BOOK A, May 20, 1833 to Aug. 19, 1846. Clerk: Carty Wells

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May 20, 1833, p.1. M'CANCE, MARGERY. Administrator: Alex McKINNEY. Securities: John
PRESTON & John WOODLAN (WOODLAND). Will dated April 1, 1828. Daughter- Mary REYNOLDS
& husband John. Grandson Thomas LEEPER. Will recorded June 6, 1833.

Feb. 19, 1834, p.8. McKINNEY, ROBERT. Administrator: James HUGHS. Securities: Alexander

Mar. 18, 1834, p. 9. McCAY, MARTIN. Administrator: Elizabeth McCAY. Securities: William
McCONNELL & John ZUMWALT. Died intestate.

May 9, 1834, p. 14. STEPHENSON, JAMES. Administrator: Henry GUYER. Securities: Rueben

Sept. 9, 1834, p. 18. PEARL, JOEL. Administrators: Rebecca PEARL & William S. WYATT.
Securities: John WYATT & Walter T. JAMES. Died intestate.

Oct. 4, 1834, p. 22. MARTIN, TARLTON. Administrator: John S. MARTIN. Securities: John W.
CLAYTON & Turner ROUNDTREE. Died intestate.

Oct. 16, 1834, p. 24. CLAYTON, THOMAS L. Administrators: Dice CLAYTON & Nicholas
TOMLINSON. Securities: Andrew ZUMWALT & Asa HINDS. Died intestate.

Nov. 12, 1834, p. 28. BISHOP, JONATHAN. Administrators: Ann BISHOP & Jefferson M. BISHOP.
Securities: F.K. BISHOP & Wm. B. ANDERSON. Died intestate.

Nov. 17, 1834, p. 31. KABLER, NICHOLAS C. Administrators: Nathaniel PENDLETON & Carty
WELLS. Securities: Wm. B. ANDERSON & Lewis EDWARDS. Died intestate.

Nov. 19, 1834, p. 34. STOGSDILLE, JOSHUA. Administrator: Walter T. JAMES. Securities:
William JAMES, Foster DUDGEON, & William. S. WYATT. Died intestate.

Nov. 19-20, 1834, p. 38-41. CALLAWAY, FLANDERS. Administrator: Alex. McKINNEY.
Securities: William JAMES, James BRYAN, Milford CLYCE & Daniel B. CALLAWAY. Wife, Jemina
(BOONE) CALLAWAY, youngest son, Daniel Boone CALLAWAY. Daughter Sally BARNES, wife of
James BARNES; heirs of John B. CALLAWAY, deceased; heirs of James R. Callaway, & deceased; heirs
of Tabitha DARST, deceased. Also daughters: Francis LAMME, wife of Wm. T. LAMME; Susanna
HOWELL, wife of Thos. HOWELL, Elizabeth BRYAN, wife of Morgan BRYAN, and Minerva JAMES,
wife John JAMES. Request Reverend Lewis WILLIAMS, Baptist minister, for service. Assign son Larkin
S. CALLAWAY and son-in-law Morgan BRYAN- Executors. Witnesses to Will: Berry SHARP, Andrew

Nov. 20, 1834, p. 41. CALLAWAY, FLANDERS. Larkin S. CALLAWAY and Morgan BRYAN
relinquish to Alexander McKINNEY duty of Administrator.

Feb. 11, 1835, pp. 45-46. MARTIN, JAMES. Administrators: Caroline MARTIN & James L.
MARTIN. Securities: George CLAY, George SPIRES, & James M. ZIMMERMAN. Will dated January
22, 1832. Wife- Caroline. Children: William H., Oliver W., James L., Edwin M., Francis A., Caroline W.,
Cintha P., Sarah R., and Thomas J. MARTIN. Grandson-James L. BURTON, father George, mother
Hannah. Slaves: Cornelius, John, Washington, Charlotte & Jane. Executors: James L. MARTIN &
Caroline MARTIN. Witnesses: Wells E. MARVIN and William McCONNELL. Principals: George
CLAY, George S. SPIRES, and James M. ZIMMERMAN.

