Gregory Cemetery

Turn left off Davis Lake Road, headed toward the Natchez Trace on New Salem Road; right aprox 9/10 mile onto an old logging road for approx. 200 yards; was probably an old home place. This information copied by Mary Lee Kirby Boydston and Naomi Aston Reid.

GREGORY, Adolphus, B. Nov 12, 1875, D. Dec 22, 1895, son of Wanzo and Sisley Gregory, "He shall gather the
         lambs with his arms and carry them
in his bosom"
GREGORY, Annie, B. Jun 17, 1886, D. Feb 21, 1898, daughter of W. & S. Gregory, "Heaven is my home"
GREGORY, Mahallie, B. Jul 3, 1868, D. Oct 31, 1897, daughter of W. & S. Gregory, "Gone to be an angel"
GREGORY, Rabbest, B. Dec 27, 1873, D. Dec 12, 1895, son of Wanzo & Sisley Gregory

Information taken from Chickasaw Times Past, Vol VI, No II

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