Stone County Missouri Marriage Index
Transcribed by Cheri Mello

Information extracted from the Missouri Historical Courts Database at  Please check with them to order the full case found listed here.  In some instances, the plaintiff and defendant were listed as one and the same.  This may be a copy error in the main database.  If any additional information was added by the transcriber, it was placed in parenthes.

Date Plantiff                Defendant                     Comments

1886 Aday, James I.          Aday, Vicy
1897 Aday, John              Aday, John
1899 Aday, John              Aday, Mamie
1890 Andoe, William          Andow, Susan
1899 Andrews, Samuel         Andrews, Delia
1894 Armer, A.A.             Armer, Neoma
1890 Atterberry, John M.     Atterberry, John M.
1891 Attleberry, John M.     Attleberry, Susan

1894 Baimer, Sarah E.        Baimer, Henry
1894 Baker, A.H              Baker, Phoeba
1894 Baldridge, J.W.         Baldridge, Elizabeth
1887 Barber, Martha A.       Barber, David
1879 Barker, Angeline        Barker, Elias
1895 Barker, J.L.            Barker, Jane
1889 Barker, Milley D.       Barker, Milley D.
1895 Barker, W.W.            Barker, W.W.
1891 Barnett, R.J.           Barnett, L.C.
1886 Berry, Eliza            Berry, Eliza
1873 Berry, Patrick C.       Berry, Eveline
1896 Berry, W.K.             Berry, W.K.
1899 Bethel, Zippra H.       Bethel, William
1882 Betson, Mary B.         Betson, Steven
1888 Bilyeu, Sarah           Bilyeu, Jacob
1882 Blunk, Ida P.           Blunk, Albert
1870 Bolen, B.F.             Bolen, Fanny
1890 Bowman, Anna            Bowman, Jeff
1871 Bowman, Henry D.(aniel) Bowman, Henry D.                Defendant cohabiting with Newton Evans.
                                                             (The defendant is probably his wife, Margaret E.)
1896 Bowman, Jane A.         Bowman, Jane A.
1875 Bowman, Margaret        Bowman, Margaret                (The other party is probably her
                                                              husband, Henry Daniel Bowman.)
1889 Bowman, Mary A.         Bowman, Jeff
1896 Branham, F.W.           Branham, Mollie
1883 Branstetter, Sarah      Branstetter, John
1888 Briscoe, Cora           Briscoe, William
1887 Brown, William J.       Brown, Narcissa
1882 Bryson, Millie          Bryson, James
1898 Burris, R.P.            Burris, J.N.
1895 Burris, William F.      Burris, Lillie
1884 Burton, Martha          Burton, Richard

1886 Callahan, Nancy A.      Callahan, Nancy A.
1889 Carpenter, John L.      Carpenter, John L.
1890 Carrier, Robert B.      Carrier, Robert B.
1880 Caton, Nancy C.         Caton, Nancy C.
1884 Clark, Elizabeth        Clark, Elizabeth
1898 Cloud, Emaline          Cloud, W.H.
1891 Cloud, Emiline          Cloud, W.H.                      Defendant abandoned family.
1898 Coin, Nancy A.          Coin, N.A.
1894 Coker, Mary             Coker,Aaron                      Defendant committed adultery with Lou King.
1871 Cox, John               Cox, Mary
1874 Cox, John               Cox, Mary
1878 Cox, John               Cox, M.A.
1899 Crabtree, E.R.          Crabtree, Maggie
1899 Crabtree, Maggie        Crabtree, E.R.
1896 Crume, Marion R.        Crume, Marion R.
1895 Curtis, Nancy F.        Curtis, Nancy F.

1875 Dabney, A.J.            Dabney, Mary
1894 Daniel, W.J.            Daniel, Bettie
1877 Daugherty, Louisa J.    Daugherty, John
1879 Davenport, R.W.         Davenport, W.R.
1894 Davis, J.W.             Davis, Sarah
1893 Denney, J.C.            Denney, J.C.
1891 Denny, William C.       Denny, William C.
1891 Denny, William C.       Denny, William C.                 This is not a duplicate listing; it has a
                                                               different case number.
1888 Depee, Margaret L.      Depee, Charles
1889 Dewitt, William G.      Dewitt, Mary Ann
1895 Dotson, Thoma H.        Dotson, Thoma H.
1899 Drahn, Caroline         Drahn, Caroline
1895 Dunkle, Sarah J.        Dunkle, Sarah J.

