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 E-mail Address Updates for Calhoun Co Queries


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 Earliest History of Calhoun County

 Old Town - the beginning


 1852 Calhoun County


 1860 Census Transcriptions compliments of M. Caviness


 1860 Slave Schedule


 1870 Census Transciptions compliments of M. Caviness


 Newspaper Stories of Early History


 Early Courthouse Information

 Cemeteries of Calhoun County, MS

 Cemeteries - Names and Driving Directions


 County Map:  Not all cemeteries in Calhoun Co are on this map. This is mainly the ones associated with a church.


 Find A general directions


 Submitted transcripts of Family Plots in Public Cemeteries


 Pittsboro Cemetery in 1903.

 Newspaper Items

 Who-What-When-Where miscellaneous information. 


 Artifacts mentioned in newspaper articles


 Historical Homes in Calhoun County


 Moonshine Stills of Calhoun County


 Railroads & Highways

 Family Names

 Miscellaneous family information from various sources 


 Mississippi Marriages, including Calhoun County (not complete)


 Submitted Bible Records - Caldwell


 Submitted Family Obituaries


 Submitted Family Histories


 Family Photos

Clubs & Organizations Historical Data 

 Extension Home Demonstration Agents [Under construction]


 Calhoun County Historical & Genealogical Society Inc. 2009 Minutes


 Calhoun Co. Historical & Genealogical Society,  Inc. website


 Calhoun County Extension Homemaker Volunteers, Inc.


 1852 Masonic History for Calhoun County


 Submitted Masonic Tombstone Photos


 Calhoun County 4-H Club News


 Local Author Publications 


 Calhoun County Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc. PUBLICATIONS for sale


 Index to  The Newsletter  - previous editions information


 Church Listings Page  [submitted list, incomplete]


 Calhoun County Baptist Association Minutes - in progress


 Miscellaneous Church Histories


 Church/Cemetery Memorial Days


 Civil War Information:   Regiments, Enlisted Men,


 Civil War:, Veterans of :  Biographies - obituaries


 Civil War:  Stories & Letters 


 WW-I:  Calhoun County in War War (under construction)


 Calhoun County National Guard - 1917


 Calhoun County Veteran obituaries [not Civil War]


 Special Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

 Community:       General Information

 Township & Range Information     Important: Click on TITLE SCREEN at bottom of the loaded page 


  Localities and communities in Calhoun County 


 1926 Community Write-ups Preparing for the County Fair 

Calhoun City

 Calhoun City Celebrates 91st Birthday – A Look Back from July 1997


 Burkett Becomes Calhoun City in 1906. Look for the yellow boxed items.


 Calhoun City History by Carolyn Murphree Backstrom


 Early 1937 Calhoun City Businesses


 1938 Calhoun City Cheese Plant


 The Sarepta Friendship Quilt 


 Sarepta Community Obituaries for Sarepta Friendship Quilt


 Vardaman Gets a Name Change


 Calhoun County Agricultural High School at Derma



 Native American

 Native American Tip: How to Start Your Search


 Instructions from the 1870 US Census.


 Calhoun Related Personal Home Pages


  Family Reunion Announcements Page


 Miscellaneous Calhoun County PhotosPhotos and Photos Page 2.

 Researching in Calhoun County 

 MSCalhou Mailing List - Free informative link to share info.


  Members List & Interests 


  Ancestry Calhoun County Message Board

 Research Aides

 Free Tips for Newbies - Rootsweb Home Page


 Check out the Learning Center - Home Page


 Links to all MS counties – MSGenweb Home Page


 Links to the USGenWeb Project


 Calhoun County Connections - Look-up Volunteers


 Public Records Addresses for Calhoun County 


 Legal Terms found in Public Documents

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 MAPS and Suggested web site


 Current Calhoun County MS web pages


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 Cyndi's List - U.S. - Mississippi


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