19th Mississippi Infantry

Muster Roll of the 19th Mississippi Infantry

The 19th was enlisted in Confederate service for the war at Richmond Va., June 1, 1861. The only Tippah County Co. was Co. H. This data comes mainly from the Soldiers and Sailors system. There are many duplicates under verious spellings. Some appear to be a problem with reading handwriting. Some of the obvious duplicates I have deleted. I have also added biographical info when I have been able to find it.

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Dunbar Rowland's history of this regiment -- Mississippi SCV page
19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment in the Civil War

Albert L. Peel Diary -- Adjutant of the 19th

Last Name First Name Rank In Rank Out Additional Information

Officers and Staff
Alston Benjamin
Maj. Transferred to cavalry
Barry Richard H. Comm. Sgt. Comm. Sgt.
Dean Robert Aaron
Maj. Resigned, 12/29/1836 - 11/19/1912 buried Glenville Cemetery, Como, Panola Co. MS
Duke T. L.
Dunkin James H. Maj. Lt. Col.
Govan Andrew Robison
Adj. Promoted Capt. Co. B 17th Miss. brother-in-law of C.H. Mott - mortally wounded September 20, 1863 at Chickamauga
Hardin Thomas J. Maj. Col. Buried Confederate Cemetery Spotsylvania Courthouse, Va. "Col. 19th Regt. Miss Vol. Born in Monroe Co. KY July 17th 1829. Fell in Battle of Spotsylvania May 12th 1864"
Harris Nathaniel H. Maj. Brig. Gen. Promoted Brig. Gen. 1/10/1864, at the surrender, Left Miss and made his home in San Francisco. Died Aug 23, 1900 in England.
Hyer W. F.
Lamar Lucius Q. C. Lt. Col. Lt. Col. Disabled, resigned 1825 - 1893 buried St. Peter's Cemetery, Oxford MS.
Lyon A. A.
Surgeon At surrender
Malone S. B. Comm. of Sub. Comm. of Sub.
McKie John H.
Minor H. A. Asst. Surg. Asst. Surg.

Mott Christopher H. Col. Col. Killed at Williamsburg VA 5/5/1862, Re-interred in Feb of 1867 in Holly Springs, Marshall Co, MS.
Mullins John Maj. Maj. Transferred to cavalry
Peel Albert L.
Adj. Born 7/14/1841, killed May 12, 1864, Spottsylvania
Peel Robert Hunter
Surgeon 9/30/1832-11/5/1903
Phipps Richard W. Maj. Col. At surrender
Reading Thomas R.
Maj. Resigned
Scruggs L. S. QrtMast.

Sharp J. W.
Smith J. W.
Vaughan Word Giedon Maj. Lt. Col. Disabled by wounds
Co. A President Davis Guards (raised in Noxubee County, MS)
Andre J. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Bateman F. Pvt. Pvt.
Bateman Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Bateman William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Bayne H. V. Pvt. Pvt.
Bert J. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Bingham J. Pvt. Pvt.
Binion H. J. Pvt. Pvt.
Binion H. S. Pvt. Pvt.
Binion J. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Bomar Z. E. Pvt. Pvt.
Booth Benjamin William

Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
Brewer S. J. Pvt. Pvt.
Bryant R. G. Pvt. Pvt.
Burge C. W. Pvt. Capt. Buried Old City Cem. Lynchburg, VA
Burge F. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Burge John E. Sgt. Sgt. Maj.
Burge T. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Burrage Charley H.
Lt. Wounded May 6, 1864 at the Wilderness - died
Burrage William Henry

8/4/1845-2/17/1937 bur. TX State Cem. Austin TX, only record found of him
Burrill Isaac Pvt. Pvt.
Burrow J. N. Pvt. Pvt.
Burt John M. Pvt. Pvt.
Cayett Emmitt D. Pvt. Pvt. 1/23/1845 - 10/14/1919 buried Odd Fellows Cemetery, Macon, Noxubee Co., MS
Cherry C. Pvt. Pvt.
Cherry S. Pvt. Pvt.
Christe James Pvt. Pvt.
Christopher F.M. Pvt. Pvt.
Clark J. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Clark J. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Clark M. J. Pvt. Pvt.
Clarke J. T. Pvt. Pvt.
Clarke John J. Pvt. Pvt.
Cole J. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Coleman B. G. Pvt. Sgt.
Coleman F. P. Pvt. Pvt.
Coleman John T. Pvt. Pvt. Died 12/06/63 at Ft. Del., Del.
Coleman Thomas P. Pvt. Pvt.
Cook C. B. Cpl. Pvt.
Cook Charles Cpl. Pvt.
Coolidge William C. Pvt. Pvt.
Cullum Henry C. Pvt. Pvt.
Cullum Joe M. Pvt. Pvt.
Daring W. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Darley John Pvt. Pvt.
Davis Andrew W. Pvt. Pvt.
Davis M. L. Pvt. Pvt.
Daws Martin L. Pvt. Pvt.
Deering William R. Pvt. Pvt.
Denton Benjamin A. Pvt. Pvt. Died 10/3/61 buried Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, VA
Doss David T. Pvt. Pvt.
Downing Henry Pvt. Pvt.
Downing James E. Pvt. Pvt.
Downing Lafayette Pvt. Pvt.
Drake A. M. Cpl. Pvt.
Drake Jabez Cpl. Cpl.
Drake Murry A. Cpl. Pvt.
East Samuel H. Pvt. Pvt.
Easton W. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Easton W. J. Pvt. Pvt.
Easton William Thomas Pvt. Pvt. 28 May 1842 - 8 July 1910 b. Evergreen Cem., Lamar Co. Tx.
Eddins Benjamin F. Pvt. Pvt. 4/17/1813 - 10/22/1861 buried Center Hill Cemetery, Olive Branch, DeSoto Co., MS
Musician Musician
Ellis J. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Evans Joe W. Sgt. Sgt.
Ewing W. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Forestell J. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Forester John T. Pvt. Pvt.
Forrister J. J. Pvt. Pvt.
Frazier T. J. Pvt. Pvt. Buried Lynchburg, VA
Gathright Wilson R. Pvt. Pvt.
Gavin R. E. Sgt. Sgt.
Gavin R. L. Sgt. Sgt.
Goodwin Young W. Pvt. Pvt.
Goodwin Z. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Gore George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Gore Thomas B. Pvt. Pvt.
Griffin H. P. Pvt. Pvt.
Griggs Joseph L. Pvt. Pvt. 8/2/1841 - 7/9/1903 buried Odd Fellows Cemetery, Macon, Noxubee Co. MS
Guy J. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Harper Thomas C. Pvt. Pvt.
Harper William E. Pvt. Pvt.
Harrell W. L. Pvt. Pvt.
Harrell William Q. Pvt. Pvt.
Harrison John Pvt. Pvt.
Hathorn H.L.W. Pvt. Pvt.
Head H. S. W. O. Pvt. Sgt.
Herron W. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Herron William M. Pvt. Pvt.
Hill B. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Hill R. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Hill Richard N. Pvt.

Hill W. H. 1st Lt. 1st Lt.
House D. T. Pvt. Pvt.
Hughes William P. Pvt. Pvt.
Hughs Thomas P. Pvt. Cpl.
Hutcherson J. L. Pvt. Pvt.
Hutchinson J. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Hutchinson Lee Pvt. Pvt.
Hutsheson L. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Ingram James H. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Jackson Henry A. Pvt. Sgt.
Johnson L. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnson T. J. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnson Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Jones George W. Pvt. Cpl.
Jones T. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Jones Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Leger W. S. Pvt. Pvt.
Lewis Sam P. Pvt. Pvt.
Lindsay Matt M. 2nd Lt. Lt. Born 12/11/1833, appointed Aid-de-Camp Genl Cadmus M. Wilcox. Paroled April 9, 1865 while still aide to Wilcox, later lived in Fulton TN
Luke Monroe Pvt. Pvt.
Luke Robert Pvt. Pvt.
Luke W. Pvt. Pvt.
Luthers E. T. Pvt. Pvt.
Lyle W. D. Pvt. Pvt.
Lyles H. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Lyles W. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Lynn J. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Lynn John Pvt. Pvt.
Lynn W. Pvt. Pvt.
Lyon James A. Pvt. Pvt.
Lyon W. S. Cpl. Cpl.
Macon Jacob M. Capt. Capt. Mortally wounded May 5, 1862, Williamsburg, Va.
Macon William N. 1st Sgt. 1st Sgt.
Mauchett H. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Maxey J. L. Pvt. Pvt.
Maxey S. Pvt. Pvt.
Maxey T. J. Pvt. Pvt. Buried Spottsylvania Va.
McArthur Nathan Pvt. Pvt.
McCarther N. Pvt. Pvt.
McDonald C. Augustus Pvt. Pvt.
McGee G. W. Pvt. Pvt.
McLeratt W. F. Pvt. Pvt.
McMannice J. T. Pvt. Pvt.
McMannus Jonas P. Pvt. Pvt.
McManus J. D. Pvt. Pvt.
McNelas Philip J. Pvt. Pvt.
Merritt J. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Merritt T. E. Pvt. Pvt.
Merritt Thomas J. Pvt. Pvt.
Mitchell W. I.

Buried Ravia, OK
Moncant H. G. Pvt. Pvt.
Moore John D. Pvt. Pvt.
Moore Jorden Pvt. Pvt.
Morris S. Pvt. Pvt.
Mouchet Jr. H. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Moxey T. J. Pvt. Pvt.
Mucklerath William F. Pvt. Pvt.
Nash W. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Nearing W. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Neill C. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Nutt John L. Pvt. Pvt.
Pace E. H. Pvt. Cpl.
Parker Abel Pvt. Pvt.
Parker Abram Pvt. Pvt.
Perry Ivory Q. 2nd Lt. Lt. Wounded and retired. Was in attendance at reunion of Confederate veterans in Carrollton AL in 1890.
Poole Henry S. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Pratt William F. Pvt. Sgt.
Musician Musician
Prince Enos Pvt. Pvt.
Reed R. R. S. Pvt. Pvt.
Richardson W. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Richardson W. L. Pvt. Pvt.
Robinson S. S. Pvt. Pvt.
Rodgers G. W. Pvt. Pvt. 4/4/1823 - 5/25/1897, buried Damascus Cemetery, Union County.
Sadler Hartwell S. Pvt. Pvt.
Sanders D. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Simmons J. N.

Captured Spotsylvania d. 4/08/65 at Ft. Del., Del.
Simmons James A. Pvt. Pvt.
Simmons S. Pvt. Pvt.
Smith E. C. Pvt. Cpl.
Smith G. N. Cpl. Sgt. 2/19/1840 - 9/30/1913 buried Friendship Cemetery, Lowndes Co. MS
Sparks Bird Pvt. Pvt.
Spooner H. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Steward J. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Steward J. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Steward John Pvt. Pvt.
Stewart Arden Pvt. Pvt.
Stewart J. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Stewart W. Pvt. Pvt.
Stone W. L. Pvt. Pvt.
Sudbury James M. Pvt. Capt.
Talls R. E. Pvt. Pvt.
Tarrant F. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Tate S. S. Pvt. Pvt.
Taylor John A. Pvt. Pvt.
Taylor William R. Pvt. Pvt.
Teal C. Pvt. Pvt.
Terrell E. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Thomas Charles M. 1st Lt. Capt. Wounded at Battle of Second Manassas and retired from 19th Miss. Raised a Cavalry company and served under General Wheeler until the end of the war. 11/25/1828 - 11/7/1905, buried in Macedonia Cem. northwest of Shuqualak, Noxubee Co, MS.
Thomas D. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Thompson J. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Thompson J. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Thompson John Pvt. Pvt.
Thompson Thomas

Thompson William S. Pvt. Pvt.
Toal C. Pvt. Pvt.
Toal Charles Pvt. Pvt.
Torstell J. T. Pvt. Pvt.
Walker John Henry Pvt. Pvt.
Wellborn Isaac S. Pvt. Pvt.
Wellborn R. J. Pvt. Pvt.
Wellborn S. G. Pvt. Pvt.
Wellman J. S. Pvt. Pvt.
Wells Charles D. Pvt. Cpl.
Wiggins G. L. Pvt. Pvt.
Wiggins John L. Pvt. Pvt.
Wiggins W. T. Pvt. Pvt.
Williams John Silas

