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Company B, 19th Mississippi Cavalry ("Duff's")


"Partial list of names...W.I. Duff, Colonel.
Company was organized by Capt. Tom Mitchell, later elected Major of the regiment. Names are given from memory after a lapse of many years. Perhaps the initials of some are wrong, and there may be several omissions.
First and last there were 180 men and boys in the company. There were three Capts. The company was once divided. Capt. Bill Therrekk was Capt. at the surrender.
The company was reorganized as the 8th and 19th Reg. MS Cav.
by W.A. Alexander."

Company B, 19th MS Cavalry

Enochs, T T, Capt. Smith, A, 3rd Lieut. Campbell, 1st Sgt.
Jennings, ------, 1st Lieut. Dowdy, Thomas, 3rd Lieut. Morgan, John, Sgt.
Young, Terrell, 2nd Lieut.    

Company B, 19th MS Cavalry

Adams, Perry Alexander, J W Alexander, W A Allensworth, T Anderson, Tom
Aven, Monroe Barr, G W Bennett, G W Bolland, Jim Bolland, M M
Booker, Jack Booth, Dick Brown, John Byars, W R Cole, J B
Collums, Ben Countice, J N Crowley, Jack Davis, Hun Davis, V L
Davis, A Denley, Minor Denson, George Denton, George Dye, P L
Eason, W M Embrey, W Embrey, Jas Free, Jim Fitzpatrick, ---
Gober, Louis  Gore, Caleb Griffin, Demps Griffin, Dow Griffin, Gilbert
Griffin, Mitch Gulledge, John Hall, Sam Hardin, Collin Hardin John
Hamby, J K P Henderson, Azor Hodge, Jack Hubbard, R H James, Isaac
Johnson, B F Kuykendall, P T Langston, Asa Langston, Bill Langston, Clayton
Langston, M L Lowry, Sid McKinney, Jack McKinney, Geo. McLeroy, David
McLarty, John Maxey , Jim Maxey, W M Monger, Rube Morgin, Wesley
Morris, W M Mosley, Frank Murphree, Dave Murphree, J C Murphree, Polk
Murphree, Solomon Nelms, John Nettles, J P Parker, E Parker, G W
Parker, Joel Patterson, D R Phillips, J S Pilgreen, Silas Pilgreen, W M
Ramsey, A M Ramsey, Willis Regan, J M Regan, M V Ritch, Jas
Rickman, Eli Russell, King Sanders, Bill Spencer, Clint Spencer, Daniel
Sprewell, Jim Sprewell, Martin Stribbling, Flavis Stringfellow, Bill Swaffer, Bud
Swaffer, Polk Taylor, Bob Thedford, Jim Therrell, Tom Trussell, J R
Vanlandingham, G W Weatherby, A Winter, G W Weatherby, John Wyatt, John
White, Bruce        

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