Y Highway Cemetery, Stone County Missouri
We are grateful to Brian Shay for listing this cemetery which
is located on Y Highway, southwest of Cape Fair.

NAME                      BORN            DIED

Carr, Clemetine           Sep 10, 1856    Sep 10, 1870

Carr, Cordelia            Aug 26, 1870    Sep 20, 1870

Carr, James R(B?)         Aug 26, 1892    Apr 12, 1893

Carr, Lucy M.             Jun 28, 1876    Apr 12, 1893

Costlow, Charles(Charley?)no dates

Costlow, Ella(Ellis?)     no dates

Costlow, Osie(Osie Jewel?)no dates

Costlow, Ray              no dates

Costlow, Rossie           no dates

Deeds, Dawn Krista        Dec 20, 1966    Aug 28, 1993

Edwards, Bill             no dates

Edwards/Thompson, same stone
        Elihugh           Aug 25, 1825    May 23, 1885
        Thompson, Rosie   Jan 11, 1869    Apr  7, 1888
        Thompson, Elihu A Jun  9, 1855    Oct  2, 1885

Edwards, Elsie            May  2, 1903
                          dau of Anne Edwards

Edwards, Jno. A.          no dates
                          Co. I 6th Kansas Cavalry

Edwards, Otis A.          no dates

Edwards, Wm               no dates
                          Co. A 1st Arkansas Cavalry

Frazier, J. L.            no dates        
                          Corp. Co. G 1st Arkansas Cavalry

Holmes, Jessica Jane      Jun  4, 1995     Jun 13,  1995

Jones, Jos. H.            no dates
                          Co. H 15th Missouri Cavalry

Martin, Jessie D(O?).     Oct 17, 1848    Now 26, 1894

Maxwell, Mary             May 14, 1852    July 12, 1888
                          wife of D H Maxwell

McDowell, Lewis           May  3, 1917     Aug 23, 1918

McDowell, Sarah E.        Mar  1, 1877     Oct 22, 1927

Painter, Kenneth          no dates
                          Co. B Gilpin's MO MTD VOLS  MEX WAR

Porter/Grove, same stone
Porter, Chance Collin     Feb 25, 1984     May  1, 1988
Grove, Landon Floyd       Jan  8, 1987     May 16, 1988

Ryan, A. V.               Apr  ?, 1879     Oct 23, 1907
                          born WVA

Smith, Robert Dale        May 23, 1932    Jan 30, 1998
                          temp Funeral Home marker

Summers, Elizabeth        unreadable dates

Summers, Sarah            Jun  8, 1822     Dec 10, 1866

Taylor, Samuel            May 11, ????    unreadable

Thompson, ?               rest unreadable

Wells, Wiley              Oct 12, 1825    Oct 2, 1863
                          Killed Oct 2, 1863  (poss. CW Vet?)

Wilson, James L.                          Nov  3, ????
                          son of ML Wilson

Wilson, Melissa Isabella                  Mar 29, 1894
                          Age 42 yr 10 mo 6 d
                          wife of Leroy Wilson

2 stones with initials only
        C. O.
        J. B. C.
(these are leaning against the north fence)

1 stone only marking    aged 23
(this is poss Wilson, Julia A  by comparing stone placement to Corps of Engineers map)

4 wooden markers stating UNKNOWN(These don't correspond to grave locations on the map)

2 wooden unmarked markers(1 broken)

25+  chunks of stone set in rows  all unmarked
(these are in an overgrown section running downhill)

Numerous depressions possibly indicating unmarked graves

These names are listed on the Corps of Engineers removal report but no marked stones are present.

Barlow, Unknown
Carney, Pauline
Carney, Infant
Carter, Mattie
Carter, Unknown
Costlow, O L
Cos_ell, Laura N
Edwards, Bertha
Edwards, Emma
Edwards, Jonas
Edwards, Martha
Edwards, Melvina
Edwards, W M
Fergerson, Unknown
Henson, J
Jones, Rachel
Jones, Will
Jones, Unknown
Maxwell, D H
Maxwell, Infant
McDowell, Unknown
Miller, B S
Miller, George
Miller, Unknown
Miller, Unknown
Sheif, Unknown
Sheif, Unknown
Sheif, Unknown
Smith, Lewis L J
Thornly, B
Tilden, Albert J
Tilden, Author
Tilden, Candis
Tilden, Elmer
Tilden, Iva
Tilden, Nancy
Tilden, Roy
Tilden, Sarah
Tilden, Sarah
Tilden, Steve
Tilden, Infant
Tilden, Unknown
M. B. 
F. C.
O. L. M.

All of the Tildens were moved from Tilden Cemetery on or after May 1957.  It is possible they
were later relocated elsewhere.  There are depressions where the graves should be.