Originally in Co. H 17th Miss., b. 1841 d. 1909 Osark, AR.
Windhams B. P. Pvt. Pvt.
Wineberg Jonas Pvt. Pvt.
Co. B Mott Guards (raised in Lafayette County, MS)
Alford George W. Pvt. Sgt. 7/14/1842 - 9/23/1914 buried Lafayette Co. MS?
Arnold Addison M. Pvt. Cpl.
Barbour Oscar Sgt. Sgt.
Berry A. E. Pvt. Pvt.
Black John N. Pvt. Pvt. Received the Southern Cross of Honor from Marshall Co. MS, 1834 - 1913 buried Lafayette Co. MS?
Bounds William H. Sgt. QrtMast. Sgt.
Bradley John Pvt. Pvt.
Brown T. H.
1st Lt. 12/12/1837 - 1/4/1925 buried Free Springs Cemetery, Oxford, Lafayette Co., MS
Bruce Wilson Pvt. Pvt.
Bruce Z. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Bryant Kellis C. Pvt. Pvt. (Sgt.?)
Bryant R. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Buffalo George W. Pvt. Pvt. 4/12/1843 - 4/12/1933 buried St. Peters, Oxford, Lafayette Co., MS
Caffey J. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Carrethers H. S. Pvt. Pvt.
Carter Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Carothers Robert W. Pvt. Pvt.
Carothers William C. Pvt. Cpl. On parole rosters for the 19th following Lee's surrender
Christian John T. Cpl. Cpl.
Clifton Thomas B. Pvt. Pvt.
Coffey J. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Coffey James A. Pvt. Pvt.
Cook Robert S. Pvt. Pvt.
Corouthers Henry O. Pvt. Pvt.
Dale T. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Dean Clark Pvt. Pvt.
Garner James Pvt. Pvt.
Gay John Pvt. Pvt.
Gibson F. Pvt. Pvt.
Gibson Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Govan Andrew R. 1st Lt. 1st Lt.
Graham James A. Pvt. Sgt. [P]
Graham Joel A. Pvt. Pvt. [P]
Green Edward Pvt. Pvt. Buried U Of VA Charlottesville VA
Gregory Francis R. 3rd Lt. 1st Lt. 8/14/1828 - 12/5/1863 buried Friendship Cemetery, Columbus MS
Harper Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Harrison Gary W. Pvt. Pvt. 04/29/1845-05/22/1916 b. Scobey Cem. Yalobusha Co. Ms.
Harrison J. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Hensley John J. Pvt. Pvt.
Hood James E/M. Pvt. Pvt. Born 1844 in TN - died 1830 Comanche Co, TX.
Hopper John T. Pvt. Pvt.
Hopper Reuben Pvt. Pvt.
Horn Samuel S.

Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
Jenkins James A. Musician Sgt.
Johnson Thomas B. Pvt. Pvt. Died Hattiesburg MS 1908
Law William F. Pvt. Pvt.
Lawrence Alexander

Lindsey Wilson N. Pvt. Pvt.
Loudermilk William Cpl. Pvt. Born about 1829
Loveing Philip S. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Lowery John N. Pvt. Pvt. Buried Beauvoir Veterans Home. From Benton Co.
Lowry James H. Pvt. Pvt.
Lowry S. P. Pvt. Pvt.
Lowry Samuel B. Pvt. Pvt.
Lowry William B. Pvt. Pvt.
Martin William G. Capt. Capt. Resigned July 1, 1862
Mastbrook A. T. Pvt. Pvt.
Mastbrooks Augustus F. Pvt. Pvt.
Mastbrooks Henry G. Pvt. Pvt.
McClellan Wade H. Pvt. Pvt.
McGladiry H.

Died 4/19/1912 buried Beauvoir Veterans Home. From Jefferson Co. Only record found of him.
McLellan W. H. Pvt. Pvt.
McMellon McDuffie J. Pvt. Pvt.
Merrett James R. Pvt. Sgt.
Merwin Anson W. Pvt. Sgt.
Mooney Samuel Pvt. Pvt. Born 1840 NC. Enlisted 5/16/1861 Abbeville, MS. Died 9/23/1864 Richmond of disease.
Mooney William Eli Cpl. Sgt. Paroled following Lee's surrender in April 1865.
Moore John M. Pvt. Pvt.
Newsom John R. Pvt. Pvt. Died 10/6/1861 buried Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, VA
Norris George Davis 2nd Lt. 1st Lt. Born 6/5/1840, University of Mississippi 1857; died June 30, 1862 from wounds received at Frazier's Farm. Buried in Brownlee Cemetery, Lowndes Co, MS.
Norwood John B. Pvt. Pvt.
Norwood Theopilus Pvt. Pvt. Died 21 Jan. 1862 b. Warrenton, VA
Parks Sidney A. Pvt. Pvt.
Patterson A. L. Sgt. Sgt.
Patterson Nathan S. Sgt. Sgt.
Perryman John B. Pvt. Pvt.
Riley Richard T. Pvt. Capt. 5/15/1837-2/17/1917 bur. Candy Hill Cem. Union Co. MS
Robbins John T. Pvt. Pvt.
Pvt. Pvt.
Romans Stephen Pvt. Pvt.
Ruddell Alfred Pvt. Pvt.
Sartin Calvin D. Pvt. Pvt.
Sawyer Francis M. Pvt. Pvt.
Shook James C. Pvt. Pvt.
Shoop Robert H. Pvt. Pvt.
Sirles John R. Musician Jr. 2nd Lt. Killed at Gaines' Farm June 27, 1862
Sisson William A. Pvt. 1st Lt.
Skook James C. Pvt. Pvt.
Smallwood William B. Pvt. Pvt.
Smith Amos
1st Sgt. Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
Smith Richard M. Pvt. Pvt. Died Gordonsville, VA Aug. 1863
Sowery Samuel B. Pvt. Pvt.
Taylor James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Terrell James Alexander Pvt. Pvt.
Terrell Thomas B. Pvt. Pvt.
Thurell J. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Turner Beauford A. 1st Sgt. 1st Sgt.
Vaughan Benjamin F. Cpl. Cpl.
Vaughn Benjamin T. Cpl. Cpl.
Walker P. A. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt.
Westmoreland John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Whiteside James T. Pvt. Cpl. Born 1840 in Ga; a merchant. Died Aug 10, 1864 in Richmond, Va of wounds received in battle.
Williams Evin H. Pvt. Pvt.
Williams F. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Williams John W. S. Pvt. Pvt.
Williams William P. Pvt. Pvt.
Williamson Don Juan Pvt. Pvt.
Williamson J. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Wilson Preston G. Pvt. Pvt.
Wilson William H. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt.
Wolf John H. Pvt. Pvt. [P]
Co. C Warren Rifles (raised in Warren County, MS)
Adams John B. Pvt. Pvt.
Agan Daniel Pvt. Pvt.
Allen D. M. Sgt. Sgt.
Amminix M. Pvt. Pvt.
Ayels J. L. Sgt. Sgt.
Ballinger Jacob Pvt. Pvt.
Bardwell G. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Barth William Pvt. Pvt.
Bateman Daniel Cpl. Pvt.
Bean William H. Sgt. Pvt.
Bean William M. Sgt. Pvt. Buried U. of VA Charlottesville VA
Berry J. M.
Lt. Buried Friendship Cemetery, Columbus MS.
Blackburn Robert B. Cpl. Pvt.
Blackman John Pvt. Pvt.
Blell George Cpl. Pvt.
Bradwell E. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Brady John 1st Sgt. 1st Sgt. Captured Moscow MS (? TN) 12/04/1863 died of small at Alton IL Prison 2/25/64 buried Small Pox Island.
Brickley John Pvt. Pvt.
Buckley Patrick Pvt. Pvt.
Burk James Pvt. Pvt.
Burkhalter W. H.
Sgt. Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
Burkley John Pvt. Pvt.
Burnes Edmond Pvt. Pvt.
Burns Edward Pvt. Pvt.
Burt William Pvt. Pvt.
Cahill Edward Pvt. Pvt.
Campbell James Cpl. Pvt. 7/9/1839 - 3/9/1869 buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg, Warren Co. MS
Carlisle John L. Sgt. Pvt.
Carnahan Henry S. Pvt. 1st Sgt. Died 3.7.1884 buried Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Hines Co., MS
Carrin Michael

Buried Lynchburg, VA
Carroll Dennis Pvt. Pvt.
Carroll Michael Pvt. Pvt.
Castleman Lewis Sgt. Sgt.
Clark John Pvt. Sgt.
Clarke James Pvt. Sgt.
Conn Mark C. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Connor Dennis J. Pvt. Pvt.
Conrady Henry Pvt. Sgt.
Corning Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Crane Michael Pvt. Pvt. 1832 - 8/27/1907 buried Cedarlawn Cemetery, Jackson, Hinds Co. MS
Crawford W. Pvt. Pvt.
Cummings L. Pvt. Pvt.
Cummings Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Cunningham Farley Musician Pvt.
Curran Michael Pvt. Pvt.
Daugherty William Pvt. Pvt.
Dempsey John Pvt. Pvt.
Dippee Charles Pvt. Sgt.
Doran James Pvt. Pvt.
Doran John Pvt. Pvt.
Dorman James Pvt. Pvt.
Dowling James J. Pvt. Pvt.
Dowling John J. Pvt. Pvt.
Dowling Joseph J. Pvt. Pvt.
Ely Charles H. Pvt. Sgt.
Ely W. C. Pvt. Sgt.
Fahey Patrick Pvt. Pvt.
Farler J. Pvt. Pvt.
Farley Peter Pvt. Pvt.
Foley Timothy Pvt. 1st Lt. Held on Morris Island by Union under Confederate fire Sept. 7th to Oct. 21st 1864
Foley William Pvt. Pvt.
Foster R. H.

Fouches Charles Pvt. Pvt.
Fox Charles F. Pvt. Pvt.
Freed John Pvt. Pvt.
Garrett Edward Pvt. Pvt.
Gillan Joseph Pvt. Pvt.
Gleason James Pvt. Pvt.
Gleason Timothy Pvt. Pvt.
Golden John Pvt. Pvt.
Green George S. Pvt. Pvt. 1847 - 1925 buried Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Hinds Co. MS
Halfhill Francis M. Pvt. Pvt. Died 5/26/1861 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA section J number 116
Halloran John Pvt. Pvt.
Hannan William Pvt. Pvt.
Harris Marion B. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Mortally wounded Gaines Farm VA 27 June 1862
Harris N. B. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt.
Harris Nathaniel H. Capt. Capt.
Harris W. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Hatcher William R. Musician Musician
Heil J. Pvt. Pvt.
Henry Lewis Pvt. Pvt.
Henry William Pvt. Pvt.
Hick Bernhard Pvt. Pvt.
Hilligan Terrence Pvt. Pvt.
Hoffman Andrew Pvt. Pvt.
Hoffman Jacob P. Pvt. Pvt.
Hoofman Endy Pvt. Pvt.
Huffman J. Pvt. Pvt.
Jackson Lazarus Pvt. Pvt.
Jackson William Musician Musician
Kaiting Michael Pvt. Pvt.
Kane Dennis Pvt. Sgt. Died 1/6/1909 bur. Beauvoir Veterans Home. From Warren Co.
Kane Michael C. Pvt. Pvt.
Keating Michael Pvt. Pvt.
Kelly Edward Pvt. Pvt.
Kelly James Pvt. Pvt.
Kelly Michael Pvt. Pvt.
Keth Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
King Edward Pvt. Pvt.
Lane Daniel Pvt. Pvt.
Laughlin Dennis Pvt. Pvt.
Leary Cornelius Pvt. Pvt.
Little L.J. Pvt. Pvt.
Long Richard Pvt. Pvt.
Lynch Michael Pvt. Pvt.
Lyons Timothy Pvt. Pvt.
Madox Michael Pvt. Pvt.
Mahoney Michael Pvt. Pvt. Died 8/16/1862 buried Longwood-Oakwood Cemetery, Bedford VA
Manning Michael Pvt. Pvt.
McGowan John Pvt. Pvt. Died Feb. 1863 at Gordonsville, VA
McGowan Roger Pvt. Pvt.
McGowen Charles Pvt. Pvt.
McLaughlin Patrick Pvt. Pvt.
McNamara Edward Pvt. Pvt.
Mehaner Michael Pvt. Pvt.
Moody James E. Pvt. Pvt.
Moore William Pvt. Pvt.
Mulaney John Pvt. Pvt.
Neil James Pvt. Pvt.
Neil Joseph Pvt. Pvt.
Newlin A. Pvt. Pvt.
Niel Joseph Pvt. Pvt.
Nutt John L. Pvt. Pvt.
O'Brien Daniel Pvt. Pvt.
Ofman Andrew Pvt. Pvt.
O'Neil Felix Pvt. Pvt.
O'Neil Martin Pvt. Pvt.
Powers Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Quidley Peter Pvt. Pvt.
Quidley Timothy Pvt. Pvt.
Ragan William Pvt. Pvt.
Rawl John Pvt. Pvt.
Ray/Rae Charles Pvt. Pvt. Died 2 July 1862 buried Camp Hamilton, near Ft. Monroe VA
Reading T. R. 1st Lt. Capt.
Reynolds Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Roister Madison Musician Musician
Rowle John Pvt. Pvt.
Ryan Patrick Pvt. Pvt.
Ryan Peter Pvt. Pvt.
Ryan William Pvt. Pvt.
Sam August Pvt. Pvt.
Schroefel John Pvt. Pvt.
Shea Patrick Pvt. Sgt.
Sheehan Jerry Pvt. Sgt.
Shenahan Tobias Pvt. Pvt.
Smiley John W. 2nd Lt. Capt.
Smith James J. Pvt. Pvt.
Spath Henry Pvt. Cpl.
Standard John M. Sgt. Pvt.
Standard Stephen Cpl. Pvt. Born 1835, bur. Alexander-Barefield Family Cem., Hollandale MS
Stevenson William L. Pvt. Pvt.
Stiel Peter Pvt. Sgt.
Sullivan James Pvt. Pvt.
Sutherland S. Pvt. Pvt.
Sweeney Hugh W. Pvt. Pvt.
Tanning M. Pvt. Pvt.
Tarling James Pvt. Pvt.
Thompson John Pvt. Pvt.
Tierney Martin Pvt. Sgt.
Vaughan J. F.

