Gunntown Cemetery,
Chickasaw Co, MS

Gunntown Cemetery is located in the NW 1/4 Section, 14, Township 14 S range 5 E.

RUSSELL, Helen, D. May 18, 1884, 18 y, 6 m, 26 d, Tombstone inscription:
            Our Sister
GREENE, Daniel E., Jr., B. May 20,1859, D. Aug 13, 1899, Tombstone
            inscription:  In life beloved, in death lamented
GREENE, Daniel Ezekiel, D. Sept 27, 1877, 45 y, 10 m, 14 d
GREENE, Minnie, B. Jul 21, 1863, D. Sep 23, 1863, daughter of Zeke &
            Bettie Greene
GREENE, Daniel, B. May 11, 1888, D. Sep 13, 1888, infant son of Kimbro
            & Ida Greene, 4 m, 1 d, Tombstone inscription: A bud of earth
            transplanted to the paradise of God
(GREENE) JENKINS, Elizabeth V., B. Jan 15, 1836, D. Jan 18, 1910, wife
            of Danie E. Greene, Tombstone inscription: Her toils are past, her work
            is done, She fought the fight, the victory won
GUNN, Clifton, B. Jul 23, 1889, D. Oct 13, 1889, infant son of W. B. &
            Daidee Gunn
GREENE, Mary Gillespie, B. Aug 5, 1837, D. Apr 20, 1902, Tombstone
            inscription: Mother, In after life we'll meet her
ANDREWS, Ezekiel, B. Nov 20, 1800, D. Mar 9, 1870, Tombstone inscription:
            The lost to sight to memory dear
GREENE, McDuffie, B. Jul 9, 1828, D. Jul 30 1898, Tombstone inscription:
            Father, Gone but not forgotten
GREENE, Stacy, D. Oct 24, 1876, wife of Daniel Greene, 80 y, 1 m, 10 d,
            Tombstone inscription: Our Mother, having finished life's days, she
            now sweetly sleeps
GREENE, Bettie, B. Jan 30, 1860, D. Aug 16, 1860, infant daughter of
            McDuffie & Mary J. Greene, Tombstone inscription:  Sweet child,
            thou are gone from our mist, Thy voice will no more beguile us with
            the melody of infant prattlings but forever singing the praises of God,
            she will welcome us home to the mansions of her father
GREENE, Daniel, B. Sep 3, 1858, D. Feb 9, 1963, eldest son of McDuffie &
            Mary J. Greene, Tombstone inscription: A beam of joy has left us and
            the shadow of grief darkens the home thou didst brighten with thy
            smiles. Sacred to our hearts is the spot where thou liest and dearer the
            the home where thy bright spirit rests
CARRET, Clarence M., B. Jun 11, 1856, D. Jun 6, 1891, Tombstone
            inscription: He died without an enemy with his noble heart full of love
            for his God and his fellow man
RICHARDSON, Ida Lanier, D. Sept 12, 1876, daughter of A. H. & Ida R.
            Richardson, 10 m, 25 d
RICHARDSON, Ida Roberts, B. Nov 10, 1856, D. Jun 18, 1897, Tombstone
            inscription: Beloved and Faithful wife of A. H. Richardson
HAUGHTON, Ann L., B. Aug 10, 1836, D. Sept 16, 1873, Tombstone
            inscription: Beloved wife of P. H. Haughton
HAUGHTON, Wm. Henry, B. Jun 27, 1862, no other date given, infant son
            of P. H. & Ann L. Haughton
HAUGHTON, Robert G., B. Aug 9, 1859, D. Apr 8, 1861, infant son of P. H.
            & Ann L. Haughton, Tombstone inscription: With God thy spirit
            dwells, with us thy memory lives
GUNN, Clara C., B. Oct 25, 1851, D. Jul 11, 1859, daughter of R. B. & F. N.
GUNN, India E., B. Jan 10, 1846, D. Nov 5, 1864, daughter of R. B. & F. N.
GUNN, Frances, B. Oct 2, 1818, D. Nov 17, 1906, wife of R. B. Gunn
GUNN, R. B., Born Jul 12, 1805, D. Oct 4, 1880
CARLISLE, Mary Nancy, B. Feb 10, 1882, D. Feb 16, 1882, daughter of A.
            & F. C. Carlisle
GILLESPIE, Lundie R., B. Aug 23, 1874, D. Feb 11, 1875, infant son of
            W. P. & Mary J. Gillespie
FULLER, Mrs. H. W., B. Jul 17, 1798, D. Aug 30, 1881, wife of Major
            Fuller, 83 y, 1 m, 12 d
PEEL, Tallie, B. 1845, D. 1922
FULLER, Emma S., B. Sep 13, 1821, D. Feb 7, 1874
GUNN, Mary Peel, B. May 16, 1842, D. Feb 23, 1917
GUNN, William Reid, Dr., B. Oct 23, 1838, D. Aug 14, 1907
GUNN, S. Victoria, B. Apr 19, 1844, D. Sep 4, 1862, consort of W. R. Gunn
GILLESPIE, Mary Gunn, B. Feb 7, 1843, D. Apr 22, 1923, wife of W. P.
GILLESPIE, W. P., B. Aug 14, 1835, D. Jan 18, 1905
ELLIS, Mrs. M. L., B. May 5, 1856, wife of R. C. Ellis, 27 y, 7 m 28 d