Feb. 17, 1835, pp. 50-51. PEARL, EDWARD. Administrator: John S. WYATT. Securities: Walter T.
JAMES & Nathaniel HART. Died intestate.

Mar. 13, 1835, pp. 55-56. GRAVES, THOMAS. Administrator: Thomas N. GRAVES. Securities:
Caleb WILLIAMS & Samuel D. TAYLOR. Died intestate.

May 9, 1835, p.57. BRYAN, JAMES. Administrator: Malinda BRYAN. Securities: Edward
PLEASANTS, Samuel F. DAUGHERTY, & Mordecai MORGAN. Died intestate.

July 16, 1835, pp. 60-62. RATHYE (RATHJE), FREDERICK. Administrator: Frederick A.
RASMUS (RASMUSSON). Securities: John Wm. BOCK & Edward KUNZEL (KUENZEL).

Feb. 13, 1836, pp. 63-64. BRYAN, JOHN. Administrators: William T. LAMME & Morgan BRYAN.
Securities: Anthony WYATT & Henry GRISWOLD. Died intestate.

Mar. 10, 1836, p. 65. BRYAN, MALINDA. Administrator: Edward PLEASANTS. Securities:
Mordecai Morgan & Lawrence LONG. Died intestate.

Mar.10, 1836, p. 66. PENDLETON, WILLIAM. Administrator: Amanda PENDLETON. Died

Dec. 11, 1835, p. 68. BOWLEY (BEWLEY), NELSON R. Will. Wife-Srlay (Saray?) Jane; brother,
George. Witnesses: Jesse HARRISON and Ira SHERMAN.

Apr. 28, 1836, pp. 70-71. McCAN, NEAL. Administrator: Turner ROUNDTREE. Securities: John
WOODLAN (WOODLAND), Harvey FORD, Caleb WILLIAMS & Samuel WILLIAMS. Died intestate.

Abt. May/June 1836, p. 73. WOODLAW (WOODLAND), SETH. Will date-March 15, 1834.
Wife -Ann WOODLAW (WOODLAND). Witnesses: Samuel WILLIAMS, Jefferson WALLS, &

Aug. 17, 1836, p. 75-79. PRINGLE, NORMAN. Administrator: Mark Spencer PRINGLE. Securities:
Moses EDWARDS, Lewis EDWARDS, & James B. GRAVES. Will: Children: Sally, Helen, Harriet,
Norman, Octavius, Charles, & Warren PRINGLE.

Feb. 15, 1837, p. 82. WALLS, GABRIEL. Administrator: Jefferson WALLS. Securities: Caleb
WILLIAMS & Laurel WILLIAMS. Died intestate.

Mar. 8, 1837, p.__. WARD, SAMUEL. Administrator: Alexander McKINNEY. Securities: Harvey

Aug. 12, 1837, p. 87. SHAW, JAMES, from New York. Administrator: Jesse HARRISON. Securities:
Daniel SHERMAN & Joseph NICHOLAS. Died intestate.

Aug. 20, 1837, p. 89. TICE, JOHN. Administrators: Morgan BRYAN & Anthony WYATT. Securities:
James BLAND, Walter T. JAMES & John E. BROWN. Will. Wife-Amelia. Sons: Napoleon, Lafayette &

Dec. 13, 1836, p. 93. KENT, ISAAC, SR. Administrators: John WOODLAN (WOODLAND) & Turner
ROUNDTREE. Will. Wife-Lucy KENT. Daughter-Polly CROW.

Jan. 16, 1838, p.95. STEPHENSON, JACOB. Administrator: Thomas WILLIAMS. Securities:
Aquilla WILLIAMS and Job PRICE. Died intestate.

***********(Numbering error noted in margin of Wills Book)********************

Jan. 23, 1838, p. 52. PRATTE, THOMAS. Administrators: Martha PRATTE & Jonathan PRATTE.
Newton HOWELL. Died intestate

Feb. 21, 1838, p. 56. MERCHANT, JOHN. Administrator: Alexander McKINNEY. Securities:
Turner ROUNDTREE & Benjamin BOWEN.

Nov. 19, 1834, p. 57. KABLER, NICHOLAS C. Administrator: Nathaniel PENDLETON. Note:
Alexander McKINNEY appointed Administrator of estate, February 23, 1838, due to death of Nathaniel

Aug. 7, 1838, p. 59. COMPTON, WILLIAM. Administrator: George MITCHELL. Securities:
Charles KUNTZE & Fancy COMPTON. Died intestate.

Aug. 21, 1838, p.__. HANCOCK, THOMAS. Administrator: Philip GLOVER. Securities: Isaac

Aug. 21, 1838, p. __. PENDLETON, NATHANIEL. Administrator: Alexander McKINNEY.
Securities: Anthony WYATT & Nathaniel HART. Died intestate.

Dec. 1, 1838, p. 65. DUNHAM, LEWIS. Administrator: Admiral R. (Richard) DUNHAM. Securities:
John B. CARTER & Stanton P. BROWN. Died intestate.

Mar. 9, 1839, p. 67. PLEASANTS, EDWARD, SR. Administrators: James B. GRAVES & John
PRESTON. Securities: Alexander GOFF & John R. PLEASANTS. Will August 31, 1838. Wife-Lucy
PLEASANTS. Sons-Edward PLEASANTS & Robert H. PLEASANTS. Witness: Henry C. MYTH.

Oct. 15, 1849, p. 73. MATTHEWS, GEORGE. Administrator: William PATTON. Securities: Enoch
SPRY & Robert H. PATTON. Died intestate.

Feb. 18, 1840, p. 75. GRAY, ROBERT. Administrator: Elizabeth GRAY. Securities: Grief STEWART
& George COLLINS. Died intestate.

June 22, 1840, pp. 77-78. HURN, FRANCIS. Will: Heir-Rufus FULLERTON. Witnesses: Pleasant

July 13, 1840, p. __. HURN, FRANCIS. Administrator: Rufus FULLERTON. Securities: Benjamin

Aug. 13, 1840, p. 81. MENSOF (MENZOFF), RUDOLPH. Administrator: Heinrich MENSOF
(MENZOFF). Securities: Francis FISHER & Frederich OBERDOLHOFF. Died intestate.

Aug. 31, 1840, p. 83. HUKRIEDE, WILLIAM. Administrator: Sophia HUKRIEDE. Securities:
William SCHOBENGERD & Heinrich SCHULTE. Died intestate.

Oct. 5, 1840, p. 85. SMITH, SAMUEL. Administrator: Thomas HOLLAND. Securities: Jonathan D.

Oct. 9, 1840, p. 87. HUKRIEDE, WILLIAM. Administrator: William SCHOBENGERD.
Administrators: Earnest SEINBERG & Dedrick LAFALLS (LaFALCE, LAFAUCE).

Oct. 21, 1840, pp. 88-95. LAMME, WILLIAM T. Executor: Lewis HOWELL of St. Charles County.
Securities: Newton HOWELL and James BLAND. Will. Wife-Frances (CALLAWAY) LAMME.
Widowed daughter-Huldah Jane BRYAN. Grandchildren: Archibald B. Bryan, Adeline Loraine Bryan,
Euphrasia Dale Bryan, and John C. BRYAN. Sons: Heoudd (Herald?), Archilles and Napoleon LAMME.

Oct. 23, 1840, pp. 99-100. SYLES (SAYLES, SYKES), HUGH. Administrator: Lewis KENADY.
Securities: William SKINNER & James KENADAY. Died intestate.

Nov. 2, 1840, p. 101. HUTCHINSON, BENJAMIN. Administrator: Daniel P. HUBBARD.
Securities: Benjamin HUTCHINSON & William HUTCHINSON. Died intestate.