Buried Confederate Cemetery, Okolona, MS
Welsh E.

White Edmund Pvt. Pvt.
White Edward Pvt. Pvt.
Willard Samuel A. Pvt. Pvt.
Woodridge Jefferson

Died 7/25/1862 buried Confederate Cemetery, Lauderdale Springs, MS
Zain August Pvt. Pvt.
Co. D Thomas Hinds Guards (raised in Jefferson County, MS)
Adair Benjamin F. Pvt. Cpl. Wounded and captured at Harrison Landing, exchanged, made Color Corporal and surrendered at Appomattox
Allen B. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Allen George W. Pvt. Pvt. Twice wounded and surrendered at Appomattox
Aly Charles Pvt. Pvt. 9/21/1821 - 2/12/1913. Enlisted 5/4/1861, discharged 4/9/1865. Discharged for jaundice. Buried Rainey Cemetery, Jefferson Co., MS.
Aly William Pvt. Pvt. Bounty jumper, enlisted in Virginia, ran off after two hours
Anderson G. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Baldrige William J. Pvt. Pvt. Wounded and captured at Williamsburg. He died in prison
Barland Charles Pvt. Pvt. Died of wounds received at Beaver Dam
Beard Joseph Pvt. Pvt. Discharged due to wounds received in the Seven Days Battle
Black W. A.

Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
Bowman John T. Pvt. Pvt. Finished out the war in prison after being captured at Spotsylvania
Bradford R. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Brady George Pvt. Pvt. Killed at Williamsburg
Brady Harrison Graves
Pvt. 07/22/1844-07/19/1908 buried Barbee Cemetery, Lula, Coahoma Co. MS
Burch P. Hines
2nd Lt. Resigned
Campbell Denis Pvt. Pvt.
Carothers Andrew Jackson Pvt. Pvt. Died of gangrene due to his wound at Fraysers Farm
Carpenter Charles O. Pvt. Pvt. Wounded twice, and, not being able to get back to Virginia after being given a furlough, he surrendered with General Richard Taylor
Carrell D. Pvt. Pvt.
Coffey Chesly Shelton Capt. Capt. Captured at Williamsburg and exchanged, served as Lt. Col. of regiment, resigned on February 14, 1863, due to his wound (and his being too fat to march) 7/1/181_ - 2/10/1869 buried Fayette Cemetery, Jefferson Co. MS.
Compton Steven R. Pvt. Pvt. Discharged due to a wound in the arm that caused a stiff elbow
Cox Jacob J. Pvt. 1st Lt./Ensign At surrender with Gen. R.E. Lee
Davenport Thomas A. Pvt. Pvt. Captured at Fort Whitworth, 3/12/1844 - 11/18/1921 buried Beech Hill Cemetery, Fayette, Jefferson Co. MS
Duffield Joseph A. Pvt. Pvt. Killed at Williamsburg
Duncan Robert 1st Lt. 1st Lt. Accidentally shot himself in the stomach with his pistol 5/24/1862 died the next day
Durst Charles E. Pvt. Pvt. Wounded five times: at Beaver Dam, Second Manassas, and three times at Gettysburg. Due to his wounds disabling him as a soldier, he was sent to work in the government shops at Selma, Alabama.
Eiseman E. Pvt. Pvt.
Eiseman Gershon Pvt. Pvt. Of German Jewish ancestry, was killed by a sharpshooter at Sharpsburg
Evans James H. Pvt. Pvt. On a wounded furlough at the end
Ewing William A. Pvt. Pvt. Died of typhoid fever
Foltz Moses Pvt. Pvt. Deserted while on a thirty-day leave in March 1864
Frank Frederick Pvt. Pvt. Died of wounds received in the Battle of the Wilderness
Gardner Archibald B. Pvt. Pvt. Due to a wound received at Gaines Mill, was transferred to hospital duty for the rest of the war
Garrett Jake Pvt. Pvt. Of Union Church transferred to the Twelfth Mississippi and after the war moved to West Virginia
Gathercole Major Pvt. Pvt. Did not return to the Company after being wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness
Geoghegan Ambrose Denton Pvt. 1st Lt. Captured while commanding Company F at Fort Whitworth, took a co. of 10 men and captured over 100 Yankee skulkers, drown trying to rescue people and animals in a flood in LA, 3/9/1840 - 5/2/1913 buried Fayette Cemetery, Jefferson Co. MS
Geoghegan Thomas Quincy Pvt. Pvt. Died at the Battle of Gettysburg at age 18 on July 2, 1863.
Gibson Jesse B. Pvt. Pvt. Killed in the Seven Days Battle
Gilbert James McGee Pvt. Pvt. Surrendered at Appomattox, 6/22/1841 - 5/2/1929 buried Elmo Cemetery, Jefferson Co., MS
Gladney H. Pvt. Pvt.
Griffin Daniel M. Pvt. Pvt.
Guice Isaac A. Pvt. Cpl. Killed by a spent cannon ball June 27, 1862 at the battle of Beaver Dam
Guice Moses J. Pvt. Pvt. Killed by a spent cannon ball June 27, 1862 at the battle of Beaver Dam
Hamberlin J. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Hamberlin Jacob E. Pvt. Pvt. Died of wounds received at Gaines Mill
Hill W. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Hill William A. Pvt. Pvt. Wounded at Gaines Mill and was discharged for disability, applied for pension in Henry Co. TN
Humphreys Calvin Pvt. Pvt. Died of chronic diarrhea
Humphreys Eliazar B. Pvt. Pvt. Discharged for chronic diarrhea, later joined the First Mississippi Artillery
Humphreys Hugh B. Pvt. Pvt. Died of chronic diarrhea 29 Dec. 1861 bur. Warrenton, VA
Humphreys Uriah S. Pvt. Pvt. Deserted while on furlough and joined a unit in Mississippi
Humphreys W. S. Pvt. Pvt.
Hunt Henry L. M. Pvt. Pvt. Discharged due to a bladder problem
Johnson Osburn G. Pvt. Pvt. Killed at Gaines Mill
Johnson Steven S. Pvt. Pvt. Captured at Hatchers Run
Johnston S. G.

Buried Beauvoir Veterans Home. From Jefferson Co. Only record found of him.
Key J.W. Pvt. Pvt.
Key Richard Pvt. Pvt. Died of diabetes
Key T. N. Pvt. Pvt.
Key Thomas W. Pvt. Pvt. Captured Sharpsburg, d. 9/15/63 at Ft. Del., Del.
Key Thomas Jefferson 3rd Lt. 2nd Lt. Resigned and helped organize the Fourth Louisiana Artillery
Lehmann Charles Pvt. Pvt. (Carl Adelbert Ferdinand Henrich Lehmann)
Liddell Cicero Jefferson Sgt. Pvt. Lost his left arm and the right forefinger and thumb to a cannon ball at the battle of Beaver Dam June 27, 1862, died on March 10, 1927
Littleton Pitman M. Pvt. Sgt. Killed at Spotsylvania
Looby John Pvt. Pvt. Discharged for "mental inactivity"
Mansfield Thomas George Sgt. Sgt. Developed camp fever and died at home while on furlough
McClure Andrew Pvt. Pvt. Killed at Gaines Mill
McClure Henry B. Pvt. Pvt. Sometime drummer for the regiment, was captured at Bottom Bridge near Drewy's Bluff
McClure James Sgt. Sgt. Captured at Spotsylvania
McDougal William H. Pvt. Pvt. Discharged due to pleurisy and pneumonia
McGladery Henry Pvt. Pvt. Of Ireland was wounded and captured twice
McLaughlin Hugh H. Pvt. Pvt. After being often wounded, was captured at Fort Whitworth
McLaughlin W. Pvt. Pvt.
McPhail Robert C. Cpl. Pvt. Due to wounds, he was made a clerk in the headquarters of Gen. Longstreet and finally was given a disability certificate. He died in McGregor, Texas.
Megginson Joseph Pvt. Pvt. Died of brain fever in Tennessee while detailed with the Reserve Ordinance train of General Longstreet
Mitchel Bonnery M. Pvt. Pvt. Died of wounds received at Fraysers Farm
Montgomery Harris Prentiss Pvt. Pvt. Served only a short time and was discharged, later served in the 4th Mississippi Cavalry
Nelty Thomas Pvt. Pvt. Disabled due to a gun shot wound of the upper right hip
O'Connell Daniel Pvt. Pvt. Captured at Chancellorsville
O'Connell Dennis Pvt. Pvt. Captured at Spotsylvania and immediately took the oath to the Yankees
Osteen David H. Pvt. Pvt. Died at Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond on 5/31/1862 of typhoid pneumonia
Owens William J. Pvt. Pvt. Died of wounds received at Beaver Dam
Price William S. Pvt. Cpl. Captured just prior to Appomattox, died Grenada
Quinn John Pvt. Pvt. Musician, being sixty years old was discharged as over age
Radford Robert W. Pvt. Pvt. After being captured, joined the ranks of the enemy
Reubel Emanuel Pvt. Pvt.
Reynolds Garnett B. Pvt. Pvt. Discharged for a hernia
Robertson William R. Pvt. Pvt. Killed at Spotsylvania
Rupel Emanuel Pvt. Pvt. The regimental baker, was discharged due to wounds received at Sharpsburg
Sawyer Francis M. Pvt. Pvt.
Scharff Emanuel Pvt. Pvt. Enlisted William Amy as a substitute
Scherzinger August Pvt. Pvt. Recruted brother Joseph as substiture and became the regiments sutler, from Bavaria
Scherzinger Joseph Pvt. Pvt. Died of typhoid fever 7/7/1862 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA section O number 57 marble slab
Schwing William F. 1st Sgt. Capt. At surrender, 12/20/1837-7/16/1919 bur. Graceland-Orange Grove Cem. Lake Charles, LA
Scott William T. Pvt. Pvt. Wounded twice, substituted Daniel O'Connell and went to Miss. and joined the 4th Miss. Cav., 1843-1935 bur. Poplarville, Pearl River Co. MS
Seale William T. Pvt. Pvt. Of Franklin County, after his wound at Fredericksburg and a long sojourn in the hospital, received a furlough home and joined the 14th Confederate Cav.
Shaw J. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Shaw John M. Pvt. Pvt. Wounded at least twice and captured a day before Robert Edward Lee surrendered
Shelton David J. Pvt. Pvt. Wounded twice, captured and exchanged, and captured the last time on the retreat to Appomattox
Shelton David T. Pvt. Pvt.
Sickles Julius Pvt. Pvt. After being captured, joined the ranks of the enemy
Simms Louis H. Pvt. Pvt.
Simms Arthur B. Pvt. Cpl. Killed at Sharpsburg
Soehan T. Pvt. Pvt.
Stampley Jacob Pvt. Sgt. Wounded and later sent home for his wounds
Stampley Jefferson E. Pvt. Pvt. Captured at Sharpsburg
Stampley Richard J. Cpl. Cpl. Died of wounds received at Beaver Dam
Stampley Samuel R. Pvt. Pvt. Took his body servant to the war, was disabled at Chancellorsville
Stanley J. E. Pvt. Pvt.
Stephens William L. Cpl. 2nd Lt. Of Germanic origin, at surrender
Stephenson John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Stephenson Warren J. Pvt. Pvt.
Stevenson James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Stevenson William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Stringer C. E. Pvt. Pvt.
Terry R. Pvt. Pvt.
Terry William H. Sgt. Sgt. Captured at Spotsylvania and spent the rest of the war in prison
Torrey James Foote Pvt. Pvt. Wounded at Gaines Hill in the leg, which wound caused him to have a stiff leg. He later volunteered with another disabled veteran named Frank Higdon to go into the enemy lines and get cattle, horses, and other needed supplies. He died in OK.
Trimble Absalom L. Pvt. Pvt.
Trimble Adolphus L. Pvt. Pvt.
Trimble Joseph W. Pvt. 1st Cpl. Due to wounds, he was in Way Hospital at Meridian in 1865, died in LA
Tubbs James A. Pvt. Pvt.
Ward James

