer, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Murphy, C. A. Pvt Pvt
Murphy, John Pvt Pvt
Nabers, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Nabors, Jackson Pvt Pvt
Nail, J. S. Cpl Cpl
Nannaly, B. Pvt Pvt
Nelson, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Nelson, John M. Pvt Pvt
Nunley, B. Pvt Pvt
Nutt, Robert P. Pvt Pvt enlisted 11 Oct. 1862 Ripley
Oakes, W. F. Pvt Pvt
Ogle, Lewis Pvt Pvt
Patton, D. M. Comm Sgt 2 Lt
Pernell, James W. Pvt Pvt
Porter, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Prince, William P. Pvt Cpl b. Anderson District, SC, 20 Jan. 1823 - 17 May 1869 Ripley Cemetery
Randle, W. P. Pvt Pvt
Reece, J. B. Pvt Pvt
Reed, Charles Pvt Pvt Buried in Little Hope Cemetery A 7th Miss. Cav.
Rees, Caleb Cox Pvt Pvt 7/28/1844-7/21/1924 buried Elwood Cemetery, Memphis, TN, enlisted 8/1/1862
Rees, Joseph V. Pvt Pvt 3/?/1846-9/20/1934 buried Ashland Cemetery, Benton Co., MS, enlisted 8/1/1862
Robberson, John Pvt Pvt
Robberson, Jonathan Pvt Pvt
Roberson, J. Pvt Pvt
Robinson, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Robinson, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Robinson, John J. Pvt Pvt born ca. 1840 TN
Robinson, John H. Pvt Pvt
Robinson, Jonathan Pvt Pvt
Robinson, Joshua Pvt Pvt
Roffe, J. A. J. Pvt Cpl
Rodgers, W. D.

1848-1928 enlisted AL buried Salem Cemetery Union Co.
Rogers, M. M. Pvt Pvt
Roten, W. C. Pvt Pvt
Rowell, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Scrivner, J. M. Cpl Cpl
Shannon, William M. Pvt Pvt 28 Nov. 1820 - 28 Nov. 1872 buried Coker Cemetery
Shehorn, R. W. Pvt Pvt
Shull, A. H. Pvt Pvt
Sissom, Andrew Sgt Sgt
Smith, A. C. Pvt Pvt
Smith, Berry Pvt Pvt
Smith, F. T. Pvt Pvt
Smith, Henry Pvt Pvt
Smith, Ira Pvt Pvt
Smith, J. E. Pvt Pvt
Smith, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Smith, M. F. Pvt Pvt
Smith, William Thomas Pvt Pvt
South, A. L. Pvt Pvt
South, Abner O. Pvt Pvt Captured 4/18/1863 Hernando, MS, died in Alton, Il. of smallpox 7/7/1863
South, Ira Pvt Pvt
Stone, I. R. Pvt Pvt
Stone, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Threadgill, S. G. Pvt Pvt
Troupe, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Turner, W. E. Pvt Pvt Applied for pension in Tipton Co. TN, returned TN CW questionnaire from Tippah Co. MS.
Turner, William Pvt Pvt
Waldroop, E. D. Pvt Pvt
Walton, George Pvt Pvt
Ward, Newton Pvt Pvt
Watson, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Watson, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Welch, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Willshire, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Willshire, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Wiltzire, W. F. Pvt Pvt
Wimberly, P. L. Pvt Pvt
Wimberly, T. W. Pvt Pvt
Woodfin, S. P. Pvt Pvt
Wright, Abner B. Pvt Pvt Oct. 25, 1825 - Apr. 1, 1904, buried New Hope Baptist Cemetery, Benton County
Wright, George W. Pvt Pvt
Wright, William Pvt Pvt
Young, J. T. Pvt Pvt Died of typhoid fever on Nov. 4, 1864 and is buried at Lauderdale Springs Cemetary in Lauderdale County, MS
Company B Raised in Tippah Co.
Aldridge, E. G. Pvt Pvt
Alldrige, William Pvt Pvt
Allen, John M. Pvt Pvt 7/14/1828 - 7/3/1885 Allen Cemetery Carroll Co. MS.
Amann, Conrad C. Sgt Pvt
Anderson, William M. Pvt Pvt
Baker, C. G. Pvt Pvt
Baker, J. J. Pvt Pvt 1/17/1843-7/6/1919, buried Amaziah Cemetery, Union Co.
Bethune, John J. Pvt Pvt
Box, Benjamin B.
Pvt 6/28/1824 - 8/5/1903 buried Box Chapel, Dumas, Tippah C0., MS
Bratner, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Carter, Calvin M. Pvt Pvt Enlisted 8/1/62 Orizaba, MS. Captured Hernando, MS 4/18/63 and sent to Alton IL prison. Released in a prisoner swap in 1862. Exchanged 6/12/63, Captured 4/2/65 in Selma AL, 1829 - 1907, buried New York Cemetery
Cartwright, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Cheatwood, John Alex W. Pvt Pvt Died 2/1/1904 buried Coulterville Cemetery, Coulterville, IL.
Cheatwood, Samuel M. Pvt Pvt
Cheek, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Cheek, John Pvt Pvt
Cheek, R. M. Pvt Pvt
Cheek, R. W. Pvt Pvt
Cheetwood, John Pvt Pvt
Childers, David Pvt Pvt Mar. 10, 1844 - Oct. 28, 1903, buried Jacobs Chapel Cemetery
Childers, James Lee Pvt Pvt 4/1/1817 - 9/21/1862 buried Jacobs Chapel Tippah County, MS
Childers, Steven Harrison Pvt Pvt 3/28/1845-5/22/1924 buried Jacobs Chapel Cemetery
Childers, Steven Henry Pvt Pvt 10/20/1818-2/17/1894 buried Jacobs Chapel Cemetery
Clark, N. J. Pvt Pvt
Clark, T. B. Pvt Pvt 4/13/1827-4/19/1886 buried Jacobs Chapel Cemetery
Clark, R. R. Pvt Pvt
Cole, W. D. Pvt Pvt
Cole, William Pvt Pvt
Coombs, John Thomas Pvt Pvt 7/11/1845-2/8/1911, buried Shady Grove Cemetery
Cooper, John W. Pvt Pvt Mar. 2, 1846 - June 20, 1931, buried McKay Cemetery, Benton Co., Miss.
Copeland, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Counseille, Henry T. Cpt Cpt 10/12/1839-9/11/1881, buried Rucker Cemetery
Covington, Wilson Pvt Pvt
Cox, M. Pvt Pvt
Cox, Robert Young Pvt Pvt 9/10/1846 - 9/7/1910 Hico TX, buried there.
Craig, W. A. Pvt Cpl
Cross, H. D. Pvt Pvt
Damall, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Davis, Cyrus Pvt Pvt
Dixon, A. J. Pvt Cpl
Dixon, B. W. Pvt Cpt
Dodd, D. G. P. Pvt Pvt
Downen, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Drenan, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Enloe, Nathan Lawson Pvt Pvt 10/19/1814 York SC - 5/5/1903 Delta Co. TX
Enloe, U. S. Pvt Pvt
Fenger, S. D. Pvt Pvt
Finger, Daniel J. Sgt Sgt
Finger, S. D. Pvt Pvt
Fleming, W. T. Cpl Cpl 27 Nov. 1823 - 3 Sept. 1877, buried Ripley Cemetery
Ford, William H. Pvt Pvt Born 1843 believed Tippah Co., died 1922 buried Wells Chapel Cemetery, Union Co., MS
Gossett, S. Pvt Pvt
Gossett, William C. Pvt Pvt captured Pawlousianaco MS 6/8/63, died of an unknown cause at Alton, IL prison 27 (or 29) Oct. 1863
Green, G. W. Cpl Pvt
Green, L. S. Pvt Pvt
Gregory, E. Pvt Pvt
Griffin, Larkin Pvt Pvt 11/10/1817-11/4/1900 buried Jacobs Chapel Cemetery
Grissom, Ed Pvt Pvt 4/24/1822 Union City TN - 9/10/1896 buried Marvin Cemetery (unmarked)
Hanes, A. J. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Harder, F. L. Pvt Pvt
Harrison, W. R. Pvt Pvt
Hatcher, James M. Pvt Pvt 10/17/1839-12/16/1912 buried Clear Creek Cemetery
Haynes, A. J. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Hellums, John Lee Pvt Sgt Apr. 18, 1824 - Nov. 24, 1873, buried Hephzibah Cemetery, Benton County
Hellums, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Hill, James H. Pvt Pvt
Hill, W. G. Pvt Pvt
Hill, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Holcombe, G. P. Pvt Pvt
Holley, J. G. Pvt Pvt
Hovis, Joseph E. Sgt Pvt 11/24/1844-12/25/1906 buried Providence Cemetery
Hudson, F. Marion Pvt Pvt
Hudson, Solomon Pvt Pvt
Hughes, David Pvt Pvt
Jackson, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Jamison, R. J. Pvt Pvt
Jones, Henry T. Pvt Pvt 3/26/1827-9/?/1923 buried Rucker Cemetery
Kendrick, J. G. Pvt Pvt
Lancaster, Augustus Pvt Pvt Captured 6/2/63 in Ruckerville, MS, died 12/16/63 in Alton IL prison of rubela, buried State Ground.
Lancaster, C. Pvt Pvt
Lancaster, H. A. Pvt Pvt Henry Lancaster applied for pension in Fayette Co. TN
Lane, H. W. Pvt Pvt
Lewis, W. G. Pvt Pvt
Luker, Allen H. Pvt Pvt
Luker, George Mifflin Dallas Pvt Pvt Shot through lung at Colliersville 11/3/1863. 6/26/1846 - 12/4/1924 Stockdale, Wilson Co., TX
Luker, James Robert

