How to read our Cemetery Listings

How to Read these Listings
NOI = No other information was on the stone
S/S = Same Stone, Two or more people are listed on the same stone
Mrd = Marriage date as listed on the stone
Down or Stone Down = The stone is broken off and is laying on the ground

These cemetery lists were originally sent to me as printouts from a word processesor. They had been printed in a newspaper column format to save paper. In order to save you from having to jump from the bottom back to the top I reformatted them. To read them simple go from left to right, and start from left to right after each break.

1    2    3
4    5   6
E  T  C...

In this format you know that 1 is buried next to two, two is next to three and so on. Though this format is far from perfect, it is as close as you can get on the internet to a complete cemetery map.   

The only real problem with these lists as they are now, is that most of them make no mention of when one row of graves stops and the next starts.   

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