Died of pneumonia
Ward S. Pvt. Pvt.
West George Pvt. Pvt. After being wounded was sent to Miss., was unable to get back to his unit and surrendered with General Richard Taylor at Citronelle, AL.
Wiley James Pvt. Pvt.
Wiley Joseph

Died Mar. 1862 in Gordonsville, VA
Wilkinson Archibald Baker Pvt. Pvt. Killed at Fraysers Farm
Wilkinson H. D. Pvt. Pvt.
Wilkinson N. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Wilson Frank G. Pvt. Pvt. Died of pneumonia
Wyatt David P. Cpl. Pvt. Discharged for wounds
Co. E McClung Riflemen (raised in Lafayette County, MS)
Adams Stephen J. Pvt. Pvt. 4/19/1845 - 1/15/1929 buried Ivy Cemetery, Sarepta, Calhoun Co. MS.[P]
Ales Andrew J. Pvt. Pvt. 1842 - 1923 buried Lafayette Co. MS?
Ales Charles R. Pvt. Pvt. 1/5/1845 - 5/7/1890 buried Clear Creek Cemetery, Lafayette Co. MS.
Allbright Wilbern Pvt. Pvt.
Allbright William Pvt. Pvt.
Archer Samuel D. 1st Sgt. Brevet 2nd Lt.
Bangle Alfred Pvt. Pvt.
Bangle Ephraim G. Pvt. Pvt. Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond VA
Bauer Abraham Pvt. Pvt.
Bigger James H. Sgt. 3rd Lt.
Bigger John J. Pvt. Pvt.
Black James C. Pvt. Pvt.
Bost Reuben M. Pvt. Pvt.
Bower Abraham Pvt. Pvt.
Bowles George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Bradford Jacob S. Pvt. Pvt.
Bruce Wilson Pvt. Pvt.
Bruce Z. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Buckner Robert J. Pvt. Pvt.
Burney Theodore C. Pvt. Pvt.
Busby Columbus R. Pvt. Pvt.
Canaughford John Pvt. Pvt.
Caraker Martin W. Pvt. Pvt.
Carruth Alfred D. Pvt. Pvt.
Carruth Leander P. Pvt. Pvt.
Carruth Marion J. Pvt. Pvt.
Carruth Marion P. Pvt. Pvt.
Carter Edward Sgt. Pvt.
Carwile James C. Pvt. Pvt. [P]
Carwile James L. Pvt. Pvt. [P]
Clifford Lawrence H. Pvt. Pvt.
Clopton John D. Cpl. Sgt. Died 7/3/1862 buried Hollywood Cemetery Richmond VA section M number 350
Connoughton John Pvt. Pvt.
Conway James Pvt. Pvt. 1813-12/17/1898, died In Soldier's Home, Austin, TX. Buried in State Cemetery, Austin, TX.
Cox James B. Sgt. Sgt.
Cromwell William N. Pvt. Pvt.
Dendy Jasper N. Pvt. Pvt.
Dennis William D. Pvt. Pvt.
Doyle James Pvt. Pvt.
Doyle John Pvt. Pvt.
Duke John B. Pvt. Pvt.
Duke William T. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Duncan James H. 2nd Lt. Lt. Col. 3/15/1839 - 9/16/1871, suffered severe head wound and was left unconscious by his troops at Ft Gregg Va in Apr of 1865, buried Clear Creek Baptist Cemetery, Oxford, Lafayette Co. MS
Dunn James P. Pvt. Pvt.
Fulton Francis M. Pvt. Pvt.
Furr Junius C. Pvt. Pvt.
Furr William Meek Pvt. Pvt. 11/21/1840 - 12/23/1906 buried Lebenon Cemetery, Oxford, Lafayette Co. MS
Gillen Joseph Pvt. Pvt.
Gilmer Archie Pvt. Sgt.
Gilmer Robert A. Pvt. Sgt. ??/31/1838 - 9/10/1865 buried Lebanon, Oxford, Lafayette Co. MS
Gray William P. Pvt. Pvt.
Green Robert S. Pvt. 3rd Lt. Died at Charlottesville, 1862.
Greer Chesley Gwin Pvt. Pvt.
Grey P. Pvt. Pvt.
Gruse Asa N. Pvt. Pvt. Died 24 Nov. 1861 b. Warrenton, VA
Hamilton Francis M. Pvt. Pvt. Died 26 Nov. 1861 b. Warrenton, VA
Harris Jeptha P. Pvt. Sgt. Born 8/9/1836 GA - 7/24/1886 Craighead Co. AR, probably buried Pine Log Cemetery, enlisted 5/15/1861 in Oxford, wounded at Williamsburg 5/5/1864 sent to Chimbarazo Hospital #3
Harvey James D.

Born 1842 buried Wynnewood OK
Hastings Benjamin Franklin Pvt. Pvt. In hospital in Richmond Oct. 1864, presumed dead or not heard from since Dec. 1864
Hastings Thomas Jefferson Pvt. Pvt. Discharged 9/1/1861 after 8 weeks for chronic rheumatism, later served in Co. F 7th Miss. Cav.
Hattox Elijah C. Pvt. Sgt. 1839 - 1906 buried Pontotoc Co. MS? [P]
Herd John T. Pvt. Pvt.
Hill Henry Pvt. Cpl. [P]
Horne Buckner M. Pvt. Pvt.
Hudson Isaac L. Pvt. Pvt.
Hunt James M. Pvt. Pvt.
Hunt Nathaniel G. Pvt. Pvt.
Hunt Rufus N. Pvt. Pvt.
Hunt William N. Pvt. Pvt.
Isom George C. Cpl. Lt.
Johnson John J. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnston J. G. Pvt. Pvt.
Jones Columbus F. 3rd Lt. Capt.
Jones John T. Pvt. Pvt.
Karaker Martin W. Pvt. Pvt.
Kennedy James Musician Musician
Kern B. Pvt.

Kern Daniel Pvt. Pvt.
King Newton J. Pvt. Pvt.
King Sylvanus W. Pvt. Pvt.
Kisner George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Land Jeremiah Pvt. Pvt.
Leech James M. Pvt. Pvt. Applied for pension in Shelby Co. TN
Lester Joseph Pvt. Pvt.
Lester William B. Pvt. Pvt.
Livingston William H. Pvt. Pvt.
Lowery John M. Pvt. Pvt.
Lowrey J. N. Pvt. Pvt.
Lunday W. H. Pvt. Cpl.
Lundie William H. Pvt. Cpl.
Lundy William H. Pvt. Cpl.
Malloy James Pvt. Pvt.
Maples Sampson W. Pvt. Sgt.
Maples William E. Pvt. Pvt.
Martindale George W. Pvt. Pvt.
McAlpin Benjamin F. Pvt. Pvt.
McCauley Cyrus H. Pvt. Pvt.
McCord Robert G. Pvt. Pvt.
McCord Robert J. Pvt. Pvt.
McCoy S. D.

Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
McGlann William P. Cpl. Cpl.
McHeran John A. Pvt. Pvt.
Meaden E. A. Cpl. Pvt.
Meadows Egbert A. Cpl. Pvt.
Meadows William P. Pvt. QrtMast. Sgt.
Miller Thomas C. Pvt. Pvt.
Moreland John C. Pvt. Pvt.
Morgan John M. Pvt. Pvt.
Morrison William A. Pvt. Sgt.
Morrow James M. Pvt. Pvt.
Morrow John S. Pvt. Pvt.
Morrow Joseph M. Pvt. Pvt.
Morrow Oliver A. Pvt. Pvt.
Morrow William W. Pvt. Pvt.
Mullins Hortensius A. Pvt. Pvt.
Mullins Lemuel R. 1st Lt. Capt. Died November 10, 1863.
Mulroy James Pvt. Pvt.
Nagle Thomas Pvt. Pvt. Applied for pension in Madison Co. TN
O'Leary Daniel Pvt. Pvt.
Ormsby Thomas H. Pvt. Cpl.
Orr William D. Pvt. Ensign Died 19 Dec. 1861 b. Warrenton, VA
Pennoyer James Pvt. Pvt.
Pickens Ellis M. Pvt. Pvt.
Powers Edward E. Musician Musician
Pridmore Andrew J. Pvt. Pvt.
Rambo Cicero C. Pvt. Pvt.
Rambo James O. Pvt. Pvt.
Riley William Pvt. Cpl.
Rooker F. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Rooker Marcellus B. Pvt. Pvt.
Rooker V. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Ross Charles L. Pvt. Pvt.
Ross John Miles Pvt. Pvt. Applied for pension from Tipton Co. TN
Ross Thomas A. Pvt. Pvt. Buried Cumberland, OK
Seiglar William R. Pvt. Pvt.
Shive Caleb W. Pvt. Pvt.
Shive Clinton T. Pvt. Pvt.
Shive Henry Clay Pvt. Pvt.
Shive James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Shive William Newton Pvt. Pvt. Applied for pension in Obion Co. TN
Siglar W. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Singletary John D. Pvt. Pvt.
Smith Alexander P. Pvt. Pvt.
Smith Embre W. Pvt. 1st Sgt.
Smith George E. Pvt. Pvt.
Smith J. W. C. Capt. Surg.
Smith Richard Pvt. Pvt.
Smith Robert C. Pvt. Pvt.
Spears Flournoy G. Pvt. Pvt.
Spears T. G. Pvt. Pvt.
Stearns Charles W. Pvt. Pvt.
Surprise John B. Pvt. Pvt.
Taylor George Pvt. Pvt.
Threlkeld James Lewis Pvt. Pvt.
Threlkeld William Shelton Pvt. Sgt.
Walker John Henry Pvt. Pvt. 12 Sep 1845-11 Oct 1893 b. Evergreen Cem. Lamar Co., Tx.
Welch John Pvt.