1888 Eaton, John             Eaton, Katherine
1892 Eaton, John             Eaton, Catherine
1899 Edwards, Malinda F.     Edwards, George A W.
1894 Elkins, Joseph A.       Elkins, Ida
1866 Essery, Andrew J.       Essery, Highley
1898 Estes, Paul             Estes, Ellender
1864 Eubanks, John           Eubanks, Katherine

1871 Fain, N.M.              Fain, Ellen
1892 Fairburn, William       Fairburn, William
1897 Fairburn, William       Fairburn, William
1893 Frazier, Sarah L.       Frazier, John
1884 Frazier, Thomas         Frazier, Louisiana

1893 Garber, B.F.            Garber, B.F.                      Plaintiff injured in Jasper County mine explosion.
1871 Gardner, Nancy A.       Gardner, Nancy A.
1884 Gentry, Ida             Gentry, L.C.
1894 Gentry, James S.        Gentry, Arena
1883 Gentry, L.C.            Gentry, L.C.
1890 Graves, Jennette        Graves, Jennette
1875 Griffin, John J.        Griffin, Miranda
1875 Griffin, M.J.           Griffin, M.J.

1892 Hadsell, M.D.           Hadsell, M.D.
1889 Hammond, Thomas B.      Hammond, Sarah
1885 Harris, A.F.            n/a                              Petition to remove disabilities of divorce.
1888 Hartin, Margaret        Hartin, James
1891 Harvey, Melissa Jane    Harvey, Melissa Jane
1890 Hembree, Andrew         Hembree, Margry
1891 Hembree, Andy           Hembree, Driller                 Defendant loved William Barker.
1899 Hemphill, A.C.          Hemphill, A.C.
1895 Henson, Alice J.        Henson, Alice J.
1877 High, Minerva Elizabeth High, James
1896 Highfill, William E.    Highfill, William E.
1896 Hilton, Nellie H.       Hilton, Nellie H.
1895 Hobbs, W.G.             Hobbs, Martha
1896 Hobbs, W.G.             Hobbs, Martha
1894 Holder, Clara           Holder, George
1894 Holderby, W.E.          Holderby, W.E.
1891 Holt, William F.        Holt, Elizabeth
1896 Holt, William M F.      Holt, Nevada
1877 Horn, E.A.              Horn, John
1886 Hughes, Mary E.         Hughes, Thomas
1893 Hurst, Ada              Hurst, Joe

1892 Jackson, Mollie         Jackson, H.T.
1891 Johnson, Lizzie         Johnson, Charles
1897 Jones, G.S D.           Jones, Lucinda
1879 Jones, Mary             Jones, Frank
1895 Jones, Mary J.          Jones, Mary J.
1865 Jones, Nancy            Jones, Jonathon
1883 Jones, T.M.             Jones, Mary
1891 Juckett, Rhoda F.       Juckett, L.D.

1882 Kelly, Jeremiah         Kelly, Jane
1895 Kepler, Nancy A.        Kepler, W.J.
1895 Kile, N.H.              Kile, Etta
1893 Kirk, W.E.              Kirk, W.E.
1899 Knesal, J.L.            Knesal, Emma

1870 Lawson, Rutha R.        Lawson, Rutha R.
1883 Laymon, Freeman         Laymon, Freeman
1896 Ledbetter, S.H.         Ledbetter, Leora
1880 Lee, Mary               Lee, Robert
1894 Lee, Mary F.            Lee, Thomas
1885 Lee, Robert F.          Lee, Robert F.
1887 Lee, William            Lee, William
1896 Lenderman, P.J.         Lenderman, James
1891 Logan, A.W.             Logan, Eliza
1883 Loomes, Hiram           Loomes, Hiram