Cousin of George M. D.
Luker, Leroy Pvt Sgt Uncle of George M. D., died 12/28/1879 at about 60
Lyons, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Maddox, J. Y. Pvt Pvt
Maffet, John Pvt Pvt
Malden, B. R. Pvt Pvt
Manning, F. A. Pvt Pvt
Marmon, Peter M. Cpl Cpt (Rev.)
Marten, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Marten, L. D. Pvt Pvt
Massey, P. M. Pvt Pvt
Maton, T. Y. Pvt Pvt
Mattox, John Y. Pvt Pvt
May, John W. Pvt Pvt Applied for pension in Hardeman Co. TN
May, Jr., J. L. Pvt Pvt
May, Sr., J. L. Pvt Pvt
McCalister, William Pvt Pvt
McCarley, Charles L. Pvt Pvt obit. 27 Oct. 1898 says died recently, buried Parks Cemetery
McCauley, Elijah Pvt Cpl
McCauley, S. F. Pvt Pvt
McCurdy, C. Pvt Pvt
McMakin, John E. Pvt Pvt 22 July 1828-17 May 1878, buried Union-Chalybeate, Cemetery
Meador, Marcus D. Pvt Pvt enlisted 8-1-1862 at Ripley
Meador, Ballard Samuel Pvt Pvt enlisted 8-1-1862 at Ripley, previously served in Co. B 2nd Miss. Inf., wounded near IUKA, 9/19/1863, born 1829 Va., died 1904 Union Co.
Mercer, Jessie Pvt Pvt Enlisted 3rd Bn. Miss. Infantry 2-28-1862 in New Orleans. 10/22/1838 - 5/21/1914 buried New York Cemetery
Moffitt, John Pvt Pvt 29 June 1822 - 29 July 1902 buried in Rucker Cemetery
Moody, R. M. Pvt Pvt
Moore, C. L. Pvt Pvt
Moore, Seth Pvt Pvt
Moore, Silas Pvt Pvt Shot in the head and killed at the battle of Moscow, TN Dec. 4, 1863
Moore, Tim Pvt Pvt
Morehead, David Crockett Pvt Pvt 10/12/1838-11/24/1893 buried Prospect Cemetery Rains Co. TX. Received a wound in his right ankle, leaving him partially crippled. Marker says "Inf."
Morton, G. W. Pvt Pvt Buried Morton Cemetery
Morton, L. D. Pvt Pvt
Morton, Terry Y. Pvt Pvt 3/23/1832-10/17/1911 buried Rucker Cemetery
Munn, W. L. Pvt Pvt
Murray, James K. Pvt Pvt Buried in Jacob's Chapel Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS
Newman, M. D. Pvt Pvt
Parr, J. W. 2 Lt 1 Lt
Pearce, Joseph 1 Sgt Pvt
Pennington, Irwin Pvt Pvt
Persons, W. P. Pvt Pvt
Reaves, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Reed, Jacob Pvt Pvt
Reedy, John J. Pvt 2 Lt
Reedy, T. B. Pvt Pvt
Reeves, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Reynolds, Sherod Pvt Pvt Feb. 23, 1820 - June 6, 1901 buried in McKay Cemetery, Benton Co.
Richardson, G. H. Pvt Pvt
Richie, W. M. Pvt Pvt
Rochester, W. F. Pvt Pvt 1826-1889 buried Amaziah Cemetery Union Co.
Rucker, J. K. P. Pvt Pvt
Rucker Jr., C. C. Pvt Pvt
Ruff, John F. Pvt Pvt Received the Southern Cross of Honor from Marshall Co. MS
Sanders, H. C. Pvt Pvt
Sanders, Michael E. Pvt Pvt Oct. 18, 1816 - Apr. 14, 1881, buried Sand Springs Cemetery
Sanford, George W. Pvt Pvt 10/12/1845-10/20/1915 buried New Albany Cemetery Union Co.
Sellers, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Seminol, Dennis Pvt Pvt
Sexton, James Dickerson 2 Lt 2 Lt Enlisted 12/17/1861, wounded and disabled 19 Sept. 1862 at battle of Iuka, resigned 3 May 1863 from wounds, member Jeff Davis Camp #117 U.C.V. in Mills Co., TX, born 1/18/1830, died 1909 Goldthwaite, TX, buried Goldthwaite Cemetery
Shanon, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Pvt. Shannon was born Jan 19, 1847,
Died Oct 3, 1928 and is buried in Burleson City Cemetery in Burleson, Johnson County, Texas.

Died Oct 3, 1928 and is buried in Burleson City Cemetery in Burleson, Johnson County, Texas.

Shivers, George H. Pvt Pvt
Siddall, John J. Pvt Pvt 9 Feb. 1823 - 21 Feb. 1901 buried Walnut Creek Cemetery
Siddall, Job Pvt Pvt
Siminol, Lewis Pvt Pvt
Smallwood, Witt T. Pvt Pvt 1846-1897 buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery Union Co.
Smith, John A. Pvt Pvt
Smith, M. W. 1 Sgt 1 Sgt
Smith, Barsell Pvt Pvt
Smith, Zachariah H. Pvt Pvt Obituary 04/24/1924 says died last week buried Paynes Chapel
Smith, Jr., Zachariah H. Pvt Pvt Buried Clear Creek Cemetery
Sparks, W. Caroll Pvt Pvt 2/5/1839 - 9/27/1908, buried Dumas Cemetery
Spencer, W. R. Pvt Pvt
Spight, L. D. Pvt Pvt Applied for pension in Gibson Co. TN
Stepacher, I. Pvt Pvt
Stinson, A. F. Cpl Cpl 1837-1916 buried Old Fellow Cemetery, Greenwood MS
Stricklen, E. W. Pvt Pvt
Stricklin, E. Pvt Pvt
Suggs, Andrew J. Pvt Pvt
Talley, W. C. Pvt Pvt
Tally, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Tally, William Pvt Pvt
Thomasson, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Tipler, T. D. Pvt Pvt
Walden, Isaac Pvt Pvt 1/11/1835-1/6/1907 buried Waldon Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS
Webb, H. T. Sgt 1 Sgt
Webb, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Welch, Liles Pvt Pvt
Welch, Miles Pvt Pvt
Welch, Silas Pvt Pvt
Wesson, J. M. Pvt Pvt 10 June 1821 - 18 Sept. 1873, buried Walnut Creek Cemetery
Whitbey, W. W. Pvt Pvt
White, D. W. Pvt Pvt
Whitten, J. L. Pvt Pvt
Whitten, Theodore Pvt Cpl
Wilson, J. Henry Pvt Pvt
Witt T., Smallwood Pvt Pvt 1846 - 1897 buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Union Co.
Yancey, E. Pvt Pvt 10/9/1845 - 6/8/1922 buried Rucker Cemetery
Yancey, Green Lee Pvt Pvt 10/9/1845 Mecklenburg Co., VA - 6/8/1922 buried Rucker Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS
Yancey, John Samuel Pvt Pvt 11/28/1847 Mecklenburge Co., VA - 8/13/1928 buried Rucker Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS
Young, John C. Pvt Pvt

Company C Raised in Tippah Co.
Akin, T. D. Pvt Pvt
Anderson, Hiram P. Pvt Pvt 5/14/1841 - 9/12/1926 buried De Voe Cemetery, Enterprise, Clarke Co. MS
Biddle, John Pvt Pvt
Box, William Pvt Pvt
Boyd, A. N. Pvt Pvt
Boyd, A. W. Pvt Pvt
Bradley, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Bridges, William E. Pvt Pvt
Brock, David Oliver Pvt Pvt
Brock, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Brock, Pinkney Pvt Pvt
Brock, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Brown, Aaron Pvt Pvt Obit. Aug. 1902 says died in past year
Bryan, John H. Pvt Pvt
Bryant, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Carlock, J. G. Pvt Pvt
Carpenter, Benjamin Hoyle 2 Lt 2 Lt 3/8/1826 - 5/17/1871 buried Carolina Cemetery, Boonville, Prentiss Co., MS
Carpenter, William 2 Lt 2 Lt
Carter, C. M. Pvt Pvt
Carter, James Pvt Pvt
Carter, John C. Pvt Pvt
Carter, Montgomery Pvt Pvt
Cartwright, T. O. Pvt Pvt
Caver, H. L. Pvt Pvt
Cheatwood, John A. W. Pvt Pvt
Cheatwood, Samuel M. Pvt Pvt
Clark, J. J. Pvt Pvt
Clark, James A. Pvt Pvt
Clark, James M. A. Pvt Pvt
Clark, John A. Pvt Pvt 1831 - 1918 buried Kemper Co. MS?
Conner, J. S. Pvt Pvt 10/11/1823 - 8/29/1898 buried Providence Cemetery
Conner, John Pvt Pvt
Cowan, M. C. Pvt Pvt
Dees, Green Pvt Pvt
Dees, George Pvt Pvt
Derryberry, J. A. Pvt Cpl
Dickson, B. W. Pvt Cpt
Donohoe, William Pvt Pvt
Duke, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Duncan, Marshall 1 Lt 2 Lt 10/11/1816 - 9/12/1862 died of fever buried Pleasant Hill Baptist Cemetery
Duncan, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Duncan, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Duncan, James M. Pvt Pvt
Duncan, John W. Pvt Pvt
Dye, W. R. Pvt Pvt
Elam, W. N. Pvt Pvt
Garrett, Caleb Sgt Pvt
Giles, James H. Sgt Sgt Captured while on furlough and sent to Alton IL prison where he died
Goolsby, James H. Sgt Sgt
Green, L. Forney Cpt Cpt
Green, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Hall, Ehraim J. Pvt Pvt
Hall, Newton Green Pvt Pvt 4/27/1829-4/25/1884 buried Holly Springs Cemetery, Harrisburg AR.
Hanks, John Pvt Pvt
Hanks, Wiley Pvt Pvt
Hatcher, James M. Pvt Pvt
Hatcher, L. D. Pvt Pvt
Hawkins, B. W. Pvt Pvt
Henson, Thomas J. Pvt Pvt
Hewitt, J. A. S. Pvt Pvt
Hewitt, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Hewitt, James Pvt Pvt
Hobbs, James Pvt Pvt
Hopkins, William A. Pvt Pvt
Hubbard, John Pvt Pvt
Hubbard, Warren Pvt Pvt
Hubbard, William Pvt Pvt
Hughes, David Pvt Pvt
Humphrey, T. S. Pvt Pvt
Humphrey, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Irvin, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Ivey, W. W. Pvt Pvt
Jackson, W. B. Pvt Pvt
James, Marion F. Pvt Pvt June 1833 - 1873, buried Shiloh Cemetery
James, W. F. Pvt Pvt
Janes, J. Q. Sgt Sgt
Jeams, M. F. Pvt Pvt
Jeams, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Jones, S. Pvt Pvt
Jones, J. Q. Sgt Pvt
Jumper, A. J. Pvt Pvt
Jumper, D. H. Pvt Pvt
Jumper, D. W. Pvt Pvt
Jumper, J. H. Pvt Pvt Buried Jumpertown Cemetery Prentiss Co. MS
Jumper, P. J. Pvt Pvt
Jumper, S. J. Pvt Pvt
Jumper, S. P. Pvt Pvt
Jumper, T. A. Pvt Pvt
Kennedy, William Pvt Pvt
Kyle, J. P. G. 1 Lt 1 Lt
Lawson, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Lee, Mathew E. Pvt Pvt
Livingston, Henry H. Pvt Pvt
Livingston, S. C. Pvt Pvt
Lokey, William H. Pvt Pvt
Mask, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Mauney, Michael 1 Lt Cpt 7/31/1829-5/10/1873 buried Ripley Cemetery
McLaughlin, D. Pvt Pvt
Medford, W. J. Pvt Pvt
Moss, John A. Pvt Pvt
Noble, John Robert Pvt Pvt 3/27/1843-12/14/1936 buried Dresden Cemetery, Barry, TX Received the Southern Cross of Honor
Ray, Monroe Pvt Pvt
Ray, Washington Pvt Pvt
Richardson, John Pvt Pvt
Roberts, M. C. Pvt Pvt
Roberts, W. C. Pvt Pvt
Robins, James A. Pvt Pvt
Robins, Joe A. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, A. P. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, W. P. Pvt Pvt
Rowell, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Siddall, Thomas Joshua Pvt Pvt
Simmons, John W. Pvt Pvt
Simmons, W. M. Pvt Pvt
Smart, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Smith, Isaac H. Pvt Pvt
Smith, William A. Cpl Cpl
Smith, Barsell Pvt Pvt
Smith, Zachariah H. Jr. Pvt Pvt
Smith, Zachariah H. Jr. Pvt Pvt
Stenalt, E. Pvt Pvt
Stewart, Elisha Pvt Pvt
Storey, Frank P. Cpl Cpl
Stricklin, James T. Sgt Sgt
Suttlemiers, J. G. Pvt Pvt
Suttlemires, M. K. Pvt Pvt
Tatum, John T. Cpl Cpl 2/16/1833-8/17/1909, buried Lowry Cemetery
Tatum, William Pvt Pvt
Taylor, A. S. Pvt Pvt
Taylor, B. A. Pvt Pvt
Taylor, Berry Pvt Pvt
Taylor, Harris Pvt Pvt From Orizaba enlisted by W.C. Falkner
Tedder, Morgan Pvt Pvt
Thurbush, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Townsend, Osborn A. Pvt Cpl
Tucker, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Waide, E. B. Pvt Pvt
Waide, S. J. Pvt Pvt
Waldroop, E. D. Pvt Pvt
Wallace, John B. 1 Sgt 1 Sgt
White, W. L. Pvt Pvt
Whittington, Leander Pvt Pvt
Williams, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Windham, H. Pvt Pvt
Winter, Isaac Pvt Pvt
Wolff, Francis A. 2 Lt 1 Lt
Wommock, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Wren, John E. Pvt Pvt
Company D Raised in Tippah Co.
Ashley, James P. Pvt Cpl Died 1912 Buried Beauvoir Veterans Home. From Tippah County.
Austin, Jesse N. Pvt Pvt
Austin, R. J. Pvt Pvt
Barkley, Benjamin B. Pvt Pvt 3/22/1834 - 12/12/1905, buried Jacobs Chapel Cemetery
Barkley, George W. Cpl Cpl Applied for pension in McNairy Co. TN buried Wells Chapel
Barkley, John Anderson Pvt Pvt 2/6/1831-5/29/1901 buried Ebnezer Cemetery, Cotton Plant MS.
Besinger, Willis Pvt Pvt
Bolen, John Pvt Pvt
Box, William P. Cpl Pvt
Box, William Pvt Pvt
Bright, W. N. Pvt Pvt
Brock, F. M. Pvt Pvt
Brock, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Brock, M. E. Pvt Pvt
Brock, Pinkney C. Pvt Pvt
Bruton, Caswell Finley Pvt Pvt 2/11/1839-2/26/1899 buried Mt. Zion Cemetery Independence, Tate Co. MS
Bumpass, A. H. Pvt Pvt
Bumpass, H. P. Pvt Pvt
Burns, Jonathan Pvt Pvt
Burns, Peter F. 3 Lt 2 Lt
Butler, John B/D. 1 Sgt 1 Lt 1837 - 1911 buried McKay Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
Clark, Samuel S. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Clark, R. R. Pvt Pvt
Clayton, A. A. Pvt Pvt
Clayton, A. N. Pvt Pvt Mar. 2, 1842 - Apr. 3, 1922 buried New Hope Cemetery
Clayton, Calvin C. Pvt Pvt Enlisted 1 Apr. 1864, 1846 - 1905 buried New Hope Cemetery
Coltharp, M. N. Pvt Pvt
Craig, W. A. Pvt Cpl
Crouch, Joseph Pvt Pvt
Crowell, R. Pvt Pvt
Crump, C. C. Pvt Pvt
Dansby, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Duncan, A. J. Pvt Pvt
Embrey, James A. Sgt Pvt
Embrey, Jasper A. Sgt Pvt
Gaine, F. Jeyni