Welsh Andrew J. Pvt. Pvt.
Welsh Daniel L. Pvt. Pvt.
Welsh James H. Pvt. Pvt.
Welsh Thomas J. Pvt. Pvt. Died 30 Dec. 1861 b. Warrenton, VA
Welsh W. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Welsh William A. J. Pvt. Pvt.
West William A. J. Pvt. Pvt.
White Felix A. Pvt. Pvt.
Wilkins Charles Oscar Pvt. 2nd Lt.
Williams Benjamin T. Pvt. Pvt.
Williams Cincinnatus J. Pvt. Pvt.
Williams Edward A. Pvt. Pvt.
Williams George H. Pvt. Pvt.
Williams Walter C. Pvt. Sgt.
Williams William C. Pvt. Sgt.
Wyatt J. G. Pvt. Pvt.
Wynne Arthur Pvt. Pvt.
Co. F Avant Southrons (raised in Lafayette County, MS)
Abbott Vernon Pvt. Pvt.
Acock William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Anderson John C. Pvt. Pvt.
Baldwin William R. Pvt. Pvt.
Bangle Alfred Pvt. Pvt.
Billings J. Pvt. Pvt.
Billingsly Columbus M. Pvt. Pvt.
Billingsly Samuel J. Pvt. Pvt.
Black John M. Pvt. Pvt. 7/21/1837 - 8/7/1913 buried Mt. Zion Cemetery, Mt. Zion, Lafayette Co., MS
Bloodworth Samuel

Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
Boon Albert G. Pvt. Pvt.
Bounds Jesse A. 1st Sgt. 2nd Lt.
Bounds Joseph A. 1st Sgt. 2nd Lt.
Bowles Achelease Cpl. Capt.
Bowles Whitley Pvt. Pvt.
Bowles Wyatt S. Pvt. Pvt.
Bowley George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Braiden Robert P. Pvt. Pvt.
Brown Ellis Han Pvt. Pvt. Buried Rushing Cemetery, Walthall Co. MS
Brown Elisha N. Pvt. Pvt.
Buley G. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Burney James R. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt.
Burney Joseph B. Sgt. 3rd Lt. 3/7/1826 - 9/19/1899 buried St. Peters, Oxford, Lafayette Co., MS
Burney Robert D. Pvt. Pvt. 9/21/1844 - 3/6/1884 buried St. Peters, Oxford, Lafayette Co., MS
Carter Pleasant W. Pvt. Pvt.
Carter Thomas W. Pvt. Cpl. 1838 - 1923 bur. Ingomar Cemetery, Union Co.
Chester Jacob R. Musician Drummer
Clark Samuel L. Pvt. Pvt.
Conger J. O. Pvt. Pvt.
Conkle John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Conkle William M. Pvt. Pvt.
Cook John Y. Cpl. Pvt.
Coward W. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Cowger James O. Pvt. Pvt.
Crow Isaac Pvt. Pvt. 1833 - 1886 buried Lafayette Co. MS?
Crow William M. Pvt. Pvt. 4/11/183_ - 10/24/1885 buried Bethel Cemetery, Oxford, Lafayette Co., MS
Crowe Jethre S. Pvt. Pvt.
Dannohan Edward Pvt. Pvt.
Darnell William T. Pvt. Pvt.
Deason John Pvt. Pvt.
Deason Joseph Pvt. Pvt.
Deason Josiah Pvt. Pvt.
Donaho Edward Pvt. Pvt.
Dooley William E. Pvt. Sgt.
Douglass Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Drury C. G. Pvt. Pvt. Died 7 Dec. 1861 b. Warrenton, VA
Duke Perry Pvt. Pvt.
Dunlap James F. Pvt. Pvt.
Dunlap Joseph S. Pvt. Pvt.
Dunlap Josiah Pvt. Pvt.
Dunn James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Dunn Mathew P. Pvt. Pvt.
Durr James P. Pvt. Pvt.
Foust George Pvt. Pvt. 11/9/1839 - 9/1/1925 buried Salem Cemetery, New Albany, Union Co., MS
Foust John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Fuller J. P. Pvt. Pvt.
Fuller James F. Pvt. Pvt.
Fuller James T. Pvt. Pvt.
Genders N. Pvt. Pvt.
Gendro Napoleon Pvt. Pvt.
Gilstrap James H. Pvt. Pvt.
Gooch Thomas J. Pvt. Sgt.
Griffin James Pvt. Pvt.
Guy W. M.

Buried Sulphur, OK
Halloway W. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Hardy John Washington Pvt. Pvt. 7/30/1842-9/8/1928 b. Evergreen Cem. Lamar Co., TX
Hill J. N. Pvt. Pvt.
Hill John M. Pvt. Pvt.
Hill Newton J. Pvt. Pvt.
Hill Rufus A. Pvt. Pvt.
Hill William A. Pvt. Pvt.
Holland Anderson Musician Pvt.
Holloway W. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Hollowell John T. Pvt. Pvt.
Hollowell William H. Pvt. Pvt.
Howell Joel K. Pvt. Pvt.
Hues R. L. Pvt. Pvt.
Hunter Stephen D. Pvt. 1st Sgt.
Hurt Burd Ethldred Pvt. 1st Lt. Born 1837 in Lafayette Co. MS. Died 2/3/1911 in Texas Soldier's Home, Austin. Buried in Texas State Cemetery, Austin, TX.
Huse King L. Pvt. Pvt.
Hutchins Robert M. Pvt. Pvt.
Hutchins Robert W. Pvt. Pvt.
Ivey E. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Ivy Cullen A. Pvt. Pvt.
Ivy Silas M. Pvt. Pvt.
James William L. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnston James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnston John L. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnston Joseph Pvt. Pvt.
Johnston William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Jones William H. Pvt. Pvt.
Jordan John M. Pvt. Pvt.
Jordan W. N. Cpl. Pvt.
Kenning John Pvt. Pvt.
King Minos Calvin Pvt. Pvt.
Kinney John Pvt. Pvt. Born 1826 Ireland. Died 3/11/1906 in Texas Soldier's Home, Austin. Buried in Texas State Cemetery, Austin, TX.
Konkle William M. Pvt. Pvt. 1824-Feb 1902 bur. Lamar Co. Tx.
Lawhorn John H. Pvt. Pvt.
Lawhorn Joseph Pvt. Pvt.
Lawrence James M. Pvt. Pvt.
Low John M. Pvt. Pvt. 7/11/1836-6/15/1862 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA
Lowdermilk William Cpl. Pvt. Born about 1829
Ludwick John Pvt. Pvt.
Ludwick Julius Pvt. Pvt.
Martin Jesse B. Pvt. Pvt.
Mathews John M. Pvt. Pvt.
Mathews Peter M. Pvt. Pvt.
Mathews Peter N. Pvt. Pvt.
Matthews T. F. Pvt. Pvt. Died 17 Jan. 1862 bur. Warrenton, VA
Matthews T. M. Pvt. Pvt.
McAlpin Andy J. Pvt. Pvt.
McAlpin Carroll J. Pvt. Pvt.
McAlpin Newton A. Pvt. Pvt.
McNatt Enock H. Pvt. Pvt.
McNeely Joseph A. Pvt. Pvt. 20 Apr 1830 - 15 May 1862, Richmond VA Capt. W.G. Vaughans co., from Oxford
McNeely Stokes C. Pvt. Pvt.
McRae J. B. Pvt. Pvt.
McRea John Pvt. Pvt.
Melton John C. Pvt. Pvt. Interred 7/14/1862 Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond VA
Mooney Christopher C. Pvt. Pvt.
Moony John B. Pvt. Pvt.
Morris William C. Pvt. Pvt.
Nunn Thomas W. Pvt. Pvt.
Ornsby William W. Cpl. Pvt.
Owen Robert W. Pvt. Pvt.
Owens Andrew T. 3rd Lt. 3rd Lt.
Parker Anderson J. Pvt. Pvt.
Parker Jesse P. Pvt. Pvt.
Parker Sampson B. Pvt. Pvt.
Parker Theodore Pvt. Pvt.
Pate John C. Pvt. Pvt.
Peebles John M. Pvt. Pvt.
Peebles John N. Pvt. Pvt.
Phipps Richard W. 1st Lt. Col.
Prather Jesse E. Pvt. Pvt. Died 18 Dec. 1861 bur. Warrenton, VA
Quick Thomas J. Pvt. Pvt.
Robinson Cyrus A. Pvt. Sgt.
Ryan John Pvt. Pvt.
Silvers John L. Pvt. Pvt.
Singleton I. H.
Sgt. Died 10/2/1864 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA section E number 33
Singleton Jacob T. Pvt. Pvt.
Singleton James H. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Singleton John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Singleton Thomas Bennet Pvt. Pvt.
Sledge Magnus D. Pvt. Pvt.
Smither Chaney G. Sgt. Pvt.
Stephens William D. Pvt. Pvt.
Stevens J. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Stewart John Pvt. Pvt.
Street J. L. Pvt. Pvt.
Strickland William B. Pvt. Pvt. Died 3/8/1918 buried Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, TN
Terrell John J. Pvt. Sgt.
Tubbs David D. Pvt. Pvt.
Tubbs J. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Tubbs John Pvt. Pvt.
Vaughan Word Gideon Capt. Capt. From Oxford, disabled by wounds
Voncannon Henry C. Pvt. Pvt.
Voncannon John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Wadkins M. P. Pvt. Pvt.
Walker James L. Pvt. Cpl.
Walker William W. Pvt. Sgt.
Waller James A. Pvt. Sgt.
Waller John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Ward James A. Pvt. Sgt. Attended Confederate reunion at Sardis, Coryell Co. TX Aug. of 1899
Waters Francis M. Pvt. Pvt.
Watkins Marshal P. Pvt. Pvt.
Watson Drayton P. Pvt. Pvt.
Wells Benjamin R. Pvt. Pvt.
Wells D. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Wells George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Wells William B. Pvt. Pvt.
White G. L. Pvt. Pvt.
White George W. Pvt. Pvt.
White James L. Pvt. Pvt.
White James S. Pvt. Pvt.
White John M. Pvt. Pvt.
White John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Wills D. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Wolf Alexander M. Pvt. Pvt.
Zimerly Eleana Pvt. Pvt.
Co. G Panola Invincibles, aka Spring Port Invincibles (raised in Panola County, MS)
Abernathy Robert S. Capt. Capt.
Allen Samuel W. Pvt. Pvt.
Archibald David L. Pvt. Pvt.
Arnold Cornelius H. Pvt. Pvt.
Arnold Patrick E. Pvt. Pvt.
Bartley James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Bell J. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Bell James R. Pvt. Pvt.
Bell James T. Pvt. Pvt.
Bell William T. Pvt. Pvt.
Birdsong George P. Pvt. Pvt.
Birdsong George T. Pvt. Pvt.
Birdsong George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Bishop Abner N. Pvt. Pvt.
Bishop Lewis B. Pvt. Pvt.
Bradwell E. W.

