Pulliam Family Cemetery,
Chickasaw Co, MS

This cemetery is located near Buena Vista, MS; less than 1/4 mile on the east side of the gravel road.

SEWELL, B. Jan 8, 1843 Franklin Co GA, D. Oct 12, 1861, 18 y, 9 m, 4 d
NELSON, John Henry, B. 1863, D. 1931
NELSON, Margaret Pulliam, B. 1864, D. 1931
PULLIAM, Maidora, B. 1869, D. 1961
PULLIAM, Annabel, B. 1876, D. 1962
WHITT, Baby Girl, Jun 26, 1976
PULLIAM, Joseph Lumpkin, B. 1833 Franklin Co, GA; D. Jun 3, 1915
PULLIAM, Mary Josephine, D. May 10, 1931 (?), wife of Joe Lumpkin
PULLIAM, Andrew Jackson, B. Jan 21, 1836 Franklin Co, GA; D. Jun
             30, 1910
PULLIAM, Jurrusha Dickson, B. Jul 11, 1798 Franklin Co, GA, D.
            Oct 13, 1863
PULLIAM, Andrew Jackson, B. Dec 24, 1880, D. Nov 12, 1970
PULLIAM, Lois Leone Jackson, B. Oct 10, 1882, D. Dec 16, 1966
JACKSON, Benjamin Franklin, B. Nov 11, 1846, D. Feb 25, 1925, son of
             Seaborn Andrew Jackson & Tabitha Ann Richardson

Information taken from Chickasaw Times Past Vol II, No II

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