RIDDLE, Charlie B., B. Oct 14, 1851, D. Aug 31, 1857
SIMRIL, Canie B, B. Feb 13, 1896, D. Jul 9, 1896, infant daughter of J. J.
            & M. D. Simril
SIMRIL, Leroy D., B. Aug 16, 1898, D. Aug 17, 1898, son of J. J. & M. D.
SIMRIL, ? D., B. Mar 7, 1833, D. Feb 14, 1912
PORTER, Canie, D. Feb 20, 1893, wife of B. A. Porter, 24 y
SIMRIL, W. M., B. Aug 31, 1878, D. Sep 1, 1878
SIMRIL, Reece, B. Mar 31, 1876, D. Oct 8, 1914
SEELY, Mary M, no dates given
SEELY, no dates given, infant of J. T. & S. Seely
SIMRIL, Amanda A., B. 1847, D. 1920
SIMRIL, James Jefferson, B. Nov 17, 1871, D. Mar 27, 1918
McKEON, Thomas R., D. May 26, 1865, 39 y, 4 m, 1 d
SIMRIL, Minnie D, B. 1878, D 1935, Tombston inscription: Mother
GILLESPIE, Nancy, B. Feb 22, 1808 (1803?), D. Dec 24, 1882
GILLESPIE, Jas. Dr, D. Apr 14, 1876, 78y, 7 m, 11 d, Tombstone inscription:
            Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is
            peace Tombstone Inscription: Dutiful sons, affectionate bros, gallant
            soldiers. Rest in Peace
GILLESPIE, Abner A., Oct 10, 1865, 32 y, 8 m, 16 d
GILLESPIE, Jacob J., D. May 31, 1862, d. in battle, 19 y, 7 m, 27 d
GILLESPIE, F. M., Maj, D. Jul 20, 1864, d. in battle, 35 y, 9 m, 18 d
GILLESPIE, Letitia, B. Apr 3, 1845, D. Jan 21, 1862, daughter of Jas. &
            Nancy Gillespie, Tombstone inscription,  Weep not for Letitia, she
            quietly awaits your coming
PEEL, Clara, B. Mar 3, 1892, D. Mar 9, 1895, daughter of G. S. & F. L. Peel
SIDES, Nodie F., B. Aug 15, 1884, D. 1921, Tomstone inscription:  Here I lay
            my burden down, change the cross into a crown
BLAIR, Thomas H., B. Sept 12, 1882, D. Feb 18, 1883, son of B. W. &
            S. E. Blair
GILLESPIE, Sallie Belle, no dates given, 15 y
GILLESPIE, J. G., B. Oct 17, 1866, D. May 3, 1887
GILLESPIE, Bessie, no dates given, 8 y, Tombstone inscription: Jesus loves
            the little children
NO SURNAME, Clara, no dates given, Tombstone inscription: It was an angel
            that visited the green earth and took the flower away
GUNN, Silas, Dr., D. Feb 6, 1862, eldest son of R. M. & s. F. Gunn who d. in
            the service of his country near Leasburg, VA, 23 y, 6 m
GUNN, Stacy F., B. Feb 5, 1821, D. Mar 12, 1882, wife of R. M. Gunn,
            Tombstone inscription: Dedicated by her husband to the memory of,
            61 y, 1 m
GUNN, R. M., B. Oct 2, 1814, D. Feb 5, 1906, Tombstone inscription:  Blessed
            are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God, As
            such he lived
GUNN, Little Madison, B. Aug 9, 1871, D. Sept 23, 1873, son of Dr. O. D.
            & Hattie Gunn
GUNN, Robert Madison, B. Mar 24, 1874, D. Oct 29, 1885, son of L. R.
            & Bettie Gunn, Tombstone inscription: A bird of earth transplanted to
            the paradise of God
GUNN, Lundy Reid, B. Nov 15, 1876, D. Dec 1, 1881, son of L. R. & Bettie
            Gunn, Tombstone inscription: he shall gather the lambs with his arms
            and carry them in his bosom
GILLESPIE, Madison Gunn, D. Oct 4, 1867 AD, son of W. P. & Mary
            Gillespie 6 y, 12 d
GUNN, Logan Diego, B. Aug 19, 1883, D. Dec 2, 1883, son of L.Rr.
            & Bettie G. Gunn, Tombstone inscription:  God blesses in an early
            death and takes the unjant (?) unto himself.
GILLESPIE, Jacob O, B. Dec 21, 1870, D. Apr 3, 1891
GILLESPIE, Little Willie Dudley, B. Aug 10, 1863, D. May 15, 1864,
            infant son of Wm. P. & Mary J. Gillespie, Tombstone inscription:
            Loved in life remembered in death, we hope to meet thee again.

Information from Chickasaw Times Past, Vol. II, No. II

Note:  William Potts GILLESPIE and his wife Susan are buried about 1/2 mile southeast of the Gunntown Cemetery.  No dates for them are given.  This is W. P. GILLESPIE, Sr. whose will is on file in Houston, MS.  Since the will shows that he died in the 1880s, Susan must have died before the Gunntown Cemetery was started.  They lived on that property as early as 1848.  Several children's graves were once marked here, but over the years, markers have disappeared.

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