Dec. 19, 1840, p. 103. McKINNEY, ALEXANDER. Administrators: Nancy McKINNEY & John C.
McKINNEY. Securities: George McWiILLIAMS, James CALLAWAY, John OWINGS, Rueben
DICKENS, Beston CALLAHAN, and William JAMES. Died intestate.

Dec. 29, 1840, pp. 105-107. WOODLAN (WOODLAND), ANN. Administrator: John WOODLAN
(WOODLAND). Securities: William McMURTRY & Grief STEWART. Died intestate.

Feb. 20-23, 1841, pp. 107-108. ___________, (Name?), Beston CALLAHAN appointed Public
Administrator. Securities: James SHARP, S.P. BROWN, Ernsley FAUST, David HOWARD, & James

Feb.26, 1841, p. 108. EDWARDS, LEWIS. Administrator: Thomas SEIPER (SEIBERG, SEIBERT).
Securities: Moses EDWARDS & Henry E. WELCH. Died intestate.

Feb. 27, 1841, p. 111. KABLER, NICHOLAS C. or G. Administrator: William McMURTRY.
Securities: James G. MARTIN & Thomas H. KELLY. Died intestate.

Feb. 27, 1841, pp. 112-113. TICE, JOHN. Administrator: Amanda M. TICE. Securities: Joseph
TICE, Douglass WYATT Jr., & George McWILLIAMS. Died intestate.

March 3, 1841, p. 114. MERCHANT, JOHN. Administrator: Christopher WRIGHT. Securities:
Nathaniel HART & James PENNINGTON. Died intestate.

Mar. 15, 1841, p. __. DAVIDSON, ALEXANDER. Will. To be buried on the land of son, Abraham.
Oldest Children John DAVIDSON and Rachel SHIPLEY whereabouts unknown. Youngest son Abraham.
There is an outstanding claim against Thomas ACRES, deceased of Kentucky & William ROSS, Kentucky
for Invalid sale-Warranty of Title to Slave. Witnesses: Stephen H. SMITH & James C. RANDALL.

Apr. 12, 1841, p. 119. CLARK, DANIEL, of New Orleans. Will dated May 20, 1811, filed for record
April 12, 1841. "I leave and bequeath unto my mother Mary CLARK, now of Germantown in the state of
Pennsylvania all the estate whether real or personal which I may died possessed of. I appoint my friends Richard RELF and Beverly CHEW my executors with power of letter everything relating to my estate."

Feb. 12, 1841, pp. 119-123. CLARK, MARY. Will dated November 22, 1817, filed Feb 12, 1841.
"I, Mary CLARK, formerly of Ireland, now of the City of Philadelphia in the sate of Pennsylvania in the
United States of America. Executors: Joseph REED, Esq., attorney-at-law, William HUNTING, Smzo
CALH, (some type of title or identifier) of the City of Shilida, Ireland. (possibly Shellilogher, County of
Kilkenny, Ireland?) Witnesses: John CONNELLY, Isaac HARVEY Jr., G. NICHOLSON, John
BUNBRUY (Sp.?), & William E. HUTCHINGS. "Executors sell land, etc. and give to Equally:
(1) Daughter Eleanor O'BEARN of Slija (Sligo) in the Kingdom of Ireland.
(2) Daughter-Jane GREEN wife of George GREEN of Liverpool in the Kingdom of Great Britain.
(3) Granddaughter late Sarah ANDERSON now Sarah CAMPBELL.
(4) Granddaughter Caroline CLARK a natural daughter of my late son Daniel.
(5) Granddaughter Maria CLARK a.k.a. Maria DAVIS, another natural daughter of Daniel CLARK,
$200 to purchase a jewel as a remembrance of me.

Apr. 15, 1841, pp. 123-124. SCHABERG, ADOLPHUS. Administrator: William DREMEYER
(DRIEMEYER). Securities: Henry Wm. GERDEMANN & Bernard West MEYER. Died intestate.

