John Vincent May Family Cemetery,
Chickasaw Co, MS

Information copied by M. M. Burt in 1986. The following stones were found and he believes more may be buried in mulch. Most of these stones were quite handsome and contained long passages of scripture. They are in need of repair. (statement by M. M. Burt in 1986) This cemetery is located in Nat'l Forest, R3E, T12, Sec 35 just off forest road.

MAY, Vincent, B. Apr 13, 1786, D. Aug 10, 1853
MAY, Mrs. Eliz R., D. Jan 8, 1873, in her 80th yr.
MAY, John J., B. Jun 7, 1825, D. Nov 1, 1853, "In memory of"
MAY, James F., B. Feb 2, 1832, D. Mar 9, 1854
MAY, Thomas Jefferson, D. Apr 12, 1846, native of Chatham Co, NC,
            30 y, 7 m, 19 d
HARRIS, Aaron, D. Dec 1, 1851, 42 y, 7 m
HARRIS, Thomas Jefferson, B. Mar 30, 1849, D. Jan 20, 1851
ROCKETT, jane E., D. Aug 6, 1850, wife of Dr. J. B. Rockett, 21 y, 2 m, 5 d

Information taken from Chickasaw Times Past Vol VI, No I 

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