Gold Cemetery Stone County Missouri  
We are indebted to Ray Gold for his many generous contributions to the Stone County Web Site
(List Contributed By Ray Gold)

This Gold Cemetery is located 2 miles east and 1/4 mile south of Bradfield,  or 2 miles west and 1-14 miles south of Browns Spring,  on the Old Wire Road., in the north end of Stone County. The land was settled by William C. Gold in 1866. Word handed down through the Gold Family, tells us that the first grave in this cemetery was that of a little girl who had died while traveling on a stage coach on the Old Wire Road.

In the Abstract Office at Galena; is the only record  we have found of the Gold cemetery. Shows the land was set aside, to Wm. C. and Jane Gold, for a cemetery. it is approximately 70' by 120', and it lays east and west.

Martha Dilla Ann Gold and her husband, Joseph Robert Garrison were buried there, but later moved to the Smart Cemetery between Clever and Billings in Christian County, Mo.

The cemetery was last cleaned up in 1985 by Leaford Gold, Ray Gold, and Curtis Jackson and his wife Catherine. It was fenced at that time with a good barbed wire fence, and using mostly steel post, with hedge corner post and a new farm gate.

The head stones were read at that time and recorded as shown. There are many unmarked graves in this cemetery. It is badly grown up with brush and needs to be cleaned up real bad. The cattle have again pushed through the fence and have some of the stones on the ground..........Ray Gold

Southwest Corner: