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Partial list of Union Veterans, and Widows of Vet's of the Civil War,
(Stone Co. MO) from the 1890 Federal Special Census.
Donated to Stone County, MOGenWeb by: Jeanie Libby

GRANT TWP. E.D. 162 Page 1
GIPSON, Eugene W., 1 AL Cav., Crane
FINNEY, James S., Lt, 6 IL Cav, Crane
SMYTHE, George H., 3 OH Inf., Crane
GARDNER, Reuben H., 15 MO Cav, Curran
MARTIN, Catharine wid. MARTIN, Jessie R., 1 AR Cav, Curran. Died in serv
WATKINS, Mary L., wid. WATKINS, Samuel, 1 AR Inf, Curran, home 3-18-1862
McCULLAH, James A., Stone Co. HG & in Prv M Dpt, Curran
WILLIAMS, John H., Phelps Reg MO Inf, Curran
RICKMAN, David L., Sgt., 6 MO Cav, McCord
PIERCE, Oliver H., Sgt. Maj, 14 IL Inf, Marionville, Lawrence Co.
MUSGROVE, Henry, 72 MO Cav, Marionville, Lawrence Co.

Page 2 Some add. Marionville, Lawrence Co., rest shown.
BROWN, John, Cpl, MO HG
HAWLEY, Frank M. 1 Sgt, 92 NY Inf.
SMITH, Elizabeth wid. SMITH, William, MO Vol Phelphs Reg, Died at home 1869 or about.
DANIEL, Susan A., wid. DANIEL, ____, 1 AR Cav, Died bef. Muster Out.
FORISTER, Payton J., 46 MO Inf.
BALDWIN, Washington, Greene Co. MO HG
CRUMPLEY, John W., Phelps Reg MO Vol, McCord
HUDSON, Thomas C., 16 MO Cav, Marionville, Lawrence Co.
RAPP, Sarah wid. RAPP, James M., Cpl, 46 MO Inf, Billings
BOWMAN, Rufus K., 8 MO Cav, Billings, Christian Co.
KEITHLEY, William J., 1 MO Lt Art, McCord
HOWARD, John C., 24 MO Inf, McCord
McCORD, T. J., Hospt Stewart, 1 AR Cav, McCord
DAVIS, Townsend, 11 WI Vet Inf Crane

No page no. (page 3)
MILLS, Reuben, 11 MO Inf, Long's Mill
JOSEPH, Aaron, 43 IL Inf, Long's Mill, Discharged burned.
ELLIFF, Samuel, W., Phelphs MO Vol Inf & 46 MO Inf, Crane
CARR, James, 15 MO Cav, McCord
PETERS, William, 8 MO Cav, Marionville
HAIR, Zachariah, Stone Co. Reg MO HG Vol, Marionville
PEARSON, James H., 5 TN Cav, Billings, Ruptured by horse fall.
HILTON, Elizabeth J., wid. HILTON, Samuel, Billings, Died in service 1862, 5 KS Cav
KERR, Benjamin A., 8 MO Cav, Billings
BROWN, Rufus B., 8 MO Cav, Billings
JONES, Isac N., 1 AR Cav, McCord
LONG, William, Cpl, 24 MO Inf, Marionville, now blind

No page no. (page 4)
JACKSON, Evan T., 24 MO Inf, Crank
STEVENS, Bethena E., Former wid PRICHARD, _____, 11 MO Cav, Curran, Died at home 1883
REYNOLDS, George, 46 MO Inf, Billings
YOUNG, John R., 5 TN Inf, Billings
CRANK, Lemuel P., 15 MO Inf, Crank
WRIGHT, George, 3 WV Cav, Crank
ESTIS, John H., 2 MO Cav, Billings
WILSON, Sally B., wid. WILSON, Franklin, 72 EMM Inf, Billings, Shot in thy and shoulder, Died from wounds.
GREEN, Isac F., Osage Co. Reg MO HG, Billings
HALL, James A., 16 MO Cav, Crank

CASS TWP. E.D. 162
Page 5 Most add. Self
REYNOLDS, John, 8 MO Cav, Crank
MOUNT, John M., Cpl, 10 TN Inf, Billings
MAPLES, Thomas, 16 MO Cav
GIDEON, James D., 16 MO Cav
WILSON, Davis, 16 MO Cav
FRAZIER, Thomas, Jr., Greene Co. Reg MO HG
MAPLES, Noah, 8 MO Cav
FUGUITT, James M., 24 MO Inf
YOUNG, Pleasant H., 8 MO Cav
LOCKHART, Isac, 1 AR Cav, Crank
MILLER, Jesse, Stone Co Reg MO HG
MORRIS, William N., 16 MO Cav

Page 6 Most add. Robertsons Mill
COOK, John M., Phelphs Reg MO Vol, Self
WHITLICK, Andrew J., 71 MO Cav, Deaf from fever
DAVIS, Nancy J., wid. DAVIS, Joseph, 8 MO Mil, Self, Died in service.
GEREN, James R., 5 TN Mt Inf
HOLSTREN, Comfort J., former wid. MILLS, James M., 16 MO Cav. Killed by G___ Feb 27, 1864
McCLUGHEN, Joseph L., 144 IL Inf
GOLD, Thomas, 8 MO Cav, Crank
WHITE, William W., Stone Co Reg MO HG, Crank
COFFER, Sarah, wid. COFFER, Harden, Lt, 24 MO Cav, Crank, died in serv.
ROY, Hiram H., 4 TN Cav, Crank, In prison 8 (3) weeks
STEELE, Samuel, 6 ILL Cav
GALLOWAY, Charles, 17 MO Inf
BONNET, Mongumery, 8 MSM MO Cav, Disch. by Surg. Cert.
FLOOD, James, 14 MSM MO Cav, Poncedilion

Page 7, Most add. Robertsons Mill
CLOUD, John B., Sgt, 16 MO Cav, Poncedeleon
INMON, John, 2 Lt, 14 MO Cav
STEPHENSON, Mathew, 16 MO Cav
SIMMS, Henry C., 2 MO Lt Art.
GARDNER, Charles, 40 IL Vet Inf
CRUMPLEY, William P., 1 Sgt, 14 MO Cav. Kidney disease from horse jumping from bluff
JACKSON, Goodin, 16 MO Cav
McELYEA, Alexander, MO HG Vols, Poncedeleon
BLADES, George W., 8 MO Inf, Crank
WRIGHT, Francis A., wid. WRIGHT, Thomas, 8 MO Cav
WRIGHT, Robert, 46 MO Inf, Crank
MENDENHALL, Joseph F., 25 IA Inf, Crank
CAVENER, Timothy O., 24 MO Cav, Crank (same no. on page 8)

Page 8, Most add. Robertson Mills
CAVENER, Timothy O., 24 MO Cav, Crank (see page 7 above)
PRUETT, Richard T., 40 IL Inf
BERKLEY, Eliza T., wid. (blank) MO Vol Engineer Reg of the west
HOOTON, William C., Stone Reg MO HG
HOOTON, Benjamin W., 24 MO Inf
KIMBERLING, Benjamin K. J., Stone Co Reg MO HG
ESTES, Paul, MO HG, Billings, Christian Co

COX, James H., 6 MO Cav, Oto
ROBERDS, Joseph F., 103 MO Inf, Oto
WATS, Srcate, 8 MO Cav, Oto
McCLELAND, John M., 13 IN Inf
JENKENS, William H., 39 MO Inf.

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