On Confederate Monument Old Live Oak Cemetery, Selma AL. (only record found of him)
Gassaway, Tandy Erbenus Pvt Cpl 8/11/1845 Tippah Co. - 1/1/1919 Union Co. buried Mt. Olivet Meth. Cemetery, Dumas, Union Co., MS
Godwin, Jacob Pvt Pvt
Godwin, Levi S. Pvt Pvt
Goodwin, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Gunter, Melitus Stapleton Pvt Pvt 1815 - 4/6/1884 buried Old Hickory Flats Cemetery Benton Co.
Guyton, Flavius C. Pvt Pvt Aug. 11, 1845 - Jan. 15, 1907, buried Academy Cemetery
Hall, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Harbin, M. P. Pvt Pvt
Hawthorn, Harvey A. 1 Sgt Sgt 9/15/1832 Abbeville Dist. SC - 12/12/1898 Cotton Plant buried Ebenezer Cemetery, was postmaster of Blue Mt.
Henry, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Henry, Elijah Pvt Pvt
Hill, Joseph A. Pvt Pvt
Holcomb, Levi H. Pvt Pvt
Holcomb, Phillip Cpt Cpt
Hooper, W. B. Pvt Pvt
Jengam, G. H. Pvt Pvt
Jennigan, S. Pvt Pvt
Jernigan, Forney M. Pvt Pvt Died during the war
Johnson, John A. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, John Henry Pvt Pvt Killed at Selma, AL 19 April 1865
Johnson, Jr., J. H. Pvt Pvt
King, John R. 2 Lt Pvt
Leatherwood, N. B. 2 Lt 2 Lt 2 July 1814 - 7 March 1880, buried Academy Cemetery
Leopard, Zack T. Pvt Pvt
Lewis, William T. Pvt Pvt
Martin, Joseph C. Pvt Pvt Probably this Joseph Martin 1832-1928 buried New Oak Grove Union Co.
May, Hampton Pvt Pvt
May, Thomas Pvt Pvt
McBride, S. O. Pvt Sgt
McCarter, J. H. Pvt Pvt 6/24/1831-4/20/1917 buried Fairfield Cemetery Union Co.
McCarter, James A. Pvt Pvt
McDonald, William Pvt Pvt
McGill, G. C. Pvt 2 Lt
McInturf, Willis Cpl Cpl
McMahon, J. B. Sgt Sgt
Merrill, James G. Pvt Pvt
Moody, John Solomon Sgt Sgt Buried Pearl River Co. MS
Murray, A. P. Pvt Pvt
Murray, H. P. Pvt Pvt
Owens, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Perkins, Simeon Pvt Pvt
Railey, Hiram C. Pvt Pvt
Railey, John Pvt Pvt
Raley, H. C. Cpl Pvt
Ratliff, William Tom Pvt Cpl 2/11/1846-10/30/1912 buried Academy Cemetery
Roberts, W. C. Pvt Sgt
Roberts, M. C. Pvt Pvt
Robertson, W. C. Sgt Sgt
Rose, A. T. Pvt Pvt
Rutherford, J. R. Pvt Pvt 17 Aug. 1826-11 June 1889 buried Blue Mt. Cemetery
Sanders, Harris Pvt Pvt 27 Mar. 1824 - 21 Feb. 1917 buried Academy Cemetery
Screws, Samuel Pvt Pvt
Sherman, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Simpson, White Pvt Pvt
Simpson, Wyatt Pvt Pvt Captured 4/18/63 in Hernando MS, died 6/11/63 in Alton IL prison of small pox
Smith, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Smith, D. G. Pvt Pvt
Smith, D. T. Pvt Pvt
Smith, Irwin Pvt Pvt
Smith, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Smith, Joseph Sgt Sgt
Smith, Samuel J. Pvt Pvt Buried Bethel Methodist Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
Smith, Wiley H. Pvt Pvt
Smith, William Pvt Pvt
Springer, Henry C. Pvt Pvt
Stewart, Thomas Elmo Pvt Pvt Died in Tx. in 1928 while receiving a pension
Sullivan, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Suttlemiers, Gabriel M. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, William L. Pvt Pvt Buried Flat Rock Baptist Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
Thornton, W. C. Pvt Pvt
Turner, J. Russell Sgt Sgt
Turner, James E. Pvt Pvt
Turner, R. J. Sgt Sgt
Vernon, John Pvt Pvt
Waldon, Isaac Pvt Pvt 1/11/1835-1/6/1907 buried Waldon Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS
White, Absalom 1 Lt Cpt
White, J. S. Pvt Pvt
White, Q. S. Pvt Pvt
White, Thomas Pvt 2 Lt 2/23/1835-6/30/1905 buried Flat Rock Cemetery Benton Co.
Wilkerson, James K. Pvt Pvt
Wilson, Jacob R. Pvt Pvt
Winbore, M. F. Pvt Pvt
Winborn, Joseph Cpl Cpl
Young, John C. Pvt Pvt
Company E Buncombs Fighting Cocks Raised in Tippah Co.
Adair, C. Pvt Pvt
Adkins, J. B. Pvt Pvt
Allen, D. M. Pvt Pvt
Allen, E. M. Pvt Pvt
Armstrong, Isaac Pvt Pvt
Arrendale, R. H. Pvt Cpl
Barkley, William A. Cpl 2 Lt
Barnett, E. G. Pvt Pvt
Barnett, J. G. Pvt Pvt
Beatty, David Humphries Pvt Pvt Born S. C., 1/ 27/1827 - 9/18/1899, buried Mt. Pleasant (Britt) Cemetery
Beatty, Isaac Watts Pvt Pvt 1/14/1839-5/14/1909 buried Mt. Pleasant (Britt) Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS
Bidde, G. M. Pvt Pvt
Biddy, A. Pvt Pvt
Biddy, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Biddy, M. Pvt Pvt
Blagg, James Farris Pvt Cpl
Blocker, James Robert Pvt Pvt
Blocker, John Cole Pvt Pvt [P]
Blocker, William Griffin Pvt Pvt [P]
Bolen, John Pvt Pvt
Box, G. D. Pvt Pvt
Box, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Box, John Jackson Pvt Pvt 6 Apr. 1840 - 10 May 1920, buried Shiloh Cemetery
Brown, Clark H. Pvt Pvt
Brown, J. G. Pvt Pvt
Bumpass, H. P. Pvt Pvt
Cartwright, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Carwile, Z. Pvt Pvt
Chisom, H. W. Pvt Pvt
Coker, J. T. Pvt Pvt 1/7/1830 - 5/13/1907 buried Damascus Cemetery, Union Co.
Cole, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Cornwell, Larkin Pvt Pvt
Cox, L. V. Pvt Pvt
Davis, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Delt, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Denton, John S. Pvt Pvt 1838 - 1891, buried Wicker Family Cemetery, Benton County
Dill, John A. Pvt Pvt
Downey, J. C. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Dunlap, John Pvt Pvt
Evett, Henry Pvt Pvt
Farmer, A. D. Pvt Pvt
Farrar, James H. Pvt Pvt Buried Ellistown Cemetery, Union Co.
Faught, Levi C. Pvt Pvt
Ferrell, B. D. Pvt Pvt
Frazier, Francis Marion Pvt Pvt [P]
Frazier, Jacob L. Pvt Pvt Born 1836 buried Brownsville Cemetery, Hinds Co. MS
Frazier, Jesse Anderson Pvt Pvt
Frazier, William Harrison Pvt Pvt
Gaber, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Gaines, M. H. Pvt Sgt
Gaines, Wesley Pvt Pvt
Gaines, Zacharia Taylor Pvt Pvt
Gardner, Franklin Polk Pvt Pvt
Gardner, Joseph Wesley Pvt Cpl
Gholston, Jason Pvt Pvt
Gholston, John Pvt 2 Lt
Gilliam, R. A. Pvt Pvt
Gipson, S. B. Pvt Pvt
Gober, William Harrison Pvt Pvt Enlisted 8/1/1862 at Molino by Col. W.C. Falkner, 1821 GA - 10/16/1893, presumed buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Union Co.
Golson, Jesse Pvt Pvt
Gordon, W.P. Pvt Pvt
Gray, Isaac M. Pvt Pvt 5/13/1829-11/28/1907 enlisted Pontotoc Co. buried Macedonia Cemetery Union Co.
Gullett, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Guyton, John Kennedy 1 Sgt 1 Lt
Hale, N. B. Sgt Pvt
Hall, A. W. Pvt Pvt
Hall, C. R. Pvt Pvt
Hall, George Washington Cpl Cpl 8/6/1829 - 11/6/1883 buried Wells Chapel Cemetery, Union Co., MS
Hall, James L. Pvt Pvt 4/9/1834-8/31/1917 buried New Salem Cemetery
Hall, Leonidas Bell Pvt Pvt
Hall, Richard Carter Pvt Sgt 9/19/1824 - 2/2/1905 buried Ellistown Cemetery, Union Co.
Hamblin, James N. Pvt Pvt 2/4/1837 - 3/12/1921 buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Union Co.
Hardy, W. F. Pvt Pvt
Harrison, John Simpson Pvt Pvt 1841 - 1906 buried Pontotoc Co. MS? [P]
Harrison, William Pvt Pvt
Harrison, William George Pvt Pvt
Hearns, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Heathcock, Levi Pvt Pvt
Heathcock, M. S. Pvt Pvt
Heathcock, W. S. Pvt Pvt
Hedge, Robert Waddle Pvt Pvt
Hellems, J. Pvt Pvt
Herst, Campbell Pvt Pvt
Hethcock, Levi Pvt Pvt
Hethcock, W. J. Pvt Pvt
Hethcock, W. O. Pvt Pvt
Higginbottom, William Riley Pvt Pvt Enlisted September 1st 1862 by Col. W.C. Falkner 1/8/1840 - 4/14/1921 buried Gerizim Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Hill, James Pvt Pvt
Hodges, Finis E. Pvt Pvt
Hodges, Robert W. Pvt Pvt 6/14/1832-12/16/1921 buried Fellowship Cemetery
Hogue, R. Pvt Pvt 6/22/1832 - 5/31/1921 buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Union Co.
Houston, J. Newald 1 Sgt Pvt
Hurst, Campbell Pvt Pvt
Jeter, G. M. Pvt Pvt
Jeter, I. M. Pvt Pvt
Jeter, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Jones, David W. Pvt Pvt
Jones, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Jordan, Francis Marion Pvt Pvt [P]
Kelly, James L. 1 Sgt Pvt
Kelly, William K. Pvt Pvt 10/9/1829-7/25/1900 buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery Union Co.
King, John R. 2 Lt Pvt
Kyle, J. P. G. 1 Lt 1 Lt
Kyle, R. A. 1 Sgt Pvt
Laird, J. S. 1 Lt Cpt
Lamar, John Hamilton Pvt Pvt 1835-1878 buried Salem Cemetery Union Co.
Laminick, James Pvt Pvt
Lard, J. S. 1 Lt Cpt
Lawdermilk, Seaborn P. Pvt Pvt
Lee, A. J. Pvt Pvt 12/10/1839-4/11/1899 buried Well's Chapel Cemetery, Union Co.
Lee, Calvin J. Brevet 2 Lt 2 Lt 9/13/1830 - 2/17/1904 buried Well's Chapel Cemetery, Union Co.
Leeman, John N. Pvt Pvt
Lennan, John H. Pvt Pvt
Little, Charles W. Pvt Pvt
Little, Thomas Didamus Pvt Pvt
Lowery, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Magill, John Pvt 1 Sgt
Mann, J. C. Pvt Pvt
McAllister, A. H. Sgt Sgt
McAllister, James Carter Pvt Pvt
McClung, Calvin Asbury Pvt Pvt
McCollen, D. E. Pvt Pvt
McCollum, F. M. Pvt Pvt
McDonald, John Pvt Pvt
McDonald, T. B. Pvt Pvt
McElroy, John Wilson Pvt Pvt
McGill, John Pvt 1 Sgt
McKeown, Andy Warren Pvt Pvt
McKeown, S. P. Pvt Pvt
McKeown, Simeon Canon Pvt Pvt
Merrit, J. F. Pvt Pvt
Monroe, J. H. Sgt Pvt
Moore, William S. Pvt Pvt
Moore, John W. Pvt Pvt [P]
Morgan, Pinkney Pvt Pvt
Morris, John A.

Morris, Thomas Jesse Pvt Pvt 1840 - 1939 buried New Albany Cemetery, Union Co., MS [P]
MucElroy, H. C. Pvt Pvt
Myers, Jesse Pvt Pvt
Nobles, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Osborne, A. H. Pvt Pvt (Rev.) 3/26/1829-10/4/1877 buried Lebanon Cemetery Prentiss Co. MS
Owen, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Owen, Thomas H. Pvt Pvt 28 Feb 1841-25 Nov 1887 b. Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Union Co. MS
Owen, William Bird Pvt Pvt 9 Sep. 1823 - 10 Feb. 1883, buried Academy Cemetery Tippah Co. MS
Owens, Stephen Spicer Pvt Pvt Born Dec. 1839 SC, died 1900 buried Fort Parker Park Groesbeck TX
Pannell, James Alfred Pvt Pvt
Pannell, T. Y. Pvt Pvt
Park, John Pvt Pvt
Parker, James H. Pvt Pvt Buried Ellistown Cemetery, Union County
Parks, Pascal Pvt Pvt
Parmer, J. D. Cpl Cpl
Pence, Ira Pvt Pvt
Pence, W. R. Pvt Pvt
Pickens Jr., J. A. Pvt Pvt
Pickens Sr., J. A. Cpl Pvt
Pilcher, William Pvt Pvt
Pitner, Michael Cpl Sgt
Plummer, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Plummer, J. E. Pvt Pvt
Plummer, John Jasper Pvt Pvt 23 Feb. 1826 - 4 June 1889, buried Dumas Cemetery
Powell, M. U. Pvt Pvt
Prather, William H. Pvt Pvt
Pucket, Marshall Logran Pvt Pvt
Reaves, Henry Green Pvt Pvt
Reaves, Ransom Columbus Pvt Pvt 10/12/1845 - 5/2/1928 buried Mt Olivet Cemetery Union Co., MS
Reeves, John Anderson Pvt Pvt 7/17/1820 - 10/16/1916, buried New Hope Cemetery
Riddle, Tyree A. Pvt Pvt
Roberts, A. J. Pvt Pvt
Roberts, H. J. Pvt Pvt
Roberts, L. C. Pvt Pvt
Roberts, T. B. Pvt Pvt
Roberts, W. M. Pvt Pvt
Robertson, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Robertson, John Pvt Pvt
Robertson, William A. Pvt Pvt
Robins, J.C. Pvt Pvt
Robinson, J.M. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, John D. Cpt Cpt
Rousey, Thomas George Pvt Sgt
Runy, Sidney O. Pvt Pvt
Sanders, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Shankles, William H. Pvt Pvt
Shelton, Lycurgus Pvt Pvt
Shoemaker, W. E. Pvt Pvt
Short, B. F. Pvt Pvt [P]
Short, B. T. Pvt Pvt
Short, O. P. Sgt Pvt [P]
Simmons, J. H. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Simmons, W. H. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Simpson, J. A. Sgt Sgt
Singletary, William Pvt Pvt
Smith, I. P. Pvt Pvt
Smith, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Smith, John Thompson Pvt Pvt
Smith, Jr., R. Pvt Pvt
Spencer, George Davis Pvt Pvt
Squires, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Stansell, William Nelson Cpt Cpt 1835 - 9/11/1882, buried Ripley Cemetery.
Steeley, D. H. Pvt Pvt
Steely, B. H. Pvt Pvt
Stringfellow, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Swain, George C. Pvt Pvt
Swain, Richard A. Pvt Pvt 8/5/1842-4/11/1890 buried Amaziah Cemetery Union Co.
Tate, James Bond English Pvt Pvt
Tate, John Harvey Steen Sgt Sgt 5/8/1829-12/6/1900 buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery Union Co. MS
Tate, John William Steen Pvt Cpl 9/3/1823-6/17/1904 buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery Union Co. MS
Tate, Samuel Ephraim Pvt Pvt
Thomas, Christopher Alonzo Pvt Pvt
Thomas, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Thomas, John L. Pvt Pvt
Thomas, Nathan W. Cpl Jr 2 Lt
Thomas, W. M. Cpl Jr 2 Lt
Thompson, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, Jeff Pvt Pvt
Ticer, James Pinkney Pvt Pvt 2/20/1836-1/23/1928 buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery Union Co. MS
Tucker, Benjamin Johnson Pvt Pvt
Turner, H. H. Pvt Pvt
Vaughan, D. B. Pvt Pvt
Wages, George Washington Pvt Pvt
Wages, James Benjamin Pvt Pvt 8/4/1839-11/05/1906 enlisted Tippah Co. buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Union Co.
Wages, Peter Smith Pvt Pvt
Wages, William Pvt Pvt
Walker, A. J. Pvt Pvt
Walker, P. M. Pvt Pvt
Walker, S. N. Pvt Pvt
Warren, Alexander Pvt Pvt [P]
Warren, Arthur Cpl Pvt
Watt, Thomas Jefferson Pvt Pvt 12/27/1827 - 7/9/1907 buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Union Co.
Wells, F. M. Pvt Pvt
West, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Whaler, F. M. Pvt Pvt
Wheeler, S. M. Pvt Pvt
White, Duvernia Pvt Pvt
White, Moirmy Pvt Pvt
Whitlow, P. W. Pvt Pvt
Wilbanks, H. M. Sgt Sgt
Wilborne, Robert T. Cpl Cpl
Wilson, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Wilson, William Pvt Pvt
Wilson, Leonard Pvt 3 Lt [P]
Yancey, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Young, B. E. Pvt Pvt 6/9/1843-1/2/1919 buried Old Zion Hill Cemetery Union Co.
Young, James A. Pvt Pvt
Company F Raised in Tippah & Pontotoc Counties
Adams, James Pvt Pvt
Anderson, James P. Pvt Pvt Died 1922 buried Pontotoc Co. MS?
Anderson, Jesse Pvt Pvt
Barkley, William A. Cpl 2 Lt Attended Confederate reunion at Sardis, Coryell Co. TX Aug. of 1899 [P]
Barton, M. M. Pvt Pvt
Berry, Albert G. Pvt Pvt
Bost, M. W. Pvt Pvt
Box, A. W. Pvt Pvt
Boyer, A. B. Pvt Pvt
Brewer, John Pvt Pvt
Brown, David Pvt Pvt
Brown, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Brumet, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Buchhadlter, M. A. Pvt Pvt
Buchhalter, W. A. Pvt Pvt
Buckwater, M. A. Pvt Pvt
Campbell, A. Pvt Pvt
Campbell, A. R. Sgt Sgt
Canker, William Pvt Pvt
Carter, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Carter, T. W. Sgt Sgt
Carter, Thomas Jefferson Pvt Pvt Died 9/26/1926 buried Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis TN
Chapel, John Pvt Pvt
Chapman, R. M. Pvt Pvt
Clark, W. G. Pvt Pvt
Clements, Jacob Pvt Pvt
Clements, William Pvt Pvt
Collier, R. S. Pvt Pvt
Cottrell, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Couch, Jessee Pvt Cpl
Cropwith, A. L. Pvt Pvt
Crowder, A. J. Pvt Pvt
Crowder, George G. Pvt Pvt
Crowder, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Cruch, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Cruthirds, B. Pvt Pvt
Deislin, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Dennis, Henry Pvt Pvt
Dickson, C. C. Pvt Pvt
Dillard, J. P. Pvt Pvt [P]
Dogan, J. H. Cpl Pvt
Dogan, James A. Cpl Pvt
Dogun, D. W. Pvt Pvt
Duke, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Duncan, H. L. Cpt Cpt
Duncan, R. H. Pvt Pvt
Dyson, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Elder, S. W. Pvt Pvt
Ferrell, B. D. Pvt Pvt
Gaddis, L. B. Pvt Pvt
Gardner, D. Pvt Pvt
Gassaway, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Gibson, S. B. Pvt Pvt
Gillespie, John D. Pvt Pvt
Gilstrop, Edward Pvt Pvt
Goolsby, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Graham, Joseph C. Pvt Pvt [P]
Graham, Joseph F. Pvt Pvt 1825 - 1873 buried New Albany Cemetery Union Co.
Gray, W. P. Pvt Jr 2 Lt
Haddocks, James Sgt 3 Lt
Hale, Jesse Pvt Pvt [P]
Hale, Joel Pvt Pvt
Hale, N. J. Pvt Pvt
Hall, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Hampton, J. G. Pvt Pvt [P]
Hampton, John W. Pvt Pvt [P]
Hannah, Anthony W. 1 Sgt Sgt
Harris, W. H. G. Pvt Pvt
Hasting, Thomas Jefferson Pvt Pvt
Hastings, Hezekiah N. Pvt Pvt
Hattox, James Sgt 3 Lt
Hattox, Phillip H. Pvt Pvt
Heath, David Pvt Pvt
Herron, A. S. Pvt Pvt
Higginbottom, William Riley Pvt Pvt Enlisted September 1st 1862 by Col. W.C. Falkner 1/8/1840 - 4/14/1921 buried Gerizim Cemetery, Union Co., MS
Hooker, G. P. Pvt Pvt
Howell, Joseph Pvt Pvt
Huckabee, Bart Pvt Pvt
Huckabee, Benjamin Pvt Pvt [P]
Huckabee, John J. Jr. Pvt Pvt [P]
Hunt, A. J. Pvt Qrtmstr Sgt [P]
Hunt, J. A. Pvt Qrtmstr Sgt
Hunt, N. G. Pvt Pvt
Isom, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Isom, J. N. Pvt Pvt
Isom, James Pvt Pvt [P]
Ivens, John Pvt Pvt
Jeter, William Pvt Pvt
Johnson, A. M. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, Patrick H. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Johnston, A. M. Pvt Pvt
Jones, G. E. Pvt Pvt
Jordan, John Pvt Pvt Applied for pension in Tipton Co. TN
Kane, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Kelly, Benjamin Cpl Pvt
Kilgore, G. Pvt Pvt
King, Peyton Pvt Pvt
Knight, M. G. Pvt Pvt
Knight, N. G. Pvt Pvt
Knight, W. G. Pvt Pvt
Knight, W. R. Pvt Pvt
Kyle, R. A. 1 Sgt Pvt [P]
Lacee, Marshall S. Sgt Sgt
Lay, J. E. Pvt Pvt
Lay, W. B. Pvt Pvt
Leitle, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Lewis, A. Pvt Pvt
Lewis, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Little, G. Pvt Pvt
Livingston, Thomas Pvt Pvt
McCheran, A. J. Pvt Pvt
McCheran, T. S. Cpl Cpl
McCherean, R. E. Pvt Pvt
McClennan, R. E. Pvt Pvt
McCouan, R. E. Pvt Pvt
McGregor, James Pvt Pvt
McKibbins, H. A. Pvt Pvt
McLane, J. H. Pvt Pvt
McLarty, J. R. Pvt Pvt
McLarty, N. G. Pvt Pvt
McLarty, T. P. Pvt Pvt
McLarty, T. T. Pvt Pvt
McNeely, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Melton, John M. Pvt Pvt
Miles, William G. Pvt Pvt
Moore, R. M. Sgt Sgt
Moore, William A. Pvt Pvt
Moore, John W. Pvt Pvt
Morgan, John R. Pvt Pvt
Morgan, S. C. Pvt Pvt
Morrow, C. P. Pvt Pvt
Morrow, William Pvt Pvt
Moseley, D. L. S. 1 Lt 1 Lt
Nabers, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Nabors, Wilson Pvt Pvt
Nabors, Jackson Pvt Pvt
Owens, Brice Sgt Sgt
Owens, Gabriel Pvt Pvt [P]
Owens, W. G. Pvt Pvt [P]
Paine, William Wesly Pvt Pvt
Parks, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Parks, W. J. Pvt Pvt
Pass, M. J. Pvt Pvt
Patton, A. D. Pvt Pvt
Patton, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Patton, M. F. Sgt Sgt
Peet, C. C. Sgt Sgt
Pegram, T. F. Pvt Pvt
Pendigraff, L. Pvt Pvt
Peterson, J. Pvt Pvt
Pittman, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Pittman, M. Pvt Pvt
Reaves, Ransom Columbus Pvt Pvt 10/12/1845-5/2/1928 buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Union Co.
Rich, M. A. Pvt Pvt
Rickman, W. A. Pvt Pvt
Robins, Gray Pvt Pvt
Robinson, W. Pvt Pvt
Roper, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Ross, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Ross, John Pvt Pvt
Sanderline, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Sanders, A. H. Pvt Pvt
Segler, Matthew Cpl Cpl
Short, O. P. Sgt Pvt
Sides, Tobias Pvt Pvt
Sigman, B. W. Pvt Pvt
Slaughter, H. W. Pvt Pvt
Smith, J. S. Cpl Cpl
Spence, J. N. P. Pvt Pvt
Spence, W. R. W. Pvt Pvt
Stevens, Thomas M. Cpl Cpl
Stull, J. M. Sgt Sgt
Swan, T. B. Cpl Cpl
Syland, M. Cpl Cpl
Tanner, A. K. Sgt Sgt
Tanner, P. D. Cpl Cpl
Tate, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Taylor, H. W. Pvt Pvt
Taylor, Leroy Pvt Pvt
Tembergrass, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Terry, Jesse Pvt Pvt
Terry, L. B. Pvt Pvt [P]
Thomas, A. V. B. Pvt Pvt
Thomas, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Thornton, Augustus Sgt Pvt [P]
Thornton, Henry Pvt Pvt
Troupe, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Wardlaw, J. M. Sgt Sgt
Warren, Ezekiel Pvt Pvt [P]
Warren, Arthur Cpl Pvt
Watson, D. A. 1 Sgt 1 Sgt
Watson, W. M. D. Pvt Pvt
Welch, H. Pvt Pvt
Wells, M. M. Pvt Pvt
Welsh, Howell Pvt Pvt
White, H. F. Pvt Pvt
White, J. J. Pvt Pvt
Williams, Gray Pvt Pvt [P]
Wilson, T. W. Pvt Pvt
Wilson, Leonard Pvt 3 Lt
Womble, E. M. Pvt Pvt
Woodfin, S. P. Pvt Pvt
Wootton, John Pvt Pvt
Wright, F. S. Pvt Pvt
Wright, Thomas H. Pvt Pvt
Wright, William Pvt Pvt
Company G Raised in Tippah Co.
Acre, David Pvt Pvt
Allen, Grey Pvt Pvt
Ammons, D. C. Pvt Pvt
Ammons, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Ammons, J. N. Pvt Pvt
Ammons, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Anderson, J. F. Pvt Pvt
Anderson, R. B. Pvt Pvt
Austin, William S. R. Cpl Cpl [P]
Balfour, A. Cpt Cpt
Barber, J. Pvt Pvt
Bass, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Baugh, J. K. P. Pvt Pvt
Benton, W. L. Pvt Pvt
Bettis, S. C. Pvt Pvt
Bishop, D. Pvt Pvt
Bizell, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Blackburn, B. B. Pvt Pvt
Booker, W. A. Pvt Pvt
Bowden, C. Cpl Cpl
Bowling, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Brent, K. Pvt Pvt
Bright, William Pvt Pvt
Brown, A. F. 1 Sgt 1 Sgt
Brown, E. M. Pvt Pvt
Brown, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Brown, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Brown, John F. Pvt Pvt
Brown, John S. Pvt Pvt
Brown, K. J. Pvt Pvt
Brown, R. Pvt Pvt
Brown, W. J. Pvt Pvt
Brown, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Calahan, N. Jr 2 Lt Jr 2 Lt
Caldwell, T. P. Pvt Pvt
Callis, J. Pvt Pvt
Carransy, J. Pvt Pvt
Carwile, S. G. Pvt Pvt
Cavner, William B. Pvt Pvt 4/18/1833 - 2/3/1890, buried Little Vine Cemetery, Lamar Co., Tx.
Chander, R. T. Pvt Pvt
Chandler, Robert Pvt Pvt
Childers, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Childs, H. C. Cpl Pvt
Clement, John Pvt Pvt
Coleman, Lee Pvt Pvt
Coleman, M. S. Pvt Pvt
Coleman, Wiley T. Pvt Pvt 7/16/1840 - 9/1/1921 buried Giles Cemetery, Scooba, Kemper Co. MS
Collier, L. B. Pvt Cpl
Conner, John S. Pvt Pvt
Cook, W. C. Pvt Cpl
Cooper, G. C. Sgt Sgt
Cooper, J. Cpl Cpl
Cooper, William Rush Pvt Pvt 1841 - 1923 buried Chickasaw Co. MS?
Cowan, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Cox, B. Pvt Pvt
Cox, J. A. Sgt Sgt
Cox, S. G. 1 Lt 1 Lt
Craddock, J. Pvt Pvt
Crook, James F. Pvt Pvt
Crook, Willis Arnold 2 Lt 1 Lt Killed in the battle of Harrisburg 7/14/1864
Dannels, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Davidson, T. J. Cpl Cpl
Davis, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Dean, J. E. Cpl Cpl
Denahue, William Pvt Pvt
Dillard, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Dodds, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Donahoe, William Pvt Pvt 11/27/1833 - 3/5/1900 buried Pine Bluff Cemetery, Dentville, Copiah Co. MS
Dowty, L. N. Pvt Pvt
Duck, F. M. Pvt Pvt
Duke, M. Pvt Pvt
Duncan, E. J. Pvt Pvt
Duncan, Elisha G. Pvt Pvt
Duncan, James M. Pvt Pvt
Duncan, John W. Pvt Pvt
Elliott, James C. Pvt Pvt 1829 - 1886 buried Old Pleasant Grove Cemetery Alcorn Co. MS.
Faris, Josiah Pvt Pvt
Feril, J. L. Pvt Pvt
Ford, H. H. Pvt Pvt
Gaines, H. M. Pvt Pvt
Garrett, J. M. Pvt Cpl
Garrett, James H. Cpl Cpl
Garrett, John Cpt Cpt
Garrett, William Pvt Pvt
Garrett, Caleb Sgt Pvt
Gatlin, F. G. Pvt Pvt Born in TN 4/10/1829 - 12/30/1902, buried in Camp Ground Cemetery
Gatlin, William Rufus Pvt Pvt 10/26/1837-10/18/1917 buried Harmony
Gibbs, Spencer Pvt Pvt 6/28/1819 - 7/17/1882, buried Union-Chalybeate Cemetery
Godsey, John H. Pvt Pvt Applied for pension in Hardeman Co. TN
Grace, V. A. 2 Lt Jr 2 Lt
Gray, C. G. Pvt Pvt
Gray, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Green, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Griffin, W. S. Pvt Pvt
Gruber, M. W. Pvt Pvt
Hailey, D. W. Pvt Pvt
Hamblin, A. J. Pvt Pvt
Hamilton, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Hamilton, John L. Pvt Pvt
Hampton, J. W. Pvt Pvt [P]
Hanner, D. S. Pvt Pvt
Hannis, D. S. Pvt Pvt
Harris, T. L. Pvt Pvt
Hays, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Hersey, Edward 2 Lt 2 Lt
Holcomb, William Pvt Pvt
Hopkins, C. F. Sgt Sgt
Hopper, Louis Francis Pvt Pvt Born 9/15/1829
Hopper, P. W. Pvt Pvt
Hopper, T. W. Pvt Pvt
Horton, D. C. Pvt Pvt
Horton, Richard C. Pvt Pvt
Horton, William Morris Pvt Pvt 4/27/1846-7/22/1896 buried Providence Cemetery
Howel, D. C. Pvt Pvt
Howell, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Howell, W. L. Pvt Pvt
Howell, W. N. G. Pvt Pvt
Howell, W. R. Pvt Pvt
Huckabee, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Huckabee, John J. Pvt Pvt
Hughey, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Hughey, H. J. Pvt Pvt
Iry, E. J. Pvt Pvt
Ivans, T. E. Pvt Pvt
Jacobs, E. W. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Jameson, J. K. Pvt Pvt
Janes, A. F. Pvt Pvt Died of remit fever at Lauderdales Springs MS 10/30/1864 buried Lauderdale Springs Confederate Cemetery
Jeanes, John Pvt Pvt
Jeans, T. O. P. Pvt Pvt
Johns, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Johns, Jerry J. Pvt Pvt
Johnston, H. Pvt Pvt
Johnston, J. Pvt Pvt
Johnston, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Jones, Augustus Pvt Pvt Buried Houston Family Cemetery, Benton Co. (also Co. A 18th Miss. Cav.)
Jones, J. D. Pvt Pvt Oct. 6, 1822 - Nov. 10, 1902 buried Pisgah Cemetery
Jones, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Jones, Thomas 1 Sgt 1 Sgt
Jones, H. T. Pvt Pvt
Joyner, J. R. Pvt Pvt
King, John R. 2 Lt Pvt
Kyle, Patrick Pvt Pvt
Lancaster, W. Dorsey Pvt Pvt 7/20/1821-8/2/1902, buried Providence Cemetery.
Laughler, C. Pvt Pvt
Lawrence, A. H. Pvt Pvt
Lear, J. L. J. W. Pvt Pvt
Leopard, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Levingston, Young Pvt Pvt
Longmire, James S. Pvt Pvt Applied for pension in Shelby Co. TN
Lowerance, A. H. Pvt Pvt
Lutterrell, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Lutterrell, M. J. Pvt Pvt
Macon, N. P. Cpl Cpl
Macon, W. Pvt Pvt
Macon, W. P. Cpl Cpl
Madder, J. J. Pvt Pvt
Matheus, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Matthews, J. W. Pvt Pvt
McCarley, Washington 3 Lt 3 Lt
McCarter, J. B. Pvt Pvt
McCarter, Sanford Pvt Pvt
McCarter, T. F. Pvt Pvt
McCaster, J. B. Pvt Pvt
McCaster, S. Pvt Pvt
McCaster, T. F. Pvt Pvt
McClain, L. A. Sgt Sgt
McGee, B. F. Pvt Pvt
McKenny, W. D. Cpl Cpl
McKinney, Edward I. Pvt Pvt
McKinney, James Pvt Pvt
McKinney, W. N. Pvt Pvt
McLaughlin, S. M. Pvt Pvt
McNeille, W. F. Pvt Cpl Died of a shotgun wound at Lauderdale Springs MS hospital 8/21/1864, buried Lauderdale Springs Confederate Cemetery MS
Meeks, Jermiah T. Pvt Sgt
Meeks, Martin Sgt Sgt
Meeks, T. J. Pvt Sgt
Mills, Augustus Pvt Pvt
Mills, W. R. Pvt Pvt
Mobley, C. W. Pvt Pvt
Moffitt, John Pvt Pvt 6/29/1822 - 7/29/1902 buried in Rucker Cemetery
Montgomery, S. M. Pvt Pvt
Montgomery, S. W. Pvt Pvt
Moore, Thomas I. Pvt Pvt
Moore, James M. Sgt 1 Sgt
Morris, Z. Sgt Sgt
Musgraves, R. L. Pvt Pvt
Nichols, Nathaniel Pvt Pvt
Nicholson, N. N. Pvt Pvt
Parker, B. E. Pvt Pvt
Patton, Jerome B. 3 Lt 2 Lt
Patton, Thomas Starr 2 Lt 2 Lt
Pegram, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Polk, S. L. Pvt Pvt
Prince, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Quinn, J. Q. Pvt Pvt
Ragsdale, F. L. Sgt Sgt
Ragsdale, R. Pvt Pvt
Ralph, D. C. Pvt Pvt
Ray, J. B. Pvt Pvt
Ray, Jesse Cpl Sgt 6 Aug. 1821 - 30 Oct. 1864 of yellow fever, buried Union (Chalybeate) Cemetery
Ray, Marion Cpl Sgt
Ray Jr., J. Finch Pvt Pvt 3/28/1846 - 11/7/1918 buried Union Cemetery
Ray Sr., J. Finch Pvt Pvt 12/1/1826 - 5/12/1881 buried Union Cemetery
Rhodes, J. F. Pvt Pvt
Richey, R. W. Pvt Pvt
Ridlesperger, Abram S. Pvt Pvt Died July 1905 age 76, buried Nance Cemetery
Robertson, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, Hiram Pvt Pvt
Rogers, L. B. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, W. V. S. Pvt Pvt
Rose, G. Pvt Pvt
Rose, William Henry Pvt Pvt 1835 - 11/27/1876 buried Rose Family Cemetery, Highlandale, Leflore Co., MS
Ryalls, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Sain, C. Pvt Pvt
Sellers, D. C. Pvt Pvt
Sesser, J. S. Cpl Cpl
Sherrer, B. S. Pvt Pvt
Siddall, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Siddall, John J. Cpl Sgt 2/9/1823 - 2/21/1901 buried Walnut Creek Cemetery
Simmons, H. Pvt Pvt
Simmons, J. H. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Simmons, W. H. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Singleton, P. H. Pvt Pvt
Smith, H. R. Pvt Pvt
Smith, S. H. Pvt Pvt
Smith, S. R. Pvt Pvt
Smith, Thomas A. Pvt Pvt
Smith, I. P. Pvt Pvt
Smith, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Smith, John Thompson Pvt Pvt
Soo, L. W. Pvt Pvt
Stanford, William Pvt Pvt
Stephens, Harrison A. 2 Lt 1 Lt 19 Feb. 1822- 7 Sept. 1862, buried Nance Cemetery accidently shot himself
Stephens, L. H. Pvt Pvt
Stewart, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Stewart, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Strickland, J. L. Pvt Pvt
Suitor, J. P. H. Pvt Pvt
Tacket, M. C. Pvt Pvt
Tatum, M. E. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Tillman, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Tillmon, T. R. Pvt Pvt
Tipler, Washington A. Jr 2 Lt 2 Lt
Tolar, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Turner, J. J. Pvt Pvt
Turner, William E. Pvt Pvt
Vance, J. A. J. Pvt Pvt
Vance, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Vance, John H. Pvt Pvt
Victor, G. W. 1 Sgt 1 Sgt
Walker, W. H. Pvt Pvt
West, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Wheeler, T. L. Pvt Pvt
White, Rolley R. Cpt Cpt
Whitten, S. R. Pvt Pvt
Wilbanks, William Darius Pvt Pvt 30 Oct 1845 - 6 May 1911 applied for pension in Lake Co. TN
Wilbanks, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Wilbanks, W. A. Pvt Pvt 12/11/1845 - 2/9/1922 buried Union (Chalybeate) Cemetery
Williams, J. G. Pvt Pvt
Williams, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Williamson, H. P. Pvt Pvt
Willis, C. Pvt Pvt
Yarbrough, W. Pvt Pvt
Yopp, A. F. Pvt Sgt
Yopp, G. W. Sgt Pvt
Company H Raised in Tippah Co.
Adams, W. S. Pvt Pvt
Allen, Eli Pvt Pvt
Anderson, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Arnett, William W. Pvt Pvt [P]
Bailey, F. M. Pvt Pvt
Barber, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Barnett, E. G. Pvt Pvt
Barnett, J. G. Pvt Pvt
Barns, John Pvt Pvt
Benford, M. H. Pvt Pvt
Blaylock, B. F. 1 Sgt 1 Sgt
Brasher, J. T. 1 Sgt Cpl 1/4/1848 - 9/15/1918, buried Union-Sadie Cemetery, Marion, LA.
Brasher, L. T. Pvt Pvt
Brazier, L. J. Pvt Pvt
Brewer, W. C. Pvt Pvt 4/1/1844 - 12/12/1918, buried Wells Chapel Cemetery, Union Co
Brinkley, William H. Pvt Pvt
Brock, E. A. Pvt Pvt
Brock, E. H. Pvt Pvt
Brown, T. C. Pvt Pvt
Bryant, N. T. Pvt Pvt
Buford, W. H. Pvt Cpl
Byers, C. W. Pvt Pvt
Carr, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Cazey, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Chapman, W. L. Pvt Pvt
Childers, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Clemens, A. Pvt Pvt
Collins, Henderson S. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Collums, Henry G. Pvt Pvt
Cooper, W. A. Cpl Sgt
Counts, H. Pvt Pvt
Cox, J. P. N. Pvt Pvt
Crasby, D. V. Pvt Pvt
Daniels, S. S. Pvt Pvt
Davis, James B. Pvt Pvt
Davis, P. C. Pvt Pvt
Davis, William A. Pvt Pvt
Delaughter, Jesse Pvt Pvt
Delk, John Pvt Pvt
Dickerson, R. A. Pvt Pvt
Dickey, William E. Pvt Pvt
Dowty, L. N. Pvt Pvt
Dye, E. S. Pvt Pvt
Dye, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Dye, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Dye, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Easly, D. C. Pvt Pvt
Escue, Quin T. Pvt Pvt
Esken, A. T. Pvt Pvt
Esken, J. F. Pvt Pvt
Eskew, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Eskew, L. T. Pvt Pvt
Eskew, Q. F. Pvt Pvt
Everett, E. M. Pvt Pvt
Gantz, W. J. Pvt Pvt
Garrett, Turner Pvt Pvt
Gatlin, William Rufus Pvt Pvt 10/26/1837-10/18/1917 buried Harmony
Gibson, W. T. Cpl Pvt
Gideon, W. Pvt Pvt
Glenn, W. F. Pvt Pvt
Glenn, William Lowery Pvt Pvt Enlisted October 1, 1862 in Ripley, killed at Clinton, Miss. July 7, 1864
Goforth, H. A. Pvt Pvt
Goforth, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Goode, T. M. Pvt Pvt
Goodman, P. A. Pvt Pvt
Grantham, G. Moses Pvt Pvt
Gray, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Gray, Orvie G. Pvt Pvt 1/20/1833-9/6/1929, buried Camp Ground Cemetery
Gray, S. M. Pvt Pvt
Green, D. L. V. Pvt Pvt
Greer, R. Pvt Pvt
Hall, Laban Pvt
(Rev. L. E. Hall 1847 - 1932 buried Forrest Co. MS?)
Hall, W. M. Pvt Pvt
Hamblet, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Hamilton, John L. Pvt Pvt
Hardin, L. S. Pvt Pvt
Hardin, S. L. Pvt Pvt
Haupt, B. C. Sgt Sgt
Haupt, H. Pvt Pvt
Haupt, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Hellums, Wilson Sgt Sgt
Hervey, J. K. Pvt Pvt
Hogan, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Holmes, Wilson Sgt Sgt
Houpt, B. C. Sgt Sgt
Houpt, Henry Pvt Pvt
Houpt, Thomas J. Pvt Pvt
Howel, D. C. Pvt Pvt
Howell, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Hudson, C. T. Pvt Pvt
Hudson, W. L. Pvt Pvt
Hussey, E. L. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Hyde, R. J. Pvt Pvt
Inmon, John Pvt Pvt
Irbey, C. A. Pvt Pvt
Ivery, R. N. Sgt Sgt
Jackson, A. L. Pvt Pvt
Jacobs, John W. Pvt Pvt
Jenkins, S. Pvt Pvt
Jinkins, Henry Pvt Pvt
Jinkins, James Pvt Pvt
Johnson, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, William O. Pvt Pvt
Jones, A. C. Pvt Pvt
Jones, H. R. Sgt Sgt
Jones, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Killpatrick, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Lambeth, A. M. Pvt Pvt
Lane, H. W. Pvt Pvt
Lawrence, A. H. Pvt Pvt
Lewellen, J. Pvt Pvt
Lewellen, R. Pvt Pvt
Lowerance, A. H. Pvt Pvt
Lutterrill, James C. Pvt Pvt
Luttrell, Milton J.

Masses, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Mathes, J. Pvt Pvt
Mathes, T. Pvt Pvt
Maton, T. Y. Pvt Pvt
May, J. L. Cpl Cpl
May, John W. Pvt Pvt
McCarter, Sanford Pvt Pvt
McCarter, T. F. Pvt Pvt
McFalls, D. F. Pvt Pvt
McKinzey, Miles Sgt Sgt
McKnight, H. Cpl Cpl
Meador, Alonzo

1827-5/9/1915 Beauvoir Home for Confederates, buried Beauvoir Cemetery
Milam, B. B. Pvt Pvt
Mills, Augustus Pvt Pvt
Mills, Lamar Pvt Pvt
Mills, W. R. Pvt Pvt
Milsted, H. M. Pvt Pvt
Moore, D. A. Pvt Pvt
Moore, M. W. Pvt Pvt
Moore, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Moorhead, R. M. Pvt Pvt
Morehead, B. M. Pvt Pvt
Morton, Terry Y. Pvt Pvt
Munn, William Thomas Pvt Pvt 12/1/1842 - 2/23/1908 buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery Tippah Co. (apparently unmarked)
Murphree, C. C. Pvt Pvt
Murphy, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Nolan, W. Pvt Pvt
Nolen, J. Pvt Pvt
Owens, H. D. Sgt Sgt
Perkins, E. C. Pvt Sgt
Perkins, Richard W. 1 Sgt 1 Sgt
Petitt, G. W. Sgt Pvt
Petitt, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Philips, James Pvt Pvt
Philips, W. F. Pvt Pvt
Philips, W. N. Pvt Pvt
Phillips, J. B. Pvt Pvt
Poteete, G. W. Sgt Pvt
Potete, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Powell, S. R. Pvt Pvt
Quinn, John F. Cpl Cpl 13 June 1827 - 15 June 1908, buried Harmony Cemetery
Ragland, Boner Pvt Pvt
Ragland, H. J. 1 Lt 1 Lt
Ragland, J. L. Pvt Pvt
Ragland, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Ragland, R. B. Pvt Pvt
Reaves, W. M. Pvt Pvt
Reed, Amos Pvt Pvt
Reeves, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Rhodes, Felix Pvt Pvt
Ritchie, W. B. Pvt Pvt
Robertson, S. G. Pvt Pvt
Robinson, D. G. Pvt Pvt
Rodgers, Micheal M. Pvt Pvt
Rodgers, S. B. Cpl Pvt
Screws, Obediah Pvt Pvt
Seaman, M. S. Pvt Pvt
Seamans, M. G. Pvt Pvt
Sellers, J. N. Sgt Sgt
Shann, Jesse Pvt Pvt
Shaw, A. Pvt Pvt
Shearon, S. B. Pvt Pvt
Shelton, P. H. Pvt Pvt
Simmons, John W. Pvt Pvt
Simmons, W. M. Pvt Pvt
Simpson, J. T.

