Atkinson Cemetery

Atkinson Cemetery
Atkinson Cemetery is located 3 miles no. of Houston, Chickasaw Co, MS, on the Robert Atkinson Place.  The following cemetery records were documented by James Atkinson and made available to The Chickasaw Times Past by Shirley Mathis.

ATKINSON, Jennie Eliza, B. Dec 21, 1866, D. Sep 19, 1870
ATKINSON, Eliza Ann, B. 1808, D. Sep 25, 1870
ATKINSON, John Landrum II, B. Nov 23, 1862, D. Sep 19 (actually 13)

ATKINSON, Dr. John Landrum I, B. 1808, D. Nov 10, 1872
ATKINSON, Thomas Marion, B. Feb 7, 1865, D. Jan 8, 1879
ATKINSON, Emma, B. Apr 11, 1873, D. Jun 23, 1873
ATKINSON, Edmond Byron, B. Jul 4, 1876, D. Oct 18, 1882
ATKINSON, William Franklin, B. May 6, 1882, D. Sep 28, 1882
ATKINSON, Mabel, B. Oct 14, 1870, D. Aug 28, 1882

Information taken from Chickasaw Times Past, Vol IV, No III

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