Parsons Cemetery Stone County Missouri
Ray Gold received the letter below from Everett Parsons in 1966.
The letter is reproduced here as it was written.
By Everett Parsons

The first person buried in the Parsons Cemetery was Jno. D. Shannon. This was Government Land, 1862. Hiram and Martha (Goode) Parsons came to Stone County in 1865 and homesteaded the land where the Parsons Cemetery is located. The parents and two sons and four daughters are buried there. When the farm was being sold out of the family in 1920, a deed was made for the cemetery.

The Cemetery being kept up by family and friends, and has a good fence around it now. My father, Good Parsons, was the last person buried there in 1936. The Cemetery was on the County Road for many years but owing to crossing Crane Creek it was changed but there is a county maintained to it at present.

Three of the Parsons sons reared families in Stone County. One Richard Parsons and Jim Moore families going to Indian Territory. One about 1893 the later 1901.

The Parsons family reunion is held each, Sunday before Labor Day each year for surviving relatives.

My grandmother, Martha Parsons moved to Crane in about 1892, her death came in 1913.

I was born in 1888, my home is Marionville, MO., 406 Missouri, St. I farmed until 1963. I was married February 26, 1911. I retired in 1959 on Social Security.

My wife, Alice, daughter of A.M. and Eliza [Redman] Hayworth that came to Stone County from Taney County. Born to this union four children; Lela, her husband, Dawson Rickman, now deceased. Their son; Leon, was killed in a car wreck in 1960. Left 2 daughters; Gloria, who married Forrest Coleman, they have 4 children; Karen, single, music teacher in Illinois. One baby died an infant. Eraina, married Earl Cox, Crane, MO., Now living in California, they reared two daughters, l Charllotte, married Capt. Kenneth Lwellyn, and they had 2 children, Barbara, single, at home, in Sacramento, California.


This first day of December, 1966

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