Smith, Robert Pvt Pvt
Smith, W. F. Pvt Pvt
Stephens, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Stephens, James E. Pvt Pvt
Stephens, W. C. Pvt Pvt
Stewart, Abraham B. Pvt Pvt Mortally wounded at Wyatte, Tate Co., Miss.
Stewart, A. H. Pvt Pvt
Stone, E. Pvt Pvt
Strickland, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Sullivan, W. S. Pvt Pvt
Swanson, W. B. 3 Lt 2 Lt
Tankersly, W. B. Pvt Pvt
Tarver, Julius Pvt Pvt
Tarver, William M. Pvt Pvt
Tharp, M. H. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, D. C. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, J. J. Cpt Cpt
Thompson, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, W. B. Pvt Pvt
Tillman, Calvin Pvt Pvt
Tipler, Washington A. Jr 2 Lt 2 Lt
Tudor, Hardy Strickland Pvt Pvt 18 Dec 1849 Tipplersville, Tippah Co. - 21 Jul 1936 in Bryson, Jack Co., Tx.
Tudor, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Tull, H. J. Pvt Pvt
Tuter, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Vaughn, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Vose, E. J. Pvt Pvt
Walker, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Wall, William Cpl Cpl
Watkins, J. Pvt Pvt
Westbrooks, H. Pvt Pvt
Wheeler, Charles N. Cpt Cpt
Whitbey, W. W. Pvt Pvt
White, G. Pvt Pvt
White, J. F. Cpl Pvt
White, J. G. Pvt Pvt
White, J. P. Cpl Pvt
White, J. T. Cpl Pvt
Wilhite, W. F. Pvt Pvt
Wilkins, P. Pvt Pvt
Wilson, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Wilson, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Wilson, R. J. Pvt Pvt
Wofford, W. Pvt Pvt
Woodall, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Yapp, A. F. Pvt Sgt
Yapp, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Yopp, G. W. Sgt Pvt
Yopp, W. T. 1 Lt 1 Lt
Young, I. M. Pvt Pvt
Company I Raised in Tippah & Pontotoc counties. This company failed to report at the re-organization of the regiment, March 1, 1863, and ceased to form a part of the organization.
Lawson, Pvt Pvt
Allen, Lawson Pvt Pvt
Allen, Samuel C. Pvt Pvt 5/12/1845-10/19/1902 buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Wallerville, Union Co.
Allen, Eli Pvt Pvt
Aston, Charles Samuel Pvt Pvt enlisted Aug 1, 1862 by Col. W.C. Falkner
Austin, William S. R. Cpl Cpl [P]
Avent, Joseph L. Pvt Pvt
Bagby, W. R. Sgt Sgt
Barnett, J. Pvt Pvt
Bass, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Bast, Isaac Pvt Pvt
Batts, A. W. Sgt Sgt
Beard, Benjamin F. Pvt Pvt
Billingsley, J. A. Pvt Cpl
Billingsley, James M. Pvt Cpl 2/4/1847 - 11/6/1886 buried Lowery Cemetery, Tate Co., MS
Bolding, James M. Pvt Pvt
Bolton, W. E. Pvt Pvt
Bowden, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Bowden, P. M. Ord Sgt Ord Sgt
Brown, L. W. Pvt Pvt
Brown, Aaron Pvt Pvt Obit. Aug. 1902 says died in past year
Burns, William Pvt Pvt
Burton, Isaac Pvt Pvt Died Alton, IL prison 11/29/63 of pneumonia
Calaway, F. Pvt Pvt
Calaway, Steven Pvt Pvt
Callahan, J. E. Pvt Pvt
Carson, William G. Sgt Sgt
Combs, W. C. Pvt Pvt
Cornwell, Larkin Pvt Pvt
Cox, John Cpl Cpl
Cox, R.S. Pvt Pvt
Cox, Samuel R. Pvt Pvt
Dabbs, Jessie W. Pvt Pvt Buried Old Union Church Cemetery, Lee Co.
Dandridge, S. Pvt Pvt
Dandridge, S. B. Pvt Pvt
Davis, J. S. 1 Lt 1 Lt
Davis, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Donaldson, M. H. Cpl Cpl
Donaldson, W. E. 1 Lt 1 Lt
Donalson, H. M. Cpl Cpl
Elliott, J. J. Pvt 2 Lt
Elliotte, J. T. Pvt 2 Lt
Ewing, James S. Sgt Sgt Died 12/7/1913 buried Cedarlawn Cemetery, Jackson, Hines Co. MS [P]
Fields, James Pvt Pvt
Fields, John Pvt Pvt
Filgo, George W. 1 Sgt 1 Sgt
Ford, Houston Pvt Pvt
Ford, Newton Pvt Pvt
Foster, S. C. Pvt Pvt
Fretwell, William L. Pvt Pvt
Gambrel, W. C. Pvt Pvt
Gibson, Jack Pvt Pvt J.L Gibson applied for pension in Hardeman Co. TN
Gray, K. M. Pvt Pvt
Gray, R. M. Pvt Pvt
Gray, William Pvt Pvt
Griffin, T. H. Pvt Pvt
Griffin, W. F. Pvt Pvt
Haldetch, S. F. Sgt Pvt
Hardaway, E. W. Pvt Pvt
Hardy, Moses Pvt Pvt
Hargrove, W. D. Pvt Pvt Born 1828 in AL. Died 4/29/1909. Buried in Texas State Cemetery, Austin, TX.
Hatcher, L. D. Pvt Pvt
Hethcock, W. J. Pvt Pvt
Hethcock, W. O. Pvt Pvt
Hewitt, J. A. S. Pvt Pvt
Hewitt, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Hewitt, James Pvt Pvt
Hicks, M. W. Pvt Pvt
Holditch, Sidney F. Sgt Pvt
Holly, J. N. Pvt Pvt
Hooper, James Pvt Pvt
Horton, C. B. Pvt Pvt
Hulsey, Joab Pvt Pvt
Hunt, William A. Pvt Pvt
Jackson, Andrew Pvt Pvt
Jackson, C. C. Pvt Pvt
Jarman, L. T. 3 Lt 2 Lt
Johnson, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Lastley, William A. Pvt Pvt
Layton, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Lodwich, James Pvt Pvt
Long, Flavius J. Pvt Pvt
Long, Phillip S. 3 Lt 2 Lt
Lovings, William W. Pvt Pvt
Lyon, James N. Cpl Pvt
Malone, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Malone, Thomas H. Pvt Pvt
Martin, Thomas H. Pvt Pvt
Mathews, John M. Pvt Pvt
Matthews, John H. Pvt Pvt
Mays, J. M. Pvt Pvt
McKenzie, Daniel B. Sgt Sgt May 7, 1845 - Aug. 18, 1883 buried in McKenzie Family Cemetery, Benton Co., MS.
McKenza, Larkin T. Cpt Cpt
McKinzie, J. F. Pvt Pvt
McLemore, S. J. Pvt Pvt
Michell, S. J. Pvt Pvt
Milam, William Pvt Pvt
Mitchell, J. S. Sgt Sgt
Montgomery, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Moran, George Pvt Pvt
Moss, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Moss, John Pvt Pvt
Newsom, William Pvt Pvt
Philips, Redrich Pvt Pvt
Pickens, Peter K. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Price, Rufus N. Cpl Pvt
Raines, Jacob Pvt Pvt
Raye, Henry Pvt Pvt
Raye, L. Pvt Pvt
Reeser, T. M. Pvt Pvt
Ritchie, E. G. Pvt Pvt
Robberson, Charles Pvt Pvt
Robberson, John W. Pvt Pvt
Roberson, B. S. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, William Pvt Pvt
Roland, J. E. Pvt Pvt
Rook, John H. Sgt Pvt
Roper, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Sanceman, D. L. Pvt Pvt
Siddall, Joshua Pvt Pvt
Smith, Marion Skipwith Pvt Pvt 2/24/1844-7/7/1910 buried Grand Junction Cemetery, TN. Transferred to Co. D 18th Miss. Cav.
Solomon, W. H. Pvt Pvt 1845-1914 buried New Harmony Union Co.
Spence, W. W. Pvt Pvt
Spencer, O. A. Pvt Pvt
Spencer, W. P. Pvt Pvt
Spiers, Joseph Pvt Pvt
Stevenson, Thomas B. Pvt Pvt
Steward, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Steward, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Stone, John L. T. Pvt Pvt
Tardy, Alexis J. Cpl Sgt Died 3/10/1905 buried Lafayette Cemetery, New Orleans.[P]
Terry, Newton M. Pvt Pvt
Toombes, A. G. Pvt Pvt
Tucker, James McC. Pvt Pvt
Vanpelt, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Vinson, Pvt Pvt
Walker, Allen Pvt Pvt
Walker, Japhith Pvt Pvt
Walker, S. A. Pvt Pvt
Walker, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Wall, G. M. Pvt Pvt
Walls, James H. 2 Lt 1 Lt
Ware, George M. Pvt Pvt [P]
Ware, Nicholas Pvt Pvt [P]
Weatherby, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Weston, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Westor, John Pvt Pvt
Wicher, William Pvt Pvt
Wilson, John Pvt Pvt
Wilson, R. J. Pvt Pvt
Witcher, William Pvt Pvt
Wood, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Woods, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Young, William Loving Cpt Cpt [P]
Company K
Archer, Henry Pvt Pvt
Archey, Hosea Pvt Pvt
Archie, Hosie Pvt Pvt
Autry, William P. Pvt Pvt
Barnett, D. Pvt Pvt
Berryman, John Cpl Pvt
Birdsong, E. Pvt Pvt
Birdsong, G. T. Pvt Pvt
Borrough, W. L. Pvt Pvt
Bowen, L. F. Sgt Sgt
Bradley, Thomas E. Pvt Pvt
Brannon, John Pvt Pvt
Brewer, A. W. Pvt Pvt
Briggs, James L. Pvt Pvt 9/8/1842 - 5/12/1900 buried Shiloh Presbyterian, Kossuth, Alcorn Co., MS
Briley, George W. Pvt Pvt 3/11/1838 - 8/31/1877 buried Tuscumbia Cemetery, Wenasoga, Alcorn Co., MS
Brown, B. T. Pvt Pvt
Brunser, I. Cpl Cpl
Buchanan, T. U. Pvt Pvt
Burgess, B. Pvt Pvt
Burrough, W. L. Pvt Pvt
Butler, I. R. Pvt Pvt
Caldwell, T. F. Cpl Cpl
Carter, E. T. Pvt Pvt
Carter, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Childs, H. C. Cpl Pvt
Clark, R. W.
Pvt 10/23/1836 - 12/??/1884 buried Oak Plains Cemetery, New Albany, Union Co., MS
Coleman, Pinckney C. Pvt Pvt
Coleman, S. M. Pvt Pvt
Cox, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Crum, Elias Pvt Pvt
Crum, Joseph Pvt Pvt 2/29/1840 - 5/10/1909 buried Crum Cemtery, Kossuth, Alcorn Co. MS
Crum, Leonard Pvt Pvt
Crum, P. C. Pvt Pvt
Dandridge, T. A. Pvt Pvt
Davidson, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Dickson, A. M. 3 Lt 3 Lt
Draper, H. E. Pvt Pvt
Drewry, John H. Pvt Cpl 24 May 1846 - 28 March 1925, buried Providence Cemetery
Dunn, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Dunn, William M. Pvt Pvt
Elmore, M. 2 Lt