Apr. 12, 1841, pp. 125-126. GROSSMANN, PHILIP P. Administrator: Creed T. ARCHER.
Security: Thomas AMOS. Died intestate.

May 25, 1841, pp. 127-128. WENTZ, GEORGE. Administrator: Augustus A. BLUMMER. Securities:
Edward KENTZE & Adolph KENTZE. Died intestate.

Aug. 23, 1841, p. 129. VETTER, SEBASTIAN. Administrator: Charles A. KUNTZE. Securities:
Rudolph EBLING and Walter JAMES. Died intestate.

Aug. 30, 1841, p. 131-132. ADAMS, JOSEPH. Administrator: Harvey GRISWOLD. Securities:
Thomas AMOS, John A. PULLIAM & Anthony WYATT. Died intestate.

Sept. 27, 1841, p. __. OESTREICH (OESTREICK), JOHN. Administrator: Charles A. KUNTZE.
Securities: John OESTREICH (OESTREICK) & Rudolph EBLING.

Oct. 7, 1841, pp. 135-136. DUCKWORTH, POLLY. Administrator: James DUCKWORTH.
Securities: William McMURTRY, Thomas H. KELLY, & Elias FOSTER. Died intestate.

Oct. 12, 1841, pp. 137-138. GOLLAWAY, DAVID. Administrator: Augustin GREEN. Securities:
James B. DAVIS & Absolom HAYS. Died intestate.

Oct. 30, 1841, pp. 139-141. SMITH, HENRY. Administrators: Anthony WYATT & James SMITH.
Securities: William H. SMITH & Henry ABINGTON (ABBINGTON). Will dated September 17, 1841
presented to court October 29, 1841 by Albert G. MASON and Thomas H. LUCKETT. Wife-Nancy
SMITH. Sons: George, Owen, John L, and William SMITH. Son-in-laws: Anthony WYATT & James
SMITH. Six Daughters: Mary WYATT, Sarah SMITH, Elizabeth SMITH, Nancy McCLURE, Maria

Nov. 18, 1841, pp. 144-145. MERCHANT, JOHN. Original will executed in 1831 or 1832 lost.
Wife-Sally. Son-Bleuford, daughter-Sally. Witnesses: John HUGHES, Matison KENADY. Will
presented to court by James L. SIMMS, Thomas A. GRAVES, William JAMES, James HUGHES, John C.
McKINNEY, Joseph B. WELLS, Beston CALLAHAN, and McGian KENADY. Probate granted Nov 30,

Dec. 29, 1841, pp. 146-147. EDWARDS, JOHN. Administrator: James G. EDWARDS. Securities:
Henry PRITCHETT & Brice EDWARDS. Died intestate.

Feb. 1, 1842, p. __. JONES, JOHN. Administrator: James BLAND. Securities: Walter T. JAMES,
Anthony WYATT, Charles N. FREILAND, and Morgan BRYAN. Died intestate. Seal: John J. WYATT.
Died intestate.

July 11, 1841, p. 150. KRITZUKO, M. Wife Christina Bimhullina (sp.?) KINTZUKO (KRITZUKO).
Children: William, Ernst, Sophia, and Heinz .

July 1, 1842, pp. 151-153. KENTZE, ERNST. Will. Written in German. Translated and presented by
John LEHMBRY & Herman BECKER. Principal-wife-Bernhaune Christina KENTZUKO.
Securities: August F. GRUBS (GRABS), Jacob LEHMBRY, and Herman BECKER.

(Note similarities in name of wife for KRITZUKO and KENTZE. Christina Bimhullina KINTZUKO and Berhaune Christina KENTZUKO. Either they are the same person or sisters?)

Feb. 27, 1842, pp. 156-159. CHAMBERS, JOHN. Administrator: William T. RICE. Securities:
Henry C. WRIGHT & James COLLINS. Will: Children: Sarah Chambers RICE, William, John, Thomas,
James, Jane, Alexander, and Nancy CHAMBERS. Will presented to court by Alexander GOFF and James
COLLINS February 24, 1842.

