Stone County, Missouri Biographies
Stone County Missouri Biographies
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The Family Of James Franklin & Ida Florence (Frazier) Coffer - By Patricia C. Reed
David & Rosa Waymire - By Syd Carr
William Webster - By Syd Carr
Matilda Zilinski Otto - By Elaine Otto
Nickerson/White Family History - By Richard White
Nettie (Kimberling) McCullough - By Jim Lair
Meridith Meeks Ambrose - By Shirley Sieting
Gilbert Barnard - By Michael B. Schab
Franklin Wilson - By Hazel Messenger
Calvin Cloud - By Hazel Messenger
Keziah (Tucker) Cavener - By Ray Gold
Frances "Fanny" (Gray) Cavener- By Ray Gold
Steven Langford Rapp - By Ray Gold
Issac Benton Rapp - By Ray Gold
Thomas Silas Barnett - By Ray Gold
Dr. Thomas Freelin Noblitt - By Ray Gold
Thomas Gold - By Goodspeed Brothers Publishing, 1894
Lorenzo Dow Gold Family Historyby Lucille (Williams) Wright
Dewey S. Short - By Robert S. Wiley
John Perry Steele - By Eugene Hampton
Josephine Steele - By Eugene Hampton
Thomas S. Norman - By Eugene Hampton
Memorandum of my family - By Antoinette M. Goodnight
George Wright - By Nancy Ohda
John Calder Estes - By Nancy Ohda
James Harlan Hale - By Nancy Ohda

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