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Calhoun County Historical Society March 2009


The Calhoun County Historical & Genealogical Society held the March quarterly meeting on the 8th at the Pittsboro Methodist Church with thirteen in attendance.


Upcoming events include the Ace Cannon Festival in May and the Sawmill Festival in July. The Society plans to have literature for sale at both events. Volume II of the Cemetery Book is now being indexed. Fifteen additional copies of Ken Nail’s The Way I Heard It have been donated to the Society. A copy of James Clark’s Ticky Bend, Timberville, Vardaman and Eastern Calhoun County book has been donated by the author.


Karen Norman was praised for the enormous amount of cataloguing that she has been maintaining at The Murphree House and she reported about the driveway upkeep provided by Supervisor Rogers. Larry Hellums was thanked for donating his “Dock Bishop” files to the MSGenweb site for Calhoun County. Tommy Hallum reported that two issues of The Newsletter will be mailed soon. He made a request that we ask the general public to donate school annuals to the society. {Please call Tommy to ask which issues are needed.}


Sarah Margaret Hallum introduced local attorney Kevin Howe. He presented a colorful personalized account of the Gaston Family and acquaintances in the Bentley Community which is located in southeastern Calhoun County.


The next meeting will be September 13th at 2 pm. We are planning to video tape at that meeting a program of “Personal Snake or Ghost Stories” from area residents, since most families have at least one story to share.  You do not have to be a member of the Society to attend the meetings so please plan to come and share your personal story.


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