Died Alton, IL prison 02/25/64 of smallpox
Brady Briant Pvt. Pvt.
Brians Columbus A. Pvt. Pvt.
Brians Ibson L. Pvt. Pvt.
Buchanan Perry J. Sgt. Sgt.
Caldwell Madison M. Pvt. Sgt. 3/8/1843 - 5/22/1881 buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Sardis, Panola Co. MS
Carter Jasper L. Pvt. Pvt. Died 10 Dec. 1861 buried Warrenton, VA
Cathran Tipton Pvt. Pvt.
Cole James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Compton J. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Cook James T. Pvt. Pvt.
Cook John F. Pvt. Pvt.
Cooper James T. Pvt. Pvt.
Cooper Thomas S. Pvt. Sgt.
Covington A. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Covington John C. Pvt. Pvt.
Cox James E. Pvt. Pvt.
Dabbs George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Dickerson George O. Pvt. Pvt.
Dickerson J. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Dickerson James L. Pvt. Pvt.
Dickerson James N. Pvt. Pvt.
Dickerson John L. Pvt. Pvt.
Dickerson Samuel Pvt. Pvt.
Pvt. Pvt.
Dodson Derby D. Pvt. Pvt.
Dodson William W. Pvt. Pvt.
Dooley Parin F. Pvt. Pvt.
Dotson William W. Pvt. Pvt.
Dubbs G. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Echols Joel T. Pvt. 1st Sgt.
Ellison Benjamin F. Pvt. Pvt.
Ellison W. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Ellison William Pvt. Pvt.
Gardner James D. Sgt. Pvt.
Gardner John D. Sgt. Pvt.
Goodnight John M. Pvt. Pvt.
Goodnight Thomas F. Cpl. Sgt.
Hall Noah C. Pvt. Pvt.
Harris Lewis G. Pvt. Pvt.
Harris Nathaniel L. Pvt. Pvt.
Hawkins Edward S. Sgt. 1st Sgt.
Hawkins Edwin S. Sgt. 1st Sgt.
Henry Lewis Pvt. Pvt.
Henryhan Patrick Pvt. Pvt.
Herring Isaac N. Pvt. Pvt.
Herring Simeon Pvt. Pvt.
Herron Isaac N. Pvt. Pvt.
Herron Simon Pvt. Pvt.
Herron William Pvt. Pvt.
Holcombe Caleb Columbus Pvt. Pvt.
Holcombe Isaac N. Pvt. Pvt.
Holcombe Joshua J. Pvt. Pvt.
Holt Thomas L. 3rd Lt. 3rd Lt.
Horn Wylie W. Pvt. Pvt.
Hudson Robert G. Cpl. Cpl.
Jones J. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Jones James T. Pvt. Pvt.
Jones John T. Pvt. Pvt.
Jones Samuel A. Pvt. Pvt.
Jordan Seth A.
Sgt. Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
Kimes James M. Musician Musician
Kimes Lyttle D. Cpl. 2nd Lt.
Kyle John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Lee John M. Pvt. Cpl.
Lester Lemuel B. Pvt. 2nd Lt. At surrender
Lester Pinkney V. Pvt. Pvt.
Lester William S. 1st Lt. Capt. 1/5/1830 - 3/24/1918 buried Terza Cem., Terza United Methodist Church Panola Co MS., appointed Captain 8/6/1863 & Quartermaster in Richmond 12/19/1863.
Looney Stephen L. Pvt. Pvt.
Lowe James K. P. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt.
Lowery John H. Pvt. Pvt.
McClure Daniel L. Pvt. Pvt.
McClure R. L. Pvt. Pvt.
McClure William H. Pvt. Pvt. Buried in Lynchburg, VA
McClure William P. 1st Sgt. Sgt.
McEwen David L. Pvt. Cpl.
McKee James Pvt. Pvt.
Mitchell Joshua J. Musician Musician
Mitchell Joshua L. Musician Musician
Mitchell William D. Pvt. Pvt.
Morrison Hugh M. Pvt. Chaplain
Morrison Julius B. Pvt. Pvt.
Murphy James M. Pvt. Pvt.
Murphy William A. Pvt. Pvt.
Oliver Isaac Pvt. Pvt.
Perry William Pvt. Pvt.
Peterson James Pvt. Pvt.
Petrea Jacob R. Pvt. Pvt.
Petrea John H. Pvt. Pvt.
Pollard H. L. Pvt. Pvt.
Pollard Leonidas H. Pvt. Pvt.
Randolph Benjamin F. Pvt. Pvt.
Ratcliff John C. Pvt. Pvt.
Ratcliffe John C. Pvt. Pvt.
Ray Robert A. Sr. Pvt. Pvt. 8/8/1832 - 1/30/1918 bur. Candy Hill Cem., Union Co.
Ray William C. Pvt. Pvt.
Rhoades Tarphy C. Pvt. Pvt.
Rhodes Thomas M. Pvt. Cpl.
Rhodes Topton C. Pvt. Pvt.
Rhodes Weston T. Pvt. Pvt.
Roberson J. O. Pvt. Pvt.
Roberson Robert B. Pvt. Pvt.
Robertson James O. Pvt. Pvt.
Robertson Sylvanus A. Pvt. Pvt.
Robinson James O. Pvt. Pvt.
Robinson R. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Robinson Robert B. Pvt. Pvt.
Robinson Sylvanus A. Pvt. Pvt.
Robison James O. Pvt. Pvt.
Robison Robert B. Pvt. Pvt.
Robison Sylvanus A. Pvt. Pvt.
Rockett Hosea H. Pvt. Pvt.
Rockett William H. Pvt. Pvt.
Ross W. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Ross William M. Pvt. Pvt.
Ross William R. Pvt. Pvt.
Royal Gideon Pvt. Pvt.
Royal P. Pvt. Pvt.
Royal Simon Pvt. Pvt.
Samson W. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Sansum Alford B. Pvt. Pvt.
Shepherd John C. M. Pvt. Pvt. Probably the J.W. Shepherd died 5/3/1862 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA section F number 108
Sloan John D. Pvt. Pvt.
South David W. Pvt. Pvt. Died of "Camp fever" 26 Aug, 1861 at Bristoe, VA
Stogner Joel M. Pvt. Pvt.
Stogner Joseph M. Pvt. Pvt.
Stogner Joseph N. Pvt. Pvt.
Stogner Lindsey W. Pvt. Pvt.
Strayhorn Robert H. Pvt. Pvt.
Sullivan Algernon L. Pvt. Pvt.
Sullivan Robert H. Pvt. Pvt.
Taylor Stephen A. Pvt. Cpl.
Todd Andrew J. Pvt. Sgt.
Ursery Jonathan D. Pvt. Pvt.
Vick Edward S. Pvt. Pvt.
Washington Allen Pvt. Pvt.
Washington George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Williams Boling G. Pvt. Pvt.
Williams John W. L. Cpl. Pvt.
Williamson Benjamin W. Pvt. Pvt.
Withers Eward A. Pvt. Pvt.
Wootten Bazell Pvt. Pvt.
Wootten Charles P. Pvt. Pvt.
Wootten William B. Pvt. Pvt.
Wootten William M. Pvt. Pvt.
Wray William C. Pvt. Pvt.
Co. H Salem Dragoons, aka Salem Cavalry (raised in Tippah County, MS)
Adams James A. Pvt. Pvt. Died 22 Oct. 1862 bur. Warrenton, VA
Adams Joshua A.

6/4/1819 - 8/28/1862 buried Hew Hope Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS
Adkins John A. Pvt. Pvt.
Allen John Pvt. Pvt.
Allen S. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Allen Samuel L. Pvt. Pvt.
Allen William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Ayres J. S. Sgt. Sgt.
Ayres James O. Pvt. Pvt.
Ayres Joseph L. Sgt. Sgt.
Bagby Charles M. Pvt. Pvt.
Bagby Marquis A. Pvt. Pvt. 3/5/1833 - 5/11/1864 buried near Canaan, Benton Co. MS
Bagby William R. Pvt. Pvt.
Baughman James A. Pvt. Pvt.
Bogard Jacob S. Pvt. Pvt. 8/25/1841 - 1/26/1909 buried Woodson Cemetery, Michigan City, Benton Co., MS
Bowdon James R. Pvt. 1st Sgt.
Brandon Jessie B. Pvt. Pvt.
Breen Charles Pvt. Pvt.
Browning A. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Bruton E. A. Cpl. 1st Lt.
Bunn John G. Pvt. Pvt. Buried Frosa, TX
Campbell Isaac Newton Pvt. Pvt. June 8, 1827 - July 26, 1903 bur. Ebenezer Cemetery, Hardeman Co., TN
Campbell Samuel Sgt. Sgt.
Campbell Tommy
Pvt. 9/21/1836 - 11/4/1930 buried Campbell Cemetery Near Blue Mt., Tippah Co., MS
Campbell W. A.
Pvt. 06/03/1828 - 08/19/1881 buried Friendship Meth. Cemetery, Ashland, Benton Co., MS
Carruth Ladson M. Sgt. Sgt.
Casey William M. Pvt. Pvt.
Coats John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Conner Dennis Pvt. Pvt.
Devers William W. Pvt. Cpl.
Doyle James A. Pvt. Pvt.
Driscol Lawrence Pvt. Pvt.
Evans James A. Pvt. Pvt. 04/21/1827 - 03/06/1881 buried Woodson Cemetery, Michigan City, Benton Co., MS
Evans John H. Pvt. Pvt.
Farris William P. Pvt. Pvt.
Ferrell Chesterfield C. Pvt. Pvt.
Fields Henry C. Pvt. 1st Sgt.
Futhey William Pvt. Pvt.
Gillian Grave W. Pvt. Pvt.
Gillian William T. Pvt. Pvt.
Gist A. J. Pvt. Pvt.
Gist B. N. Pvt. Pvt.
Gist B. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Gist Jefferson Pvt. Pvt.
Gist R. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Gist Robert N. Pvt. Pvt.
Godsey Alfred H. Pvt. Pvt. Died 6/19/1862 buried Hollywood Cemetery Richmond VA section L number 123
Graves James F. Pvt. Pvt.
Griffith Benjamin D. Pvt. Pvt. 6/2/1836 - 1/8/1912 buried New Hope Cemetery Benton Co., MS
Hamer James Gillespie Capt. Capt. Resigned 7/28/61. 9/28/1825-7/3/1905, bur. Hamer Family Cem., Benton Co. MS
Hamer Joseph Louis Pvt. Pvt. 8/30/1832-3/11/1900, buried Hamer Family Cemetery, Benton Co. MS, also served Co. K 34th Miss. Inf.
Harris J. W. Pvt. Cpl.
Harris L. W. Pvt. Cpl.
Harris Lansdell Pvt. Pvt. Died 6 Jan. 1862 b. Warrenton, VA
Harris Thomas E. W. Pvt. Cpl.
Harris Thomas M. Pvt. Cpl.
Harris W. T. Pvt. Cpl.
Hayes William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Hill Robert C. Pvt. Pvt.
Hood John C. Pvt. Pvt.
Howard Mike Pvt. Pvt.
Howard Patrick Pvt. Pvt.
Isom Henry H. Pvt. Sgt.
Isom Henry W. Pvt. Sgt.
Jackson William M. Pvt. Pvt.
James Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Jobe Joel S. Pvt. Pvt.
Jobe John W. Pvt. Cpl.
Jobe Joseph S. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnson Calvin M. Pvt. Pvt.
Jones H. D. Pvt. Pvt.
Jones Hiram B. Pvt. Pvt.
Kedd C. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Kidd Ensilaus Fletcher Pvt. Pvt. Enlisted 5/18/1861 by J.G. Hamer, wounded 5/5/1862 Williamsburg VA, no further record
Kidd Eutimous C. Pvt. Pvt. Enlisted 25 Feb 1862, captured Spottsylvania Courthouse 5/12/1864, POW Ft. Del. til wars end, 10/10/1846-10/13/1906 bur. Bethlehem Cem. Benton Co.
Kidd James F. Pvt. Pvt. Enlisted 25 Feb 1862, captured Gettysburg d. 9/14/63 at Ft. Del., Del.
Kidd Kinchin Leroy Pvt. Cpl. Applied for pension in Hardeman Co. TN
Kidd William K. Pvt. Pvt. Enlisted 25 Feb 1862 age 18 at Cannan, Tippah Co., MS, paroled at Appomatox 10 Apr 1865
King Samuel D. Pvt. Ordnance Sgt.
Kirkendall Samuel Pvt. Pvt.
Leath George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Leath J. W.

Lindsay David W. Pvt. Pvt.
Littleton John H. Cpl. Sgt.
McAdoo Harry C. Pvt. Pvt.
McAdoo Harvy C. Pvt. Pvt.
McAlister Andrew Mitchell Pvt. Pvt. Born 2/10/1840, died during war
McClain James

Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
McDonald John A. Pvt. Pvt.
McKenzie David B. Musician Musician
McKenzie Larkin T. 1st Lt. Capt.
McKinzie Daniel B. Pvt. Pvt.
McKinzie John W. 1st Sgt. 1st Lt.(Capt?) Born in Tippah Co, MS in Mar of 1843
McNinch R. C. Pvt. Pvt.
McNinch R. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Meadlock William P. Pvt. Pvt.
Medlock W. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Medlock William T. Pvt. Pvt.
Miligan James Pvt. Pvt.
Milligan Jesse Pvt. Pvt.
Moody Joseph E. 2nd Lt. 3rd Lt.
Moore John C. Pvt. Pvt.
Moore John S. Pvt. Pvt. Applied for pension in Coffee Co. TN
Nabers J. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Nabers James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Norris Lewis E. Pvt. Cpl.
Nunnally John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Paulsom L. G. Pvt. Pvt.
Paulson Conrad Pvt. Pvt.
Paulson Leonard G. Pvt. Pvt.
Perkins B. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Perkins John C. Pvt. Sgt.
Perkins Richard C. Pvt. Pvt.
Poff David H. Pvt. Pvt.
Poff James J. Pvt. Pvt.
Poff William G. Pvt. Pvt.
Poff William H. Pvt. Pvt. Buried Foster, OK
Pollock George D. Pvt. Pvt.
Pollock William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Provost Joseph M. Pvt. Pvt.
Pugh John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Russell H. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Russum George W. Pvt. Pvt. Buried U Of VA Charlottesville VA
Russum Henry Basomb Pvt. Pvt. 12/8/1843-10/6/1929 b. Canaan Baptist Cem., Benton Co. MS
Russum Hiram B. Pvt. Pvt.
Sadler Hartwell S. Pvt. Pvt.
Sadler T. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Shappley S. J. Pvt. Pvt. Wounded at the battle of Williamsburg in May 1862 and discharged in April 1863 due to his injuries.
Stone James Pvt. Pvt.
Thomas Robert A. Cpl. 1st Sgt.
Thompson Joseph M. Pvt. Pvt.
Ussery M. A. Pvt. Cpl.
Waldrup Joseph R. Pvt. Sgt.
Wall Ben Musician Musician
Wall H. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Wall John B. 2nd Lt. Capt.
Wall Logan H. Pvt. Pvt.
Wall William J. Cpl. Capt. At surrender
Welty John C. Pvt. Sgt. Discharged on October 9, 1862 after being wounded in battle
West William G. Pvt. Pvt.
Wood J. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Wynn Martin V. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Wynn W. V. Pvt. Pvt.
Co. I Marshall Rifles (raised in Marshall County, MS)
Abbott Frank M. Pvt. Pvt.
Abbott Robert F. Pvt. Pvt.
Aiken John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Aiken Robert S. Cpl. Cpl. d. 27 Dec. 1861 bur. Warrenton, VA
Alexander Henry L. Pvt. Pvt. 2/7/1838-10/03/1889 bur. Bellwood Cemetery, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Alston James D. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Austin James T. Pvt. Pvt.
Barksdale James A. 1st Lt. 1st Lt. Became Lieutenant-Colonel 3rd Regt - Cavalry, Co G. Killed at Okolona MS
Billingsly David C. Pvt. Pvt.
Bird M.