1886 Manering, A.J.          Manering, A.J.
1876 Maples, M.A.            Maples, Ephraim
1890 Marx, Louis             Marx, Louis
1879 Massey, Richard         Massey, Hannah
1882 Mathis, Thomas D.       Mathis, Thomas D.
1898 May, Lee                May, Nancy
1891 May, William            May, William
1899 McComack, J.B.          McComack, Alex
1884 McComb, Mary R.         McComb, Scott
1892 McConnell, John W.      McConnell, Henrietta
1898 McElmurry, Sophia       McElmurry, Joseph
1893 McKee, M.M.             McKee, L.E.
1884 McNeely, John           McNeely, Liza
1894 Mease, Frank I.         Mease, Amanda
1894 Melton, Florence G.     Melton, Florence G.
1889 Miller, V.S.            Miller, V.S.
1894 Moore, Joel             Moore, Jane
1881 Morris, A.J.            Morris, A.J.
1888 Morris, A.J.            Morris, Elizabeth
1895 Morris, A.J.            Morris, A.J.
1894 Morris, H.A A.          Morris, H.W.
1896 Morrison, Andrew E.     Morrison, Andrew E.
1894 Mullins, Martha E.      Mullins, Martha E.
1895 Musgrove, Henry         Musgrove, Martha

1899 Osborn, Louisa          Osborn, John
1880 Owens, Malicia A.       Owens, H.J.                      Plaintiff formerly Malicia A. Dotson, widow.

1892 Paulson, Lewis          Paulson, Susan
1894 Paulson, Lewis          Paulson, Susan
1894 Payne, Joseph           Payne, Joseph
1895 Payne, Joseph           Payne, Joseph                    Application for decree modification.
1895 Peterson, J.L.(Joseph Louis) Peterson, Jennie
1897 Philibert, James        Philibert, City
1891 Pierce, Agnes           Pierce, W.J.
1896 Pierce, Martha J.       Pierce, Martha J.
1894 Powell, Amanda          Powell, Amanda

1899 Ray, Cas                Ray, America
1885 Ray, Cordelia J.        Ray, Cordelia J.
1877 Roberts, Mary W.        Roberts, Mary W.
1894 Rogers, Mary J.         Rogers, A.W.
1892 Ross, James S.          Ross, James S.
1895 Russell, John A.        Russell, Malissa
1898 Russell, John A.        Russell, Louisa
1899 Russell, John A.        Russell Louisa
1883 Rutledge, Thersa        Rutledge, Loranzo

1892 Schwyhart, George M.    Schwyhart, George M.
1889 Schyhart, James M.      Schyhart, Elizabeth
1899 Sharp, Belle            Sharp, Palmer
1888 Shell, Daniel           Shell, Lena
1877 Sims, James             Sims, Lucinda
1897 Sissel, J.W.            Sissel, J.W.
1892 Skieff, Veronia M.      Skieff, George B M.
1894 Smith, Bettie E.        Smith, John
1896 Smith, J.W.             Smith, Elizabeth
1893 Smith, John             Smith, Nannie
1895 Smith, M.C.             Smith, Mary
1899 Snowden, Charles Jr.    Snowden, Clara
1897 Southers, Jesse         Southers, Rebecca
1891 Southers, Rebecca E.    Southers, Jessee
1882 Starwalt, Amanda E.     Starwalt, Amanda E.
1867 Staton, Martha          Staton, William
1891 Steele, Mary Frances    Steele, Mary Frances
1892 Stephens, L.W.          Stephens, Martha
1890 Stevens, Edmund E.      Stevens, Edmund E.
1895 Stewart, Lizzie         Stewart, Timothy
1893 Stockstill, Anna        Stockstill, James
1894 Stover, Nancy A.        Stover, William
1888 Swarts, Mary R.         Swarts, Mary R.

1890 Taylor, F.M.            Taylor, Pheba
1894 Taylor, Mattie B.       Taylor, John
1892 Teer, John W.           Teer, John W.
1890 Tennis, Crischana       Tennis, Alexander
1893 Terry, Isaac            Terry, Eva
1891 Tibbets, James M.       Tibbets, Belle
1892 Tolbert, John F.        Tolbert, John F.
1892 Townsend, Rosabelle     Townsend, M.B.
1894 Turner, Andrew          Turner, Andrew

1894 Webster, Malinda        Webster, W.D.
1896 White, Amanda           White, James
1893 Williams, Martha        Williams, Oscar
1891 Withnell, Martha J.     Withnell, T.S.
1893 Withnell, T.S.          Withnell, Nancy

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