Feb. 21, 1842, pp. 160-161. MERCHANT, JOHN. Administrator: Christopher WRIGHT. Securities:
Walter T. JAMES & John T. FAUST.

Mar. 14, 1842, pp. 162-163. FULLERTON, RUFUS. Administrator: Mark G. PRINGLE. Securities:
William H.N. SIMPSON & John REYNOLDS. Died intestate.

Mar. 22, 1842, p. 164. COON, GEORGE WASHINGTON. Administrator: Cynthia Ann COON.
Securities: James PATTON & John WOODLAND. Died intestate.

May 17, 1842, pp. 165-168. HANCOCK. Hiram DUNCAN appointed guardian of minor children
Under the age of 12 years: Eliza S. HANCOCK, age 8, Thomas D. HANCOCK, age 10, and Matilda
HANCOCK, age.12. Security: Philip GLOVER.

Sept. 16, 1842, p. 168. CREECH, ERNEST. Administrator: Caleb WILLIAMS. Securities: Laurel
WILLIAMS & Lawrence LONG. Died intestate.

Sept or Oct 1842, pp. 170-171. MILLSAP, NEAL. Administrator: Malen SPIRES. Securities: Walter
HOPKINS & Aaron T. BECK. Died intestate.

Oct. 29, 1842, pp. 172-173. DUNNELL, NIMROD. Administrator: Herman N. GRAVES. Securities:
Woodson A. BURTON & John WOODLAND. Died intestate.

Oct. 15, 1842, pp. 174-175. MASON, PLEASANT M. Administrator: Mary K. MASON. Securities:
Isaac SALLEE & James B. PATTON. Died intestate.

Nov. 14, 1842, p. 176. DUNHAM, REBECCA. Administrator: Admiral R. (Richard) DUNHAM.
Securities: James CLAY & Christopher WRIGHT. Died intestate.

Nov. 15, 1842, p. 178. GORDON, WILLIAM. Administrators: Jane GORDON & Laurel WILLIAMS.
Securities: Benjamin HUTCHINSON and Joseph G. OFFUTT. Died intestate.

Dec. 2, 1842, pp. 179-180. TAYLOR, ROGER. Administrators: Hannah TAYLOR, Colby H.
TAYLOR, and Robert J. HUSTON. Securities: Thomas N. GRAVES & Josiah WALTON. Died intestate.

Jan. 19, 1843, pp. 181-182. ENGHERT, GERARD. Administrator: Frederick A. RASMUS.
Securities: Henry KETTLER & William EGGERHURN (ENGEMANN, ENGHERT). Died intestate.

Jan 25, 1843, p. 183. BOWEN, BENJAMIN. Administrator: Johnathan G. GORDON. Securities: Grief
STEWART & Nelson H. NARROMON (NARRAMORE). Died intestate.

April 20, 1843, pp. 185-186. DELVENTHAL, JOHN WILLIAM. Administrator: Anna Morgatha
DELVENTHAL. Securities: Herman NESLOGA (NESLAGE) & William J. LEAF. Died intestate.

May 15, 1843, pp. 187-189. WALLER, CEAN. Administrator: Joseph G. WALLER. Securities: Henry
PRITCHETT & Joshua M. PRITCHETT. Will: Daughter Sarah Milda EDWARDS. Sons: William Ira
WALLER and Joseph G. WALLER. Grandsons: Cean Waller PRITCHETT and William Ira PRITCHETT.
Daughter: Patsy Mira PRITCHETT.

May 15, 1843, p. 190. MUNCH, ELEANOR. Administrator: Frederick Munch. Security: Augustus
A. BLUMMER. Died intestate.

Aug. 19, 1846, p. 190. KNITZEKES, WILLIAM. Entry inserted on page. Administrator: Eberhard
MEINDRUF. Securities: John Henry OTTO and William B. FALER.

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