Buried Stonewall, OK
Bird William Pvt. Pvt.
Bird Willis Pvt. Pvt.
Black Michael M. Pvt. 1st Sgt.
Bowen David Sgt. Capt. At surrender
Bowen Reese
Pvt. Buried Cockrum Cemetery, DeSoto Co., Ms
Bowen Robert T. Sgt. 3rd Lt.
Bradley John P. Pvt. Pvt.
Brady Edmond Pvt. Pvt. Died 1861 buried Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, VA
Breen A. O. Pvt. Cpl.
Brinkley E. F. Pvt. Sgt.
Brinkley Ephraim T. Pvt. Sgt.
Bristoe Robert E. Pvt. Pvt.
Brownlee Joseph B. Pvt. Sgt. 1/10/1842 - 1/4/1894 buried Brownlee Cemetery, Loaxahoma, Tate Co. MS
Bryan Andrew J. Pvt. Cpl.
Burch P. Hinds 2nd Lt. 1st Lt.
Burdine Adolphus T. Pvt. Pvt.
Burdine Albert T. Pvt. Pvt.
Burner B. Pvt. Pvt.
Burton Isaac Pvt. Pvt. Captured Colliersville TN 11/3/61, died of pneumonia at Alton IL prison 11/29/1863
Byrd Wilson C.

Buried Frisco Cem., Pontotoc Co., OK
Cain Green C. Pvt. Pvt.
Carter Isaiah S. Pvt. Pvt.
Carter Thomas R. Pvt. Pvt.
Casey Aaron A. Pvt. Pvt.
Casey Adolp B. Pvt. Pvt. 9/14/1837 - 3/12/1886 buried Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Philadelphia, Neshoba Co., MS
Casey Adolphus A. Pvt. Pvt. Buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Hood Co., TX
Casey Antoin A. Pvt. Pvt.
Casey Antoin B. Pvt. Pvt. 1837 - 1866 buried Neshoba Co. MS?
Cathey Joseph C. Pvt. Pvt.
Childers Harris K. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Childers Henry W. Pvt. Pvt.
Childress Harrison K. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Childress Henry K. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Clark Charles H. Pvt. Pvt.
Clark Charles O. Pvt. Pvt.
Clements Benjamin F. Pvt. Pvt.
Cooper George Pvt. Pvt.
Covington F. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Covington James P. Pvt. Pvt.
Covington Thomas W. Pvt. Pvt.
Cowan Jeremiah Pvt. Pvt.
Davis John T. Pvt. Pvt.
Dean Robert A. 1st Sgt. Maj.
Durham Daniel T. Pvt. Pvt.
Durley William E. Pvt. Pvt.
Ellis David Alexander Pvt. Pvt. 11/30/1839 - 5/29/1918 buried Union Church, Greenwood, Leflore Co., MS
Ellis Robert R. Pvt. Pvt. Died 5/26/1862 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA section J number 151
Ellis William S. Sgt. Sgt.
Falkner Houston C. Pvt. Pvt.
Falkner John Y. Pvt. Pvt.
Falkner Martin V. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Falkner Moscow F. Pvt. Pvt.
Fitzgerald A. S. Pvt. Pvt.
Fitzgerald Andrew J. Pvt. Pvt.
Fitzgerald William G. Pvt. Pvt. Died 11/15/1864 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA section W number 381
Fitzgerald William T. Pvt. Pvt.
Fitzgerald William W. Pvt. Pvt.
Fowler Bertram M. Pvt. Pvt.
Fowler Joseph H. Pvt. Pvt.
Fowler Joseph M. Pvt. Pvt.
Fowler Malkijah B. Pvt. Pvt.
Garrett James B. Pvt. Pvt. 1/5/1841 - 10/25/1886 buried Dry Creek Cemetery, Thomasville, Rankin Co. MS
Garrett Phillip H. Pvt. Pvt.
Garrett William L. Pvt. Pvt.
Garrett Wm. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Geeslin John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Haines William Pvt. Sgt.
Hale Alfred O. Pvt. Pvt. 1834 - 1910 buried Tate Co. MS?
Hancock Asbury W. Pvt. Pvt. Jan 28, 1842 - Feb 19 1898, buried Eason Cem., Tate Co. MS
Hardin Thomas J. Capt. Capt. Killed at Spottsylvania May 12, 1864.
Hargis James A. Pvt. Sgt.
Hargis John A. Pvt. Sgt.
Harris Andrew J.

Received the Southern Cross of Honor from Marshall Co., MS, d. 9/3/1912 bur. Elmwood Cem., Memphis, TN
Harris Samuel T. Pvt. Pvt.
Hassell Noahs Ark Pvt. Pvt. Died 10/16/1861 buried Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, VA
Hawkins James M. Pvt. Pvt.
Hawkins Joseph Monroe Pvt. Pvt. 1841 - 1931 buried Lafayette Co. MS?
Hawkins Joseph W. Pvt. Pvt.
Haynes William Pvt. Sgt.
Henry Colbert M. Pvt. Pvt.
Holmes James R. Pvt. Pvt.
Holt John D. Pvt. Pvt.
Holtom Dewitt C. Pvt. Pvt.
Honnes J. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Howell B. C. Pvt. Sgt.
Howell Bracket O. Pvt. Sgt.
Howze James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Hurt William D. Pvt. Pvt.
Hyer Wilber F. Pvt. Asst. Surg.
Hyer William F. Pvt. Asst. Surg.
Ingram Eben N. Pvt. Pvt.
Ingram Eben W. Pvt. Pvt.
Jackson Lafayette W. Pvt. Sgt.
Jacobs George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Jeffreys Thomas A. Pvt. Pvt. Died 4/19/1865 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA buried section W number 550
Jenkins Henry C. Pvt. Pvt.
Jenkins Peter Perkins Pvt. Pvt.
Jenkins Walter E. Pvt. Pvt.
Jenkins Walter N. Pvt. Pvt.
Jenkins William N. Pvt. Pvt.
Jones Hamilton L. Pvt. Pvt.
Jones Hannibal L. Pvt. Pvt.
Jones James

Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro, d. 9/3/1912 bur. Elmwood Cem., Memphis, TN
Kelly William G. Pvt. Pvt.
Lang John A. Pvt. Pvt.
Leaton John C. Pvt. Pvt.
Lipsey Francis M. Pvt. Pvt.
Lipsey W. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Logan James S. Pvt. Pvt.
Logan John S. Pvt. Pvt.
Logan Marcellus Pvt. Pvt.
Mabry John G. Pvt. Pvt.
Mahon John A. Pvt. Pvt.
Malenski M. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Malinsky William Pvt. Pvt.
Martin Enoch W. Pvt. Pvt.
Martin Kenneth G. 3rd Lt. 2nd Lt.
Mayberry John Pvt. Pvt.
McCluskey James N. Pvt. Pvt.
McCoy John O. Pvt. Pvt.
McCoy Waddy T. Pvt. Pvt.
McGorety Frank Pvt. Pvt.
McGraw John C. Pvt. Pvt.
McKie Benjamin F. Pvt. 1st Lt. Received the Southern Cross of Honor from Marshall Co. MS
McKie G. W.

Received the Southern Cross of Honor from Marshall Co. MS
McKie John H. Pvt. 1st Lt.
McKinza Larkin T.
McNeill Malcolm J. Pvt. Hospital Steward
Meek William Pvt. Pvt.
Mitchell John T. Pvt. Pvt.
Mitchell William T. Pvt. Pvt.
Murphy John D. Pvt. Pvt.
Murphy William K. Pvt. Pvt. Died 5/22/1862 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA section J number 118 marble slab age 26
Murphy William R. Pvt. Pvt.
Nenn F. H. Pvt. Sgt.
Newsom Alfred Pvt. Pvt.
Newsom Cara Pvt. Pvt.
Newsom James Pvt. Pvt.
Newsum William C. Pvt. Pvt.
Newsum Wilson C. Pvt. Pvt.
Nolton Daniel Pvt. Pvt.
O'Brien Andrew Pvt. Cpl.
Odell Denton Musician Pvt. Received the Southern Cross of Honor from Marshall Co. MS
Owings Benjamin F. Pvt. Pvt.
Peel Addison Pvt. Sgt.
Peel Albert L. Cpl. Pvt. Born 7/14/1841, killed May 12, 1864, Spottsylvania VA
Peel E. A. Pvt. Sgt.
Peel Robert Hunter 2nd Lt. Surg. Received the Southern Cross of Honor from Marshall Co. MS, 9/30/1832-11/5/1903
Peel Thomas Jefferson Pvt. Pvt. 9/22/1937-7/6/1862 battle of Richmand VA
Persequear W. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Peuryear George B. Pvt. Pvt.
Phillips William H. Pvt. Pvt. Died 7/18/1862 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA section M number 376
Powell John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Powell Turner Pvt. Pvt.
Powers John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Powers William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Prior T. M. Cpl. Sgt. Maj.
Proehl Gustavus Pvt. Pvt.
Pryor Adam A. Pvt. Pvt.
Pryor Alexander A. Pvt. Pvt.
Pryor S. A. Cpl. Sgt. Maj.
Pryor Samuel H. Cpl. Sgt. Maj.
Puryear F. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Puryear George B. Pvt. Pvt.
Puryear T. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Quinn A. S.

Received the Southern Cross of Honor from Marshall Co. MS
Sharp John W. Pvt. Asst. Surg.
Sharp Obediah H. Pvt. Pvt.
Sharp Thomas J. Pvt. Pvt.
Shaw Frank M. Pvt. Pvt.
Shaw John N. Pvt. Pvt.
Shaw T. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Sibley John G. Pvt. Pvt.
Simmons John F. Pvt. Pvt.
Stephenson John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Stephenson Warren J. Pvt. Pvt.
Stevenson James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Stevenson William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Stewart James A. Pvt. Pvt.
Stewart Samuel Y. Pvt. Pvt.
Stone G. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Stone Green P. Pvt. Pvt.
Stout James G. Pvt. Pvt.
Stout T. G. Pvt. Pvt.
Street Simon S. Cpl. Cpl.
Street William D. Pvt. Pvt.
Taylor C. S. Pvt. Cpl.
Taylor James S. Pvt. Cpl.
Taylor James T. Pvt. Cpl.
Terrell James Alexander Pvt. Pvt.
Terry Charles M. D. Pvt. Cpl. Born 10 May 1837
Thompson Joseph
1st Sgt. Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
Threadgill Henry D. Pvt. Pvt.
Tracy M. D. Cpl. Cpl.
Tyson James O. Pvt. 3rd Lt. Died 10/15/1906 buried Beauvoir Veterans Home. From Washington Co.
Venn Frank H. Pvt. Sgt.
Venn T. H. Pvt. Sgt.
Wallace B. G. Musician Pvt.
Wallace Benjamin J. Musician Pvt.
Wallace Henderson C. Pvt. Cpl.
Wallace Samuel A. Pvt. Pvt.
Warren Henry M. Pvt. Pvt. Buried Confederate Cem., Emory & Henry College, Emory VA
Watson Charles J. Pvt. Pvt.
Watson Charles T. Pvt. Pvt.
White Robert M. Pvt. Pvt.
Wiggins James L. Pvt. Pvt.
Williams P. A.

