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Treaty of 1763 - ending the French and Indian War

The peace treaty ending the French and Indian war was signed in 1763 (some 9 years after the battle of Fort Necessity which started the French and Indian War).in Paris. According to the treaty, Great Britain ruled over Canada and all the French territory between the Mississippi and the Appalachians. From Spain, the ally of France, Great Britain received Florida. The king of France gave that part of Louisiana west of the Mississippi and the settlement of New Orleans to "his cousin" the King of Spain. (This would later become a problem because Spain later claimed complete control over the Mississippi River.)

As a result of this treaty, Great Britain had won half the continent that she had been claiming as hers for the past 250 years! Great Britain's land was bounded by the Arctic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic, and the Mississippi River. Spain still held claim to the land between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean and busied herself with exploration of Upper California.

See Maps - Land Claims prior to the Treaty of Paris and After the Treaty of Paris.
This War is important in the formation of Mississippi in that the territorial lands once again changed hands and the Treaty of 1763 inflamed the Spanish in their claim for the land between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean.

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