Flants, R. D. Pvt Pvt
Fowler, M. N. Pvt Pvt
Gambill, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Gambill, W. C. Cpt Cpt
Gatlin, E. S. Pvt Pvt
German, Thomas 3 Lt 3 Lt
Glisson, James H. Pvt Pvt
Graham, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Grant, William Pvt Pvt
Haines, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Hents, A. Pvt Pvt
Hilburn, J. C. Cpl Pvt
Holden, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Jinnings, James Pvt Pvt
Johnson, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Jones, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Jones, Knox Pvt Pvt Born 1846 in MS. Died 10/24/1914 in TX Solier's Home, Austin. Buried Texas State Cemetery, Austin, TX
Jones, M. B. Sgt Sgt
Knox, W. H. 1 Lt 1 Lt
Kuykendall, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Laird, John Pvt Pvt
Lamberth, J. K. P. Pvt Pvt
Lamberth, J. L. Sgt Sgt
Lamberth, William F. 1 Lt 1 Lt
Lancaster, Elias N. Pvt Pvt
Leatherwood, John A. Sgt Sgt Applied for pension in McNairy Co. TN
Leatherwood, J. F. Cpl Pvt
Leatherwood, W. V. Pvt Pvt
Lumley, N. M. Pvt Pvt
Mackelhanan, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Maricle, W. C. Pvt Pvt
Maricle, W. M. Pvt Pvt
McAuley, John Pvt Pvt
McDoneld, A. F. Pvt Pvt
McElhannan, J. S. Pvt Pvt
McNiell, W. F. Pvt Cpl Died on Aug. 21, 1864 of a gunshot wound, buried in Lauderdale Springs Cemetary, Lauderdale County, MS
Mecklin, S. H. Pvt Pvt
Meeks, L. A. Pvt Pvt
Meeks, L. C. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Meeks, T. M. Ord Sgt 1 Sgt
Millens, E. F. Pvt Pvt
Mitchell, T. R. Pvt Pvt
Moore, G. G. Pvt Pvt
Moore, Henry Pvt Pvt Captured in Tippah Co. 6/4/63. died in Alton IL prison 9/11/63 of small pox
Morrison, James Pvt Pvt
Mullins, A. J. Pvt Pvt
Mullins, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Mullins, M. N. Pvt Pvt
Mullins, W. J. Cpl Pvt
Nichols, Nathaniel Pvt Pvt
Nicholson, N. N. Pvt Pvt
Parker, John Y. Pvt Pvt
Paysinger, J. G. Pvt Pvt
Phillips, James P. Pvt Pvt Perhaps the James Phillips 1st Miss captured 11/27/63 Pochahontas TN died 2/16/64 Alton IL prison of pneumonia buried State Ground.
Pleasants, B. Pvt Pvt
Pollard, S. D. Pvt Pvt
Redding, S. W. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, B. H. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, P. R. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, S. R. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, W. C. Pvt Pvt
Roggers, R. C. Pvt Pvt
Russell, T. R. Pvt Pvt
Rutherford, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Smith, D. J. Pvt Pvt
Smith, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Smith, Hiram M. Pvt Pvt
Smith, John Pvt Sgt
Smith, William M. Pvt Pvt
Stephenson, Obediah N.J. Pvt Pvt
Strickland, M. J. Pvt Pvt
Taylor, C. E. Pvt Pvt
Taylor, R. H. Cpt Cpt
Taylor, W. E. Pvt Pvt
Tomlinson, J. F. Pvt Pvt
Tomlinson, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Waldrop, John Pvt Pvt
Ward, G. F. Pvt Pvt
Watkins, G. R. 2 Lt 2 Lt
Whittington, Leander Pvt Pvt
Whorley, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Whorley, S. D. Pvt Pvt
Williams, E. F. Pvt Pvt
Willingham, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Yopp, A. F. Pvt Sgt
Young, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Company L
Halcomb, B. Cpl Cpl
Company Unknown
Ables, H. C.

Alden, J. W.

Allen, George H. Pvt Pvt
Allen, M. W. Pvt Pvt
Allen, N. W. Pvt Pvt
Allen, Uriah W. Pvt Pvt
Black, A. J. Pvt Pvt
Box, Benjamin C. Pvt Pvt 6/28/1824 - 8/5/1903, buried Pine Grove Box's Chapel, Benton Co.
Brazier, F. M. Pvt Pvt
Brett, George W. Pvt Pvt
Brewer, R. R. Cpt Cpt
Cole, R. P. Pvt Pvt
Crowder, J. B. Cpt Cpt
Dame, J. H. 3 Lt 2 Lt
Davis, J. J. Lt Lt
Embrey, J. H. Pvt Pvt Oct. 30, 1825 - Mar. 16, 1891, buried Embrey Cemetery
Evans, I. J. Pvt Pvt
Evans, J. T. Pvt Pvt (Rev.) 11/26/1832 - 7/6/1901 buried Vaiden Cemetery, Carroll Co. MS
Evans, John Cpl Cpl
Faught, Samuel Pvt Pvt
Ferrel, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Fitzgerald, S. J. Pvt Pvt
Floyd, George W. Pvt Pvt
Forsythe, Robert Pvt Pvt
Forsythe, W. A. Pvt Pvt
Foster, John Pvt Pvt
Foster, P. Pvt Pvt
Fowler, Z. P. Pvt Pvt
Freels, William M. Pvt Pvt
Freelse, John Pvt Pvt
Freelse, William Pvt Pvt
Fryar, Henry Pvt Pvt
Gholston, Jesse Pvt Pvt 8/1/1831 - 7/31/1910, enlisted Pontotoc Co., buried Liberty Cemetery, Union Co., MS
Gibbons, Joel Pvt Pvt
Gordan, W. J. 2 Lt 1 Lt
Granthan, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Granthan, M. H. Pvt Pvt
Hamilton, E. M.
Sgt Died 6 May 1875 buried Candy Hill Cemetery, Union Co.
Harrell, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Helfin, W. D. Cpt/Act Qrtms Cpt/Act Qrtmstr
Hobson, John A. Pvt Pvt
Jackson, G. B. Pvt Pvt
Jordan, Cicero C. Pvt Pvt 9/3/1848 - 1/16/1931 buried Union County
King, J. Z. Pvt Pvt
Kirpatrick, John Pvt Pvt
Knight, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Lamar, John H. Pvt Pvt 1835 - 1878 buried Salem Cemetery, Union County
Lane, William Young Pvt Pvt Killed 17 May 1864 in TN
Langston, John Pvt Pvt
Legett, Q. N. Pvt Pvt
Leverett, I. M. Pvt Pvt
Liggett, J. W. Pvt Pvt
McCauley, J. J. Pvt Pvt
Mobley, P. M. Lt Lt
Nabers, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Nabers, Robert Cpl Cpl
Nabors, Frank Pvt Pvt
Nelms, T. A. Pvt Pvt
Niblet, John C. Pvt Pvt
Norrill, Griffin Pvt Pvt
Norton, Mills H. Pvt Pvt
Norton, W. B. Pvt Cpl
Nunley, J. B. Pvt Pvt
O'Daniel, J. L. Pvt Pvt
Osborn, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Owen, D. F. Pvt Pvt
Owen, D. W. Pvt Pvt
Pankey, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Parish, J. K. Pvt Pvt
Parker, A. Pvt Pvt
Parker, Franklin Pvt Pvt
Parker, S. J. Pvt Pvt
Parrish, J. K. Pvt Pvt
Pearce, Dr. L. S. Pvt Pvt
Peeler, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Perkins, A. R. Pvt Pvt
Perkins, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Perkins, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Perkins, John C. Pvt Pvt 7/20/1840-2/12/1928 buried Union (Chalybeate) Cemetery
Perkins, Thomas J. Pvt Pvt
Pickens, J. R. Pvt Pvt
Pool, G. J. Pvt Pvt
Potts, Cicero C. Pvt Pvt Sept. 16, 1820 - Oct. 3, 1862, buried in Potts Cemetery
Powell, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Powell, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Powell, U. B. Pvt Pvt
Prather, Isaac J. Pvt Pvt
Prather, Isaac P. Pvt Pvt
Prather, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Pucket, Calvin Pvt Pvt
Pucket, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Pugh, James Cpl Cpl
Pullum, V. W. Pvt Pvt
Salmon, W. H. Pvt Pvt 1845-1914 enlisted Madison Co. buried New Harmony Cemetery Union Co.
Sparkman, J. H.

Toll, D. G. Surg Surg
Wilson, John J. Sgt Sgt
Worsham, Dr. B. F.

Nov. 27, 1823 - June 22, 1897 buried New Hope Cemetery
Wright, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Wyatt, John Surg Surg

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