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'War Between the States'


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CSA Soldiers from Calhoun County, MS

extracted from lists printed in the Calhoun Monitor in 1904

reprinted in the Calhoun City Monitor-Herald, July 6, 1972

 transcribed by Patsy V. Bostick

and Jim Taylor

Jim is requesting biographies for any of your ancestors on these lists.

The following CSA companies were made up in Calhoun County:


  • J.R.M. Duberry's,
  • J.M. Lyles',
  • G.W. Price's,
  • J.W. Middleton's,
  • Lee Paris',
  • M.D.L. Stephens'



Cavalry Companies:

  • T.G. Clark's,
  • W.A. Sumner,
  • G.N. Wheeler's,
  • W.J. Owen's,
  • H.L. Duncan's

When first organized, the companies averaged about 110 men each, but were supposed to be about 140 men each. Many Calhoun men who lived near the county lines joined companies formed in Chickasaw, Yalobusha, Grenada and Pontotoc Counties. At the lowest estimate, Calhoun County furnished about 1800 troops. The Hon. R.N. Provine, of Cole's Creek, collected the names of the living veterans of Calhoun County during the years 1903-1904.

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