Wilson Robert D. Pvt. 2nd Lt.
Wooten Jesse R. Pvt. Pvt.
Young George M. Pvt. Pvt.
Young William A. Pvt. Pvt.
Co. K Jake Thompson Guards (raised in Itawamba & Tishomingo Counties, MS)
Agnew W. J. Pvt. 1st Lt.
Agnew William S. Pvt. 1st Lt. At surrender
Allen David H. Pvt. Cpl.
Allen John Pvt. Pvt.
Allen Robert H. 2nd Lt. 1st Lt. Appointed Captain and Assistant Quartermaster 12th Miss.Batl
Anderson John A. Pvt. Pvt.
Anderson Thomas D. Pvt. Pvt.
Arnold James D. Pvt. Pvt. 1830-1890 buried Campbell Town Cemetery, Lee Co., MS
Austin Daniel S. Pvt. Pvt.
Austin Uriah J. Pvt. Pvt.
Bailey Francis M. Pvt. Pvt.
Bailey Silas B. Pvt. Pvt.
Barkley Silas C. Pvt. Pvt.
Barnet Harve Pvt. Pvt.
Barnett George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Barnett Harvey Pvt. Pvt.
Barnett Henry B. Pvt. Pvt.
Barnett Joseph Musician Musician
Barnett Philo P. Pvt. Pvt.
Barnett William A. Pvt. Pvt.
Barton S. B. Pvt. Pvt.
Beck Thomas M. Pvt. Pvt.
Bell Robert W. Pvt. Pvt. 1/7/1832-1/2/1901 buried Meadow Creek Cemetery Prentiss Co., MS
Bennett J. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Bennett James H. Pvt. Pvt.
Blythe A. T. Cpl. Pvt.
Blythe Archer D. Cpl. Pvt.
Blythe Elijah E. Pvt. Pvt. 7/22/1843 - 11/4/1926 buried Booneville Cemetery, Prentiss Co. MS
Blythe James E. Pvt. Pvt.
Bowdon Pleasant M. Pvt. Pvt. Asst. Surg. 3/30/1839 - 12/11/1924 buried Ashland Cemetery, Benton Co., MS
Bowdry John L. Pvt. Pvt.
Brady Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Briant Needham B. Pvt. Pvt.
Browing M. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Brown J. Pvt. Pvt.
Bruton George Crockett Pvt. Sgt.
Brutson J. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Bryant Needham B. Pvt. Pvt. 10/13/1848 - 3/25/1897 buried Bluff Springs Cemetery, Carrolton, Carroll Co. MS
Bryson Wilson Y. Pvt. Pvt.
Burress John W. 1st Sgt. Sgt.
Burress Luther R. Sgt. Sgt.
Burt B. Pvt. Pvt.
Burton Nathaniel Pvt. Pvt.
Burton Silas B. Pvt. Pvt.
Butler Nathan Pvt. Pvt.
Callaway Jesse W. Pvt. Pvt.
Camp Daniel Pvt. Pvt.
Childers Henry P. Pvt. Pvt.
Clark George N. Pvt. Pvt.
Clark John Pvt. Pvt.
Clark Jonathan O. Pvt. Pvt.
Clark Josiah S. Pvt. Pvt.
Clark William T. Pvt. Pvt.
Coleman James P. Pvt. Pvt.
Criner George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Crockett David M. Sgt. Capt.
Culloway John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Cunningham John L. Pvt. Cpl.
Damol J. J. Pvt. Pvt.
Dandridge James M. Pvt. Pvt.
Daniel James J. Pvt. Pvt.
Davis Allen W. Pvt. Pvt.
Davis Martin J. Pvt. Sgt.
Davis Mathew J. Pvt. Sgt.
Davis Nathan J. Pvt. Sgt.
Decase Chapman Pvt. Pvt.
Duke Thomas L. Pvt. Chaplain Born in Lowndes Co. MS and died 1920 in CA
Duncan James G. Pvt. Pvt.
Felters P. G.
1st Lt. At surrender
Gadlin E. Pvt. Pvt.
Gallaway J. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Gambrell Benjamin L. C. Pvt. Cpl.
Gambrell Joseph R. Pvt. Sgt.
Gambrell Robert Cpl. Cpl. 7/1/1846 - 6/13/1933 buried Glenwood Cemetery, Tupelo, Lee Co. MS
Gardner Thomas C. Pvt. Sgt. Born 1832 in GA. Died 1913 in Texas Soldier's Home, Austin. Buried Hico, TX.
Gatlin Elkins Pvt. Pvt.
Gatlin Isaac Pvt. Pvt.
Gattling J. P. Pvt. Pvt.
Gorden Thomas C. Pvt. Sgt.
Gresham George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Grigg Alfred W. Pvt. Pvt.
Griggs H. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Grisham George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Guyton John Kennedy Pvt. Pvt. 1833-1912 enlisted Lafayette Co. buried Mt. Olivet Union Co.
Harris John G. Pvt. Pvt. Buried in Lynchburg, VA
Harris William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Henderson James J. Pvt. Pvt.
Henderson John J. Pvt. Pvt.
Hill Isaac G. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Holbert Walter S. Pvt. Pvt.
Holley William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Holmes Alladin T. Pvt. Cpl.
Howell William

Buried Sharpsburg MD near M. E. Church
Humphreys John V. Sgt. Sgt.
Jackson Isaac V. Pvt. Pvt.
Jackson J. B.

Buried Lynchburg, VA
Janes A. A. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnson D. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnson David J. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnson David P. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnson Martin T. Pvt. Pvt.
Johnson William Pvt. Pvt.
Jones Abner A. Pvt. Pvt.
Kemp James M. Pvt. Pvt.
Kesler J. G. Pvt. Pvt.
Kesler John R. Pvt. Pvt. Died 1/19/1863 buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA section D number 9
Kesler Joseph S. Pvt. Pvt.
King Benjamin D. Pvt. Pvt.
King D. B. Pvt. Pvt.
King J. W. Pvt. Pvt.
King James M. Pvt. Pvt.
Kirk James D. Pvt. Pvt.
Leonard William G. Pvt. Pvt.
Lester H. D. Pvt. Pvt.
Lester H. G. Pvt. Pvt.
Lester H. J. Pvt. Pvt.
Lester Henry Thomas Pvt. Pvt.
Lester William T. Pvt. Pvt.
Lewellen Oliver P. Pvt. Pvt.
Long David J. Pvt. Cpl.
Long G. T. Pvt. Cpl.
Long Jeremiah T. Pvt. Cpl.
Long William H. Pvt. Pvt.
Lucas John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Lytle James M. Pvt. Pvt. 1/2/1842-11/30/1904 bur. Baldwyn Cem. Baldwyn MS
Lytle John W. Pvt. Pvt.
Lytle Thomas L. Pvt. Pvt.
McDonald Benjamin F. Pvt. Pvt.
McKenzie John Winfield 1st Sgt. 1st Lt. Mar. 22, 1843 - Nov. 19, 1907 b. McKenzie Family Cem., Benton Co., MS
McQuown James M. Pvt. Pvt.
McQuown John M. Pvt. Pvt.
Means James P. Pvt. Pvt.
Milton Carroll E. W. Pvt. Pvt. 12/8/1825-1861 bur. Lebanon Cem. Prentiss Co. MS.
Moser James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Mothershed William Pvt. Pvt.
Mullinnix Armstead Pvt. Pvt.
Odell Elijah C. C. Pvt. Pvt.
Oliver George B. Pvt. Pvt.
Outlaw John E. Pvt. Pvt.
Pearce John T. Pvt. Musician
Perkins Patrick H. Pvt. QrtMast. Sgt.
Perkins Thomas J. Pvt. Pvt.
Petty W. F. Pvt. Pvt.
Phillips Reuben G. Pvt. Pvt.
Pratt James S. Pvt. Pvt.
Pratt Thomas J. Pvt. Pvt.
Pratt William H. Pvt. Pvt.
Preddy William J. Pvt. Sgt.
Preist Robert L. Pvt. Pvt.
Price James L. Pvt. Pvt.
Price James M. Pvt. Pvt.
Priddy Benjamin F. 3rd Lt. Brevet 2nd Lt.
Priddy William J. Pvt. Sgt.
Priest Robert F. Pvt. Pvt.
Priest Robert L. Pvt. Pvt.
Ragan Daniel F. Pvt. 1st Sgt.
Ray Andrew J. Pvt. Pvt.
Ray Thomas G. Pvt. Pvt.
Ray William G. Pvt. Pvt.
Reagan Daniel F. Pvt. 1st Sgt.
Reynolds William H. Pvt. Pvt.
Rhodes Felix Murray Pvt. Pvt. Enlisted May 26, 1861, at Baldwyn MS, age 19, attended Confederate reunion at Sardis, Coryell Co. TX Aug. of 1899
Rice Joseph J. Pvt. Cpl.
Richardson George N.
Sgt. Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
Ricks Edward Pvt. Pvt.
Rodgers D. W.

Buried in Lynchburg, VA
Rogers George W. Pvt. Pvt.
Rogers John

Rogers Levi Pvt. Pvt. Mar. 27, 1802 - July 4, 1879, buried in Oak Plain Cemetery
Rogers Tavner Pvt. Pvt.
Rowan Joseph B. Pvt. Pvt. 9/25/1840-7/23/1886 buried Baldwyn Cemetery Baldwyn MS
Rowan Thomas J. Sgt. Capt. 5/5/1838-8/22/1898 buried Baldwyn Cemetery Baldwyn MS
Sanders John Pvt. Pvt.
Sanders William A. Pvt. Pvt.
Saunders A. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Saye Asbury W. Pvt. Sgt.
Shay Timothy Pvt. Pvt.
Shipman John A. Pvt. Cpl.
Shipman John H. Pvt. Cpl.
Shurbut Henry M. Pvt. Pvt.
Siddall Jesse A. Pvt. Pvt.
Simmons Henry B. Pvt. Pvt.
Snow George H. Pvt. Pvt.
Stovall Alfred B. Pvt. Pvt. Buried Spottsvylvania VA
Stovall Andrew J. Pvt. Sgt.
Stovall John C. Pvt. Pvt.
Stovall William J. Pvt. Pvt.
Thomas A. Sgt. Sgt.
Thomas J. Pvt. Pvt.
Tison William Henry H. Capt. Capt. Later Col. 32nd MS, buried Baldwyn Cemetery Baldwyn MS, Wounded at Atlanta. Born 11/6/1822 Jackson Co. AL, died in Baldwyn, Tishomingo Co, MS 12/4/1882.
Topp Harvey E. 1st Lt. 1st Lt.
Turner F. T. Pvt. Pvt.
Turner Franklin Young Pvt. Pvt. Born 13 May 1837 in Abbeville, SC
Turner James M. Pvt. Pvt. Born 25 Apr 1841, died 14 Apr 1916 Clay County, TX
Turner R. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Tynes James H. Pvt. Brevet 2nd Lt.
Tynes James M. Pvt. Brevet 2nd Lt.
Tynes Jeremiah Pvt. Brevet 2nd Lt.
Tynes William D. Pvt. Pvt.
Underwood W. R. Pvt. Pvt.
Underwood Washington Q. Pvt. Pvt.
Underwood William K. Pvt. Pvt.
Vaughan John M. Pvt. Pvt.
Wallace James Pvt. Pvt. Buried in Lynchburg, VA
Wallis Isham R. Pvt. Sgt.
Waters A. Pvt. Pvt.
Waters E. Pvt. Pvt.
Waters J. Pvt. Pvt.
White G. M. Pvt. Pvt.
White Jabez H. Pvt. Pvt.
White John N. Pvt. Pvt.
White John W. Pvt. Pvt.
White Joseph M. Pvt. Pvt.
White Thomas O. Pvt. Pvt.
Wooley Green B. Pvt. Pvt.
Wooley Greenberry Pvt. Pvt.
Wooley Hilliary A. Pvt. Pvt.
Yonce Martin
Sgt. Roll of Honor battle of Murfreesboro
Co. Unknown
Baum Charles W. Pvt. Pvt.
Birt Jno. M. Pvt. Pvt.
Burnage C. W.

Carson F. Pvt. Pvt.
Dudley Magnus Pvt. Pvt.
Farrell Joseph Pvt. Pvt.
Feeny Joseph Pvt. Pvt.
Foster James W. Pvt. Pvt.
Guarde J. Pvt. Pvt.
Henry G. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Jackson General Colored Servant Colored Servant
Jones J. W. Pvt. Pvt.
Kefrey J. Pvt. Pvt.
Lander W. H. Pvt. Pvt.
Lane C. Pvt. Pvt.
McNeill W. J. Hospital Steward Hospital Steward
McVey Leroy P. Pvt. Pvt.
Pearson Henry Cpl. Cpl. Captured 12/4/63 in Ripley MS, died of small pox 1/17/64 in Alton IL prison buried Small Pox Island.
Smead Abner Maj. Col.
Walker A. Pvt. Pvt.
Wertheimer Joseph Pvt. Pvt.
Whittiker R. B. Pvt. Pvt.

[P] From Pontotoc Co.

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