Old Union Cemetery

          Old Union Cemetery is located 1 mile southeast of Buena Vista, MS and is now fenced as a part of a pasture belonging to Howard King.  Shown below are the few remaining markers.  

CHENAULT, Namervey Ann, wife of John M. Chenault, daughter of Rev. H. & J. Cox, D. Aug 19, 1853
COX, Rev. Henry, B. Mar 11, 1795, D. Aug 9, 1856
COX, Rutha A. M., daughter of Rev. H. & J. Cox, B. Apr 3, 1829, D. July 14, 1852
MIDDLEBROOKS, Baxter Holladay, son of I. B. & S. L. Middlebrooks, B. May 10, 1853, D. Oct 18, 1858
MIDDLEBROOKS, Joseph, B. Caswell Co, NC Apr 18, 1773, D. Sep 18, 1853
OLIVER, A. B., wife of J. M. Oliver, B. Aug 24, 1822, D. Aug 24, 1868
OLIVER, J. H., B. Sept 11, 1826, D. Mar 20, 1886
THORNTON, John, B. 1817, D. 1884
THORNTON, Leandra Ann, B. Nov 23, 1845, D. Aug 10, 1854
THORNTON, Mary Suzanna Kimbrough, B. 1828, D. 1905

The above information taken from the Chickasaw Times Past, Vol I, No. I

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