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By Neoma Foreman, Country Connections Column

Nevada Daily Mail, Nevada, Missouri

Thursday, 18 October 2007, p. 11

   Cemeteries are something that all of us, whether in the city or country, have had to visit at one time or another. When we are not emotionally involved, they are a place to learn a lot of history about who lived in the area and their families.

   Sometimes the gravestone tells if the person were a Modern Woodsman, a Mason or Eastern Star member, a lamb usually denotes that a child is buried there, a hand pointing upward is pointing the way to heaven, the personís faith might be noted by a Bible verse. The shape of the stone can tell about the time of the death. Older gravestones tended to be ornate with spires and not as much information. Today, as people become more genealogical minded, people are adding the names of their children and grandchildren on the back of the stone. Their military service to their country is also added, marriage date, and the wifeís maiden name. These are all treasures that a person searching their family roots loves to find.

   These are some of the reasons that Nancy Thompson and I are spearheading the compiling of a new Vernon County Cemetery Directory. When we started, we thought it would take two or three years. We have taken longer, but the end is in sight because of the help of so many of you who have been willing to walk cemeteries and record the information, or enter data. There have been 115 cemeteries identified and 45,815 burials recorded. At the present time there are only four cemeteries not completed. We have to finish soon or it will be like publishing an encyclopedia. I am including the names of the cemeteries hoping that someone might know of someone buried that we do not have any record of or stone for, or even know of other burial places. If so, please contact me.

   The full list of cemeteries is:  [this list was current as of Oct 2007]

1.    Amos

2.    Antioch (aka Washington Schoolhouse)

3.    Arbor Grove

4.    Avola

5.    Baker (aka Oak Grove)

6.    Ball (aka Robinson)

7.    Balltown (aka Little Osage)

8.    Bankson

9.    Beckmon

10.  Belvoir

11.  Berea

12.  Bethany (aka Arnold)

13.  Bicket

14.  Brandt

15.  Butler

16.  Callaway

17.  Camp Clark POW

18.  Carbon Center

19.  Clark

20.  Click

21.  Coleman (aka Baker-Coleman)

22.  Confederate Mass Grave

23.  County Poor Farm

24.  Cox

25.  Davis (aka Stevens)

26.  Deepwood

27.  Deerfield

28.  Dillon (aka Batts)

29.  Dover

30.  Duncan

31.  Dunnegan Grove

32.  Durham

33.  East Liberty

34.  Ellis (aka Hunter)

35.  Emery

36.  Eureka

37.  Fastabend

38.  Fields

39.  Flat Rock

40.  Foland

41.  Frazier

42.  Fry

43.  Gill

44.  Green Lawn (aka Schell City)

45.  Green Mound (aka Harwood)

46.  Grimsley

47.  Hackberry

48.  Halley's Bluff

49.  Heavisides (aka Reynolds)

50.  Hereford

51.  Holman

52.  Jewell

53.  Jones

54.  Journey

55.  Kaufman (aka Wagoner)

56.  Kendall

57.  Klein (aka Stein)

58.  Lawrence

59.  Leeper

60.  Lefler

61.  Living Faith Mennonite

62.  Lockhart

63.  Logan

64.  Logan (aka Brandt?)

65.  Lovell

66.  Marvin Chapel

67.  Maus

68.  McKill Chapel

69.  McMullin

70.  Meek

71.  Miller

72.  Milo

73.  Montevallo

74.  Moore

75.  Mound

76.  Moundville

77.  Mount Calvary

78.  Mount Pleasant (aka Blakey)

79.  Mount Vernon (aka Snodgrass)

80.  Newsom

81.  Newton

82.  Nielsen

83.  Olive Branch

84.  Prince

85.  Pryor Creek (aka Osage Valley)

86.  Railroad Grave at Ellis

87.  Rhea

88.  Richland (aka Wall & Richards)

89.  Rinehart

90.  Rosewood

91.  Ryan

92.  Sand Hill (aka Kelsay)

93.  Sandstone

94.  Sanford

95.  Scott

96.  Shanghai (aka Davis)

97.  Sheldon

98.  Shields

99.  State Hospital #3

100. Stepp

101. Summers

102. Temple

103. Terrell

104. Tolson

105. Turley

106. Underwood

107. Virgil City

108. Ward-Vaughan

109. Warwick

110. Welborn

111. Wentworth

112. Westfall

113. White

114. Warkins

115. Worsley

   Several of these are small family grave yards.

   I hate to see cemeteries not cared for or even abandoned like many in the county. I wish the state of Missouri would take over the care of our cemeteriesóat least the pioneer ones that are not being cared for. I know it would cost money, but I feel if we donít respect the dead, we wonít respect the living.

If you know of any Vernon County burial plots which are not listed above, please email with as much information as you can provide: name, location, number of burials or stones, etc., so the area can be surveyed and burials included in the cemetery database.


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